Latest Poll Shows Spike in Trump Approval Rating After the Final Debate

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The latest data from Rasmussen shows a major uptick in Trump’s approval ratings from the Black community following the final presidential debate. Over the past week, Trump’s approval ratings have been climbing steadily with the biggest jump happing immediately after the debate.

As we get closer to the election both candidates are campaigning hard to win over as many votes as possible. The data from Rasmussen is encouraging, many have speculated that the numbers of Black voters intending to vote for Trump are much higher than polls have indicated.

  1. Both candidates are campaigning hard? Joe is a cellar dweller. What’s funny, when the moron climbs out of his chair, no one shows up to see him. trump is all over the country .He has energy. Joe is lazy, old, and feeble.

    1. Joe is back in the basement well warren steps up to take his place. and his stupid wife is on the view saying oh my boys are good boys and joe would never do what they are saying he did. She of course will say that well she is enjoying spending the money her husband and son stole for her. and her niece who charged 137 thousand dollars on a stolen credit card and all she got was a slap on the hand, drunk driving charges dropped against frank biden also while he was driving drunk with no license twice that happen charges dropped. Joes wife if she had any good sense would be hiding in the basement with joe instead of going on the view and trying to cover up the lies and scams her family are involved in. What a piece of work this whole family is. liers, cheats, theifes

      1. There are A LOT of people funneling copious amounts of money towards this huge project. W H Y? Why are SO MANY entities involved in the MASSIVE COVER-UP’S?
        Thank you President Donald Trump! No matter what happens in this election,God forbid the bad guy(and all the horrible people backing him) should win, YOU are still my champion of truth and the AMERICAN way! I can’t thank you enough.

      2. I think most democrats are corrupt, deceitful, liars, and largely unpatriotic. They are feeding fat on Americans and yet they are very quick to point accusing fingers.

    2. Today he had a rally in The Villages and a few hours later he was in Pensacola. I wish I had the man’s energy.

      1. and then North Carolina. Today in Wisconsin. God Bless and keep him safe. Please dear Lord a victory for the Trump-Pence ticket on November 3.

    1. This is the BEST PRESIDENT I have ever had the honor and privilege to vote for! I am disgusted by the media and the rotting flesh from the inside out of Hillary Clinton. I cant believe these people were EVER Americans. This has been taken from sore losers to terrorists against this fine and free country of the United States Of America. And now the criminal family Biden mafia has, and is going to continue to sell U.S.A. to China.

    2. Reagan comes close but he only had to beat Carter who bungled Iran, Trump is fighting the entire progressive army made up of foreign operatives, big tech, antifa, blm all the corrupt Democratic swamp dwellers. Against all these odds he is still going to overcome because all these folks are satanic tools against the army of God

  2. Trump is the first president that I felt is truly not a racist. The biggest racists in the WH were the Obamas. If you were black and did not have a record label, football jersey, basketball jersey, or baseball shirt with your name emblazoned on it or some other tag you were nothing to them. Trump has an ear to all and is willing to listen no matter your skin color or your shape of eyes. He knows how to connect.

  3. If everyone paid attention to the last debate and heard Biden say would stop oil and gas ventures, then Trump’s poll numbers should skyrocket! If they don’t then we have a bation of brain dead morons! who think free is the answer and no oil, gas or coal is best! WAKE IP people!!

    1. There is nothing for FREE. This country is FREE because of the fine men and woman that sacrificed for this freedom, some with their limbs others with their lives. Someone is going to pay for all this free. And have you ever received something for free? It usually comes with a HIDDEN PRICE TAG!

  4. lol, no big surprise here, more and more, Joe consistently shows that he is actually campaigning for Donald Trump, no kidding.

  5. McCain and Romney failed to win b/c they failed to win a significant portion of the Black and Latino vote. Trump is getting support from nearly half the Black vote and and probably nearly half of the Latino vote as well as evidenced in the polls from the first debate. Latinos and Blacks are getting tired of the radical leftist Democratic swamp telling them how to think and act especially when Joe uttered (paraphrased) You ain’t Black if you don’t vote Democrat. Both McCain and Romney got something like 15% of the ethnic vote whereas Trump is in the 40s. If only we can sort out the mail ballot fraud coming we can nail this election as the Democrats are desperate to win using the only weapon at their disposal. They can’t win the war of facts and ideas and will try to steal using fraudulent tactics *stuffing the ballot boxes)

  6. Paying attention ‘truth news’, Biden is the BIG Crook of Crooks. He is the Political Mafia. The main stream media pushes him, up and onward to socialism. It’s a crazy USA we live in today, all we can do is vote, let’s all true Americans do that. The alternative with Joe Biden is almost unthinkable.

  7. TTN, 53,000,000 have already voted, legally. Let’s do a survey of who they voted for. Count mine for TRUMP !!!

  8. He’s apparently taken a page from Pelosi – with the wide eyes and hands flying while he stares at the camera…uttering one lie after another.
    each of them has a slight touch of dementia.

  9. I have faith that Americans will do the right thing I don’t have any faith the Politicians will they need put in jail

  10. This is the most bizarre election. Biden is in hiding, yet the media claims he is up in the polls. What idiot would vote for anyone that they really know little about – unless you listen to alternative media and then you KNOW Biden is as corrupt and dishonest as they come. Trump’s rally numbers are high, people get out to see him. He loves this country and is doing everything he can to help every American! The dems stand in his way all the time. The free US goes against the democrat agenda. There is only one choice in this election – Trump/Pence 2020!


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