Democrat Senator Warns Against Impeachment: “This is so ill Advised for Joe Biden”

Senate Democrats, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Senator Joe Manchin is urging the House to end their push for the second impeachment of President Trump saying the process will only create further division within the country and Democrats do not have the votes in the Senate. During an interview with Fox News, the West Virginia senator made it clear that Democrats most likely do not have the support to convict and remove President Trump for allegedly inciting an insurrection.

The Daily Wire reports:

“I don’t see any of that, because there will be 48, still 48 Democrats, until we seat Warnock and Senator Ossoff,” Manchin said. “So, until that happens, you need 67 votes. I think, my arithmetic, that means we have 19 Republicans. I don’t see that. And I think the House should know that also. We have been trying to send that message over. They know the votes aren’t there. You would think that they would do that.”

“I think this is so ill-advised for Joe Biden to be coming in, trying to heal the country, trying to be the president of all the people, when we’re going to be so divided and fighting again. Let the judicial system do its job,” he continued. “And then, we’re a country of the rule of law. That’s the bedrock of who we are. Let that take its place. Let the investigations go on. Let the evidence come forth, and then we will go forward from there. There’s no rush to do this impeachment now. We can do it later if they think it’s necessary.”

Manchin’s remarks come after he has appeared be changing his tune on some of the more controversial proposals in the Democrats’ agenda, including giving statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.

“The D.C. statehood, I don’t see the need for the D.C. statehood with the type of services that we’re getting in D.C. right now. We have representation. They say no vote, you know, without representation. They have no voice, but they do. I’d have to hear more that, but right now I’m not convinced that’s the way to go.”

The debate for a second impeachment is set to begin on Wednesday.

  1. I think president trump has been persecuted long enough I think he has helped our country and tried to help all countries . Nobody appreciated what he has done and I don’t need a token or anything free sent to me that is the way I feel

      1. I only wish. Problem is, I’ve been hearing this and hoping forever.
        First Joe diGeneva said Barr would clean up the Deep State and take down everyone involved on 0bamagate. Net result: ZERO. Barr, it turns out, is part of the Deep State.
        Lyndsey Graham was gonna get to the bottom of the Kavanaugh hearing and more. Net result: ZERO.
        Same with Grassley & Johnson. Lots of noise. Some minor details on Biden released to the media. Net result: ZERO.
        Rudi claimed he had lots of damning info on several Deep State operatives that would blow up the demonKKKrats. Net result: ZERO.
        Trump has been threatening to declassify scores of documents. So far: ZERO.

        If ANY of the above had been followed through on, TRUMPWOULD HAVE BEEN RE-ELECTED! Unfortunately, the above didn’t happen and Trump’s re-election didn’t either.

        I’m done hoping. The EstablishmentGOP, which hated Trump won. I’m through…

        1. Trump should have picked Washington outsiders like himself for his cabinet posts right from the start. And he vastly underestimated the breadth and stench of the Deep State. Keeping out the swamp rats might have made a difference.

          1. For the the last 4 years the executive branch has been run by a bunch of amatures.
            Politics and brain surgery should be limited to professionals.

          2. He should have reorganized all Government agencies placing only honest, God fearing Patriots in. The FCC could have cancelled the News and social media from exercising political bias. But they did not.

        2. My sentiments exactly. Often times I’ve defended Bar, but it turns out he didn’t do much. Least of all stand with the President.
          People already forgot how OBUMMERS administration was lock and step with him. Especially his attorney general. Why would people think that the President’s administration shouldn’t support him???
          They’re there because they agree with him and want to push his agenda forward.
          But, no worries. You’re all about to be reminded again. Very soon.

          1. Why have so many of Trump’s picks done so poorly by him?
            Is he a poor judge of people?

          2. President Trump is not the problem. People with no morals no values no ethics is the problem. People are not true to ones self & the greed for money is their undoing.

          3. Satan is at hand is the problem. Ppl don’t care if they leave a legacy for their children, they think money fixes everything. Well money just killed millions of ppl

        3. The majority of Americans do not want Trump to be our President.
          Especially after what he did on Wednesday..

        4. Net ZERO thanks to a totally corrupt judicial system that seems to even be inside the SCOTUS itself. The valid massive cheating evidence has been collected but thanks to a totally corrupt judicial system who have managed to prevent any of this evidence from being heard in any court & they cotinue to lie & claim the evidence is unbased – which proves we do not have even one single judicial level anywhere in the United States – only crooked & corrupt lawyers, judges & courts from top to bottom & a majority of congressional members in the same criminal traitor enemy combatant category & the few patriotic congressional members so cowardly they don'[t know whether to defecate or go blind – so they just either too stupid or too cowardly to band together & go to The President to ask how do we drain this
          SWAMP with all the corruption in the judicial system? Obviously the only answer is to go the only way to circumvent the corrupted judicial in the only way left, but do it legally & We the People will back you all the way no matter how many higher ups have to be arrested, detained & held accountable for their crimes; WE DO NOT DESERVE TO HAVE A CRIMINAL EVEN BEING ALLOWED TO CAMPAIGN FOR OFFICE – MJCH WIN BY MASSIVE CHEATING & HAVE AUDACITY TO ADMIT THE CHEATING, WHILE DENYING THE MASSIVENESS OF THE VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION – AND EXPECT US TO AGREE TO MOVE FORWARD WITHOUT THROWING OUT THIS MASSIVE CHEATING & HOLDING THE PERETRATORS ACOUNTABLE. A felon cannot hold the position of POTUS. VP Biden was in on the birth of the INTERNAL COUP against President & that is TREASON &
          treason is a felony. Since most of the demonicrats are deep state establishment INSIDERS 0 it is highly unlikely demonicrat Harris isn’t also. She has also been seen aiding and abetting antifa/BLM rioters & illegal immigrants in breaking the law. Both Biden & Harris have been seen on videos siding with the criminal activity of the domestic terrorists groups & encouraging their criminal activity; Harris was known to be collecting gunds to bail these domestic terrorists that did get arrested & back o the streets faster than they got into jail. That us aiding *& abetting violent domestic terrorists,
          That I believe also is a felony & a felon cannot hold POTUS office.


      2. We’re waiting. That has been an alluring message, but they have come and gone, and things keep getting worse. We had 4 years of the Democrat Party of Lies, both from Congress and the MSM. That resulted in much of the population believing Trump was bad, evil, and worse, with little or no contradiction, and only Fox and Newsmax putting out the truth. The elections of 2020 were as corrupt as possible, and the continuing LIES kept people from believing the testimony, so the fraudulent votes were accepted anyway. Then the Democrat Party of LIES and RETRIBUTION took over and is impeaching the best President we’ve ever had – AGAIN. The Fake News is again working with the LIES and RETRIBUTION Party to censure, block, and otherwise injure Republicans for helping Trump. There won’t be much of a country left once they do their socialist conversion of the nation. After 4 years of leading in the lies, CNN is urging the nation to support the TRUTH. That’s a knee-slapper.

    1. 75 million informed American do appreciate what he has done—- Trump is a true warrior that’s why he never really loses—— if the Democrats had half a thinking brain they would know Trump is – far more dangerous to their Marxist communist cause not being President than he would being their President——it’s far better to have a. True warrior on your side than make him your enemy, ——the left hasn’t a clue what l’m even talking about—- l love the entire Trump family whom l have never met. And that includes his ex wives—- because in a fragile world they raised , together or apart five great kids—-how many divorced people can say that —-this is and example that l need for those l love and care about the most you see l just want success so very much for my own family , my own community and friends 🤗🤗🤗

        1. People pick the politicians not the other way around what I to say would take to long to write but I will say the Democrats have no shame in raising our taxes to pay illegals from our tax dollars and the welfare train recipients who have criminal boyfriends who they don’t turn in or call 911 to report them while their on their way to commit their crimes and then go visit them in jail which says yeah I didn’t turn him in,so why not tax welfare like why don’t we get tax credits for supporting these programs,well didn’t Mr Trump give us more take home money and didn’t he stop giving our tax dollars to other countries that hate us well I guess people seen their free money coming to an end and the Democrats couldn’t get our tax dollars into their off shore accounts,there’s an age limits on pilots,truck drivers and other jobs so why not on politicians.

    2. While I agree the left will never be satisfied. Their hatred of Trump knows no bounds. Their descendants will be making special trips just to spit on his grave down the road.

      1. Trump’s hate knows no bounds.
        The will not spit on his grave.
        They will drop their pants and show him their Shazhole (AKA man poozy)

    3. Nancy, far more than 50% of Americans know DJT did more for America and Americans in four years than any other President has done in eight years! And yes, many many Democrats realize it also …… they just DON’T DARE say it out loud for fear of being treated, God forbid, the same way the Dems treat us conservatives!
      Just wait until the Harris/Biden (intentional name order) administration puts America and Americans in the old “crapper”, there will be a lot more Dems with eyes wide open of course they will still be wusses and afraid to speak their mind for fear of chastisement from fellow marxists!
      God bless and save America!

      1. Why did less than 50% of Americans vote for Trump?
        When and if Biden dies in term Harris will make a lovely President.
        Biden will probably do the same as Obama did.
        Give us the highest stock market ever.
        Be able to keep the unemployment below Obama’s final level.
        Keep the rate of increase in the national debt at Obama levels, not Trump levels.
        Trump put us in crapper, Biden will pull us back out.
        Bush put us in the crapper, Obama pulled us out.

  2. Its a shame that they are still trying to go after Trump. 4 years now and all hes done is good for the country and its people.

    1. The left wants to be larger part of The New World Order. I will Never be ant part of that. I’m praying a higher power intervenes and Trump will continue to remain president. For all of our Freedom

  3. Conservative persecution by the new Socialist NAZI party within the faux Biden administration will only bring a further division to our country. Calls from the left to do everything from imprisoning Trump conservatives to actually calling for blood. How sick and degenerative has the left become. If the persecution continues I see civil war on the horizon.

      1. Are you looking forward to Civil War 2?
        Will it make America better?
        How many will die?
        The same percentage of Americans who died in Civil War 1?
        That would be 7 million dead Americans.
        How many of them will be from your immediate family?

        Are you an advocate of civil war to solve our political divisions?

          1. Remember the Alamo: Hello. I understand the number to be about 65 Million. Imagine, all the U.S. citizens that could-have-been, but were denied a life.

  4. The Lefty Lunatics will not subside until the next election comes around … then they will be nice and polite … I hope that the Voting Citizens of the USA remembers everything the CRIMINALS have said and done and they get thrown out of our Government ! I just pray there is another election and this time it is FAIR !

    1. The next election will be stolen just like this one was only to a greater degree because the Democommies will have 4 more years to perfect their multiple fraud techniques.

      1. What would happen if we all just voted independently? Or just wrote in TrUSAmp’s name on or ballot machines. Maybe just don’t
        vote at allowed! No to mail in Ballots.

      2. If the next election is stolen it will be because the Republicans are weak.
        Weak people get stolen from.
        We saw how weak Trump’s Capitol Police were last weak. .

        1. I think they let the “cat out of the bag” when Clinton was President. Rumor had it at that time the the First Lady (the notorious HRC) spent lots of time reading the investigative files compiled by the intelligence agencies to raise her awareness of every dirty detail that was exposed therein on all the key players in Washington, D.C. This information would supposedly be used to “bend an arm” here or there into seeing “THE CORRECT” point of view or set the stage for outright blackmail if necessary.

          1. The nice thing about Trump is that he does not waste time reading investigative files compiled by intelligence agencies.
            He even finds his daily briefing to be to boring to actually read. . .

        2. My own opinion is the swamp is so dirty they do not want the truth coming out, both dems and Republicans. Politicians are crooked. How else could they get all the comfortable life they have?
          It’s like the Roman Empire all over again. Unless We fight against them we will be a communist country. My thoughts and no one need agree with me. Vicki from Sebring, Fl

          1. Four years ago Trump promised to drain the swamp. 
            It is now even deeper.
            He is an ineffective leader.
            That is why we fired him.  

    2. In a country our size there can never be a ‘fair’ election.
      There will always be some voter fraud.
      Humans are fraudulent by nature.
      That is why are prisons are bulging at the seams.

      In some places the voter fraud could be as high as 1 in 1000.
      I am comfortable with the idea that 80% of the voter fraud is done by Democrats.
      And 80% of the gerrymandering and ID harassment is done by the Republicans.
      In 2000 the the race was so close that voter fraud was a factor.
      2020 was not close.
      Trump lost.
      Trump is rude crud and ill mannered.
      Only 9 more days of that Shazewhole.

    3. Thomas: Hello. 75 to 85 million will remember, not to forget. the leftist creeps will get their justice in 2 and 4 years. their time will come, and they already know they will regret their theft of our freedom. they belong in hell.

  5. What a blessing President Trump has been to our country. It breaks my heart to see all that he and his family have been put through. In the end, the world will learn the truth just as we know that good always wins over evil. May God keep watch over President Trump and our great country, the United States of America.

    1. We know the truth.
      Trump does not believe in God.
      Trump believes in Trump.
      America does not believe in Trump.

  6. When will Manchin become a true supporter of patriotism and the good of US citizens? He can’t do that as a member of the political party that doesn’t favor these values.

    1. He probably holds tightly dear to the Democratic Party of old and hopes that it will return to be the party of the working middle class. I do not think it is even possible any more. They’ve gone off the deep end and weighted down by corruption….I don’t think the party can still swim.

    2. I like the party that has members that go on staged hunts to murder elephants, lions and tigers.
      I really like the Republicans who bait deer all year long and then get off slaughtering them.

  7. More people are catching on to the biden socialists trying to destroy our Country. pelosi is a hateful, vindictive, person and she told us she wasn’t raised to HATE! I hope her parents are rolling over at this lie.

    1. I totally agree. Pelosi has been the main cause of all Trumps problems. She an evil, vindictive with that is trying to ruin this country. Somebody need to get her out of Washington and politics whether it’s friendly or by force. She is a danger to the national.

  8. Democrats can’t count! 85 BLM/ANTIFA/DEMOCRAT RIOTS and one MAGA Riot and they want an Impeachment.
    Try Maxine, Nancy, Kamala, Nadler, Schumer, Schitt for continued lying to the American Public. Are there 67 Votes in the Senate? Do (D) math and there are, maybe they can get some Dominion Vote Counters in the Senate! (D) stands for JOKE!

    1. Did Antifa invade and trash our most important symbol of democracy?
      There was no shortage of MAGA at the demonstrations this summer.
      Three or four of them ended up dead

      There is far more than one Republican Senator who will vote for conviction.
      Conviction is not important, he will no longer be important.
      It is important that the Senators go on the record as to weather or not they think the President is guilty.
      Show their stripes in public.

  9. l think the house needs to go back to work for America for which they were elected and leave the President alone. They have done enough harm to him and the country through Pelosi’s vindictiveness.

    1. The most important function of the House is to provide a check on Presidential power.
      Their job is to keep the President from becoming a King.
      The House should never leave the President alone, any President.


      1. HA! If he is so “meaningless” then WHY is Pelosi still so afraid of him????? You are STUUUUUUUPID!!!

  11. He’s trying to make sense to a senseless crowd. They’re all acting like rabid dogs and will turn on anyone who doesn’t walk the new party line.

  12. The impeachment of Trump has nothing to with politics it’s a personal thing for Nancy…..see wants to see him go down just because she doesn’t like him and what he stands for………..the people

  13. President Trump is still the legal President. A person elected with the use of fraud is not President. The fraud vitiates(nullifies/cancels) the entire election. President Trump has done an amazing job for this country working under the conditions he has had to endure. Opposition from Congress, Deep state, News Media as well as Big Tech. He made promises on the campaign trail and kept them. America has been in a much better position in the last four(4) years until the corruption in Washington colluded with Dr. Fauci, the World Health Organization (WHO), China and the United Nations to destroy this country with a Planed Epidemic. I for one will not acknowledge Joe Biden or Kamala Harris as President of the Republic. Our founding Fathers did not establish a corporation as our government. They established a Republic, President Donald Trump will take us back to our roots. His over whelming win on Nov 3 by the “We the People” will not be invalidated by crooks.

    1. The tactics are brilliant – the Crime had to proven right down to the final certification of the Known fraudlent Electoral College votes – Trump gave every known malfactor and traitor a chance to some clean.
      The participants in the election fraud are self identified traitors to the republic. A ship of fools committing suicide.

      1. That may be, but no one will do anything about. Republicans are basically telling us we have to accept the election results.
        Not all, but most. President Trump was good enough to go and campaign for them for reelection. Now they turn their backs on him.

    2. You should tell your story to a Trump appointed Judge.
      Once he understands it he will order Biden to stand down and swear in Trump.

    1. The Trump Ship of State collided with an iceberg (lies).
      It is mortally wounded.
      It will go to it’s watery grave on the 20th.
      Trump will go down with the ship.
      He will be the only one.
      Republicans are not that stupid.


    1. Trump won in 2016..
      It was undisputed.
      Biden won by by more than Trump.
      It was heavily disputed.
      Depending on health issues/assassinations Biden will be the President on the 20th.
      Or Harris.
      Or Pelosi.

    1. They are just putting the last nail in the coffin.
      They want to make sure that this one can not crawl back out of the grave.

  15. Democrats want a one party system just like Cuba. Life is sooo much better in a Socialist country. When you view things upside down.

    1. I Remember when America was great.
      Last fall.
      Trump told us it was going to be a full Red Sweep.
      A return to the one party system we enjoyed in 2018-2019.
      Trump is a liar.

  16. What would happen if we all just voted independently for TrUSAmp? Or just wrote in TrUSAmp’s name on our ballots in the voting machines. Maybe just don’t
    vote at all! No to mail in Ballots.

  17. The group that makes their living talking about the fight against hate, once again showing how much they hate others. STOP THE HATE. These guy are all about trying to make sure President Trump can’t run again impeach him and the small riot in the capital will be like a walk in the park. People will be coming after them!!!!

    1. The majority of Americans never want to see Trump in the White House again.
      (Keep in mind that Conservatives are far more likely to vote than Liberal leaning people.)

      It was not a small riot.
      Hundreds, if not a thousand, smashed their way into the Capitol, killed a cop, and made a pig pen of our most hallowed building.
      They will impeach him, they will make sure that he can not run again.
      Just like a cop dealing with a mouthy perp.
      Maybe even use one of their famous choke holds.

      “People will becoming after them!!!!!!”
      Who are the people?
      Who is them?
      Trump humpers versus LEO/military?
      LEO/military will not make the same mistake twice.
      Trump Humpers will die.
      Not just one trashy blond with ugly body ‘art’.

  18. The system has failed! We are playing a rigged game. Republicans are useless when it comes to defending working Americans and their families from the elitists that have corrupted the system beyond the point of it “fixing itself” Our “freedoms” and “rights” are illusions, nothing more. They let you cling to them tightly, until you need them (see free speech and the list of infringements (gun laws) that could fill an encyclopedia set!
    The system we claim to be fighting to protect= its time to let it go and separate, period. If not this ends really really badly as there is no other way!!!

    1. The Republican’s have been useless for four years
      Ever since they turned their party over to that sometimes a Democrat buffon of trashy television. . .

  19. The Democrats have know idea whats about to happen, they are blinded by their own foolishness, its even going to surprise even the GOP, hope they learn from it, GOP need to start standing for this country and not the party, fighting fire with fire. God, County, Freedom, Family, God Bless America.

    1. What is going to happen?
      We it similar to Obama’s terms?
      The stock market will go higher than it ever has?
      Unemployment will continue to go down?

  20. Thank God there is a smart one in that bunch of DumboRATS. Maybe he should become speaker instead of the brainless Pelosi–

  21. The singlemindedness of the democRATs about the president is the definition of insanity–doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. If four years of the same thing isn’t insanity, what is?

  22. I don’t trust Joe Manchin. They will squeeze him till he gives in. Frankly, he should shit or get off the pot. What’s wrong with the people of West Virginia. This guy is after all a Democrat.
    If he means what he says, he should change parties.

  23. I have never heard of an active president being treated like a criminal and blocking him from every social media from the media ,So much disrespect toward a president of the United States what kind of law do we have if it would have been an average person saying things and doing things we would been convicted he should have called martial law and stopped the bullshit

    1. Trump is not blocked from the media.
      Social media are private businesses.
      The get to pick who they want to serve.

  24. Sen. Joe Manchin says the impeachment thing will divide the country???
    Actually 4 years of the DNC’s unrelenting Criminal attacks against the president is what divided the courty, Add 2 years of RINO speaker Paul Ryan relentlessly blockiing the predients intiatives to undermine Trumps promises to America, followed by two years of Nancy Pelosi relentlessly blocking the President and his promises fdor the last two years and then top it off with the Election theft from congress in 2018, and the very provable elecition theft in 2020 – The nation is divided?
    Divison is half and half and real Democrats are actually just a mority, A minority in the Senate and they they are the minority acros America and will be soon shoved aside. America is not divided. Democrats are in a Minority that is not a division.

    1. Impeachment will draw our country together.
      Most of our country just wants Trump to go away.

      The Democrats are a majority in the Senate.
      It is 51 to 50.

      How was the the 2018 election stolen?
      Which Republican Senators and House members were denied their rightful seats due to voter fraud?

      Division is not half you fool.
      You can divide something in two, the two parts do have to be equal, to be divided.

      The Republicans are now a minority in both the House and the Senate.
      That is the division.

  25. I certainly pray that there aren’t 19 traitors in the Senate. I personally think Joe should be a Republican. He tends to have a “sane” head on his shoulders. Thank you, Joe, for having some common sense in your crazy party!!!!

  26. The “voice of reason” is not against impeachment. He just wants to have continued investigations. Remind you of the Russian collusion investigations? Joe Manchin is a fraud, West Virginians.

  27. The Democrats MUST impeach and the hi tech companies must break First Amendment rights because if they DON’T all of America will finally fully understand that this election was 100% stolen. THIS is how close they are to getting caught.

    1. Elections have consequences.
      Pelosi won with 78% of the vote
      Schumer with 71% of the vote.
      Trump lost with 47% of the vote.

      Trump has had a 8 year long personal vendetta against Pelosi and Schumer.
      Trump is going down.

  28. The country is in ‘the frickking toilet-bowl’, if you keep pretending it’s not, then, your damnation is just…‼️☠️💀😈

  29. The Dumbass DemoRATS need to take the time and actually read the constitution It laid out everything needed to effectively run the Government efficiently! All of the wasted taxpayer money on the first impeachment attempt with absolutely no proof of anything, then the absolute retardation of an exact round 2 still with no evidence there is a thing in the constitution that states no man can be tried for the same crime twice? what is that little thing called? Oh yeah it’s the DOUBLE JEOPARDY CLAUSE!!!!!! I always knew what it was unlike the retarded DUMBASSRATS! There seem to be a lot of DemoRATS wearing Republican badges maybe I should run and be a Republican wearing a DemoRAT badge!

  30. >>>>>This is the next path forward, first block twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both. 

     Tech bubble is imminent, close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, don’t wait DO IT TODAY .<<<

  31. Senator, I am so sorry that you actually believe Joe Biden is interested in healing. Nothing could be further from the truth. His actions tell us all we need to know.


  33. IT WOULD BE WONDERFUL IF ALL OF CONGRESS TOOK THE HIGH ROAD. … AND VOTED TO ‘NOT’ PROCEED WITH IMPEACHMENT OF DONALD J. TRUMP. … What A Healing Generous, Monumental Moment In Time! … This Would Be Remembered More Than a lousy frail fragile 2nd Impeachment. JOE IS NOT GETTING INVOLVED! … Follow Your Leader’s LEAD! …. To Republican’s BOYCOTT JOE’S INAUGURATION. ‘Let him have his day! … That my friends is how you LEAD AND HEAL AMERICA!

  34. But do you think he will actually vote against impeachment? The only ones who should be impeached is Piglosi. Maxine waters, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer. They have endorsed violence all along, even bailed out looters and protestors. Get real. It is their way of taking away our voice. Trump was our voice. he spoke for the people. Now they want him and us to shut up. They consider themselves the boss, and we are mere slaves.

  35. New poll says 70% of all Americans and 60% of Democrats favor Voter ID.. So obvious that those who oppose voter ID favor at least the flexibility to commit voter fraud.


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