Pelosi Demands FBI Seize Republican Reps. Phone Records over Baseless Capitol Attack Accusations

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Since the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6th, the FBI has been hard at work to determine the inidividuals involved and the extent of planning that went into the event. Now, reports are showing that Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has order the FBI to seize phone records of Republican members of Congress whom Democrats have claimed helped assist in planning the violent attack. There has yet to be any concrete evidence to casue DEmocrats to push this dangerous narrative.

According to reports from The Intercept:

In the hours and days after the Capitol riot, the FBI relied in some cases on emergency orders that do not require court authorization in order to quickly secure actual communications from people who were identified at the crime scene. Investigators have also relied on data “dumps” from cellphone towers in the area to provide a map of who was there, allowing them to trace call records — but not content — from the phones.

The cellphone data includes many records from the members of Congress and staff members who were at the Capitol that day to certify President Joe Biden’s election victory. The FBI is “searching cell towers and phones pinging off cell sites in the area to determine visitors to the Capitol,” a recently retired senior FBI official told The Intercept. The data is also being used to map links between suspects, which include members of Congress, they also said. (Capitol Police are reportedly investigating whether lawmakers helped rioters gain access to the Capitol as several Democrats have alleged they did, though Republican officials deny this.)

The Justice Department has publicly said that its task force includes senior public corruption officials. That involvement “indicates a focus on public officials, i.e. Capitol Police and members of Congress,” the retired FBI official said.

In a letter sent two days after the riot to 11 major cellphone and internet companies, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Apple, and Facebook, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., urged the companies to “immediately preserve content and associated meta-data connected to” the riot. Some of the telecommunications providers questioned whether Warner has the authority to make such a request, but a number of them appear to have been preserving data from the event anyway because of the large scale of violence, the source said.

According to sources close to the data collection effort, the FBI has used emergency powers that do not require court authorization to subvert criticism. The FBI has reportedly “collected reams of private cellphone data and communications that go beyond the videos that rioters shared widely on social media.”

  1. Is the FBI looking for the records, phone calls etc of those that have been burning, looting, and attacking police in cities all over the United States for all most a year???
    Are those exempted from following the law?

    1. Evidently they are above the law as, they were just expressing themselves….IDIOTS….THIS IS WHY YOU CAN’T BUY A GUN OR AMMO ANYWHERE!!!

    2. No. But next they will seize the communications of all Americans, and those who are not part of the radical agenda.

    3. No they haven’t but these privileged members of Congress only concerns themselves with the fact that they were in danger. Once again showing they could care less about us. The rule of law is for everyone not just these over paid nose in the air pieces of crap. They aren’t worried about allowing illegal immigrants in this country because they won’t get sick from the diseases they bring in, killed by the criminals they let in or have their children or grandchildren taken in sex slavery because they are protected at our cost.

      1. That’s the reason they still have troops and razor wired 8′ metal fences 3 mi. around the Capitol. The Dims are planning to release more Orwellian edicts from the Trojan Biden Horse and figure we won’t stand for it.

        No guns for us. For them, Well Armed Professional Soldiers is what they figure they may need at least during the “First 100 magical days of Biden”
        Is that how long they expect him to last?

        Remember the media’s and Hillary’s “Arab Spring”
        How about “American Spring”.

        1. Fill in & close all the tunnels going to the capital, Supreme Court, & White House. Blockade it and see how they handle it. It will be like animals at a zoo.

    4. I hope they also look into Nancy pelosi for why she didnt have the extra police there and why did the capital police let them in. Seems fishy to me. For 4 yrs she tried to do away with Trump. Maybe its all her. And why does she get to hire who investigates this mess. Anything the deep left accuses the right if doing is what Nancy has been doing.

    5. They only care about Trump supporters and all Trump supporters are next in line. Armed forces are first they are gonna weed them all out. Looks like they are going to get rid of 90 % then that will be an excuse to bring in foreign armies and THAT is how they plan on taking your guns… we are now a third world country with a dictatorship . Something has to change and soon !!!!

    6. NO!! They don’t CARE about them!! Plus the FACT that they already KNOW who they are because THEY PUT THEM UP TO IT!!!

    7. A smart FBI would get the records from Pelosi, Harris, Schumer and other comocratas. I bet those would be very interesting.

    1. Thatcis a very good question. I keep seeing articles that she ignored notice of issues and let them play out. That is why Capitol Policexweren’t called. Her hands are dirty.

    2. Absolutely. When will the lazy, cowardly GOP go after them and all the dems. They would have revealed collusion in the election fraud I am sure.

        1. We and mine +++ already have. It’s just a matter of time. My daughter and son-in-law didn’t serve to protect our freedoms for 21 yrs to let this shit happen.

          1. Nor was my father killed in WWll to allow communism into this once great country. I say once because the demonRATS have been tearing it down for decades and its time to make them accountable.

    3. They would probably show a lot of calls to restock her gourmet ice cream supply, getting appointments to have her hair done, planning parties and wine tasting events with her nephew, Governer Nuisance, calling Wuhan labs to see what’s next, etc. You know — things like that, that are important to HER!!

    1. ……………and she is neither part of the Justice System or the Court System. Her job description DOES NOT GIVE HER THE POWER to demand spying on anyone

  2. If the FBI checks all the Republicans phones, then they better check all the Democrats phones too. They would find more interferences from the Dem’s, mostly Piggyoski and Chuckie Scumbager and Maxine Waters than any of the Republicans for causing chaos no matter where it was.

      WERE !!!! INVOLVED
      THEY WORK FOR !!!!!

    1. No she doesn’t. Clear abuse of power. And then only on Republicans. She should be removed from congress and escorted to the local prison to await trial. She doesn’t have to worry about being made a pet in prison….too old and ugly (inside and out)

      O U T !!!

      1. they stuff the ballots in their favor, just as they did the presidential election. democrats OWN Californicatia, lock stock and barrel!!

        1. Yeah if their new bill passes RH1 we Conservatives or Republicans we never be in office again. Nationwide mail in ballots.

        2. Make sure to check Pelosi Schiff Schumer phones also other rDems as this attack was planned from the Dems. Talk w/security guard who was told to let people in..Security guard would be great witness.Daaagh.

      2. Include the other two old, out of touch Democrap leadeship fossils; Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC)!

  3. The falsflag of storming the capital – was the “Reichstag Fire event on which teh Fascist will build their New America

  4. The fact being if anyone connected to this Government was communicating with the invaders then it should be public knowledge, for everyone to know, and then put the persons under investigation to find out more. This sis not political it is critical to the security of this nation when people think and are convinced they can over throw the election in this USA that is about a dangerous as it gets.

    1. Rush said it best, the Democrats think they are the party of good, and think the Republicans are the party of evil, with that demented thinking, because they see themselves as the party of good, it gives them the right to lie, cheat, and steal. Coca-Cola just sent all their employees a memo on how to be ” Less White ” WTF! We all know our election was outright stolen, this 47 year swamp creature who cant complete a sentence is now the leader of the free world. We are seeing right before our eyes our country going in the toilet, and its only been a month. These power hungry race hustling hypocrites will stop at nothing, the fake news media and big tech are right there with them. We cannot just sit back and complain. Hold onto your wallets, this freakin idiot in the Whitehouse most certainly will get us into a war. Dont give up! We can still get through this nightmare and come out on top, get involved.

    2. It is definitely political, Robert!! Otherwise, Piglosi would have ordered phone records from everybody, and not just Republicans. THAT turns it into a political witch hunt. You know — like the ones they’ve inflicted on and failed at with our good President Trump for the past five years?? 🙁

      1. They drugged President Trump to hell ever day he was in office and continues to this day, as much as my heart breaks for him it is breaking for AMERICA

  5. This woman and who she is tied to needs to be thrown out of office, theses people think they are ubove the law and can do what ever the hell they want, these people are drunk with power and must be stopped!!

  6. Every time: When they accuse the Republicans of things it is because they are either doing it or have done it. They need to look at Pelosi’s and Shumer’s also.

  7. Does anyone remember Nancy Pelosi saying they ( democrats ) put out a lie to the press and then circle back to the lie they leaked to the press and say see it is in the press so it must be true ! Remember the liberal/socialist Mantra ” The Ends Justify The Means ” !

  8. Who died and left her in charge. That has to be one of the top “I am the queen” moves she’s pulled so far. What a bitch

  9. They should be seizing the Democrats phone records concerning the so called “DC Riot”. I bet they would be arresting those on the Left as the ones who set the entire fiasco into motion. This was another of the Lefts diabolical schemes to get the thorne out of their side called Donald J. Trump. They know if they don’t get rid of him their time in power is short and perhaps done for good. Reasonable people are realizing every day that the Democrats are corrupt to the core and are not the friend of the working man and woman in the country. They are the friends of the rich and infamous.

  10. Pathetic Pelosi is the danger in the House and she is really very weak minded and cant communicate with others in Congress. Too weak to get agreements with others and too revenge motivated to get things accomplished for the American people. She is washed up and very feeble. But, she is a good example for term limits!

  11. We will move forward as a country only when this 80 year old narcissistic woman with apparent mental degeneration is gone. Can something not be done with her by Congress? The ideas that she puts forth are crazy and indicate paranoia. She makes a fool out of herself with everything she says. I know with her constituency she will never be voted out unfortunately.

  12. This is nothing more than a ploy by Pelosi to damage and cause mistrust of Congressional Republicans! You can be assured the FBI did not need any instructions from Pelosi on how to do their job! They are so far ahead of that old “battleaxe” brain it is hysterically funny!
    News for Pelosi…..she is the one whose methods are questioned with every word she says or thing she does! After all, she is the one who is trying to surrender the country to the enemy! Anyone who trusts her is unable to dress themselves!

  13. If the FBI needs to investigation is the corruption allegations of the Biden family and the democratic national congress for there treason actions of rigging the presidential election. The democrats must be made accountable and investigation of there states and cities being destroyed by rioters and the incompetent governors and mayors and in some cases supported the ANTIFA and the BLM MOVEMENT while failing to protect the citizens and property. Stick that in your democratic ass cast Nancy

  14. The FBI is turning into the Gestapo. They are violating people’s rights and the DEMS wonder why the DOJ and the FBI no longer are trusted nor respected by the US Citizens. The Supreme Court is also fast losing the respect of the people as well. The Deep State is winning and want to be a part of the NWO so bad, they are willing to do almost anything to get it. They are willing to bankrupt the US and turn it into a third world country. Sorry but 2+2 doesn’t add up to 4 according to the Democrats anymore….

    DO ANY THING !!!!
    THEY KEPT !!!

  16. Comrade Pewlosi and Scumburger need to have their cell phone records looked at. I would bet there is more interesting things in those records.

  17. She is the most decisive elected official in DC. She is always on a witch hunt and she should not have the power to unleash FBI or any other agency on representatives and senators of the opposing party. Instead they should be investigating her, Biden, his son, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, AOC, Illam Omar, the other squad members. I say investigate them all, both parties and bring charges and get them out of our Capital. Like that is going to happen, the top FBI officials are in the demonRats pockets. DISGUSTING.

  18. The FBI doesnt work for you Nancy. How about we see your phone records and tell us why you didnt want extra security Jan. 6 ? Why did you turn it down? Lets get the drinker of the house on the stand and ask her why.

  19. This is total bs! The Capitol protest wasn’t even violent compared to the BLM/Antifa riots all summer that caused actual death and destruction. The only violence at Capitol was caused by police

    1. And how about when Skrewmer incited a crowd and threatened Supreme Court Justices. Remember the crowd trying to break the door down at the Supreme Court. Remember the Kavanaugh hearing and the anger and hate coming from the democrats about something they had no proof of, and worse yet, something that happened way in the past and Blassy Ford could not even remember the details of (because she was either drunk or it didn’t happen or probably both). Remember how anytime the dems don’t get what they want, there is always hell for somebody to pay.


  21. Where the hell does Pelosi get the authority to order the FBI to do anything? And BTW the new AG nominee claims if you attack and burn a federal building after hours, it’s not insurrection, just illegal. Sure glad the Justice Department isn’t going to be political under Biden. That’s why they won’t be looking at their phone records.

  22. This is probably another thing that the demossXXXs did and blaming it on the republicans, as everyone knows from the investigation in Russian disinformation went on for three years for no reason at all. The only thing they found out was that Hillary is the one who ordered and paid for it. So probably it is the same thing here.

  23. Should be more emphasis on WHY the capital was invaded, rather than who and how and when. Thats the root of the invasion, if they want to make sure it doesn’t happen again! WHY WAS IT INVADED?!

  24. The answer here is simple. To avoid the appearance of a partisan witch hunt,(which this certainly is) they should demand ALL cell phone records from BOTH parties. Of course this will never happen because democrats always blame others for the things they themselves are guilty.

  25. I am wondering how Pelican thinks she has the power to order anything from the FBI. She is Speaker of the house not FBI Director or President. Give that crazy woman an inch and she takes 1 million miles. So shit up Nancy when you follow your own rules than we may show respect to you, however you haven’t earned any respect from true Americans.

  26. Typical Saul Alinsky commie tactic…accuse your opponents of doing exactly what you are doing…piglousy owns this and planned it….As an American citizen who loves the Constitution and rule of law I demand the records of every single antifa/blm looter, burner, vandalizing, destroying private businesses and property be scoured and then thrown in jail along with anyone from the DNC who bailed them out…THAT is what needs to happen and take down the commie/marxist Berlin fencing around my Capital…my $$$ paid for that and your salaries…

  27. No, no, no, pelosi has no authority to get the phone numbers and other personal things belonging to the republicans. She’s over stepping her bounds, in a truly Marxist agenda; she’s not president. She should be impeached.

  28. GOP A-holes. When will they go after Pelosi, Harris, Biden and the dems? THEY are the ones behind the insurrection , riots…and election fraud. Seize THEIR phones records. Seize THEIR emails. Seize all their communications to see how close their ties with CCP.

    1. The dems probably planned everything in advance as an insurance policy in case anything didn’t go according to their wishes. They were going to get rid of Trump one way or the other.

  29. I would be more interested in the conversations of the Dems including Mayor of DC before the altercation. I don’t believe the people supporting Trump intended to do damage. They were there to support him. But I’m not sure the Dems are above creating chaos to serve their purposes and blame it on Trump and his supporters.

  30. Sorry Nan, but you have no legal authority to order that. Being Speaker doesn’t mean you can override the law. You must have enough probable cause to convince a judge to issue a search warrant.

  31. She does NOT have the authority to issue such an order.
    Any court COULD stop her if they were so inclined.
    But under Democrats, they’re only inclined to destroy anyone not in their pockets.

  32. LMAO sure thing drunk how about we get you emails and phone calls ask you for more security when did you know and why did you not take the recommendations from the president Trump the SGT at Arms and the NG

  33. Believe me, IF the democrooks are accusing republicans of ANY wrong doing , they need to look into the democrooks, as they always accuse the republicans of wrongs that they themselves are responsible for!! the do it ALL THE TIME !!

  34. Dems set up the Capitol fiasco by using communist domestic terrorists from BLM/Antifa while the Dems had Capitol Police welcome protesters inside the Capitol Building.

  35. Pelosi should be impeached for destroying a historical document and the world witnessed it. Beware Dems, she is not your friend and she wields a two-edged sword.

  36. What a bunch of loony=tunes. The FBI had prior warning, like they did in most mass shootings, and what did they do? Yea right!

  37. Talk about a hostile government take over.
    If the Independents and Republicans
    don’t stop this behavior quickly it won’t end until they are erased from our country. If it’s not too late already.

  38. Pelosi is CATHOLIC….Corrupt FBI…Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, CATHOLIC tra1tor retired, Replaced by Bowdich.
    Comey, CATHOLIC tra1tor in FBI, Strzok, CATHOLIC tra1tor in FBI.
    Robert Mueller, CATHOLIC tra1tor in FBI. A lacrosse teammate and classmate at St. Paul’s School was future Massachusetts Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry.[13], CATHOLIC traitor.
    [David] Bowdich, CATHOLIC tra1tor also has ties to Mueller. He was picked by Mueller in 2011 to handle the transition to a new FBI director after Mueller’s 10-year term expired. But that role become irrelevant after Mueller, [Christopher] Wray August 2017, was confirmed as FBI Director,, [Christopher] Wray began his legal career as a clerk for Judge J. Michael Luttig [CATHOLIC traitor] of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. 
    Ex-FBI agent John Guandolo. Guandolo [CATHOLIC traitor] resigned from his position with the Bureau in December 2008 after he was caught engaging in a sexual relationship with a key confidential source in the midst of a corruption investigation of a Louisiana politician. 
    There is not one AMERICAN on the SCOTUS. Almost all are CATHOLIC traitors. The rot is within. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a traitor.

  39. the democrats are the 4th reich reincarnated.
    they hate jews and christians and god all mighty.
    these people are untouchable because of the laws they have made over the years to protect themselves from we the people.

  40. They will lose again again and again. The deep state swamp planned this. They are evil slimes that will be voted the hell out!!!! We are Maga strong!!!!!

  41. Maybe they need to pull the records of democrats. I don’t put it past them to orchestrate this, especially after some guards waved pole in and after supporting the terrorism inflicted on citizens by burning and looting (peaceful protest over the summer), right.

  42. If you want to see this kind of stuff in action, study Joseph Stalin. What the democommunists have been doing for the last 5 years is pure Stalinism.

  43. Sorry, but I blame the Republican Party, the Republican Senate and the Republican House for a good part of this political mess.
    These people should all grow a spine (and other things) and be kicking and screaming all over the place to bring attention to the Democrats and their dangerous policies.
    Instead, under “leader” (sic) McConnell and the President of the Republican National Party, Rona Macdonell, they have all sat on their hands and basically are just trying to save their positions.
    No wonder the Democratic Party are not afraid of them– just Trump.
    I am a Conservative and I am ashamed of them.

  44. Excuse me, but I don’t think she has the authority to order the FBI to do anything. Biden and his AG may, but not Pelosi.

  45. We want to see Nancy’s phone, texts and emails 1 week prior to the peaceful demonstration at the Capitol. “We have evidence” we will reveal later.
    In Fact we want every D’s everything. They work for us. Don’t they?
    And we have damning evidence. Yes we do!

  46. Is the FBI looking at Pelosi phone records and the two Sergeant-at-arms and Schumer too? Did Pelosi tell them to deny the troops that were offered? Pelosi, Schumer and their
    comrades knew of the pending chaos and it is clear they did nothing to stop it. In fact there is evidence that those working in side the Capitol opened the doors for the people to come in! Investigation. Go for it, but don’t forget to start with Pelosi. Only a hate-filled person such as she could think up the sickness she relishes in. Disciple of Satan at work.

  47. Better yet, let’s look at the democrats phone records while you’re at it AND ESPECIALLY NANCY PELOSI’S. That Viking guy with the horns is a well-known leftist, an actor and a member of the Phoenix Antifa. He is also a personal friend of Nancy’s son-in-law. How was Viking guy was allowed in the House chamber to sit in the Speaker’s chair. What’s the matter Nancy are you still afraid? We have seen the fake video from some really bad actors and actresses, so nice try, but we aren’t buying what Pelosi’s peddling. I not only want to see her cell records, but her office and home records hard lines too. This has her stench all over it. Let’s see how many calls she made to her daughter, Alex and her son-in-law 6 weeks before January 6 event. Who hired these bad actors, they were horrible and cheap, and I’ve seen better acting in a Telemundo soap opera? Who allowed the Neo-Nazi from the Ukraine into the country and how much were they paid? They were supporters of the former Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych. Coincidence? I think NOT. You imported a known terrorist organization. I’d LOVE to see their passports. See the democrats don’t understand Trump supporters, it’s not about wearing a MAGA hat and/or t-shirt, because that’s all they think it is. Has there ever been any violence at a Trump rally? I know of two that occurred after the rally was over. Two democrats and Biden supporters attacked and beat up a 72-year-old man and a teenager was beaten up after a rally of 3 against one. Both were isolated incident that were provoked by the democrat mob dwellers. OH, SO BRAVE… 2 people beat up an old man and three on a 15-year-old teenager who was by himself. COWARDS!!

  48. There is NEVER ANY Evidence of Wrongdoing on our part but it has never STOPPED the LOUSY LIBS from getting their OWN WAY!!!

  49. the FBI said they warned of the impending violence – tho the mayor of D.C. (demoncrap) and pelosi (demoncrap) said no help would be needed to protect the senate members so why are they wanting only the phones of the republicans ?

  50. Again, just who really benefited from the Capitol Riot?!?

    It happened just when the Republicans were beginning their allotted time to present their questions and concerns about the Electoral College votes and voter fraud. But the riot disrupted that and the Republicans were cut off, their allotted basically time rendered null and void.

    It seems to me that the Democrats are the ones who benefited from the Capitol Riot. Their opponents, Republicans, were pretty much silenced and the EC votes as well as the voter fraud were replaced with something else newsworthy. Just like other times where a ‘breaking story’ happened when Democrats needed peoples attention diverted from something else.

  51. Pelosi is doing everything she can to kick up enough dust to cover her involvement in the Jan6 sham. If she didn’t actively participate in the planning of this phony “insurrection” she knew about and promoted it. Now she has put together a “commission” to investigate the incident being led by a close associate who could cover up her involvement.

  52. As it has been shown in the past, whenever the Democrats accuse the Republicans of something, it more often than not is a good indicator that the Democrats are doing exactly what they accuse the Republicans of doing.

  53. Since when do they let a nut case like the current speaker of the house direct the FBI’s investigative work! Need to put the House Speaker in her place (like the Marine comander did)!

  54. Let’s face it, the Democrat Party is dead. It was taken over by the Communist Party decades ago and now the Fascists and American haters are showing us what their plans are. The Democrats always had a love affair with the Communists since the 1930s and Bill Clinton sold us out to the Chinese Communists in the 1990s.

  55. If the FBI wants to find the people who created that chaos on the 6th, they should investigate ALL members of Congress INCLUDING PELOSI, SCHUMER, AND ALL DEMOCRAPS, etc. Why? Because Investigators are discovering those people responsible for the mayhem were actually Antifa and BLM members who were told to dress like Trump Supporters by Democraps so they could blame President Trump for the chaos.

    President Trump did not tell his supporters to go destroy our Capitol; however, the Democraps DID send their ATTACK DOGS Antifa and BLM to break in and destroy the property.

    AGAIN, the demented and radically insane Democraps carry so much HATE for our President that they will do anything, lie to anyone and commit multiple crimes to try to destroy him! They have a cancer that just keeps growing and growing to destroy our Nation unless we remove them all from our Federal govt. They have become a diseased group of people and do not belong in our Federal Govt.!

  56. The Dems are the ones who needs there emails looked at. Pelosi needs to be impeached along with the rest of them too. They caused this by letting Antifa and BLM burn down cities. I believe the Dems put them up to it to steal the election.

  57. I hope they are checking Democrats phone records too. If Antifa and BLM were involved the liberals might have been encouraging them to get that riot started. It was a perfect opportunity for the Socialist in Congress to go after the President, for another phony impeachment. These groups destroyed cities, burning down businesses, assaulting any Trump supporter, murdering people, in the streets and stealing. Not one liberal was outraged over the vile acts committed. In fact some of these same people actively praised them and told them to keep on doing, what they were doing..(Kamala Harris). Corruption and hypocrisy are terrible things. It seems so many of the liberal socialists are afflicted with it.

  58. Nancy Pelosi acts like she’s a modern day King Louis XVI’s Marie Antoinette. Well Nancy remember what happened to Marie. Yup, she lost her head. Bullying your way to power might be your demise.



  61. Pelosi isn’t the Supreme ruler..

    We should yank all of you Liberals’ phone records and investigate, whether you put all the zealots up to making a scene; to stop the electoral challenge, or not!

  62. Pelosi “ordered” the FBI? I don’t think she can order them to do anything. She can request action from an agency or go through the proper channels for action. Not too sure she has the authority to order any Federal agency to do anything.

  63. This is proof that the CHEATER criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership is not creating a “socialist government but instead a new American communist government with the Marxist/communist/hand/book their Bible not the Constitution”!!!! Every thing that they do shows this happening, period!!!! Food for thought for you the free American people!!!!!

  64. Pelosi is wallowing in her new power. She is off track both politically and mentally. Her insane uncontrolled rage against President Trump has rendered her judgments dangerous to the Republic and it’s citizens.

  65. We ALL know that pointing a finger, three point back at you. Well nancy, you were the cause and your antifa and blm were your storm troops. It’s typical of a guilty person to point fingers at the innocent to hide their own criminal conduct.
    YOU DON’T FOOL ANYONE BUT YOURSELF, you senile old communist.

  66. I’m SURE that “most” of you have “no clue” that Mark Warner made a “clandestine trip” to England during the revelation of the Steele dossier. He deliberately kept it low key, but somebody saw him at the airport. This “senator” is always “in the background” when “things pop up” & the Dems need “damage control”.

  67. What about “seizing” the LUNATIC ANTI AMERICAN LIBERALS’ phone records? Let’s see what they’ve been up to!!!

  68. How about seizing her financial records to determine how she got her money over the last 40 or so years? How much are we paying Representatives these days?

  69. Sometimes bad things happen in the minds of elderly politicians, especially “has beens” like Nancy.I just wish that for once nature was on our side.

  70. That should include everyones, including hers. What a hypocrite. We know she and her co-horts were behind this. They come up with something and throw the blame elsewhere, like she thinks people still believe her lies. She has given herself WAY too much power.

  71. Double standard they open that door the FBI should not be able to monitor phone calls. If this happens I want them to monitor all elected representatives also. Especially Pelosi!

  72. I would be very happy if the FBI looked into those phone calls. If there was no criminal actions, I would be equally happy, but if the FBI finds congressperson guilty of conspiring with the supremists, I would surely be relieved. So, let the dice roll and see what comes up.

  73. Now pesi is running the FBI? Why not looking into her phone records also? There is a saying that a skunk smells its own odor first and there is a big stink coming off her. The demonRATS are trying everything they can think of to oust conservatives in Congress. I am still looking for the brown shirts and their night sticks to bludgeon the Republications. pesti is the most dangerous person in America and liberals are praising the btch.


  75. All of the sudden the FBI is hard at work.
    Where were they when cities were being burned down?
    Where were they when there was voter fraud going on?

  76. What Democrats are doing is witch hunt 2.0. They have extended the blame for the lawlessness to elected Republican representatives for the sole purpose of turning public opinion against them. The media hogs are helping to vilify Republican and conservative representatives and voters by repeating the Democrat’s lies about them. FBI director Wray claimed that there was no evidence that antifa had anything to do with the riots yet Insurgence USA’s leader, John Sullivan sold video’s he made inside the Capital building to CNN, ABC and CBS. Videos that showed HIMSELF loudly shouting “burn the **** down.” On his preferred chat room other members stated that they were there in force and there is video of antifa members changing into Trump clothing to join the riot.
    My own DEMOCRAT Senator sent me a reply email claiming that those who breached the building were armed with guns, thousands of rounds of ammo, machetes, crossbows, stun guns and pipe bombs in DIRECT contradiction to the FBI’s report that stated they found NO weapons on anyone involved. I replied that I know that statement and others he made are brazen lies despite the fact that I worry about repercussions from him and his party.
    The tactics being used by Pelosi, the rest of the Democrats and the media are designed for the SOLE purpose of frightening conservatives away from speaking out, from public support of conservative candidates and from attending ANY type of future rally.


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