These Former Trump Officials are Eyeing Political Office

Gage Skidmore Flickr

Former Trump officials are contemplating their own political futures after previously working with President Trump. As these Trump admin officials go back home many have been invigorated with fresh ideas to help their own home states. Take a look to see who’s eyeing a bid for office.

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  1. Well certainly need more to stand for truth and justice with all that is going on. In fact it has something from a bad movie here in America. Most of it 8s now criminal behavior with everyone having a blindness tward it.

    1. You are right, Sir! America today sounds like Back to the Future Part TWO. Biff Biden: ‘Make like a tree and get outa here!’

    1. You are so right. I’m in Wyoming. Cheney doesn’t live here. She has a family residence in Jackson Hole. It’s where the Democrats and Rhinos live that want to rule our state. Just like in DC. She is trying to act like her Dad. Dick Cheney. Old Guard B.S. she is clueless about Wyoming. E true to censure her. Wouldn’t matter. Dipstick McCarthy is sucks up to her. Can’t wait to vote her out.

  2. The AMERICA FIRST agenda will not fade. I think that to instill REAL justice is that, already proven, that a lot of Democrats need to go to jail, If justice is to prevail, then, Hilary; bye, bye. The American public will never trust our FBI, nor DOJ again unless they actually they charge, and with due process, convict some of the high named people which are responsible. If you advocate two-tier justice, then you advocate for what we were found upon. If the elite has the discretion, then we are not a Republic anymore. With this attitude; civil war within our society is not out of the norm; especially with all of the EO’s bypassing the Legislative Branch. Like Pelosi, needing the fence. I will bet she will not stick her head out in public, like when she went down the street of Chinatown. She is a coward which will never go out in public again. She knows she is hated.

  3. Why wait, you assholes? Who are the ones that declare whether my comment is okay or not okay? Please put your names forward. Yeah, I guess a lot of people would like to know WHO you are, or, who your boss is that instructed you to do so. Once this information gets out, which it will, then I probably would not feel too safe also. You all know, eventually, you will be found out, right?

  4. WHAT? YOU ARE AWAITING APPROVAL? FROM WHOM? Answer One question, please. Are you a news media or a platform for conversation? I would like an answer within five minutes. You have my media credentilas.

  5. I really hope that you answer in a certain way, so there could by about 80 million included in a class action suit against you.

  6. Whoever is instructed by their boss on this platform to dismiss information, whether true or not, and not allow its content to go forward is definitely a violation of the Constitution of the United States, which, makes YOU acting as a voice upon your employer, as a complicit act of acknowledgement which makes you, under the Constitution, a member of a treasonous group. Maximum penalty: hanging in a public square. Ya’all know this is disgraceful. YUCK! You’all should know that a couple of people have come forward with the truth implicating some names. FBI anonymous sources have told me that you in the front are sacrificial lambs to secure their cause. Good Luck with that

  7. Await approval AGAIN?? People; why do you think that THEY want to approve things? If it does fit their narrative, then they do not wish for you to be heard. 1930’s Nazism again rears its ugly head. Tell me why this is not like that?

  8. You friggin cowards do not like the public to be informed how corrupt you are. I hope you all go tio hell, and with current policies, you are nuked first.


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