Dem Hypocrisy: Travel Bans for Thee, but not for Me

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After four years of attacking all forms of travel bans as racist and xenophobic, after blasting the southern border wide open for the new Communist Caravan from Guatemala, the Biden administration has now placed its own travel ban on “undesirable” countries. 

Two of the bans, China and South Africa, are actual bans Biden himself called “hateful” and “xenophobic” when Trump put them in place earlier in the year to curtail the spread of the Chinese Common Cold. The new travel bans, though, apparently have other motivations: Brazil, where President Jair Bolsanaro has been an outspoken supporter of President Trump, and the United Kingdom, where pro-Brexit and (supposedly) anti-Globalist Boris Johnson is at the helm. 

Given the unAmerican aggressiveness with which the Biden Administration and their croney Congress have pursued in the harassment of ordinary Trump supporters, it’s not surprising that foreign policy should be just as petty and vindictive. And, with Leftist hypocrisy at an all-time high under the incoming admin, seeing this on an international scale is, again, not a shock. It all foreshadows what is to come. 

For as long as Biden is in charge, hypocrisy, political vindictiveness, and dangerous, hair-brained, divisive policies are sure to abound, mostly by executive order. When Biden is inevitably replaced by Harris, this will probably double. Strap in folks, the ride is far from over.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

    1. Plantation safety is too desirable to them. With Trump, what did they have to lose? Their Welfare check is the answer.

  1. Obama/Biden the most corrupt duo every dirtied up the white house. We will never be able to recover the damage these two did and are still doing to. Freedom speech is gone and the guns are going next. Millions of jobs are already lost due to the pen Joe Beijing is using with abundance.

  2. How stupid can biden be? So stupid he extends President Trumps travel bans to slow the wu-flu but opens the southern border to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who we have no idea what disease or pandemic they are bringing in from wu-flu to tuberculosis to small pox.

    1. They are working for the elites not the American ppl. Soreass said he won’t stop till America’s brought down. And you got the right l in congress to make sure it happens now. Like I said bend over n kiss it good bye

    2. Biden is not stupid. He is very cunning. A silver tongued orator. He promised to cure the virus and take care of everybody from the cradle to the grave. The stupid part is how many stupid people didn’t research his evil career and believed his hollow promises. Not that he is news. He’s been in congress for forty seven years. He has a long track record of incompetence. This is what happens when you hate your country and your president. But unconditionally love the party.

      1. He is spouting exactly what obama TELLS him to!! I just watched a video this morning of obama BRAGGING about how he would take a third term by putting a bug in Biden’s ear and tell him exactly what to do and say!!!

  3. I find it so funny how Biden has done nothing but cause more job loss, more open borders, nothing to improve COVID, created more division and hatred, and plans to raise our taxes, yet, the fools on the left did nothing but complain about everything President Trump was doing to improve our country. What a bunch of fools we have on the left. They still haven’t gotten their $2000 check Joe promised, and Joe has said that there is nothing he can do about COVID. Okay, so why was this fool supposedly elected? Oh, that’s right, Biden actually wasn’t elected. He used the CCP + Dr. Fauci + Bill Gates created COVID in order to allow the commie crats to use their voting scheme to get into the white house. Now, it’s time for all of the fraud to be exposed, and for Joe Biden to be kicked out. COVID was a fraud, and Joe Biden and company are frauds.

    1. Thank God that someone sees what he is doing . Made promises to get in the Whitehouse. And now, nothing. Trump was ripped off.

    2. That’s totally their plan and their game. obamawamdama’s greatest and only achievement was to put the “N” word back in America’s vocabulary. Then they have their ANTIFAS AND BLM MILITIA TO TRY AND CONTROL US.Antifa

  4. “WE” are screwed because the Dems control EVERYTHING! Biden “NIXED” ALL of Trumps executive orders, since Pelosi REFUSED “anything Trump” in the “House”. This woman is an EVIL, VINDICTIVE,NASTY CINO(catholic in name only) “WHO” says “one thing & does another”. She & Joe are “fake” Catholics, who go to “CHURCH”, probably haven’t gone to confession in years, ESPOUSE ABORTION AND EUTHANASIA. Just”look” @ the 10 Commandments.! “Thou shalt not kill”=”the 5th”.*thou shalt= not bear false witness.=the 8th. THESE “PEOPLE” ARE Vatican !! “catholics” “WHO” “say one thiing & do another. Hopefully , God “WILL”prevail & “these dingbats ‘WILL “meet their Maker. “WE” in the interim ARE “supposed to PRAY for ALL of “these creeps”.
    .”WE” are to PRAY to save “their” souls.

    1. Most didn’t dominion fixed that so did the left media and all the paid left in high places. Don’t worry they will be getting what’s coming to them. I hear Gitmo wil Be full soon

      1. About Gitmo you may be right about it being full soon. The dems are giving shots to those already in because they are picking others here in the US to join them and they do not want their buddies to get anything from the (dirty rotten repubs.)

  5. Hopefully, the ride begins in the White House picking up BiddyBoy, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Romney, etc. and then swings by New York to pick up George Soros and Family, then over to pick up Xi in China then on to their destination– GITMO. For all those nasty and Evil players who are working against America and her people, the only place they ALL belong is a dirty old cell with bars on it.

    Interestingly, that IS where they will ALL end up — sooner than they know!

  6. The brain dead idiots of the SOCOFA party, their voters and the Republicans who refused to even TRY to use Article 1 Section 5 Clause 2 are the ones who are responsible for defeating the United States without firing a shot. Now those victorious traitors are about to be on the loser end of their vote. The SOCOFA party leaders will deny them everything since there is simply not enough money generated globally to give it to them. Of course that will be when they are destitute. To bad. You get what you voted for. Unfortunately we all will suffer. Them more so since they don’t know how to survive. For those who are super rich, you’ll get your free education until you graduate then you’ll be paying exorbitant costs for others to go to school until you leave the work force. After all they are entitled to a free education. Eventually 70% of your income will go to taxes to pay for this.

  7. I sure would like to know where are all Joe Biden and Kamala Harris supporter are? Why aren’t they telling us what joe done that is good for the country. Remember there are almost 80 million out there where are you?

  8. It is SO SAD!!! The American people were warned over and over, but too few wanted to believe it, NOW we are seeing it come to pass! It is unconscionable and almost unbelievable that anyone who grew up or lived in this country for any length of time could be SO UNAmerican and actually HATE this country so much!!! Those that are behind all this treason and sedition are already very wealthy people, The ONLY thing that keeps driving them is unadulterated GREED for MORE MONEY AND POWER!!! They BITE the hand that has fed them their whole lives! Even Yamamoto knew better in 1941 when he said “I fear we have kicked a sleeping giant awake!”

  9. every warning possible about Biden and the democrats was ignored by the fools in this country who voted them in. with open borders and possible inclusion of Washington DC and Puerto Rico as states it is doubtful we will ever get them out of power. Constitutional freedoms are rapidly destroyed. They own the media or think they do until the power of Facebook Twitter strangles everyone. I pray God help us but persecution of Jews and Christians is growing because the nation as a whole has turned their backs on Him We don’t deserve His help

  10. Joe Biden working hard to become the most hated man in America.
    It’s time for the law in this country to bust the information on the Biden Crime Family wide open. It’s time for Greens Impeachment of China Joe to begin.

  11. I think it is time for all US Citizens that still want a free America to stop asking why is our country being destroyed and begin asking how do we fix the broken parts and what can I/We do to help? Remember what the dems are trying to remove is our ability to stop them before anything is done (The thought police). This Republic (not a party at the time) was formed into the nation it was meant to be by people who were tired of their government treating them as second class possessions. They then became Criminal anarchist against their home countries. Do I think they are scared, Yes! because they know they had done and are doing wrong. Just look at their day of “peacefully transfering power” they began by posting 25 thousand soldiers and police to protect them with orders to shoot at a certain step if taken by their enemy which is US Citizens that do not have the same view as they do.

    1. They are to stupid they will let these idiots even be hunted down and shot by these COMMUNIST DAMOCRAPS. AND can even order the police to kill us . and Congress thinks that ok hmmm less of them to worry about . when I first aaw communist joey biden. You know that DICTATOR WE HAVE INSTEAD OF A PRESIDENT. COMMIE joey said he has the best damn fraud team in the world . at least that was no lie !!! He had Congress and supreme court judges. . like we all have said all along ore politician’s don’t give a crap about us . they all are greedy ams power HUNGERY. We are not money or power so we just igsist . the only one in the political realm and thank God he was no politician but he is the only one that has been in the WHITEHOUSE in 60 years that truly cared about us and our country. AND these rats could care less.

  12. These two bidenbama are the worst things that breath air and walk on this planet. Along with there girl friends Hillar peelousi kamala huh imagine that the ones involved in human trafficking . that explains the DICTATOR and his lackey


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