Why President Donald J. Trump Deserves Four More Years

President Donald J. Trump confers with National Security Advisor Robert C. O'Brien, Esq.

As America speeds toward Election Day, supporters of the President of the United States surely are embroiled in conversations and e-mail exchanges with relatives, friends, lovers, and other strangers. Some back the president’s re-election. Others ask in horror, “How could you possibly vote for Donald Trump?” (A quick tell: the president’s fans tend to call him, majestically, “Donald J. Trump.” His foes predictably spit: “Donald Trump.”)

There are many arguments for President Donald J. Trump’s return to the Oval Office. I have boiled them down to five, along with links to relevant articles that I have written this year that bolster each rationale for re-election.

Media Research Center

Please ship this intellectual ammunition to allies and share it with adversaries. The dinosaur media continue a near-total blackout on good news about President Trump. The Media Research Center recently calculated that the Big Three networks’ evening news stories in June and July ran 95 percent negative on Trump. Moreover, Big Tech barons have censored President Trump 65 times. Joe Biden? Zero.

Thus, this article might teach something to the Leftists you love.

Soft Republicans and Never Trumpers need to be reminded that electing vindictive, Big Government socialists to dominate their lives and demolish our beautiful country is too high a price to pay to relieve their allergy to bombast and bright-red ties.

And undecided voters, wherever they are, remain ripe for the picking.

The hour is late.

Stay busy.

Four more years!

Here are the five reasons why President Donald J. Trump has earned a second term in the Oval Office:

First, before COVID-19, Trumponomics delivered record-high prosperity and historically low poverty. And the current rebound argues for continuing the therapeutic benefits of the president’s economic policies.

Second, President Trump’s peace-through-strength philosophy has boosted U.S. national security to heights unseen since Ronald Reagan.

Third, beyond prosperity and peace, Trump has secured a dizzying array of conservative victories across the policy spectrum.

Fourth, “But what about COVID-19?” As this deadly virus continues to menace leaders worldwide, Trump’s response remains robust.

Fifth, “It’s not just about him!” Trump’s personality maddens many. But November 3 is about public policy, not picking a new best friend.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

  1. really he should get a couple extra years for all the time the democrats hindered him from doing his job and blocking everything he tried to the point he had to bypass them he needs that time plus the next 4

  2. Why President Trump has been successful for the past 4 years? “Let me count the ways.”

    Why President Trump deserves 4 more years? Let me count the reasons. Thousands!

  3. Today I watched the President’s rally in Tampa, FL. It brought me to tears. The crowd was massive, you could feel the enthusiasm even though I was watching on my phone. The GORGEOUS First Lady spoke and the crowd kept chanting, we love you!
    Then I found slow joe’s rally, also somewhere in FL. I laughed so much. It was really sad. Everyone in their cars, all 10 of them. Joe was angry, with his aviator glasses. The funniest thing of all was the live chat. It was all Trump supporters. It actually was just sad!
    Trump/Pence 2020

  4. Folks, please get out and vote in person.
    You can go this weekend and not take a chance on the 3rd. You want to make sure that you’re able to vote. Polls do have a closing time on the 3rd. If you think that you might have a glitch with traffic after work or something like that, please vote in person on another day. The media is doing it’s best to tell us not to bother, because joe has it in the bag already. I don’t believe the polls, but please don’t get complacent. We NEED EVERY SINGLE VOTE. Peace to you all.
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020


  6. There is one more thing that needs to be done which We The People need to do..GET EVERY PERSON NEEDS TO VOTE THEM OUT..ISLAMIC MUSLIM…They want to steal our counrty and make it Muslim..
    My prayers go out to France<><

    1. Prayers out to French Christians & Jews and all overs who would be persecuted by Muslims. Sorry not praying for the French liberals (many elites like here) who vote to destroy France! They can go to the warm place!

  7. Somebody answer this question, what has Biden done in his 47 years in politics that benefitted the average citizen?? Give me something good!

    1. There is nothing has done that benefitted the average citizen. Everything he has done has benefitted the corrupt Biden Family.

  8. Trump has had only 4 years in office, during which he has been LIED about at every opportunity by Congressional Democrats, 90% of the media, all of the powers of Facebook, Twitter, and Google, with them all withholding the good things he has done (a very formidable list of domestic and foreign accomplishments to benefit USA), all while being impeached and admirably handling the China coronavirus and being opposed in every conceivable way and in inconceivable ways as well. No one has ever been more deserving of reelection. But this is probably the last opportunity for the socialistic Democrats to grab power, and they are cheating in every possible way to win.

    1. Indeed that Trump would want another term after being subjected to such disrespect and shabby treatment from the Dems is beyond me. Nevertheless POTUS has my admiration and full support for another 4 years to keep America great again and convincingly thwart the ambitions of the Dems with a landslide victory!

  9. I think Pres. Trump is doing amazing work as the Pres. of America and I would be very happy if his next four years could be extended indefinitely!


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