Trump Jr. to Host Mar-a-Lago Fundraiser for Gov. Noem

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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem adding fuel to the fire as some speculate she’s considering a run for President in 2024. Noem is set to shake hands with major Republican donors at former President Trump’s luxury Mar-a-Lago resort next month at a fundraiser hosted by Trump’s son, Donald Jr.

According to The Hill:

Noem is up for reelection in 2022 but is rumored to be among the Republicans mulling a White House bid in 2024.

She is scheduled to give a speech this weekend at the Conservative Policy Action Conference in Orlando and is reportedly slated to attend a Republican National Committee donor retreat in April, both of which are important stops for potential presidential contenders.

Should she run, Noem is expected to join a crowded primary field of Republicans looking to win back the White House. However, she recently polled at 1 percent in a poll of prospective GOP candidates and it remains unclear how Trump could shake up the primary contest if he decides to run given his overwhelming popularity with Republicans.

The fundraiser for Noem also indicates that Trump Jr. plans on being involved in the 2022 midterm and 2024 cycles. The former president’s son has garnered a dedicated social media following and has been vocal on top conservative issues like regulation of social media platforms.

Despite polls indicating that Trump is still the reigning champion of the Republican Party, he hasn’t confirmed he will take another run at the White House. Noem’s move to tie herself to the Trump family may be an indication of how the GOP’s tides may soon begin shifting.

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      1. Wrong!!! Trump ran circles around his fellow politicians and media staff covering him! He’d work a 20 hour day while they could barely keep up with him! Yet your party wanted broken down sicko Clinton and now Biden! You make me laugh!

      2. He will be the same age in 2024 as Biden and Bernie are now. I had to throw Bernie in there because Biden would be a reason not to run.

  1. If Trump decides to run again he has my vote. If he decides to sit it out I could vote for South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Either would make a great President.

    1. i totally agree and How about put Candace Owens In there To Very True to America and our Constitution And She would Make a Great Vice Pres. And One more Ted Cruise

  2. Love Kristi Noem! She is one awesome Governor and South Dakota is Luckey to have her in their corner! Her re-election in 2022 should be a shoo-in! Definitely a Conservative star in the making!

  3. There are definitely some very popular people in the Conservative realm of candidates. I wonder how many there will be? President Trump is the star but we will see what he wants to do and where he feels he can be the best for the Conservative movement.

      1. I’m not sure she’s a full RINO, but I have some doubts about her. I think she sometimes leans towards the swamp.

        1. Well, I think she’s a chameleon – but it doesn’t matter. I won’t give her the time of day. Nikki Haley is NOT someone I would trust very far. And definitely someone I would/could not vote for.

    1. She’s now a RINO since turning on President TRUMP!!! She realized that afterwards and wanted to meet with President TRUMP and he refused!! Support him for that!!!

  4. Trump and Noem 2024!!! I love noem. She did her state right. No shutdown during this plandemic, 80% job recovery, and no need for PPP from the federal govt in her state. The people living there threw her a parade in gratitude. Need more ppl like her and desantis in all the states

  5. 8 years of DeSantis with Noem as VP. Followed by 8 years of Noem with Trump Jr as VP (following his stint as FL Gov to gain experience while replacing DeSantis while DeSantis is Pres). After Noem, Trump Jr will be ready for the national spot!

    1. Oh, man, nightman!!!! You’re making me want to live forever just to see that happen! I’m 72 (very soon to be 73), so I’m afraid I’d miss part of that, but it sure would be a delightful sight to see for America!!!! DeSantis, Noem and then Don Jr. WONDERFUL!!!! Let’s work to make it happen!!!!! MAGA

  6. She is one of the best Governors in the whole USA. I could see her in several key conservative positions with her love of our freedoms and her excellent administrative talents.
    The NM “governor” – I won’t claim her – is one of the worst……

  7. Now, there’s our first lady President.
    I would donate and vote for her without hesitation. Go Governor.

  8. The people making decisions for biden, in his name, should be arrested, prosecuted for treason and put in prison!!

    1. Yes, NOT what we have NOW…WHO…kamela…NEVER heard that name before she was running 4 President??

  9. Sounds to me as thought something is BREWING for the upcoming Midterms and beyond. I am all for anything that will get us the power we need to overtake these BAFOONS in office now and at least have A FIGHTING CHANCE to keep a handle on all the BULLSHIT and NON AMERICAN CACA that Sleepy Joe has done in such a short time.

  10. I listened to her yesterday on CPac & she is the most capable & best qualified leader of all females I’ve seen & think she’d be a great
    VP for President Trump;.If her constituents don’t re-elect her – they must be as crazy as Nancy Pelosi, Kamaa Harris, & Pokahauntus Warren who proved herself to be as straight-faced a LIAR on Presidet Trump’s Jan. 6th speech as Adam Schitf did on his Ukraie call. LOL
    Never enter any BEST LIARS contest if any demonicrat is in it. You will lose for sure. Ditto for any MOST CONNIVING CONTEST. Think New York Governor Cuomo has captured that one for all time. The title of his book should have been “I Reduced The Cost of Elderly Care & Gave Myself A Raise”,

    1. Yes, he is, Carol!!! I’m glad we got to see his first act. Act two will be in 4 years and I can’t wait!!!!! Make America Great Again – AGAIN!!!!!


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