Biden’s Most Bizarre Comment, Truth About 60 Minutes Interview, Trump Gets Foreign Policy Win

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

Trump Ally in Senate Laying Groundwork for His Own Presidential Campaign

A Junior GOP Senator is already looking beyond 2020.

The 43-year-old made a trek to New Hampshire – a state which boosts it’s “First in The Nation” primary – to campaign alongside republican candidates this week.

While he’s had some disagreements with President Trump – mostly on foreign policy – we can expect to see him continue to appear on Fox News and travel to early 2024 nominating states as he seeks to become an heir to the MAGA movement.

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Is this Biden’s Most Bizarre Comment Yet?

During the final presidential debate, things got tense between President Trump and Democrat nominee Joe Biden while discussing the topic of foreign policy. President Trump emphasized the upside of having an amicable relationship with foreign leaders when Joe Biden made a bizarre comment bringing up Adolf Hitler.

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“60 Minutes” Airs Trump Interview Where He Walks Off the Set

Sunday evening “60 Minutes” aired its interview with President Trump. Trump walked off the set a few minutes before Pence was set to be interviewed by Leslie Stahl. The incident was portrayed much differently by “60 Minutes”.

Here are two clips. One of the original footage and one of what “60 Minutes” aired.

Original footage:

What “60 Minutes” aired:

New Poll Shows Tight Races in Georgia

President Trump trails Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden by 1 percentage point in Georgia, according to a new survey, while Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) trails challenger Jon Ossoff (D) by the same margin.

In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll released Monday, the former vice president leads Trump 47 to 46 percent. Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgenson has the support of 3 percent of respondents.

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Republican Party Spokeswoman Spars with CNN Anchor over Hunter Biden

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington sparred with CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour over claims that Hunter Biden’s emails are part of a Russian disinformation plot.

Harrington can be seen shaking her head as Amanpour begins a line of questioning related to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s alleged ties to Russia that suggested the former mayor was “being used to feed Russian misinformation to the president.”

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Trump Announces Huge Foreign Policy Victory

President Trump made the groundbreaking announcement that Sudan will become the third Arab state to normalize ties with Israel, joining with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The historic deal brokered in the run-up to election day will help deepen ties with the United States.

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  1. In every state in which Trump trails the average IQ is below average. Anyone with any common sense and a reasonably high IQ can plainly see, if you destroy the fossil fuel industry, get ready to put on your walking shoes. The stock market will crash. Millions will be laid off with sky rocketing fuel prices. Shipping prices sky rocket. Food prices will sky rocket. Farmers can’t operate with fuel shortages and high fuel prices. Biden and the Democrat Liberals are absolute FOOLS and will leave you fighting for a place in the SOUP LINE. Anyone asking you to vote for Biden or any Democrat is an IDIOT!

      1. The liberals goal is to not to make you like or love their candidate, their goal is to make you hate and oppose their competition. I remember seeing the faces of people when you said you supported the Republicans. It was like they smelled a horrible order. The republican only care about the wealthy BS. And sadly there are people that still believe in that stereotype. The democrats left the blue collar workers behind a long time ago. Now, they represent the elite, the 1% to the 5%ers.

      2. It is all emotions for the ones I have tried to talk with. They do not understand the agenda of this insane asylum run by lunatics called the DNC. The liars, cheaters, and thieves have a smooth talking way and the dim wit voters don’t have a clue. They are truly the sheeple Harry Reid loved to steer.

    1. He was done. He did his interview. The person interviewing him was a whiny female who lied all the time. They are no longer journalists and it is very obvious. Trump was done, he left.

  2. Its both amazing and depressing that tech giants Microsoft, Google and others are still pushing Joe Biden when he can’t remember that he running for president and not the Senate; that he’s running against Donald Trump and not George Bush. Maybe the CCP virus brought with a massive wave of stupidity that is sweeping the nation. I am disgusted to see people interviewed who can believe that the US Government can continue operating with a senile, demented idiot as President instead of running a rocking chair at the old folks home.

  3. Sorry if these so called “journalists want respect… maye they ahould leave their left wing bias somewhere else.

  4. Biden admitted they are running a massive fraud machine, in one of his addled comments. Time to send Federal Law officers to monitor the polls and the counting. Where ever the ballot boxes go Federal Law Officers should be escorting them. McConnell should also launch an investigative committee to look into the mail in balloting and seek a court order to stop any further mail in ballots going out. There is already evidence of fraud in mail in balloting.

  5. Not even an attempt to stick to facts and truths because those would end his career but it truly is time for him to end it just like Hillary. As Harry Reid infamously told one reporter, “If the lie wins the campaign do it.”. So, the leader of the DNC in congress during his recent terms before he retired from the Senate infamously stated he lied and the person for the GOP lost because of the lie. He was pleased the sheeple believed him and voted according to his wishes.

    WE now all know they lie so don’t be a sheeple. Vote for MAGA and end this farce of a. campaign the DNC is running.


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