Pollster Reveals How Trump Could Decimate Profession

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Pollster Frank Luntz who came to fame for televised focus groups and appearances on Fox News thinks President Trump could decimate his profession.

Thursday evening the pollster told Fox News if President Trump defeats Joe Biden next month that his “profession is done”.

What Luntz meant by that is Americans will no longer have any confidence in pollsters’ ability to provide a snapshot of the electorate if Trump defies the polls again in 2020.

According to The Hill:

Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked Luntz during the network’s pre-debate coverage on Thursday night what the consequences would be for pollsters if the industry gets it wrong again.

“Well, I hate to acknowledge it, because that’s my industry — at least partially — but the public will have no faith. No confidence. Right now, the biggest issue is the trust deficit. And pollsters did not do a good job in 2016. So if Donald Trump surprises people, if Joe Biden had a 5- or 6-point lead, my profession is done.”

Many election forecasts, including from The New York Times and FiveThirtyEight, gave Clinton more than a 70 percent chance of winning the morning of Nov. 8, 2016.

As of today, FiveThirtyEight gives Biden an 87% chance of winning the election. The New York Times has since abandoned their forecasting since a poor performance in 2016.

Americans are giving different odds to Biden and Trump. A Gallup survey conducted in September showed only 40% of Americans believe Biden will win in November.

Additionally, a model from Helmut Norpoth who is a professor at Stony Brook model has the exact opposite prediction than FiveThirtyEight.

Norpoth’s model, which has correctly predicted each presidential election since 1996 except for Bush’s 2000 victory, currently gives Trump a 91% chance to win the election.

    1. Absofreakinglutely!!!!! Trumpkins defy all odds. First and foremost – We don’t give a damn about the media/ Hollywood/ Liberal thoughts and processes. What we care about is results. And if he is nothing else Our Great President is results oriented. God bless Donald Trump and his family AND MOST OF ALL OUR GREAT NATION!!!!!

      1. I agree with you on million percent. Especially the part about Hollyweird, the media elites (#1 enemies of the people) or liberal turd thoughts.
        Go out and vote in person Nov 3rd.
        Vote RED up and down the ticket.
        Trump/Pence 2020
        We can most definitely do this people.
        The President is counting on every patriot to vote for him.

      1. The post Trump years concern than anything. Even the democrats would believe he’s a generational personality. Not many like him. The democrats are thankful and the deplorables are forlorn.

    2. I agree the polls usually go for biden and if they don’t they make up the polls to fit the democrats. it is a bunch of people who think they can change things to fit their person they want in office they think the public is stupid enough to believe them.I don’t go by the polls i go by the person who is running and that is Trump the only person who the american people knows how to do the job. biden is a lier and a cheat and that includes his whole family who think they are above the law. Look at all the crimes they have gotten away with. 137 thousand dollars on a stolen credit card, drunk driving without a license twice stealing types from the store by stuffing them down there pants. and look at all the money Hunter Biden got from china for what probably selling them america secrets. and only god knws what else they have gotten away with. they seem to think they are above the law.

    3. Looks like he needs to stay out of McDonald’s. Just think of USA. starts using that communist FRD coin when they take the US. dollar away he won’t even be able to to eat at McDonald’s unless it’s a salad. The Fed coin can stop you from buying a candy bar if you are over weight. That’s what’s coming . USA is trying to become communist anyway that will start hell here . in many ways

  1. According to an independent man’s research, who travels all over and talks with many different classes of persons, many people, when asked who they’re voting for President, will say Joe Biden, when they’re actually voting for Trump, because they don’t want they places of business vandalized, or targeted at their homes, etc. There is a SILENT MAJORITY who are not talking but are defending the President every single day.

    1. Sure we do-I don’t want to give the Dems a heads up on how many votes they need to “find” to overcome the number of in person votes for Trump.

  2. “Will you concede when Trump loses?” A neighbor marched across the street & challenged me in my front yard.
    I stuck my head up with a smile.
    “Will you concede when he wins?”.

  3. Frank “Loser” Luntz and all of the fake news need to go get REAL jobs. They have failed in their current jobs because they are corrupt and dishonest.

    1. Luntz is a never Trumper. It was obvious in 2016. Same with Chris Wallace….they actually believe they’re so smart, that they can spew their deceit and no one will see through their thinly veiled attempt to appear neutral.

  4. Politics is corrupt, and it corrupts everything that it touches. That is why the federal government is so corrupt, and the US intelligence agencies have also been corrupted by Obama and the Democrats, as they never indict top level criminal Democrat politicians who get away with murder, and US intelligence agencies are themselves violating out laws daily, as they cover-up crimes of their political favorites, the Democrats.

    The polls in 2016 were proven corrupt by how far they were proven wrong, and the polls in 2020 are even more corrupt, as they favor their personal favorite politicians, who are all Democrats, because just like the liberal biased mainstream media, they are prejudiced and biased against Conservatives, Christians, and Republicans, while they favor Liberals, Socialists, and Democrats

    1. The damn democrats have been taken over by islam! Brennen is a muslim. Osoma Obama is a muslim, biden speaks Arabic, Hillary dressed as a muslim woman as Sec of state. Many of the black caucus are Muslims in the house as is aoc+3.

  5. Ummmmmm……NEWS FLASH, Tubby!!!…….your ‘profession’ was ‘DONE’ LONG AGO!!! ‘WHY’, you might ask? Because you’re ALL LIARS!!! So-called ‘polls’ LIE!! ALWAYS have, always WILL! PERIOD!

  6. The industry should be decimated. Its biased and corrupt. Totally agenda driven with the intent of manipulating election results. “Undecided” townhall audiences are a myth! It’s a tactic to decieve viewers. Do you really believe people are on the fence between Trump or Biden, or were conflicted between Hillary and Trump??? Their positions are soooo far apart! If someone is truly undecided then they are unqualified to live in a free society.

  7. Last time I said that Trump would get 304-314 electoral votes. I ignored Maine and got Minnesota wrong. This time due to the riots and lockdowns, Trump will get 360-414+. Minnesota, Illinois, NY, Connecticut, California, Oregon, Nevada, and two more East coast States could turn red, in an honest election. Minnesota and Nevada are certain. The rest, especially Connecticut are very likely. Trump won’t Mondale biden, but he is going to carter him! That election reminds me of this one, but lyin biden is carter, and Trump is Reagan.

  8. I enjoy Frank Luntz, but I really don’t like poling – I believe it harms the process of voting. In stead of poling on the person, why not pole on the issues?

  9. That would be a great thing. But Actually, if Trump wins…… it would be the American voters that don’t reveal their true thoughts when asked that would be destroying Luntz’s profession.

    1. I’ve never been polled, but with all the forces of evil going on, I wouldn’t answer correctly.
      Also, corrupt media keeps telling us that joe is ahead only to discourage us from going out and voting. If they say he’s ahead, people will think their vote won’t count or matter.
      No, no, no. Please get out and vote in person.

  10. In my opinion the ..POLLING.. is a joke !!! 2016 PROOF OF THAT. Drop the polling in my estimation!! WASTE OF MONEY !!!

  11. Good for the President. Time for pollsters to start getting their Sht together. If your models are broken, fix them or replace them. It’s the Trump American Order. Like it or lump it, just get the hell out of the way.

  12. Who cares if the polls are wrong. I have never seen them right that can recall. Because I don’t watch polls anyway . what are they crying about that ??? They must be Democraps too . I hope Trump wins !!! We don’t need communist country in USA . IF Thats what they want hell they can move to communist China. We sure as hell don’t need or want China rules here . He’ll already have the damn China virus here. And that more than enough. People from ages 20 to 35 that want us to be what they call socialist country you need to go back to school and not the schools that changed to teaching China Bullshit. If you plan on having children and being them up communist you don’t LOVE your kids. You can be a slave to China rules go to china . if it comes here I have a place for them too!!!

  13. Luntz has been listening to the Democrats and ignoring what the people of the USA are saying. Wake up, Luntz. You’re living in an imaginary world created by insane Democrats who want world domination.

  14. Pollsters are only as good as their intent. If they are biased in any way they are not going to poll unfairly. No polls this year have been unbiased and it shows. 2016 all over again folks. And this man has to know that better than I do. Having done polls in classes I have seen just how easy it is to skew those results and no one knows but the pollsters what they did to mess it up with their own bias.

  15. I think the pollsters are primarily aligned with the left, and as such, they absolutely have to show Biden winning consistently right up to the election. The reason is because of what they are going to try to pull off, which is “stuffing the ballot boxes” with millions of fraudulent votes. If Trump was way ahead in the polls, the stuffing would be too evident, but if Biden is ahead, then it would not be considered out of the ordinary when the count shows him winning. Without Biden being ahead in the polls, they wouldn’t get away with it. So they have no other choice but to “fake” the polls and the ballots.

  16. U pollsters don’t have a clue, what the hell your doing, u have been wrong every time, and your wrong again, because Trump will win in a landslide, whether u like it or not. Creepy,racist,s,perv,corrupt,slo,joe is a laughing stock of the country, this nincompoop would be lucky to win his own state, and I would bet Trump beats him there too.

  17. Pollsters are already an endangered species. This is especially true of political pollsters and they have done it to themselves. Anyway, no one should allow the polls to influence how they vote. We should vote based on the issues and who an be expected to do the best job.

  18. No one should provide their views to pollsters! … its a way to affect the way the candidates run their races and the way people vote. Neither is a noble cause! … GO GET A REAL JOB YOU BLOOD SUCKERS!

  19. So “holier-than-thou” “never-Trumper” Luntz is really a fake. Multiple emails between Luntz and Hunter Biden were found on the Laptop From Hell, proving that Luntz has been a FRAUD all along.

    Bye fake boy – your career is effectively OVER…


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