Commander-in-Chief Donald J. Trump salutes cadets at the United States Air Force Academy. (Photo: The White House)

NEW YORK — Thanks to the cooperation of its chairman, Tom Donelson, Iowa-based Americas PAC is hosting

Trump 2016 alumnus Matthew Charles Albertell designed this brand-new website, with the assistance of yours truly. showcases the recent open letter by 73 GOP former national security and senior officials for President Donald J. Trump. Our statement is here, along with the names and relevant titles of those who signed this communiqué endorsing President Trump’s re-election.

This website also features several very attractive photographs of President Trump serving the American people as commander-in-chief in his under-appreciated role as America’s diplomat-in-chief.

These words and pictures give citizens a quick and colorful reminder of President Trump’s numerous foreign policy and national-security victories — from holistically exterminating the ISIS caliphate, to signing modernized trade agreements with Canada and Mexico as well as China and South Korea, to brokering peace compacts among Bahrain, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates. The so-called “warmonger” who would “blow up the world” if elected, as his critics breathlessly insisted four years ago, actually is prospering as a peacemaker. His four Nobel Prize nominations confirm this fact.

Most important: President Trump is succeeding overseas, thanks to his and his national security team’s Reaganite guiding principle: Peace through strength.

President Donald J. Trump’s abundant international triumphs offer that many more reasons why he deserves four more years in the White House.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research


Down with Biden’s War on School Choice! (Act Now)

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

  1. And all of these former Secy of State and Secy of Defense are spewing that the U.S. isn’t looked up to anymore by the rest of the world.
    Who cares!!! Time for the rest of the world to stop being financially supported by American taxpayers. Time for the rest of the world to start paying their fair share.
    Up until President Trump, the U.S. had the best allies money could buy. Time for that nonsense to end.

  2. Biden , Pelosi ,Harris,Hillary ,Oboma. and at least a dozen more Democraps need to be stopped in their tracks thrown out the their .asses stomped stripped of finances property seized and put in prison for what they tried to do to the true American’s way. All you miss believers the one that believe every lie that comes from the mouth of these few named Democraps need to join them in what they deserve . they are trying to ruin freedom of all kinds. Along with several FBI agents that were covering up the lies for these almost people!!! Biden don’t even want you to have the right for you to pick what school your children go to. He wants you state owned so they can keep up the brain washing of your kids. And if you don’t think that’s happening you really need to do more studying. I have been reading way to much of this shit and had to say something . The what’s called millennial ages between 20 and 38 most have already been affected with this brainwashing from our public schools. And lead to believe socialism ,Marxism ,communism. Is a good thing that has been taught to them in school. Parents realy need to study and show your children the difference. This shit is not funny. Every one is worried about money before long there will be no money as we know it. The feds are going to put out a fed coin that can freeze you out of your account if you don’t comply to their communist rule. Like if you are over weight it has the ability to stop you purchase and many many more of your rights will be taken away . the people of America needs to wake up and see what they are planning behind our backs. It is not good for any one but our corrupt people in government. Why do you think the media block out stuff about the election about Trump . He is not a natural politician . That is trying to help people get back to reality. And get the public more of what this corrupt side of government don’t want you to get much be able to afford .

  3. Attention joe Biden,

    Mess with TRUMP you end up in the DUMP. So my advice to you Joe is to pack your bags because you will soon be headed for San Quenton.

    Chauncey M. Freeman
    Senior Chief
    United States Navy Retired

  4. It would be wise to place The Ten Commandments at every polling place so voters can read it before they vote. This way they will know whether they are voting for God or Satan. Pass it on, it would make a huge difference!


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