Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Resigns

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Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf has resigned. Wolf has stated that he would remain on the job despite President Trump pulling his nomination to be secretary.

According to CNBC:

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf resigned Monday, becoming the third Cabinet-level official to quit on the heels of the riot at the U.S. Capitol by a mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos resigned last week over Wednesday’s riot, which disrupted the confirmation by Congress of Joe Biden’s election as the next president.

Wolf, in a letter to Department of Homeland Security staff, said his resignation “is warranted by recent events, including the ongoing and meritless court rulings regarding the validity of my authority as Acting Secretary.”

“These events and concerns increasingly serve to divert attention and resources away from the important work of the Department in this critical time of a transition of power,” wrote Wolf, whose resignation is effective at just before midnight.

Wolf stated he was “saddened” to resign and had hoped to remain in his role until Biden took office next week.

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  1. Idiots who think they’re they’re ‘jumping ship’ are stupid. Or ignorant. Possibly simply stupidly ignorant. With an incoming administration of a different party it’s totally common to submit resignations as a matter of course. When/IF they are acted upon by the new administration is the key. So this is a NON-NEWS story.

      1. You should be taking in water by now. Stupid is as stupid does. I saw a sign in the rest room that said. Fools name like fools faces always appear in public places. How true.

      2. Albert, you need to talk to Almighty God (although, I doubt seriously that you know Him) about Trump, because God anointed and appointed Trump to clean out all the trash in D.C. God isn’t done with Trump yet, so my advice to you is that you need to shut your lying mouth about him before God shuts it for you. It would save you a lot of grief in the future.

  2. Rush sure had his thumb on THIS pulse: Namely, as he said on his program last week, if one wants a job and a place in the DC Establishment, one definitely HAS to condemn Trump!! End of story!!

    1. Rush will be missed by millions. Truly an American Patriot and a huge Trump Supporter. So intelligent and Classy. God bless him and watch over him and his family. ♥️

    2. If you wanted a job in the Trump administration you had to pubically hate Obama, Hillary and Bill and have negative comments about Bush.

      1. All you do is bloviate. and talk banalities. Get off this site, you sound like a big moron who has never read history or has a serious issue to discuss. Worthless arguing wth someone like you. YUK!

  3. Any of the top brass in security related issues regarding the Capitol should resign (without pension) for their disgraceful performance last
    week. What are they being paid for?

    1. They are paid to control, harras, intimidate, bludgeon, choke and end the lives of protesters.
      Antifa and BLM protesters!!!

  4. TTN,
    Why do you refer to the riot as “the riot at the U.S. Capitol by a mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters?
    It was not Trump supporters who did the rioting and danage. It was Antifa, who infiltrated Trump’s people, dressed in MAGA gear.

  5. this report shows extreme bias against Trump and against the citizens of this county–that FALSE FLAG event in DC was planned and executed by DEMOCRAT HIRED THUGS OF ANTIFA-this is proven fact-so WHY is ANYONE blaming Trump-that is just another INSANE CASE OF GASLIGHTING Trump for what the dumb crazy DEMS did. This is not even disputable-the DC cops are on videotape escorting the Antifa people in-noted by their black dress and hats turned backwards and generally INSANE behavior-they were then ESCORTED beyond the barriers INTO the building again ON VIDEO escorted INTO THE BUILDING-and allowed full access to the rooms–shame on YOU for spreading LIES.

    1. He’s been spreading them for quite some time, just like Pelosi, Schumer, Schitf, Watters and many other Socialist, anti Americans, in Congress.

    1. Trump surrounded himself with parasites.
      They know how to flatter their hosts.
      Trump’s life blood is adulation.

  6. This and the others, certainly, show what I’ve been saying all along, these repukes,whether rhinos or not, are a bunch of spineless,gutless,cowards. Hell, 74,000,000 + voted for DonaldJ.Trump, not u chickenshit,incompetent,politicians, that are scared of your own shadows,and afraid to stand up for what’s right.All rhinos, will be primaried, and u other gutless losers, need to resign, because u screwed us 74,000,000 + people for the last time, with your incompetence. Actually u all should resign, except for the 15 real republicans, that stood with Trump. When we re=elect him in 2024, we will clean house.

  7. All the people that worked for Trump can be and are brought off. They are “fair weather” people. I would imagine they don’t have a “true” friend. $$ is their friend!! What a bunch of sad hateful people.

  8. What makes me laugh is the left is making like they’re sad about them leaving. The truth is they hated Devos and Mrs. McConnell from the get go.

  9. these people are all cowards and they have been threatened but they could have stood up and said no not happening and walking away but not the people in Washington they are all traitors and stupid to the core.. God bless their souls because I certainly will not
    and just think One dem is trying to tell the Air lines that they want them to stop Republicans from flying Well My Air lines my dam taxes went into your stupid bail out twice and if you ban us from flying you certainly will go under when we all stop flying
    YOU think things are bad now YOU wait until there is no one flying in your stupid planes

  10. He said certain court ruling say his position is invalid. Give him a break. He did a good job. Maybe he and his family are being harassed. We don’t know all the facts.
    But Chao and the others….BIG STINKIN RATS!

  11. I get the feeling that all those who are jumping ship will deeply regret it when God steps in this week, exposes all the voter fraud perps, and tosses them in the slammer. FYI, I am one who will never give up praying for, and believing for, our President Trump. God sent him to D.C. with a job to do (taking out all the trash), and God’s not done with him yet. It might look impossible right now, but Almighty God is still in the business of doing what’s impossible for man to do. Keep the faith, and NEVER give up my friends. Keep on praying! It still works!

      1. I believe you lied again Albert, when you mentioned God, because You don’t sound like someone who even knows God; unless your god is also known as Satan.

  12. With “friends like this, Who needs enemies”? These SLIMY “RAT-FINKS” are the first to “quit & run”. THE “republicans” ARE WIMPS! The Dems ARE “ROTTEN” BUT united, maybe because of the $$$? “WHO”? in D.C. is NOT on the dole? It “appears” that ALL of them are! Trump NEVER TOOK HIS SALARY FOR 4 years. When’s the “first time” these reps. REFUSED a salary? “NEVER”! ALL OF “THEM” ARE NOTHING but 2 bit wanna-be “has beens”, living off of “us”. PARACITES!!!

  13. It looks like President Trump and us supporters are still getting blamed for what the Dema n Antifa did. It’s not right.

  14. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. God’s Blessings could be round the clock. Trust me I been in situations where you’d think the fat lady sang and you just didn’t hear her. Next thing you know God’s Blessings took hold and I’d come out smelling like a rose and the fat lady was singing Hallelujah. We got till January 20 I do believe. Give the one True God Jehovah Almighty the credit do HIM. Amen & SEMPER FIDELIS

  15. Remember the tech bubble, close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any, Twiter down 12% today, before they are worthless, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the seller/merchant don’t wait DO IT NOW URGENT******* this is how is done.

  16. I think all resignations comes from guilty consciences. Any bets. The demonRATS are soooooooo corrupt. Fire them all immediately. God bless America 🇺🇸. 🇺🇸 AMEN 🙏

  17. The BEAST is Satan. Satan is Big Tech, and the Fake News Media. Think MONOPOLY, think China Connection. Think crooked Democrat Party. Think they be the Master you be their Slaves. They gave hundreds of millions to the Democrat Party, plus ran interference for the Democrats. Now they are exercising their power by cutting off our communications as if we are at war with them. But of course it is them who is at war with all who resist them or threaten them in any way. Trump is a threat. We are a threat. Until the FCC pulls their license to operate they will continue to crush all who resist them That is what a Monopoly does. It squeezes out all competition, all competitors, all resistance. You the slave, they be the Master of the world. These $$$$$$$$$$$$ TRILLION DOLLAR CORPOR%ATIONS are joined at the hip. They work as one, as a monopoly to drive out all resistance. Now not only Apple, and Google, but Amazon, and Forbes have joined them. Also the big banks, and the Pharmaceutical Industry. Bottom line about ninety percent of all big industrial giants have a UNION. We are in deep trouble because our Politicians sold us out long ago by allowing them to become unmanageable.


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