TRUMP VINDICATED: Judge Rules on Michigan Election Violation Claim

The White House from Washington, DC / Public domain

A Michigan judge has ruled that changes made to Michigan’s absentee ballots by Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson were done illegally.

This ruling vindicates President Trump’s claim made in a court filing by the campaign that Benson overstepped her authority and that move impacted voter signature verification on absentee ballots in the state.

According to Town Hall:

It’s too late now, but vindication came to one of the Trump campaign election violation claims lobbed after Election Day. The Michigan courts ruled that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson overstepped her authority when she issued unilateral changes for absentee ballots in the state. It all centered on voter signature verification. If she wanted to do that, she was going to have to get the state legislature’s approval. There was a reason why she didn’t pursue this route: Michigan’s state legislature is majority Republican. So, she took this for a spin, and it worked. The Trump campaign’s claim was vindicated, but the damage is done…

We all know Democrats play dirty. I think we underestimated how low they would go and didn’t plan for every possible scenario in that regard. We just have to swallow the defeat, but also learn to play dirtier when the time comes. Win at all costs—no matter what. This is a new era, folks. There are no media brownie points for being the so-called ‘better person.’ There’s no return on investment for being the good guy. No one cares about that anymore. This is politics. At some level, the American voter expects whoever is running on whatever ticket to be a little scummy. Yet, this ruling also brings into question whether Biden truly received over 80 million legal votes. I’m not so sure. I would heavily bet against that.

Breitbart originally reported:

A Michigan judge ruled last week Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) broke state law when she unilaterally issued rules related to absentee balloting, legitimizing a key claim made by the Trump campaign in its legal challenges to the 2020 election.

Benson issued several unilateral orders during the 2020 election including sending absentee ballot applications to all registered voters. She also issued “guidance” on how to evaluate absentee ballots, a move Michigan Court of Claims Chief Judge Christopher Murray held violated the state’s Administrative Procedures Act.

In the guidance, Benson said “slight similarities” in signatures on absentee ballots should lead a counter to decide “in favor of finding that the voter’s signature was valid.”

Murray ruled Benson violated the law “because the guidance issued by the Secretary of State on October 6, 2020, with respect to signature matching standards was issued in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act (APA).”

Genetski v. Benson, No. 20-… by Breitbart News

Michigan State Representative Matt Hall (R) who chaired the committee who held informal hearings on the matter stated: “I’m glad the court sees Secretary of State Benson’s attempts at lawmaking for what they are — clear violations of her authority… If she wants to make changes like these, she needs to work with the Legislature or properly promulgate them through the laws we have on the books — in this case, the Administrative Procedures Act.”

        1. bidens no more president than Akmed the dead terrorist is muslim although they both have someone manipulating what they say and do.

          1. The Democrat Party (DP) awaits and openly declares their dislike of the American way of life and has embraced socialism, humanism and a one World-Nation under the direction of the United Nations [the most corrupt organization in the world].
            The DP has gradually instilled socialism in America by taking over control of education of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Home schooling which has proven to be far superior too public schooling has to be silenced because the DP cannot control the minds of home schooled children.
            The public sector of bureaucrats (I don’t think anyone knows the number of them) has taken it upon themselves to rule outside of Congress and the Presidential laws through rules and regulations. They are greedy and unchecked and a burden on the American taxpayer.
            The  Department of Education is communistic and should be done away with.

            The Judicial Branch is so slow there needs to be a way to speed it up. The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) refused to rule on a nationwide election which could destroy their significance..

            If this SCOTUS doesn’t want to adjudicate election fraud they need to all resign. The American people only have them to stop blatant fraud in a nationwide election.

          2. They the DNC is Mafia run group and they use federal funding to run their operations and the poor and down trodden are duped every day they are office they have had years to master their craft and Trump finally caught them.

          3. Hiram Cooper
            Now apparently you know little to nothing about how courts operate. The very first thing is you do not take a claim of criminal wrong doing to a court you take it to law enforcement who investigates it and prefers charges through the District Attorney in a court. Now I am a lawyer according to my college degree and law license, but have never tried a case in a court, but have set on Jury’s and observed cases, and no judge in any court takes accusations which are not proven, so why would you expect them to do different for a President who stacked the court with Conservatives, apparently not knowing even judges have laws they must follow in procedure. Trump though that a court could just rule as it wishes and that is never the case, no matter how anyone feels about it.

          4. Judith Rousseau
            Please answer me one question. Where is there any proof of any large scale VOTER FRAUD, yes some of Trump supports want to keep this in the minds of everyone, when the fact is not one person assigned by their party to be involved in the election has said there is Voter Fraud in any way, now do you think they would not be the first to know and report it being they are there to represent their party and make sure none of what is accused actually happened. Now why is it that so many not involved in this 2020 election has made these stupid accusations.

          5. Well, it’s not really evidence…
            Biden is on tour the very first stop only had about 25 people, and some news crews. This isn’t exactly proof, but not knowing how unpopular a president is
            kinda worries me on your part.

        2. “Goofey” Joe Biden is not the President when his winning was gained by fraudulent methods. And, our courts should have the backbone to repair the damage now and teach that “cheating” has consequences!

        3. Biden is no more president than you are a-hole. He is a figure head for the deep state trying to destroy my country!!!!!

      1. you would think, I mean we were only electing the President of the US, not some local dog catcher

          1. Does not matter, Albert. What matters is that she broke the law. Of course, we all know you think just a few votes processed illegally is ok, as if a guy only made the woman a little pregnant does not count for paternity?

          2. Added with the votes in Mississippi and Arizona Trump actually should have got with the fraudulent ballots taken off of the Biden’s fake count as Trump stated on Election Night he won by a landslide, It is long past time to have the Supreme Court get off of their LAZY asses and hear ALL of Trumps voter Fraud cases and unseat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and immediately try them for TREASON under the UCMJ and execute them!!!!!

          3. Actually the entire Democratic party is responsible. Have a great idea. They want all these illegals start taxing them half their salaries to pay for them. Stop dumping on the middle class.

        1. If Dems had not broken the laws then nothing would have been filed in a court.

          You have just made the top of the list as a fecal smearer. The MI Supremes said his assertion of vote irregularities is true. Therefore you lie.

          Will you ever admit there was fraud or irregularities, whatever word you wish to use?

          1. He is a TROLL!! He makes his living off people like you that answer his outrageous CLAIMS!! He throws out OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS because he knows people get mad and answer him, and he sits back and makes money off it!! Better not to answer him at all.

          2. Biden said ” We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American Politics!”

    1. If Trump got 270 would there be any interest in her being arrested?
      If Trump got MI he would have 248.
      This is not about voter fraud.
      It is about being a sore loser.
      Whenever my kid loses a basketball game it is because the other team cheated…….

      1. Yes, Al, and now if the Pennsylvania court re-opens that same type case that the PA supreme court had no authority to change election laws, Trump would have won PA and that would bring his total to 268. Now then, it would be time to look at fraud in Nevada (+6 votes) and Arizona is now investigating Maricopa county along with Georgia’s Fulton county and Trump would be the winner by a long shot. Why don’t you explain to all of us how Trump’s popularity grew during those 4 years and he received almost 10 million more votes than he did in 2016, was ahead by more than 35 million at the end of election day and then loses by 5 million votes to a guy who stayed in his basement, didn’t campaign and can’t put a coherent paragraph together. Common sense tells you that something was wrong somewhere. But then, you’re a liberal. Liberals are devoid of common sense. Everything they do is according to how they “feel”.

    2. She broke the law intentionally with the intent that seems to be so important. But even so, you’ll be arrested before that filthy pig is. She should be hanged in front of her family….

    3. She should be punished to the full extent of the LAWS in the Constitution!!! Time for tyrants to be round up so this won’t and can’t happen anymore.

  1. Any penalty’s, loss of job or jail time.???
    Anything for collusion to change the vote count for a President? Anything?!!!!

    1. This is just more of the same. These folks are found guilty of a crime. They are scolded and told that they broke the law. Then the punishment is NONE. We are all told that it is too little too late, and move on. If this were a republican caught doing this, the democrats would DEMAND ACTION, CHARGES AND EVEN ARREST. But the republicans just say oh well, we should play dirtier next time I guess? That is precisely why the country is gone. The left ALWAYS GET AWAY WITH TEIR CRIMES, AND IT JUST ENCOURAGES THEM TO GET MORE DECEPTIVE AND EVIL THE NEXT TIME. SOOOO SADDDD!

        1. And look at the HORRIBLE MESS we have been dished out so far! ALL illegals, lockdowns, loss of jobs, kids out of schools………………..Sorry I blame the supremes for NOT HEARING ALL the information that proved the FRAUD!

        2. Yup.
          The majority stole it.
          That is how democratic elections work.
          Putin always wins by a landslide.
          He knows the outcome months before the election.
          His supporters have loyalty to die for.

          1. And those who oppose him die the communistic method. You are smart to vote the communistic way. Stay well and vote to end America!

          1. Yes, keep those scared Democrats behind razor wire so they can’t spread their twisted idea’s into the American Culture.

        1. Nobody likes theives. The election was stolen. You know it, we all know it. And now the demcrats are in the process of destroying America forever. YET, irronically so many want to still come to the USA, because it was the greatest country in the world. They want to come here to create a life for themselves and be independant. And the the dems want to control everybody and everything. Take away the workers money and then cream half of the money and line their own pockets, and then redistribute the rest back to those same poor workers as though it is some kind of gift from Uncle Sam. And why these dems want to destroy it all for abosolute power is shamfull.

      1. I agree. We need to study the candidates and try our best to pick the best one instead of just going with the old “party line”. We need to infuse the Republican side of the aisle with new blood, and new backbone. I’m so sick of them just rolling over and playing dead, instead of fighting for US, the people who put them in office.

        1. You mean like the one who was unjustly thrown out of office so a puppet who can only say what he is told to say by his handlers so they can destroy America> You mean that one…the one we had????

        1. No…it’s not weakness. Trump tried every resource he could to right the wrong of the ‘election’…but all the courts delivered a very liberal decision…I cannot think of one judge who upheld Trumps claim altho we all knew he was right. Where can one go when the courts are as deaf and unjust as the rest of the socialist party?? NO one, not one, heard his claim and acted on it…not one. They all just caved and let the destructive outcome stand. Even his so-called friends turned on him. Were they all threatened by the Clinton cartel if they tried to help Trump??? The clinton hit list is getting long and longer…..

      1. Albert, you already said this once. Must we read you repeating yourself, or is a new thought actually too hard for you? Did you miss your morning talking point email from the kindergarten director?

  2. Violations? Exceeded authority? Excuse me, but this is election fraud? She needs to be impeached, resign and be tried in a court of law.

    Too late? Election tampering?!

      1. Joe, she needs to be removed…We need to start making examples of these “elite” ones in positions of authority, otherwise they’re given permission for “anything goes”!! The people of her state must insist she be removed!

        1. I might be wrong, but I think what Joe meant was that Impeachment is only accusing. We need to do MORE to these people. Take them through a trial and make them do jail time.

          1. Yes, now America is the great loser, thanks to those who voted Biden. Who did you vote for? America or the destruction of America?

    1. Nothing will be done she is a democrat and nothing ever gets done to them. They should all be arrested and jailed so the country can get back to normal.

    2. this is like discovering somebody committed a murder, but you know it happened couple of months ago so lets move on: Bet you if it was the Dem’s they be calling for a recall or redo, hell aren’t they still arguing about some house race in New York

  3. When an elected official is weaponized against the law and the Citizens, it IS Domestic Terrorism..
    We the People need to call it what it truly is, and charge, convict, and punish those who are involved to the full extent of the law.
    In a civilized Constitutional Republic, these acts can NOT be permitted.

    1. SOOOOO lets get joe and hoe out! It was all a fraud and now WE the People are paying for it and punished! To all you rats who voted or help cheat this election! You will suffer also, and I hope you don’t sleep well at night! And are OUT of jobs like the millions of others are! Oh and the pig is trying to turn the vote in NY around! Even change the count around that says the rat lost. BOY I thought CA was bad! GAG GAG BARF!

    1. heaven forbid we actually get the correct results, I mean its only for the Presidency : Republicans = gutless

    1. yup you can be smarter, but what do you do when our Republicans are getting bent over, and just taking it. This same nonsense happened to the Republicans in the mid terms of 2018. How many Republicans were called winners on election night, only to have their wins over turned 3 weeks later as the needed ballots continue to come in, amazingly only in Democratic control precincts

      1. Only weak people get bent over.
        Weak people love to take it.
        Trump is weak.
        The strongest man in the world is in the White House.

        1. Lolololol that’s rich dementia Joe , the
          Only satisfaction that will come of this sham, is the voters who voted for Biden will suffer the same fate as us Trump
          supporters, it will land the pile of S#%t on both sides of the voters all will suffer equally , and it will be a hard lesson for the libs who chose to listen to the lies and fall for BS of their party, so we will not suffer alone for the next 4 years and we know, you all are in for a great letdown and suffering in years to come till every one sees the light, and will #walk away from the mafia party. We will wait till 2024 and we will fight the good fight and many of your Democrat friends will be joining, they just took a wrong turn on the road when they start hitting deeper and damaging pot holes they will turn around in their thinking.

    2. We should judge righteous judgement as the Bible says. What is a righteous judgement for treason against the United States?

  4. How convenient. It’s too late now?????? Considering the condition of Biden’s mind and the FACT Kamala is not eligible to take his place, according to the law, this is a HUGE problem and should be rectified.

  5. If a student in college is found guilty of cheating on a critical test, what happens to him/her? Typically, they are dismissed from the school or in best case they would have to take a different test with constant vigilance. Why does this article state “now it’s too late?” It is not too late to correct something of this magnitude! Why isn’t anyone talking about “the elephant in the room”? Fear, perhaps? Donald Trump has demonstrated that fear paralysis people which is what so many Americans (the sheeple, if you wish), are experiencing. Everyone is talking about 2024 when in fact, the change MUST occur NOW! At this rate, by 2024, we’ll be in a “Hunger Games” scenario!

    1. The Democrat and RINO bums need to be tossed out and Trump installed as the rightful winner of the election! Where are our leaders with the spheroids to face up to their responsibility and do the right thing!

      1. The Democrats and the RINOs are 60% of the voters.
        They tossed Trump out.
        They are the one’s with ginormus testicles.

    2. It should be a NO BRAINER, look at the mess and all the E/O s that have hurt so many AMERICANS! joe and hoe gotta go!

  6. So they cheated after all and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. In the good old days, officials would face a veritable army of angry men and women brandishing sharp pitchforks and blazing torches. I guess our great nation is all grown up now.

      1. They are carried away down the corridor on a conveyor belt in extreme comfort past murals depicting mediterranean scenes towards the rotating knives.

    1. If there is anything that can be done, certainly President Trump can do it. He has the brains, the resources and the support. The United States is beginning to look like the third world countries, where there is no law and there are no consequences. Biden is a first-class idiot. You know and I know that Kama-Llama will be running the country. Hunker down folks, the worst is yet to come.

    2. wait a minute the DOJ and the FBI should be called in, oh wait they were, but they were to busy hiding Biden’s laptop, and chasing garage ropes, and basically watching it all unfolded, as Jabba the Hut Barr, sat on his fat ass, while Durham was doing his European vacation running out the clock.

  7. I disagree with the phrase, “Win at all cost.” If we cheat like they do, we are no better than them. We must find ways to counter their cheating, prevent it, by planning ahead and considering all possibilities. To get ahead of it we must think of the second and third order effects of all our possible actions, be willing to face consequences with truth. We must be squeaky clean, but tough and resolute.

    1. You are partially right in your rebuttal as far as finding second third and fourth ways to counter their offensive but the most important issue is remaining steadfastly set on countering everything they do. It’s not good enough just to have a plan in place you must take action and the action has to be designed to win at all cost.
      We can never let this travesty of Justice go on unanswered or be repeated again.

      1. Win at all cost?
        Blood running in the streets?
        Your daughter’s severed head is not too much sacrifice?

    2. This whole mess must be overturned. Biden will not be running the country. It will be run by the bitch Kama llama. Mark my words.

      1. Thought. piggy will find dirt on the hoe and get her dumped and take over herself! She has always thought herself as pres. And as I have heard there is lots of dirt on the hoe! Think that might have been her plan all along? She needs to go also

        1. Trump did win by a huge amount of Legitimate votes, Albert you are good at distracting away from Bidens errors and mistakes and problems and faults, etc.

  8. Benson and Whitmer are elitists all the way. Yuck!! You should have seen how Whitmer dolled herself up in faux leather with hair and make up done to tell restaurant workers they can’t work on round 2 of her shutdown. I don’t know where the heck they came from but God help Michigan

  9. So-o-o, What charges will be placed upon her & what time will she serve? These corrupt people need to be charged & receive grave punishment for their acts!

  10. So they tell us , ” Oh well”. Then fence in the Capital to protect them from so called Terrorists. The Democrats are the Terrorists.

    1. Me thinks they are REALLY afraid of WE the People what with all the evil BS they are dishing OUT! (bo and piggy planning and calling the shots? joe is a puppet on a string and the hoe is doing us dirt and hurt!

    2. Smearing your fecal matter is bio terrisom.
      You can die from eating that crap.
      Especially if it has maggots.

  11. Just as the Dems said that Trump was illegitimate It has now been proven in Michigan that Biden is truly an illegitimate president.

  12. As this report says, “We all know Democrats play dirty. I think we underestimated how low they would go and didn’t plan for every possible scenario in that regard. We just have to swallow the defeat, but also learn to play dirtier when the time comes. Win at all costs—no matter what. This is a new era, folks. There are no media brownie points for being the so-called ‘better person.” I’m sick & tired of being the “NICE GUYS” 

    1. Never ever swallow defeat.
      That is what weaklings do.
      Hillary swallowed and look at what happened to her.

  13. Didn’t the same thing happen in PA when the secretary of State made voter rule changes and bypassed the State Legislature.?

  14. No, I disagree..we DON’T have to swallow the defeat. With the election changes Congress is making..there will NEVER be another sort of fair election..ever…and we WILL devolve into a 3rd world nightmare.

  15. Well hells-bells and puppy dog tails, I have been screaming for untold years about the “dirty Dems” and their scummy election tactics and crooked politics! Someone has finally realized the Dems will do anything to anyone, anytime to achieve their goal!
    Will this ruling finally convince spineless cojoneless Republicans in Congress that “naive nice guys” finish LAST, it’s doubtful! We don’t need to become as slimy as the Dems, we need to be smarter than they are and shut them and their dirty tactics down, close all their loopholes and ability to participate in voter fraud of any kind. We will have to take back the House and Senate in order to make laws to stop and punish those caught doing illegal corrupt criminal things aka voter fraud, etc.! People need to do some hard time…..that is a much better attention getter than a slap on the wrist or a censure……RIGHT!

  16. Just one of hundreds of proofs of vote fraud and a stolen election! “It’s to late now, we have to move on?” Why? This shouldn’t be allowed to stand. Remove the fake president now and inaugurate our actual president, President Trump! These criminals from Biden/Harris on down need to be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned. The survival of our Republic depends on it!

    1. LOOK at all the evil that joe has been told to pass. Blank E/O s for him to sign and whom ever write s what its about? OUR COUNTRY and WE the People deserve better! Please people look around you and see all those that are suffering! Add to that all the illegals he is letting in! I SAY FIRST BLOOD FROM MS 13 SHOULD BE ON ALL THE THE RATS HANDS! THAT GOES FOR ANY ILLEGALS CRIMES! WE ALL SEEM TO BE HAPPY LAST YEAR, AND THIS YEAR WITH ALL THE MASKS AND RULES SOOOOO SAD AND MAD!

    1. Maybe a military loyal to the Constitution will go in and remove them! But who is brave enough to give the order?


  17. Too late on this ruling? Are you kidding me! Absolute voter fraud on a massive level in many many states – not just the swing states. Trump won in a landslide the popular and electoral vote. The fraud came in 4 HUGE areas: 1) The electronic voting machines used in 28 states who used those machines 2) The software in ALL voting machines nationwide with manufacturing in foreign countries of the machines and internet back door tie in, algorithm changes VERY easily done 3) Registering massive numbers of ineligible voters breaking all state laws/rules and allowing many of those ballots if a Biden “vote” to run through 4-6 times so as to count as multiple votes from the same person – illegal, dead and more. That is the WHY more folks in many areas showed voted than were actually registerd on the voting roles. This IS Impossible of course and 100% much less 125% to 200% turn out again impossible without massive fraud and collusion on many levels. 4) Finally justice? Are you kidding me, or anyone else who has a smidgen of brains and sense??? Our FBI, DOJ, CIA and many more “security” agencies worked hand in glove with the previous folks, state reps and electronic machine companies to make sure what our government has done for years overseas – that is being right in the middle of regime change and to elect someone we (America) think we can control.That MASSIVE fraud has been done through the electronic voting machines and the smartmatic software. Heck we helped develop it to use in foreign election interference against candidates we felt like we could not control. Of course the average voters in these countries knew it was all a “charade” their “Vote”. Now that has happened for the first time in America history and As a result tens of millions of Americans (including actual Biden voters) know the sanctity of our vote in America is as bad and worse than a 3rd world CIA run country. Frankly what happened here on Nov 3 2020. Only 7 Senate Republicans were willing to go to bat to stop the fraud, then out of those 7 more dropped out (after Jan 6) and did not have the guts to step up to the plate (Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee for instance. Big talker and NO doer!). Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz at least made a cursory pass at not allowing this to stand. Now it is very simple WHY would any American vote? WHY WHY WHY? The folks who for years have never voted for various reasons including “my vote does not make a difference” folks it seems were absolutely correct. I will not give the RNC a penny – Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Rona McDaniel, most reps and most Senators used” Jan 6 so called capital attack to go hide. In fact many of them blamed Trump. Anyone watching seriously knew that for the most part Trump supporters very law abiding. The issues came from Antifa, BLM, other Soros operated and controlled groups, and Pelosi and McConnell colluding not to provide the extra security Trump had requested in National guard (10000) before the event as he knew 250-500K people would be there. Laughing, it was a HUGE event! Pelosi and McConnell both wanted a false flag event (they got it) so they hoped they could get Americans minds off what had just happened – what had happened was 80 million Trump voters were disenfranchised of their votes due to this massive fraud and collusion. Meanwhile there were other down ballot Republican candidates that actually won like Trump actually did that now “lost” due to the jiggering on all the Trump votes. This was one more reason they had to stop the vote counting election night in PA, Wis, GA, and other states as they could not “back fill” near enough Biden “votes” to overcome the Trump wave. As regards most courts not hearing any of these cases it is only fear and agendas on their part. Most of these courts including Supreme have refused to look. Basically I see no evil, I hear no evil, and I speak no evil. Once more gutless and ALL mentioned have violated their oaths to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Here the attack was both! A detailed report has been put together (270 pages) by Sidney Powell very accomplished (can not be bought) attorney. Also Peter Navarros 2 reports with a big picture over view shows the massive fraud as well. Of course all has been buried if you get your news only from CNN, MSNBC, Fox etc. Newsmax and OAN have hit on some of it. Until it changes I recommend all aggresively let your Rep and Senators know you KNOW and ARE holding them accountable for doing nothing!

    1. I too have stopped donations to the RNC. Feel bad for the one’s that are trying, but as I wrote to them, “do your job. My chump change will not make a difference.” There are so many RINOS it is disgusting. Fox news anchor Lawrence Jones asked a Republican senator a very direct question yesterday and she in turn put a spin on it, and in so doing, did not answer the question.

  18. Okay what now, clear violation, also why were votes counted after Tuesday election day, US law and the Constitution are clear on this matter: President and Vice President are elected on the First Tuesday in November every four years. So explained how votes were being counted at 3AM on the Wednesday morning following that Tuesday. How were their votes being counted 3 weeks after that Tuesday, none of them should have counted. Also is this person going to prison, and being heavily fine ?

  19. This election was such a farce. Biden should be kicked out, put in jail along all his cronies & Trump, the rightful President installed. Talk about a corrupt 3rd world country. This country is destroyed by communist democrats.

  20. With all of these violations and the mass influx at the borders all against the authority that was stablished prior is an insult to honest Americans who have depended upon the laws to protect families. Isn’t this grounds for impeachment before he turns our kids into communist?

  21. When conservatives take control of the government again, we need to pass laws that prohibit people from ever holding a public office again if they are caught break any voting laws. We know she won’t do time, but people who willfully and unlawfully influence rig elections, should never be allowed to hold a public office again (elected or appointed).

  22. Speaking of election fraud, how are things going in Arizona? Shredded ballots? No evidence of election fraud? RIGHT.

  23. This was just 1 of many such constitutional violations during the 2020 election. All opened the door for many fake ballots and voter fraud.

  24. OK a Judge ruled she violated the Law. Same as being found guilty? Of What? Penalty? There never is one for Gov officials who break the Law. This is a big problem and why they choose to break laws intended to keep them honest. This needs to stop.

  25. All Michigan DEMOCRAPS need to be arrested and the validation needs to be reversed. The Supreme Court needs to invalidate all of JOKING JOE’S Executive orders and put the true president in. DONALD TRUMP.

  26. Trump should sue the state of Michigan…they let it ride…Michigan AG let it ride. She should lose her job and see if you can sue her as well. Trump was harmed by her illegal actions and putting her to the grindstone, she will sing as to who put her up to it.

  27. I did not see where she was ARRESTED, as she SHOULD have been!! Isn’t VOTER FRAUD considered TREASON???

  28. If this result stands we will never have another free and fair election in this country. Who cares about 2024. By then it will be too late.

  29. What do you mean it is too late, the people should demand that all the states be audited and machines checked, this has gone without even being investigated in several states that evidence has been presented of fraud, They Broke the Damn LAW, no one should be allowed to do this without being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the LAW PERIOD, I for one am damn tired of this, they break the law and do not even get their hands slapped, you try it and see where you go!!!

  30. LISTEN UP….PREZ TRUMP Won 105 MILLION LEGAL VOTES…includes SWITCHED and TRASHED VOTES. ACTUALLY 104 MILLION Something. GOD gave it to Me to the Nearest Round Figure..So I Could R EMEMBER it. GOD is NOT a LIAR. HE is the TRUTH. From SamuraiQueen…GOD’S ADOPTED DAUGHTER…Forever. 😄😄😄

  31. She should be glad I’m not the judge in that case I would force her to literally get on her knees and kiss the ass of every single person who voted for Trump in that county, then put her in jail for at least 10 years without the possibility of parole or any type of early release! then 10 years probation where she can only volunteer at homeless shelters and food banks! All while carrying a sign stating I tried my hardest to steal the rights of all US Citizens!

  32. Now, that the truth is being revealed, the law must be followed and the damage corrected with everyone, everyone who is compromised to pay the price of the law. This business that “it is too late” doesn’t fly well with me or anyone else. An election has been stolen and reparation is in order. Just because the Democrats’ kniving, lying, fraudulent methods were used to “STEAL THE ELECTION” WE THE PEOPLE CANNOT let them get away with it and have the true winner recognized NOW, not wait for the next time!

  33. Too little too late. The WEAK repubs rolled over and played dead allowing the clock to run out, handing the demonKKKrats ill gotten wins.

    Most of the repubs are card-carrying members of the UniParty and, as such, NOTHING is likely to change in the future.

    Trump just caught these crooks off guard in 2016, so they ALL spent the next 4 years planning the coup.

  34. Trump lost MI.
    What are the chances of twelve MI jurors sending these people to jail?
    You people live in Fantasy Land, Mar-A-Lago.

  35. Are the disputed votes enough to overturn the MI Presidential results?
    If not this just sore loser piffle.

  36. I don’t understand why it’s too late to fix this bloody election. With even more proof coming to light to prove what the dems did was wrong and illegal why can’t we have a “do over” and get rid of the cheaters once and for all before our country is destroyed by those idiots. President Trump is the true President.

  37. Unfortunately, the ONLY redress possible, with our system, it through the courts. Since the democrat’s have been successful in keeping the courts OUT of the election scam, nothing has been done. In the few cases which have been pursued, fraud HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED. The REAL question is yet to be answered — “If” there was no fraud, why are the democrat’s so opposed to wide scale review?????

  38. When fraud and other illegal measures are used to steal an election the perpetrators must not win after being caught. The election must be reversed and the rightful winner needs to be installed into that office. Don’t let the criminals win. Throw them out!


    1. This shows that VP Pence was an accessory to breaking the law/violating the Constitution.
      Under the Law – ignorance of the law is not an excuse

  40. The Republicans do not hve to swallow defeat. These Michigan illegal votes need to be thrown out as does those in the other 5 states. One prominent businessman has proven voter fraud in the six state. The Republicans need to go with this and try to get a illegal votes thrown out and make recounts in those states. it would take a long time, but coud be done.If nothing is done the same will happen in 2022.

  41. When people play dirty to steal an election for Marxist/Fascists and they play for keeps – you have to remove them from society, via jail or permanent alternatives because they are coming for you next.

  42. Time for the Pentagon to step up and have the military take control and arrest the fraudulent people who did this.

  43. “These are the things you are to do: Speak the truth to one another, render true and perfect justice in your gates. And do not contrive evil against one another, and do not love perjury, because all those are things that I hate — declares the Lord,”

  44. Like so many of us have been saying; this last election was a farce and a fraud, the people now occupying the WH should not be there but should be behind bars, and not the kind that serves liquor!

  45. Who says it is too late to do anything about it. This woman should be arrested for cheatng on a national election & [rosecuted to the fullest, as should all of those who followed her illegal instructions on cheating on a national election that affects all 50 statesl Every regostered vpter who did not cheat to vote has a legal standing to prosecut4e these who deliberately broke national voting laws to steal this election.

    Would anyone agree that a bank robber who didn’t get exposed for their theft until months after their theft should escape any punishment and also get to keep the money he stole. HN – we would all be saying prosecute the bank robber/s and return everything the robber/s stole.


  46. Why is the capitol fenced in barbwire with massive troops? Is it because they know they are there illegally?

  47. Why are all these abuses coming out several months after the election, when it’ll do no good to get Trump where he deserves, in the oval office.

  48. So did the judge declare the results of the election in Michigan invalid and did she order the offender taken into custody and charged with the crime?

  49. Just the FIRST step in a long legal battle, and the judge did not in his ruling say anyone broke the law, as per say. Now anyone can take it any way they like but a complete investigation must be done, before a final decision is made in any court.

  50. Yawn. She’s a kommiecrat?
    Forget about it. Ain’t nuthin gonna happen to a kommiecrat, no matter what the crime, except if you are useless to them, like Cuomo.

  51. She needs to be arrested and removed from her position. What she did is illegal! Everyone should write Michigan and demand this NOW!

  52. What an interesting “after the fact” decision. Additional proof that there were monumental problems during the election that no judge would look at because ” the suits had no standing.” Fraud can be accepted if the initiator has “no standing.”

  53. If you play dirtier then the Dems you are going under them deeper in the hole , no better then they. One day, they will reap the seed they sowed . Any law abiding person should back out of the dems party and go Repups.Stay clean!


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