States Sue to Block Biden’s DHS Order Limiting ICE Arrests

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Arizona and Montana are suing to block Biden’s new immigration rules which would substantially lower the number of illegal immigrants targeted for arrest and deportation saying Biden’s policies will surely wreak havoc on their states. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich amended a previous lawsuit aimed at blocking Biden’s 100-day moratorium on deportation to now focus on guidelines issued by Immigration Custome and Enforcement (ICE) last month.

The guidelines instruct ICE officers to focus on three narrow categories for arrest and deportation: those who pose a threat to national security; those who have crossed the border since Nov. 1, and those who committed “aggravated felonies.”

Fox News reports:

“If asked about the poorest policy choice I’ve ever seen in government, this would be a strong contender,” Brnovich said in a statement. “Blindly releasing thousands of people, including convicted criminals and those who may be spreading COVID-19 into our state, is both unconscionable and a violation of federal law. This must be stopped now to avoid a dangerous humanitarian crisis for the immigrants and the people of Arizona.”

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen has also joined the Arizona lawsuit, and both states have filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to block the policy from going into effect as the case is heard.

The two states have alleged that it is an effort to achieve the same results as the now-blocked moratorium — arguing that deportation moratorium would have made similar exclusions. They also argue that it would lead to an increase in criminals, drugs and COVID-19 in their states and is in violation of federal law.

“Meth trafficked into Montana by Mexican drug cartels has wracked our state. The problem will only be made worse if the Biden administration continues to allow criminals to stay in the country,” Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen said in a statement. “Enforcing our immigration laws and helping to keep Americans safe is one of the federal government’s most important functions. The Biden administration is failing its basic responsibility to Americans.”

The pair of lawsuits come amidst a push from Republicans to halt the mass influx of immigrants across our borders. The Biden administration has attempted the downplay the mounting immigration crisis but as thousands of illegal immigrants pour into our border and containment facilities filling up time is running out for the Biden administration to ignore the catastrophe.


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