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Ohio’s Republican US Senator Rob Portman announced his retirement last month after serving 2 terms.

Now, Fox News correspondent and former television host Geraldo Rivera is considering a run for Portman’s seat.

“Pondering running for retiring [Senator Rob Portman’s] seat in the United States Senate. #GoBuckeyes” tweeted Rivera.


Rivera has been a resident of Shaker Heights, Ohio since 2017, according to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg also stated that Rivera was a “longtime ally” of former President Trump:

Rivera was a longtime ally of former President Donald Trump but their relationship soured after the 2020 election. Rivera criticized Trump for his refusal to accept his loss to President Joe Biden, saying Trump was acting “like an entitled frat boy.” He said the former president was guilty of inciting the Jan. 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol, though he added that Biden should pardon him.

Back in 2014, Rivera considered running for Senate in New Jersey as a Republican. However, those plans never came to fruition.

If Rivera – who is 77 – decides to run his celebrity status should help him raise a significant amount of money, but he will face other challenges.

In 2017, actress Bette Midler tweeted a video interview she did with Barbara Walters in 1991. In the interview, Middler told Walters that she was groped by Geraldo in the 1970s.

“Geraldo and his producer came to do an interview with me in the early 70s. This is when he was very..sort of hot. And he and his producer left the crew in they pushed me into my bathroom. They broke two poppers and they pushed them under me and proceeded to grope me,” Middler said.

“I did not offer myself upon the altar of Geraldo Rivera. He was unseemly…his behavior was unseemly,” she continued.


Geraldo did not respond to the allegations, but they will certainly surface once again should he throw his hat in the ring.

      1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media create enough voter fraud that globalist puppet rivera could run in oh and win in wv . . . . .

      1. Hi Also at 77 too old for a six year term. I would like to see Congressman Jim Jordan run for the Ohio Senate seat and Herschel Walker run for the Georgia Senate seat in 2022. Both men would have the enthusiastic support of DJT.

  1. They just get WORSE AND WORSE!!! Rivera has NEVER been able to figure out whether he was RIGHT or LEFT. And I don’t mean handed!! He stuck up for obama ALL THE WAY through his terms, then started kissing up to Trump, after HE was elected!! Another AINO!!!

    1. You are exactly right in your consensus of Rivera! He takes the position most likely to get him the most “face time” on TV! I think he wakes up in a different world every day and not even he knows which world until he starts talking! He is simply a publicity seeking hound and always has been as well as……the problem he has keeping his zipper “up”!

      1. Maxi…I live in NY. Used to be very active in politics. I met Geraldo on several occasions. He’s a fatuous fop. I don’t think he has ANY core beliefs.

        1. “Fatuous fop!!” I love that, Will! Laughed right out loud and am still smiling. So thanks for brightening up the grim perspective of Geraldo running for political office!!! We need more smiles. 🙂

  2. OH NO!!! He would be just as bad as that bump head Portman! Isn’t there a good true Republican out there some where that could run? Geraldo is an undergrown Democrat!!!!

      1. Oooooooo, I am a huge fan of Jim Jordan’s but, we need him in the House soooooo much, I would hate for him to move to the Senate! We have a lot of new faces in the House, will have more when we take the majority next year and all the rookies need his experience and level of conservatism to teach them properly how to fight and win Congressional wars!

  3. The only thing about him running for the Senate he is always on the side that is ahead that why he turn on Trump biden was ahead I don’t trust him

    1. You said it! His hair is the best looking thing he has going for him and most of the time his makes him look like he’s a drunk who is hungover so badly the sound of the barber’s clippers make his head throb!
      I don’t know what hair has to do with politics, however. 🙄

  4. What! He’s not conservative nor is he a Republican. When he’s on TV, I change the station. I’m not interested in anything he has to say because he’s too full of himself.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ will run globalist puppet rivera as a rino so that either way globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ win whether their globalist puppet democrat criminal party wins or their globalist puppet rino criminal party win .

  5. We don’t need another Democrat TV clown in government Schwarzenegger jess Ventura jerry Springer all failed clowns Acting like a politician is one thing being one takes talent

    1. You chose to omit globalist puppet, democrat criminal party tv clowns; pelosi, schumer, sanders, cuomo, aoc, harris, chester the molester biden, schiff, nadler, waters, barry soetoro and his husband big MIKE, etc .

    1. globalist puppet, rivera don’t need votes to win, globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ voter fraud will appoint him just like they appointed globalist puppet, chester the molester biden .

  6. For those who didn’t know it in 2020, globalist puppet rivera is a globalist puppet, rino criminal party .

  7. I hope not. Riviera “compassion” nut is worst that Putman no snow storm day. I have solution to Riviera statement on Hannity the other day. Let send all illigal to his home, 1/3 of them, 1/3 to WH, 1/3 to Pelosi to her compound in Napa, at least she should enough icecream for all of them. The same she is eating. They should demend that.

  8. People know that Geraldo is a bleeding heart libel! We have way too many in Washington D.C. now!
    He’s to old and his thinking is not right!
    He also feels that it’s OK to enter our country illegally ! Geraldo thinks it’s OK to brake our laws if you are a ILLEGAL! MORE THE BETTER!

  9. He is just another RINO. I urge all of Ohio to search for a real conservative person to run for the Senate.

  10. I’d vote for totally senile Biden to hold the Presidency AND Ohio Senator before I would ever consider a total liar like Geraldo.

  11. There are times where I would support Hiraldo, but anyone who thinks that the last election should not be challenged has a defective brain housing group.

  12. Geraldine must run at this time when America will allow any clown to run its affairs. In normal times Geraldo would be lucky to have people listen to him preaching from stop a soap box on a street corner. Imagine, with all of the truly intelligent people in this great country, look at What we get; , a President who must be hidden most of the time in fear that with every word he utters he will prove how out of touch he is with reality, and a self appointed celebrity who can also be bought off to say anything he thinks is popular and will move him forward. America has become a circus while all of the clowns are trying to become the ring master.

  13. Sorry, Geraldo, but you wouldn’t get my vote. You have been far too liberal over the years for my taste.

  14. Jeral-DOH is a radical partisan who earns a living with sensationalism. He’s as un-American as any illegal alien who violated the southern border. He carries the dubious honor of being the only political shill to have been banished by the 101st Airborne permanently and ordered by the military to leave Iraq. Most veterans and conservatives honor and respect the Airborne services and will never forgive him for it.

    But two years earlier in Afghanistan, he signaled his character by claiming to have been on the scene of friendly fire. It was later reported he was 300 miles from the site he described. National TV published video of him ducking enemy fire, like we wouldn’t know the photographer wouldn’t have survived such a risk.

    Other despicable actions besides groping Bette Midler include “The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults,” Casey Anthony’s “bella vita” tattoo and helping lift an elderly woman in a wheelchair directly in front of an Air Force rescue worker whose job it was. His unseemly acts will fill a seedy book someday, perhaps highlighting his broken nose on air during his talk show. Well why not? Lefties gave us Frankenstein.

  15. In the interest of honesty – personally don’t care for Rivera, but years ago wasn’t there a “kiss & tell claim revelation” made by Rvera involving Midler, way back in the days “when both were hot”? I liked her come back at him at the time, which cut him down to size & concerned the size of a small part of his anatomy.

  16. You have got to be kidding me. This jack ass needs to be taken off the air instead of running for office. If he does run he will be another Rhino in our country that flip flops like a 24/7.

  17. I hope he’s honest with the Ohio voters and runs as the Democrat he really is. Might as well try to tell the truth and put his “conservative” spiel to rest… He’s not fooling all that many people with it…

  18. We need real people to run! TV stars etc have no place in gov. Put in an honest business person who knows what is going on and can make wise decisions!

  19. I will never trust Geraldo Rivera as a Republican. He will be exactly the Mitt Romney of Ohio. That I can tell, he is never a Republican. He is a Liberal/ Democrat and no one can deny that.Fake Republican. I have heard him over the years arguing for unlimited illegal immigrants into the USA.

  20. I would not vote for him!!! He is too Wishy Worshy! He’s not a true Republican!! We don’t need anymore of these in our Senate or House!! Get rid of the ones we got!!!

  21. He has a 1 hour morning AM radio talk show in Cleveland. I listen occasionally….
    First off…. his wife is a big time flaming liberal progressive
    He may claim he’s conservative….. but he reverts back to his true colors virtually every time I listen to him on the radio.
    He threw Trump under the bus….. so at best, Rivera is a RINO.
    But I consider him a closet liberal democrat….


  22. Regardless of my opinion of Geraldo (which isn’t very favorable after he turned against President Trump so frequently), I can’t imagine anybody wanting to “grope” her!! Maybe wishful thinking on her part???

  23. Geraldo Rivera ?!?!? OMG! It’s bad enough – or maybe appropo – that he is still a FOX contributor – plus rehashing old murder mysteries. He is such a puke that he now feels he qualifies to be a US Senator. On the other hand, Biden is now POTUS and Camel Eye Harrass is VPOTUS.

  24. We DO NOT need Geraldo in Ohio – that is for sure. He’s too much of a RINO. At 77 he just needs to retire. We need younger blood and more patriotic Ohioans.

  25. Hey Rivera…. why did you move to wealthy Shaker Heights, Ohio? Maybe for future political run? Don’t you want to help your fellow Puerto Rican’s in NY?!

  26. His support for illegal immigration eliminates him, he’s all about his feelings not the practical effect of it.


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