SCOTUS Tosses Two Lawsuits Against Trump

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

The Supreme Court threw out two lawsuits against former President Trump on Monday ending a nearly four-year legal battle. The lawsuits allege that Trump violated the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. The Emoluments Clause prohibits elected office-holders from receiving payments of any kind from foreign agents without the approval of Congress. The lawsuits argued that if foreign dignitaries stayed at any Trump-owned property, such as the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. it constituted an unapproved payment.

The Daily Wire reports:

One of the lawsuits was filed by a watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), the day after Trump was inaugurated in 2017. The attorneys general of District of Columbia and Maryland brought a similar lawsuit in June of that year, according to Politico.

All parties involved in both cases said the issue at the center of the lawsuits is now moot since Trump is out of office. The Supreme Court’s ruling also negated lower court rulings that the cases could move forward with discovery, according to Bloomberg.

CREW executive director Noah Bookbinder suggested in a statement that his organization’s lawsuit was more about optics and creating an appearance of “corruption” than holding the president accountable for an alleged crime.

“This important litigation made the American people aware for four years of the pervasive corruption that came from a president maintaining a global business and taking benefits and payments from foreign and domestic governments,” Bookbinder told Bloomberg in a statement.

The Emoluments Clause has never been litigated until Trump took office. SCOTUS’ decision to toss the case leaves the legal question surrounding the case open.

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    1. America is “finally” awake to the projection tactics of the left and it is NOT working for those democommies any more; trust me when I say those satanist beings will not give up, they will dream up some other nefarious tactic to try and implement more damage on the innocent. Just like their second attempt at impeachment. If they do succeed in completing this then I say let’s turn that around – – we can then go after fraudbama and throw his worthless carcass into history’s dustbin. Notably, the weak-spined CJ Roberts “refused” to oversee this impeachment, so the democommies have chose commie Patrick Leahy, anti-American overlord, from Vermont, to do the dirty work instead.

      1. please spare us from the relic Leahy..after his lackluster performance during the Amy Coney-Barrett confirmation , I was hoping he would retire himself..He doesn’t even bother to show up for that, due to his fear of Covid and the fact that he’s close to 90 years old or more..They will have to prop him up and keep nudging him during the impeachment hearing so he doesn’t croak or more than likely dose off..welcome to “weekend at Bernie’s”

      2. If the SCOTUS refuses to do his duty as described by the Constitution then this Senate trial cannot be legal. If the Senate cannot hold a legal impeachment trial as the Constitution demands then they cannot enforce anything they may come up with so, it is moot. I think the Senate must say no to a trial since they cannot remove him from office and then keep him from seeking that office in the future then what keeps the Senate from doing the same thing to future candidates

      3. There is absolutely no provision in the Constitution for anyone other than the Chief Justice to preside over the Senate’s impeachment trial. Roberts is derelict in his duty and should step down. He is obviously in over his head.

  1. Time to litigate about Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Mitt Romney….because all have benefited their families through their offices and all have gotten their children into Energy Boards in the Ukraine.

      1. It was actually a Romney advisor, Joseph Cofer Black, who was on an energy board. Chris Heintz , Kerry’s stepson, severed all ties with Hunter Biden when Hunter joined Burisma.

  2. It’s nice to know that SCOTUS got off their asses long enough to dismiss a “Bullshit” meanless and meritless lawsuit.

    1. only took them four years..They (SCOTUS) allowed the president to spend millions in legal fees defending himself, and the anxiety of not knowing how they would rule, and within a week of Biden getting in, they flippantly toss out both lawsuits like “no big deal”, nothing to see here..SCOTUS has been tainted..

  3. Such foolish behavior by a has been former President candidate. Do nothing Senator Mitt Rodney. Who ever primaries him you have lots of financial supporters to throw him out and send him packing back to Massachusetts.


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  5. Here we have Biden whose family was enriched by adversaries when Biden had oversight of foreign policy, and nobody contested this. Trump acquired his businesses before becoming President, and it would be insane to sell on short notice when we’re dealing with that much money. He handed the businesses over to his family so he only had a passive interest. Any profits made from foreign sources were handed over to charities, as per the mound of paperwork his lawyers drew up to make it legal.

  6. Why was Feinstein never asked about the unbid government contracts her husband’s (Richard Blum) companies got which are worth billions?

    1. And she makes sure he is aware as a bidder long before they are passed and then awarded to his company by her doing…talk about insider trading…this is worse…Poor old Marta Stewart did time for far less.

  7. I wonder if any other president or vice president has ever “taken benefits and payments from foreign and domestic governments.” Um maybe, I don’t know, possibly, could it be “Biden?”

    1. heck he (Biden) outdid everyone, he not only did it as VP, now he’s doing it as unethical, and the persona of corruption..welcome to the 3rd term of OBama, aka O’Biden.

  8. The left will do anything for control Nancy Pelosi did say in a statement if they have to lye just do it and that is what they did

  9. Sore-azzed losers, they. Hopefully they have to pay all the legal fees Trump had to expend to defend himself.

  10. After all the ‘corruption & SNAFU’s’ coming-out of ‘the swamp’ in DC, these ‘libturded-a-holes’ are still pretending the situation is still normal…❓

  11. The liberal left is so disgusting it makes me sick. These fools don’t do anything that would actually benefit the American people. They are all about acquiring more power and, in turn more corrupt dollars in their own pockets. These are evil people.

  12. Time to charge biteme with the emoluments clause for his doper son’s milking China, Ukraine and Russia.

    Good for the goose. go get the GANDER.

  13. more about optics and creating an appearance of “corruption” than holding the president accountable for an alleged crime….kind of like all the other bullshit attacks on this man. God bless him and may those who commited these attacks burn in hell.

  14. They didn’t have a problem with Joe Biden’s involvement in foreign business deals, still don’t apparently, not the least bit interested.

  15. You know what? I’m getting frigging tired of ALL THE B.S. COMING FROM THE RADICAL LEFT TRYING TO COLOR OUR PRESIDENT INTO BEING SOMETHING HE IS NOT. BUT I will tell you the democrap party is the biggest den of inequity and immoral actions and they just keep on doing this crap! Aren’t you tired of this charade of those people who commit major crimes (like stealing our election) and to cover up their criminality, they start blaming our President to deflect their guilt. THEY S U C K BIG TIME!


    1. Yes, but more tiresome are the clueless.euphensims such as left, radical democrat, socialist, etc. Truth, the “bolsheviks” are overthrowing our Country; yes, a communist revolution is taking place here and now. I have lived thru most of them and studied the rest. Get a clue and call it as it is. Communism has been slithering like a serpent into the democrat party, the media, education, the people, and politics for generations and is now in control. Their goal is global domination, a piecemeal tyranny that has always failed. Lies, deceit, corruption, armed revolution, they take any means necessary for this end. America is their final obstacle and and must go. Out of their snake pit, they and openly agree. Better wake up soon to counter this or it’s over for the U.S.,the last bastion of freedom, the final bastille for them to storm.

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  16. In other words CREW was simply wasting our Courts time for Political show, since they hated President Trump…we can only suggest Biden receive the same treatment!!!

  17. Man, if there is a way to counter-sue for something…. anything….. DO IT!!!!!!!
    Meanwhile these so called “government watchdog groups” will disappear faster than COVID-19 now that clueless AND DANGEROUS TO THE COUNTRY Biden is here. Hunter Biden??????
    Who is Hunter Biden, we never heard of him!!!
    It’s all so pathetic!!!!

  18. The country is divided by the distrust of government elected and unelected officials conducting illegitimate elections and as consequence illegitimate results.
    I was born in Mexico and I’m also a USA citizen, in Mexico there is voter ID since the 1980’s to curb corruption, voter ID by itself is not enough to prevent voter/ election fraud.
    1. All elections must be conducted by We The People by getting the residents involved.

    2. All the ballots must be counted on site in the precincts every 4 hrs on election day.

    3.Election day must be done only one in one day.

    4. All absentee ballots must be notarized or fingerprinted for validity and assurance that the ballot itself can’t be substituted by a reprint .

    5.All the precincts results must be counted by posting a video of the counting event and the photographic results to a neutral forum which can be seen by everyone the whole population and verified by everyone usually 5 people are in each precinct and all 5 plus extra witnesses of all parties should have taken picture and or video of the same results.

    6.All the results should be in before the next day after election.

    7. All the absentee ballots must be counted by members of all parties, residents, witness not government or unelected or elected officials, to be legal.

    8.Only absentee ballots are allowed with voter ID fingerprint or notarization, no other mail in ballots allowed .

    9.No machines should be used to do the count.

    10.No ballot curing allowed, if the voter has a question it should be done on the precincts.

    11.No absentee ballots can be counted after election day, they are already invalid, if the person fails to mail the ballot 5 days before election the person should hold the ballot and deliver it to the precinct on election day.

    12.No ballot harvesting allowed in any state, a person can only deliver his/her own ballot unless is his a close relative by blood or marriage. If someone delivers someone else’s it should be notarized or finger print.
    13. The USPS backdating absentee ballots must be Federal crime and must be persecuted and therefore no ballots should be allowed pass the deadline on election day.

  19. Will Bookbinder and the rest of the lib pervs apply the same rule to the ‘Big Guy’ China Joe for all the loot he got from the Ukraine and the CCP when he was VP.

  20. Of course, everything that the Marxist DIMMs did for 5 years was “optics.” Not one legitimate charge of anything against Donald Trump. But the boot-licking media treated the phony charges seriously!

  21. The left has mastered the art of deception,and use the tactics straight out of the book “Rules for Radicals”, and as Hitler’s information czar, Joseph Goebbels once said, Tell a lie, make it big, repeat it often, and soon you will believe it yourself. The media works off the same platform,spreading propaganda.It worked in Germany, and its working here………

  22. A whole lot of career politicians qualify to be sued for the very exact thing. They should be careful what they wish for.

  23. “CREW executive director Noah Bookbinder suggested in a statement that his organization’s lawsuit was more about optics and creating an appearance of “corruption” than holding the president accountable for an alleged crime.” In other words, “we were putting up smoke and mirrors to make it appear as though there was something illegal going on…whether or not there was is immaterial to our goals…” And THAT is what they have been doing, and continue to do (with the Impeachment, which by the way if it fails they want to institute the 14th Amendment). Time to take Biden and Harris to court…

  24. What I want to know is, with the evidence that Biden accepted funds from Hunter’s financial jackpot with Ukraine and that he bragged about getting a foreign government official fired while being recorded on video in exchange for providing a billion dollars in money that could be “borrowed from the United States….how in the world did he escape the invasive examination of his charactar to even be president and why isn’t he serving time or disqualified from even running for the office. How does this happen while he’s actively trying to discredit the best president in my lifetime??

    Oh and how does he blame Trump for mishandling the pandemic and then open borders to people who have no vacinations, or no proof they arent carrying COVID-19. Someone needs to insure he gets the credit for opening that door.

  25. At least the SCOTUS does do right once in a while. What a waste of the court’s time in ill conceived lawsuits. Too bad the filers cannot be fined for wasting the court’s time as they had no merit from the beginning!

  26. What morons! Trump did not need congressional approval in order for his businesses to receive payments, for goods and services, from foreign dignitaries. That’s what is called “paying your bill.”

  27. Democrats love to create what they so often say is a crises therefore drop everything and bull your way into fixing something that does not need to be fixed. Liars and thieves are the Democratic party controlled and paid for by Soros and other Billionaire types who hate America and seem to relish in our downfall.


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