MURDOCK: Biden Caused the Man-Made Disaster on the Border

Migrant Caravan Surges Towards US Border Demanding Team Biden 'Honor its committments' ProtoplasmaKid via Wikimedia Commons

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been updated to include a quote from Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

MIAMI — Whether one calls it a crisis or a challenge, the U.S.-Mexico border has become a man-made disaster hand-crafted by President Joe Biden. Candidate Biden promised illegal aliens red-carpet treatment, amnesty, and citizenship.

Message: Received.

The Customs and Border Protection’s encounters with single adults on the southern frontier climbed 157 percent in January 2021 versus January 2020. CBP confronted 100,441 illegals last month, up 97 percent from February 2020, and the highest level of such run-ins in 15 Februaries, according to Reuters. This included 9,000 unaccompanied children; 3,000 kids were under 12.

On Tuesday, 3,250 children were in Biden’s custody, 1,360 of them beyond the 72-hour legal limit. As illegal-alien detention space dwindles, the administration might move these youths to a San Jose NASA facility.

“They [illegal aliens] see him as the migrant president, and so many feel they’re going to reach the United States,” Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said about Biden on March 2. “We need to work together to regulate the flow, because this business can’t be tackled from one day to the next.”

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain calls this fine mess “one of the most vexing problems we face.”

None of this should surprise anyone. The Democrats’ no-borders calamity was entirely predictable and is easy to explain. Two huge jet engines power this metaphorical airplane.

The first is Democrats’ Trump Derangement Syndrome: “DonaldTrump” favored it, so it must be demolished. This goes beyond Trump’s “evil, fascist border wall,” whose construction Biden halted on Day One — contradicting his 2006 Senate vote for the Secure Fence Act. Biden also killed Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy and diplomatic pacts with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. These initiatives stopped the illegal-alien caravans that previously invaded America with abandon. Trump ended these crises and resecured the border. But Trump’s approach bears his fingerprints. So, Biden reckoned, it must be obliterated.

The second engine: Biden and his brethren consider these illegals Future Democrats of America. If they bust through the border, it might take eight years, perhaps 10, maybe 20. But, sooner or later, some Democrat government of tomorrow almost surely will grant them forgiveness, a “path to citizenship,” and voter registration. Most of them likely will back Democrats. And that is the key motive for this madness. As their future majority kicks down the Golden Door, Democrats helpfully remove the hinges.

Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary Clinton’s former communications director, revealed this family secret in a 2018 Center for American Progress memo. She called DACA recipients — whose parents illegally accompanied them into the US — “a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.” Palmieri added that if Democrats did not act accordingly, “the risk is that Latinos fail to see them as a true ally, and as a result sit out crucial elections.”

Meanwhile, coyotes and other traffickers deploy children as human shields to help breach the border and fleece their parents for the privilege.

Last week, an SUV crammed with 25 illegals crashed in California, killing 13. Most reportedly paid $10,000 each for this deadly ride. Several Guatemalans dropped $25,000 apiece for this lethal trip.

Trump’s much-reviled “Kids in cages” are back! The same media who breathed fire at the former president for “warehousing” illegal-alien children in “cages” built by Obama-Biden are now remarkably relaxed as Biden’s “Kids in containers” languish in shelters made from steel intermodal-transit boxes.

Also, in Brownsville, Texas, 185 of 1,553 illegals tested were C-19 positive. That’s an 11.9 percent infection rate! These folks were not deported. They were given bus tickets and whisked into the US interior; the health of the American people be damned. Biden pledged to wipe out COVID-19. Instead, he literally imports people stricken by the China virus.

Beyond abused children, Biden’s other victims are the millions of immigrants who arrived legally. Their path to citizenship involves delays, paperwork, ever-changing rules, legal bills, and other headaches — while being trapped on sluggish propeller planes. Meanwhile, illegal aliens whiz by overhead in jumbo jets fueled by Democrats’ Trump-hatred and infinite craving for political control.

Legal immigrants — who came to America with permission — have every reason to experience Joe Biden’s self-imposed cabin depressurization and lunge for their air-sickness bags. So does every U.S. citizen who watches this new president “unify” this country by plunging it into a tailspin.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

    1. 2. Reasons the DemonRatPack want Open Borders, human trafficking, and For the 23%. of the Demonrats that are pedophiles uses those UN-escorted kids as Sex slaves, For all The Promises Beijing Joe has given those illegal aliens, he want one promise in return, They have to Vote for the DemonRatPack, or Deportation.?? No ID needed.

          1. Is that the same General Flynn who is a convicted felon or is that his brother?
            Which one recommended to Trump that he declare martial law?

    2. Of course they are, everyone knows that.
      They are addicted to Mexican Hairless.
      Boy, girl, it don’t matte, justr as long as the hole is hairless.

      1. You are absolutely correct. They are deliberately lying and manipulating the government to get exactly what they want,total control, and power over America forever. Next they will take everything and turn us into a 3rd World Country, while they get richer.

      1. The certainly did not win 81,000,000 votes.
        Everyone with eyes too see can tell you that.
        We all know they cheated except for fools with comments like yours Albert.

        1. They is no way that they won over 79,000,000 votes.
          When will the Trump Administration be issuing voter fraud indictments?
          Do they have all the Trump appointed judges in line?

          1. That’s difficult to do since the judges, including the supreme court have refused to even hear the cases.

      2. False trump won it was rigged all the way down the line for the left. You will see and everyone else will see the proof one day. It will be proven to both sides. Thee end is near…

        1. When we leave this earth all will be revealed by God himself, I hope everyone will accept Jesus as their savior he alone is the only way into heaven and there is only one other place you can go.

          1. Look out, here comes the God crap.
            Donald Trump does not believe in God.
            Donald Trump believes in Donald Trump.
            So help me God!!!!

        2. Where are the indictments?
          Where is the outcry from the Trump appointed judges?
          Not a peep from his Supremes.

        1. I have only voted by mail for the last twenty years.
          3/4 of my towns votes are by mail.
          We accept mail in votes for two weeks after an election.
          We get mail once a week.
          Are we guilty of voter fraud?

      3. You know the dems cheated. They cannot tell the truth, ever! They want control of you and alll Americans…fat chance, but they are trying. You have a president that is OLD, FRAIL AND HAS DEMENTIA. You should be so proud! Just wait, more to come and it is not good!

    1. They know what they’re doing. They are in a battle for totalitarian power. Hispanics have babies faster than any other race in America. The idea is to bring in as many illegals as possible. We will support them and they will be rewarded with increased welfare directly proportional to the number of children they produce. Hispanics don’t generally get abortions so each offspring is another Democratic vote thanks to no-ID elections. Soon illegal immigrants will be the predominant population in America and the Democratic Party will remain unopposed in rigged elections throughout America. The Nancy’s and Biden’s of America will have the complete and unopposed control of the USA. That’s what their plan is and they are accomplishing it with minimal opposition. Black Americans are too smart, and too many are starting to catch on to the corruption of the Democrats. Soon Black Americans will no longer be needed by the Democrats. We’re already seeing a Democratic preference being given to illegals over any race of citizens.


      1. Hispanics are religious conservatives.
        They are anti-abortion.
        Trump won the majority of the American born Hispanic vote.
        Forward thinking Conservatives welcome the Hispanics.

    1. Even old senile Biden knows what he has done. And now with the national guard to protect him he does not care. It is gonna blow up and soon on that den of thieves, liars and cheats and they will regret their deeds. But by then it will be too late to stop it. It already is too late but they will reap their just desserts and very soon. Just prepare to defend yourselves against the not so innocent invaders.

        1. Pinchers movement. China via HI, Alaska, West Coast; Iran Maine to Florida; Venezuela Gulf Coast; Cartels cross Southern Border.

        2. Just do NOT UNDERESTIMATE AMERICANS! We are not going to have our rights taken away, but we will do it properly by the laws of this country!!! We will not live in the United States of China!!!!!!

          1. I hope you’re right, but It sure doesn’t look like you are. The judicial system in America is broken. Even those who seem to understand the situation often change their tune to go along with the corruption of the Left, like AG Barr. It seems almost as though anyone of influence who has the power to expose the Deep State gets approached by someone with a threat of some sort. They comply or they are suicided. A threat to a family member would cause the noblest of Patriots to accept the vilest corruption. It wouldn’t be the first time that honest Patriots have been threatened by the deep state.

          2. The judicial system has 600 Trump appointed judges, three of them are Supremes.
            Who appointed AG Barr?
            Who are the leaders of the Deep State?
            Is Mitch McConnel one of them?
            All of the Rinos?

          3. We will organize.
            We will train.
            We will arm.
            We will hear motivational speakers.
            We will march on the Capitol.
            We will smear our fecal matter.
            Do not underestimate Americans.
            They are not disgusted by their own fecal matter.

    2. He doesn’t know his @$$ from a hole in the ground. He is a puppet with a teleprompter and eating aid telling him what to do. Can’t even do that so they are getting rid of him for another puppet

      1. Dementia will be his downfall and it will continue to get worse. He is a frail, old man handled closely by jill, then by his handlers at the white house! Yhen…kamala is our new joke!!!

    3. No, he just does what “nance” and his handlers tell him what to do. This will not be able to go on for much longer…he has dementia and it will get worse! Kamala is standing there so she can step in and be president along with her husband….as 1st man! UGH!!!!! REMEMBER, SHE WAS NEVER ELECTED TO ANY OFFICE! SHE IS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT!

        1. Really ??? Who the heck told him to kill jobs, open the borders, raise our taxes, raise our gas prices, allow men into women bathrooms ?

    1. What is really sad is that Trump could not get the majority of the votes.
      Proof that democracy is an unacceptable form of government.

        1. When will Trump’s DOJ be issuing arrest warrants for the rampant voter fraud?
          Trump is now the little one.

  1. Please tell me something I was not expecting.

    This will bite that party in the ass. And it can’t do anything good for this nation and that is the entire point. Biden is a shell and a sham for the leftist part of that party. And they will not like what they wished for.

    Just keep your guns folks, we are entering the old west AGAIN thanks to the morons who wished for all of this and cheated to make it happen. Lawlessness is on its way via the pipeline of illegal aliens a good part of which are not law abiding new illegal aliens.

    Everyone should now understand why old Nanc wants the national guard to protect her from the desires of her party. It was not lawful republicans that attacked her chambers, but the morons of the left Brownshits of Soros and the wind up idiots of the dim wits!

    1. You backed a loser.
      There are no Brownshirts.
      Just the Greenshirts of the Customs and Border Patrol.
      They have a new priority.

      1. Exposing Mexican children to sex trafficking is not civility but rather criminal. You’re absolutely without any common sense…all you can spew is Orange Man Bad. TDS much?
        9,000 unaccompanied children. 3,000 under 12. Illegal immigrants up 97% since 2020. It’s a crisis dude!

        1. Sex trafficking of American children was rampant during the Trump Administration.
          Just look at You Tube.

  2. How utterly stupid can these Biden people be? Or, is a manufactured crisis? Flip a coin. This is a totally fine mess, these illegals are gonna be lined up from the Mexican border to the south end of South America, we are talking millions upon millions. How is the brilliant Biden people be in taking care of them? Our country will be over run. Put all these border jumpers in Washington DC, right out on the freeway with tents.

  3. Everyone knows he’s a VERY sick minded person but no one cares….He shouldn’t be in charge of anything..I believe the worst is yet to come..Someone better do something..

    1. The 85 million who voted for Joe care.
      They did not think that Joe would be a great President.
      They thought he would be a better President.
      The bar was so low.

  4. The only way to abolish the democratic party is to overthrow the government by means of the Second Amendment. .

    1. The republicans have to join together and use some of the tactics that the dems use. They plan years ahead, follow pelosi’s memos to the period at the end of the sentence. Ever notice, when dems speak, they ALL say the same thing….along with the media!!! Get on the media, chose a new account to talk to each other..
      No twitter or facebook. Tell your republicans to grow a new pair and take back America!!! We do not want to live in the United Sttes of America!!!!

    1. How did Trump’s conquest of Stormy Daniels go?
      Did he get off in the old poop shoot?
      Was that extra?

  5. biden will go down as the worst president that ever lived in the White House. THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!

  6. What are children doing unaccompanied by adults??? That’s sex trafficking by Coyotes. No parents? Unacceptable.
    What are Republicans doing to stop this “Invasion”?
    Time to sue the Biden administration for destroying border security, enabling drug cartels, and increasing Covid-19 variant exposure, as well as exposing children to molestation and sex traffickers. There has to be a legal recourse to stop the madness immediately.

    1. Any legal way to stop this, we should ALL stand behind! I know people who love America will agree…Republicans get to work!!!

    2. The Republicans can do nothing.
      They lost the Presidency, the Senate and the House
      Now it is all up to the Democrats. .

  7. Biden does not know where he is let alone know what is going on around him. His handlers tell him what to do, he does it….right nance? Just a matter of time before he is gone.

  8. There’s room for all those illegals inside the fence that surrounds the Capitol building. Put a tarp over the entire fenced in area and they can stay there. Biden, Schumer, AOC, Talib, Pelosi,or any other open borders politicians who want to personally supply them with extra comforts or treats, or would like to invite them to their homes for dinner, have the perfect opportunity for them to show their “kindness” right there available to them. That would be such a perfect setup for Biden and his followers.

  9. Not really. We Americans are smart and value our freedom. Remember, 74 million honestly voted for Trump, biden got stuffed, wrtten dishonest votes…it will be proven!

  10. The coyotes are heading for the sheep. Are you going to stand by and
    watch the slaughter ? Or are you going to release the sheepdogs ?
    Are you a sheepdog or are you a sheep ? Are you organized to repel

    1. We are a country of 370 million.
      I don’t mind 100,000 Mexicans a year.
      Someone has to mow my lawn and change my kid’s shitty diapers.

  11. All this illegal alien immigration, there new gun grab and taking away of our basic freedoms as the American people, is going to lead to a “Second Civil War here with the American people in full revolt”!!!That is the real reason for the American troops remaining in Washington for the next two years, to protect the CHEATER Democrat Communist Party Mob leadership’s “asses from the wrath of we, the American people”!!!!! This truth will set us all free as the American people!!!!

  12. Anyone who suports Brain dead Biden, the first zombie POTUS, should be tried, convicted, and executed for treason.

  13. Suggest that you watch West Side Story & listen to the lyrics of the songs. Just remember that, “Everythings free in America, I want to be in America ” etc. So much for the 1960’s. NOW it’s 2021!


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