These World Leaders Have Endorsed Trump

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President Trump has taken a strong stance since taking office and the media continues to push the narrative that the United States is losing respect around the world.

As Trump works to rebuild America’s greatness at home and abroad he has not made everyone happy.

However, world leaders have shown their appreciation for Trump by nominating him multiple times for the Nobel Peace Prize and now they are outwardly endorsing his reelection.

Below are the world leaders who have endorsed President Trump.

Slovenia Prime Minister Janez Jansa

PM Jansa endorsed President Trump on Friday.

In a tweet, he said “We respect the difficult, tragic personal life of [Joe Biden] and some of his political achievements years ago. But today, if elected, he would be one of the weakest presidents in history. When a free world desperately needs STRONG [sic] US as never before. Go, win, Donald Trump.”

India Prime Minister Narenda Modi

Trump has an ally in and supporter in Indian Prime Minister Modi.

According to Business Standard:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday cheered for Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election bid at the ‘Howdy, Modi’ event here, saying ‘Abki Baar, Trump Sarkar”, as the US president joined him at the mega gathering of over 50,000 Indian-Americans.

Modi introduced Trump as “my friend, a friend of India” and as someone who “has left a deep and lasting impact everywhere.

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    1. Which one?…There are so many in the DNC now days…it’s hard to find a true Democrat anymore…most of em have become third rate “communist”…Forget about them being a “socialist”…they are skipping over this ideology…instead they going directly to the teachings of Karl Marx.

    2. You should change your handle to; “Old enough but still don’t know anything.” That would be a much better description of you.

      1. Ken, don’t waste your time with “realitybasedboob”. He is a certified moron and nobody pays any attention to this fool. Most intelligent people end up blocking him.

  1. So the left is destroying our history and monuments, burning down cities, backing both domestic Terrorist groups Antifa and BLM as they attack citizens and police. The whole thing is obviously organized by communist with no mention of white supremacist because if they were there the media would preach it everyday till the election and we are suppose to believe the white supremacist are the problem. This is bullshit which fits the left’s and media’s agenda perfectly. Wake up people. Peaceful protest my butt!

    1. Greg Mehring: It is trying to destroy but will not be able to. They are asking for trouble in the way they have no idea is coming to them. It is written and it will be done.

  2. THE BEST man, President, leader EVER! You will see after 4 more years!

    Meanwhile, lets start grooming the next conservative, fiscally responsible leader!

    WHOs next? Bernie, Biden, Hillary, Schumer, Shift for Brains should be gone by then!

    1. How about finally a woman for President. Ivanka will have 8 years of WH experience by 2024 and is much closer to the President now than anyone including VP Pence. She will know all of the World Leaders and how to handle them . If she chose Candice Owens as VP pick , Candice’s wisdom would suppress minority problems like inequality, racism. Plus she WOULD be the perfect role model for black success for blacks males or female or (never thought I’d say this) whatever gender.

      1. Ron, with all due respect. Ivanka Trump would be a terrible choice. She has been a devout Leftist her entire adult life. Until Donald became President. She has many leftist tendencies. For example: Free Daycare for all working parents. Does that sound familiar? It is only one step away from “free Healthcare” for all. This is America. We are a Capitalist Nation. You work for and pay for, what you get. That is the American way. No thanks! Now I would not object at all for a Donald Trump Jr. bid as Mike Pence’s VP. Then 4 years down the road, Jr. can run for the Presidency. He has had the best possible teacher, he could ever have asked for. His Father!

  3. Yes, the world out there sees our beleoved America with a realistic eye! We must be Truthful with what we have and we must not HAVE! We must HAVE PRSIDENT TRUMP holding the stiring of our beloved Nation for FOUR MORE YEARS, continue to build our be LOVED AMERICA the BEAUIFUL! Moving HER upward and forward to an even better America! Steady She goes……

    God bless America!

    God bless our President TRUMP! Non could out done HIM!

  4. George Soros, Obama and Clinton, the snakes of America with the Bush family quietly in the background (all in this together) wanting to destroy America as we know it, to bring in the NWO. Meaning the 4 positions of Rules for Radicles will be implemented 1)Remove God 2) Remove national Pride and History 3) Remove Family values 4 ) Remove individual thinking Haven’t they been doing just that for 4 years?

  5. President Trump has been using economic sanctions and trade restrictions to keep our enemies in a debilitated state while enhancing and bolstering our national defense systems and in this way minimizes the need for military deployments. This is the best way to maintain the peace and undermine hostile dictators.

  6. The world leaders who support Trump are Anti-Marxist/Communist. They are the good ones. Not many good ones out there. Even the Prime Minister of England has done a 180 since he got hit with Corona Virus. He’s also draconian about restrictions. He had preexisting conditions, and should have taken some of the recommendations of President Trump for the Virus, but would not. He’s in bed with Socialist Medicine, which isn’t good for anyone.

  7. Obama promised to bring a fundamental change in 2008 . The 20 year old terrorists tearing our country apart were only 12 then . Certainly changed our youth.

  8. All the accusations from the Democrats that President Trump has been causing America to lose the respect of our allies and friends don’t quite fly in the face of the comments from some of the World Leaders OR in face of his MULTIPLE nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize! Truth is — the Democrats can’t STAND the respect our President enjoys from the leaders of other counties around the world OR the respect that he is bringing BACK to our country after the disgrace of the former administration!

  9. The sad thing is 1/2 the country is insane and if people are stupid enough to vote for the left we really have a big problem

  10. It’s a sad commentary on the Democrat Party when smart people in foreign countries have a better appreciation of Trump than half our own citizens. That half of our own citizens would rather believe 4 years of lies about Trump than acknowledge what amazing improvements he has done for the USA. A prime example of “ignorance is bliss.”


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