Fox News Star Says Biden Will be Inaugurated

Fox News
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Fox News star Laura Ingraham stated on her show recently that Joe Biden will be inaugurated in January of 2021 and that thought “constitutes living in reality.”

Ingraham did state however that this could not be the case if President Trump’s legal situation dramatically changes.

According to The Hill:

Fox News host Laura Ingraham said on her Monday night show that President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20 unless the legal situation for President Trump dramatically changes, adding that thinking this “constitutes living in reality.”

“Unless the legal situation changes in a dramatic and frankly an unlikely manner, Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20,” Ingraham said during a Monday night episode of “The Ingraham Angle.”

“To say this constitutes living in reality, and if I offered you a false reality, if I told you that there was an excellent, phenomenal chance that the Supreme Court was going to step in and deliver a victory for President Trump, I’d be lying to you.”

Die-hard Trump supporters have been hoping that Trump would win legal challenges against the election, where Biden is projected to have won 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232. As such, Ingraham’s statement underscores how some of Trump’s biggest media allies now think there is virtually no path for such an outcome, and that his supporters should not think that there is.

Ingraham’s show aired hours after the GSA (General Services Administration) authorized the transition of power between the Trump administration and the Biden administration.

President Trump responded to this news by updating Americans on his intentions to concede.

    1. Laura is hardly CNN material when she honestly states her opinion based on what the situation appears to be in the present objective facts. CNN, MSNBC, et al., couldn’t care less about the factual basis of their shoddy claims — EVER!!! Laura is great!!!

      1. you do know the story ,why he bought Mar a lago ,? purely to piss the elitist snobs off , they had a very exclusive membership , no jews ,no blacks . Trump got so pissed he bought the whole thing ,it is now open to all . That is the true Trump ,have you ever bothered to stop sucking the msm titty for long enough to actually do some cross checking for your self ? liz cronkin basically got sacked for doing some Trump story hunting , found out he is a serial do gooder !. the hatemisters at cnn could not allow the peasants to hear that .

      2. If Trump does go to Mar a Lago, I hope it will be as Continuing President for the 74 million or more that elected him. In our own new American Country, our population is greater than 130 countries combined of a total 197 countries world wide. Just our number of certified voters is greater than the entire UK population. Our 74 million voters represent a population of about 150 million. or about 40% of the entire US population; every man, woman, child, tranny, prisoner, and illegal.
        We will never accept the Presidency of Biden and his Administration. We will ignore his laws, orders and edicts. We will fight with might of arms as necessary. Ww could be a nation within a nation without borders. My neighbor and I could actually reside on the same block but in different countries.
        Interesting, huh?

      1. what ! who told you that ? a dog faced pony soldier ? [ imagine if Trump had of said that !!]. foxes lie all that time, generally while waiting for unwary chooks .

  1. BULLSHIT. If he does, 80 million people abandon the Republican Party and join Trumps Party. Open war is likely if Biden does any of the things he has promised the Communists. That’s living in reality. PS, no one listens to FOX any more.

    1. China-bankrolled bank account #1. Maybe millions came through Hunter but China still owns him. Huge threat to national security. Wonder how many $ China sent to democrats for the election. Hmmm…

      1. So you have no actual numbers.
        You mean to to say that it could have happened, just like voter fraud?
        But no actual numbers.
        Just wishful thinking……

    1. It is a sad day when the greatestest President this country has ever known loses to likes of Dementia Joe by 3.3% of the popular vote and 8.2% of the Electoral College vote.
      Long live the the Electoral College.

      1. You’re more of an imbecile than I thought if you think this election wasn’t rigged Biden could NEVER win pushing the left wing loons agenda no way in hell the vast majority of Americans would vote for that and you know it AL HISS you snake

        1. This election was rigged for Joe Biden, no question about it.
          By at least 10,000 votes.
          The closest state is 12,000 votes.
          Trump will have to flip at least three states to win.
          That is not going to happen.
          Even Barron knows the truth.
          He is not enough of a man to tell his dad .

      2. Your are a fraud yourself… fact idiot…..worst fake name to hit the screen too, I would be ashamed with that “no name” address. Go bark up another tree why don’t you?

      1. b/c obama hates our military! Esp Navy SEALS! If biden does get in it won’t be for long. Thisterm will be obama 3rd term! O is puloing the strings. Very sad for America! Notice how the cabinet picks of joe’s are mostly obama leftovers!! kerry, yellen and a host of others! But as least he seems to be steering away from ultra progressives, i.e. AOC and squad!

        1. Trump has been incharge of our military for four years.
          Why are they still sleeping on cardboard?

          Yes Biden is picking people with government experience to run his government.
          Trump’s rank amatures did not work out well.
          That is why he fired so many of his hires.

  2. IF she actually said this, it means she has given up that the fraud will be revealed. If Not, this will mean the end of the United States of America, because Patriots will revolt. Think not? How long would Atlanta last if the surrounding country was against them? They don’t produce enough food in that or any other) city to sustain themselves.

    1. It means that she thinks that there is no significant fraud.
      The farmers around Atlanta depend on Atlanta to sell their food.
      Atlanta buys it’s food all over the world .

  3. She’s now getting her orders from Lachlan Murdock’s wife…a Left Leaning Liberal! The entire Fox News staff are being monitored or what they’re saying on-air now. They all have their marching orders if they disobey the FN High Command. Rupert is losing control at 89 years of age:-( It’s probably killing him…slowly!

    1. I’d like to take ALL THE SENIORS who voted for him on a NEVER ENDING MERRY GO ROUND.
      They were so afraid their SSchecks would go away, and Medicare would dissapear. FOOLS!
      Hope they ALL live long enough to see the damage they did to their children and grandchildren.

  4. Fake Fox strikes again How come Bush V Gore in 2000 took 36 Days to decide Fox Dumped TRUMP before the counting is even certified CNNII

    1. Remember, Paul Ryan is on their Board.
      He’s been wanting them to drop President Trump long ago. Paul couldn’t be elected dog catcher and made sure we lost the house in 2016.

      1. Paul Ryan is a Republican.
        Donald Trump is not.
        Paul Ryan won 58.5% of his vote in the 2016 election.
        (Trump has not even gotten close to 50%.)
        Paul Ryan was the Speaker of the House in 2017/2018.
        The Republicans had a 47 seat advantage.
        Donald Trump lost the House in 2018 for the same reason he lost the Presidency in 2020.

    2. Bush V Gore in 2000 was a 536 vote difference.
      Bush V Gore in 2000 was decided by hanging chads.
      Biden won all his states by at least 11,000 votes.
      Two win Trump has to flip all 4 states with less than a 2% vote difference.
      He finally figured out the math.

  5. As usual TNN left of half of Laura’s angle, of all the ways Trump can, and will make thru 2022, when he will decimate the democrats in the midterms. Trump will remain the shining President who garnered more votes than ANY candidate in the history of America. personally I never give up on our President Trump, because he has been written off many times in business, and still comes out the glorious winner. REMEMBER DONALD J. TRUMP HAS GOD BACKING HIM UP IN THIS WORLD!

    1. The Democrats decimated the House in 2018.
      Joe Biden has won the most votes of any President.
      Donald Trump won the most votes of any sitting President.
      Donald Trump is a loser.

  6. I don’t have any cable at all.
    However, at this time I would be completely cancelling EVERYTHING.
    I realize that some hosts at FOX are good, but something is definitely happening there.
    Those like Laura are being squeezed somehow.
    Maybe Hannity is the only one who tells them to go and pound sand. Just my opinion.

      1. Because the LAME STREAM MEDIA are a bunch of LIARS….!! President Trump tells the TRUTH…!! So, there’s THAT….!!!

    1. He’s a buffoon like all the lefty’s he’s trying to be cute what a joke he is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    American has become… Womb to the TOMB LAZY, feel the WORLD owes them a Living and

  8. I just found out that Fox News will not allow for their hosts nor guest’s to say the words “Hammer” or “Scorecard” either. Time to change channels to One America News or Newsmax!!!!

  9. Fox News Star Says Biden Will be Inaugurated
    This TTN attention-getter is a lie, meant to get people to click on it. There is nothing wrong with what Laura REALLY said, if you read the whole statement. See below:

    “Unless the legal situation changes in a dramatic and frankly an unlikely manner, Joe Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20,”

    Shame on you, TTN!

  10. Biden may be inaugurated. Then he’ll qualify for the presidential pension. And after that he can finish fading into the sunset, as I wish he had already. God help us, though, if Harris steps into even Biden’s tiny shoes.

  11. Two hours before inauguration I hope he receives a note of congratulations from President Abbott of the Republic of Texas.

  12. Unfortunately Laura may very well be right if the President’s legal maneuvering doesn’t pay off. For the people who voted for the President this flies in the face of reason. For those who voted against the President, you reap what you sow. When the poop hits the fan, don’t come looking for sympathy from us.

  13. Everyone worrying about Biden being inaugurated in January, don’t worry,he won’t, it’s gonna be cameltoe harris

  14. she is not up with the play , weird, hedging her bets . Trump can’t actually lose , 31 states are republican , they effectively decide ,unless he concedes , is that likely ? , nah .No doubt he has a lot more Intel than us and knows were the servers are ,all just a set up to see how corrupt the dems are ,answer ,totally ,{ small matter of why Ukraine want to execute sleepy Joe ,were all the public servants get their millions from ,where all the children are disappearing too ,minor things like that !!] ,now the whole world knows ,no escaping to Newzeland … or kenya !.

    1. I never acknowledged BHO, and these 2 stole the election as badly as did the kenyan
      PO1 USN RET
      Vietnam 3x.did the Kenyan.


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