Biden Speaks to Unattended Rally, Says He’s Running for Senate

Gage Skidmore Flickr

Joe Biden is apparently running for Senate as a proud Democrat, he announced to an empty parking lot recently. It’s no surprise he can’t get people to attend his rallies – in addition to cowering in fear of the Chinese Common Cold, he must be hard to watch a man who makes Mr. Magoo look like Ken Jennings. 

Biden only seems to remember things that never happened, like desegregating movie theaters in junior high school, being arrested in South Africa, and attending an all-black Baptist church where none of the congregants seem to remember him. In other words, he remembers quite well how to lie – something that he has made a career out of. 

In a time when the media cartels feel the need to fact-check parody sites like the Babylon Bee, there’s a painful irony in the left running a presidential candidate who quite literally cannot remember how to tell the truth. On second thought, maybe that just means he’s the perfect representation of his party. 

It would be impossible to list all of the yarns Biden has woven that have turned out to be either unproven, unprovable, or completely debunked. What you read above is a sampler, though, sufficient to give a sense of just how unfit this man is to be anywhere in Washington, DC that doesn’t have a large nursing staff. 

Harris hasn’t done much better, either, flip-flopping on fracking, a major component of the Green New Deal the Biden-Harris campaign is supposed to support but has disavowed.

It’s almost as if all these people care about is getting rid of Trump and seizing power…

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

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2 years ago

The last sentence says it all!! POWER is all they care about! With power they will control the Amerian perople and tell us when, here and what we are to do! They must fail if we the people are to survive! The democrats are a danger to America’s future!

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