10 Times Biden’s HHS Nominee Proved he’s a Radical

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Biden’s choice to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, Xavier Beccera is going under the microscope at the Senate grille the politician to determine if he’s right for the job. Republicans aren’t sold on Beccera because of his controversial past and lack of relevant experience. Townhall‘s Connor McNulty put together Becerra’s 10 most controversial moments.

Keep reading to see why Becerra is radical:

  1. Another satanist what else is new So our Health and Human Services is for death. Doesn’t seem too healthy to me. America is sick and I don’t think this guy has the cure.

  2. No surprise at all. For starters he was the AG in CA. As far as I can see, he fits right in with the rest of the COMMUNIST administration.
    The Republicans are voting for all these people to be confirmed.

    1. STAND YOUR GROUND!!! This is something that most of the Republicans Do Not Do!!! It makes US all wonder, what doses the Left have on these that on this, so called hearing!!! duck and run, is what I get from these republicans…

  3. Biden is loading up his regime with one radicle socialist/communist after another. Our country is in very serious trouble.

      1. with all the cheating in the ballot box we have no longer any rights. Free speech is already gone the guns are next and thousand of illegals are coming in daily now. This country is gone we might as well face it. Trump was the only buffer we had and they finished him of.

      2. What can the American People do about it? FIGHT BACK—-SAY NO AND IF WE HAVE TO. TAKE TO THE STREETS. There are a lot of people that are here to save our country. You don’t hear about them, but they are here. These people know how to fight. They have been orginized for over 20 years. They are true patriots and are not afraid to fight for their rights. They live next door to you, go to church with you, they eat in the same places you do. Their kids go to school with your kids. You do not know who they are. Yet, they are willing to put their lives on the line to keep our Constitution alive. So that is what they are going to be doing. What you can do is not be afraid. Stand up with your God. Stay strong and say NO . Can they take away our right to free speech?. They can try by silencing the social sites, but we still have our street corners to speak from. They can try to take our guns, but we the citizen gun owners out number anyone who is going to try, even the military. We Must Be Brave. As for our politicans they will not be able to do anything to help.They are mostly cowards. They are only out for themselves. Don’t forget that the Republicans did nothing about the voting fraud. They left us high and dry. If you want to do something then start working to get them out of office. We have enough slithering idiots that have been hurting this country. Find out who they are and start fighting back. The one thing that both parties are not aware of is that We, AMERICANS CAN FIGHT BACK. Remember a few years ago the government wanted to take away a ranch from its owner. In came the FBI and the military. They showed their force with their guns and such and they would shoot if necessary. Well along came about a thousand American citizens and threatened to fight back. After a stand off the FBI and the military backed out with their tails between their legs and left. Those were Americans fighting back. There have been a few more of those incidents that have happened that you do not know about all over this country and why you haven’t heard about them is because Americans fought back and they won the fight. It is not going to help to call our political leaders as they do not care about us. We can only fight the good fight. BE STRONG

        1. Pat, thank you so much for your insightful and incredible post. YOU GAVE ME HOPE!
          Some days it’s hard to keep the faith, as everything is happening so fast around us, that it’s difficult to keep up. The regular networks only feed you the liberal dribble.
          I really appreciate your response.

  4. Diversity is key here, nothing else matters. The guy is a trial lawyer, and not an ethical one at that. This is really criminal, using the greatest Nation in the world as a guinea pig experiment to show the world how woke the Democratic Party of America is, God will make them pay.

  5. f appointed, the Biden administration will have truly stated their views on the value of human life directly and indirectly, this administration’s disdain for religion.I find it difficult to understand how Quid Pro Joe can say he is a devout Catholic. I wonder if he understands what devout really means?.
    Of all the possible qualified choices Biden’s administration has, it amazes me that they chose someone that has little experience and such a frightening anti life perspective, Hopefully, the Senate will recognize the threat this man presents to this country and our way of life. He is the Dr Kevorkian of our time in a way but at least Dr Kevorkian had passion for people who were suffering with no or practically no hope of survival. This man is a willing taker of life that could flourish and they are defenseless human beings. What is very troubling is that I get the sense that he enjoys his views and perhaps psychologically, I wonder if he has a God complex? Let’s hope the better angels of our nature lead to the rejection of this very troubled and frightening man.

  6. This POS does NOT deserve a job anywhere within our Government. What are the republicans doing about this? NOTHING! May be it is time for a Third Party. Time to clean house people, the liberals are DESTROYING our Country, how much more proof do we need?

  7. Communist comrade Garland and Communist comrade Becerra are pure America haters and should NEVER be allowed anywhere near a government position!! Very sadly we have most Republicans as ball less cry babies that go along with the Commies! It is starting to look like the only way to save our freedoms is the third way!!! God help us!!!

  8. That goon Commie Merrick Garland would be like putting the dictator of China’s wife in as attorney general of the U.S. and Becerra as her hemorrhoid!!!

  9. Every person Biden has picked so far are the worse humans on this earth. A crook like Biden is poison. Biden needs to be impeached of imprisoned for treason and locked up in Gitmo. Personally I would love to see him be tried for treason and than receive the punishment we give to terrorist. Biden is related to Satan or maybe he is Satan.

  10. What’s next?

    Euthanizing Americans that the “new” HHS department decides are not contributing to society or that refuse to comply with their political correctness, group think and brainwashing methods.

    Or how about, if he’s confirmed, to come up with a “special” vaccination for those of us that value our Constitution and freedoms – after all, he is nominated for the “Health” and “Human Services” cabinet position…..

  11. We the taxpayers want our money back for all the frivolous lawsuits your bring against President Trump ,(who really won) We shouldn’t have to pay for a lot of things you librals di,like the Russia probe that lasted years ‼️😡 Well it’s time us Taxpayers get our money from you crooks that you might as well stole ‼️😡 Still you steel everyday from us so your bill keeps rising‼️😡

  12. I guess you should have had No. 11, which is this communist democrat doesn’t respect our Constitution. Becerra is an evil man, He claims to be Catholic, but he’s for abortion, the Catholic
    Church would say he isn’t a Catholic! He claims his parents were immigrants, father a US citizen but went to Mexico to get mama. I question his father’s citizenship! Although Becerra was born in Sacramento, Ca , I personally think he needs to go back to his mama’s country. We sure don’t evil people that think like him to be in America! He is corrupt to the core. Check his political life, he is a corrupt politician! Nothing nice is said about Becerra, he is evil and doesn’t respect our Constitution, he doesn’t need a US position!


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