Sources Say Trump is ‘Furious’ with Defense Team, but Is it True?

Gage Skidmore Fickr

The Senate impeachment trial is underway and former President Trump was less than impressed by his defense team’s first day. Sources say while Trump watched the trial from his residence in Mar-a-Lago, he was shocked by the rambling and unfocused performance from his team especially Bruce Castor. While the trial is more than likely to end in acquittal Trump couldn’t help but get angry at his team for these gaffes. However, Trump’s defense team fired back against these alleged sources and claimed Trump is actually pleased with his team so far and warned readers not to believe the unconfirmed rumors.

This is why people think Trump is angry:

    1. Yes, I can…..just give me a moment to turn the light off. I have to be in the dark in order to eat the excrement I’m being fed.

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  1. Someone with some backbone better defend our best president ever.
    If these guys are a shame also the American ppl are gonna be livid including me. I’m so sick of this left crap

        1. Don’t answer him. He is a TROLL that just throws out any outrageous thing he can come up with to get people involved in idiot conversations!!!

      1. For now my friend… for now. There’s an old Italian saying…. “God is not a businessman; he doesn’t pay on a Friday.” The universe is going to give them all one huge karmic slap
        In the face. Not when we want it… when the universe is ready. I’m very patient. I know that one day soon, they’ll be turning on each other like the trapped rats that they are.

          1. So do I. But we’re not God. He does things in His own time, and He knows better than we do what’s the best timing.

        1. Don’t know about you but I’m 91. I really don’t have time and I’m tired of fighting this creeping liberal genocide.

      2. will you learn to shut the f(*&$%*)k up! nobody but your mommy cares what you got to dribble about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. With more and more information coming out every day it’s no secret they cheated, they can no longer deny it but will brag about getting away with it. . Biden knows it very well. He will never be respected as the legitimate president of the Republic. The Democrats can’t wait to get Biden out of the White House and Rice or Kamala in.

          2. With a cheating and illegal administration comes military defense — like the clowns the pedophile brought in for protection. That is a SURE sign, they know they scammed the election and they know the American citizens(most anyways) are not happy and they need protection.

      3. Get used to unemployment, open borders, tent city refugee camps being opened in Texas, high taxes, inflation, canceling of American law system, public schools closed, threats of deprogramming, lies and more lies, Coved forever, incompetent leaders. destruction of the Republic?

    1. I am too, makes me want to scream bloody murder..watched that prosecutor, wanted to puke..with the way they spliced the videos together would make Mr.Trump or anyone look guilty..they must be really afraid of my President to railroad so bad.

      1. No matter how you manipulate the truth, it always comes out. Were in a lot of trouble with the pedophile visiting the White House, we cant afford 4 years of this idiot rushing to undo everything President Trump did.

      2. This is what it is all about. Why do you think the National Guard and Capital Police have round the clock duty?
        Why have they fenced in Washington DC? They know what they did and they know they will always be looking over a shoulder. Not sure why the American people have to foot the bill for their protection though? We never needed that much for Trump and he was always out and about. Looks like old joe has only been able to get from WH to Delaware basement

        1. Hey do you think we should send them some video where they have said “fences won’t help security” so dismantle them. Yeah I didn’t think so. We do need to send in complaints that while they are so worried about their own safety they brought in thousands of troops and erected fences which are patrolled; we do not want ours taken down. What makes them think they can spend our money just on protection just for them? They can and will be removed.

        1. Sadly the dems have brainwashed their electorate to such a degree they can no longer think for themselves. They believe all their lies and will never give ‘ up.The entire party needs to be destroyed .Democrats are too evil to rehabilitate themseves.They are the people that need the reprogramming or eliminated from this country.

    2. I’m with you 100% Mac! SICK OF IT! ALL OF IT! They are turning America into a Commie country. All the Dems and RINOs care about is POWER. They HAVE all the money they want and it’s just power and control they want now.

      1. With all the buyers remorse out there, especially from unemployed construction and union labor we may find more allies in our fight for justice. Even Democrats are shocked into sanity.

        1. Not enough of them. Besides many are already marching towards our borders and nobody left to keep them out. New democratic by the millions will be here very soon. Biden invited them and they are coming. Democrats will also have to pay the taxes to support all of the sanity Biden is doing. That is the only justice left in our country. Equality in misery.Except of for the elites no suffering there. The American people have been played the biggest fools.

  2. Trump should have represented himself in pro per. He would do a better job and get his message to the people, since he has been deprived of speaking to the public in a public forum.

    1. Trump can be on every Fox outlet on ten minutes notice, seven twenty-four.
      CNN will be glad to have him one hour notice.

      1. Newsmax and AONN have investigative reporting every day. Worth see programming if you can get it. I’m surprised the left hasn’t shut them down yet.. Fox is still teetering on the edge with never Trumpers and left loons like Juan Williams, Dona Brazil and Chris Mathews. Fox lost a lot more viewers last week when they cancelled Lou Dobs. They will probably keep him under contract so he doesn’t take his fans to OANN or Newsmax. .

        1. This is no longer America we are China #2 or lets be ore precises we are China’s slaves now. Thank your criminal new President and disgusting VP. You can also thank the democrats voters and the organized cheating they accomplished. Hail to the queen NANCY PELOSI

  3. Dial back emotions? What a crock. The democrats will vote impeachment and some RINOs may also vote impeachment. That’s a given. You won’t change minds. Your freekin job is to show they doctored the tapes which is a lie and to go after the democrats that called for violence. Example” Mad Maxine. Also cite the Constitution on impeachment and provide a plausible reason why Roberts bowed out. And where in the Constitution does it indicate the dems can appoint an overseer? I’m no high paid lawyer so maybe someone can enlighten me. I open to any reasoning. . .

  4. I will be so glad when we start hearing from our real President Trump again. At least we can trust what he says.

    1. The people who voted for President Trump are the people of law and order, they are honest and hardworking, they don’t live in a dream world of selfishness and greed like the elitists do.

  5. The Democrat Political Party is a disgrace. They are evil and I have no respect for any person who considers themselves a supporter of the garbage they spew.

  6. Of course the main stream media is always lying, just like they said 5 people died on January 6, it was only 1 person that the police shot! So far no other media is questioning them except Newsmax, they can only confirm 1 person that died from a shot at the Capitol by police and investigation has not said anything!

    1. You’re so right. I kept thinking.. what five people? I did see the over the top, made for TV funeral they gave to one of the guards. I though a president died. Of course I’m sorry for that person , but they’re guards knowing what may happen one day. What about the poor young 30 something young woman who got shot and wasn’t armed? This is such BS It’s not to be believed. And to think I used to laugh at the Twilight Zone as a kid back in the 60s. Wow.

      1. Hi Cathy, these are the five people that died during the incident; but not necessarily because of it:
        Brian Sicknick – is the Capitol Police Officer who was injured during a “fight” with a protester, returned to his precinct and died later of injuries reportedly sustained during the altercation. Some sites state he was hit in the head with a fire extinquisher.Ashli Babbitt – is the U.S. veteran who was shot by Capitol Police inside the Capitol Building.Kevin Greeson – a man in his mid-50’s suffered a heart attack and died.Rosanne Boyland – is reported to have been crushed to death in the surge of people pushing forward.Benjamin Philips – 50 years old, suffered a stroke and died. No further information regarding the circumstances of his death was offered.We have all seen the videos of the moment Ms. Babbitt was shot and killed. She was unarmed. I have not seen any video of the altercation where Officer Sicknick was injured or of Ms. Boyland being crushed by the crowd. The other two middle aged men seem to have succumbed to unrelated health issues, unless you take into consideration the stress on a person in a situation such as this which may have caused added stress on their cardiovascular system.

      2. Even the Officer who died from a stroke and not being beaten about the head with a fire extinguisher and had his Cremains lay in STATE IN THE ROTUNDA. The Demomarxists are still lying about the cause of his death and they know they are lying. I guess they all lie so often to their constituents that it just comes natural to them.

    2. You can search the information about the five who died online. I immediately found a article that listed them by name with a photo of each and information about each one of them!
      I have not seen what Newsmax said about the situation but, it is hard to believe if they are what I think they are, I can’t imagine them taking that position.
      I have also read articles of interviews done with family members of some of the ones who died. There was the one you mentioned the lady who was shot, there was another lady and two men who died from stroke, heart attack, etc. and the police officer who died.
      Now, don’t jump on me accusing me of being a left wingnut, I am a conservative Republican DJT supporter! Right is right and wrong is wrong…….every time!

    3. Ashli Babbit , a veteran of the US military and American hero was killed by antifa / blm terrorists . Blm leader / instigator / antifa terrorist John Sullivan was a few feet away from her when she was shot .

  7. I dislike being spoon-fed pages of information. I can read without having to click “next page”. I seldom read articles with that practice, and didn’t read past the first page on this one.

    1. My sentiments exactly, logger! This is the second one I’ve seen here, and I haven’t gone beyond the first page on either. Wonder why they feel compelled to do that? Get more advertisements worked in??

  8. I can’t seem to understand why the Republicans that stand behind President Trump won’t turn the tables . On these because of their telling people to go out and tell them they are not welcome here. That’s trying to start rioting in the street. I thought it was against the law to insight riots.

  9. Trump was standing between your pocket book and the politicians since he has always professed that he himself was not a politician. Think about it he refused his salary and doesn’t need it. He is a business man and doesn’t work the system to get rich like every other politician. Remember they are dependent on your financial support and Trump was cutting their purse string. That is their biggest fear. Like the saying goes follow the money trail.

    1. President Trump donated his salary to charities, and law enforcement. He is basically a good man at heart, and we won’t trade him for the lawless swamp that wants to ruin America.

  10. Every day I pray for the Constitutional Republic the U.S. of A. once was. Just a few weeks ago most were working and paying taxes, then, the White House changed hands and over 10,000 are suddenly un-employed. The new person in the White House wants to raise taxes as he feel the government needs more money. Well, this is a novel thought with all the newly unemployed that will cause lots of less paid taxes. Today it was on the Internet, ‘Biden sold us out to the communists’. There aren’t any words that can take away the deep disgust.

    1. Morning news, Fox. Tent city refugee camp is being opened in Texas. I remember seeing press releases of the huge tent refugee camps in the middle east that kept getting bigger but never were closed. Is that where America is headed? Where is this camp located exactly? Maybe on one of those new Bill Gates farms Gates keeps buying ?

  11. The way these technocrats are preventing our President from speaking to us on social media is preposterous. It’s audacious and evil and reeks of Communist suppression of free speech. We need to rebel big time.

    1. Start with yourself. If you have a FaKKKebook or Twit account, cancel it. If you subscribe to any form of Pay-TV, cut the cable / dump the dish. If you do business with any of the greed-mongers who claim the election was legitimate, don’t do business with them any more.

      When they notice a slump in income, maybe they’ll think again about who they support.

  12. After watching some of the impeachment trial I can honestly say there are only a handful of people I trust. I used to think politicians had to be intelligent to be elected. I was wrong.

    1. I’m thinking that many of them go into politics because they don’t need to be intelligent or have any experience (i.e. Alexandria the bartender), and it’s an easy road to a lifetime of wealth and fortune. Not to mention the free lifetime benefits they have! And they don’t even have to work many hours a week to get it. That has been even more pronounced these past 14 years or so, with Mister Obama being a prime example of same.

  13. The GOP IS A BUNCH OF WORTHLESS WEAKLINGS, but for a handful.
    I have such contempt for them , when I see them on tv I have to turn it off!!!

    1. Good–we do not want Communists to watch our programs. Maybe next time these working folks should bring pitchforks. Frankly I do the same thing when I see Demomarxists on the TV i change channels to a wonderful GOP station. One of the Demomarxist speakers is an Attorney and said he was–is a defense Attorney for the MAFIA.

  14. I am sure that Nancy and Schumer had advance information about what was going to happen Jan 06, 2021. There was a reason to keep the Capital Police at low levels on that day. They get intelligence that is not available to we SERFS. I think the leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives knew everything and set up D.J.T. Will We The People ever be told the truth as to how many stolen votes went into the Biden column? The Pillow Guy’s video surely laid the vote fraud out and he used all Hi Tech experts to reach conclusions. Joe Biden needs to be impeached for ignoring our immigration Laws and ordering prisoners released and inviting caravans of Covid Laden .ILLEGAL: ALIENS into the USA to become financial burdens and threats to our security and our very lives from the diseases they are spreading around the USA. Also law suits will soon start over the Pipeline. I could puke when I hear Lurch telling these skilled pipeline workers they can make solar panels when he knows full well that China makes the Solar panels much cheaper than we can make them in the USA. Obama pulled that on the Taxpayers to the tune of a billion Tax dollars going to his campaign contributors with the Solyandra scandal involving solar panels.

    1. And let’s not forget that solar panel manufacturing is really filthy, involving many nice “environmentally-friendly” chemicals such as arsenic and sodium hydroxide, just to name two.

  15. I am sick of the media trying to destroy America with all their lies. I wish I could tell them what the America people feel about them, but facebook would cut me off because they do not like the truth.

  16. “Not prepared to speak”??? I thought ANY attorney would be prepared for ANYTHING that would happen, even surprise attacks.
    Castor got caught with his pants down. Trump should stop payment on the check…

  17. The Congress one by one get up to the micro to blame president Trump & the peaceful protester, none of them say anything during the Terrorist BLM & ANTIFA terrorize American people during the summer & all of them including the VOTER FRAUDE president BIDEN & their mob BOSS OBAMA calling for the VIOLEN continuing on AMERICAN people & American’s properties

  18. Does anyone know for sure why these people are so scared of Trump they are willing to do anything and I mean anything to keep him from being elected again?


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