Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Bills to Fire Fauci, Ban vaccine Passports

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

Pro-Trump Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced two pieces of legislation that would eradicate Dr. Fauci’s salary as well as ban Biden’s proposed vaccine passports. Greene’s “Fire Fauci Act” seeks to cut Fauci’s salary until a new director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is confirmed.

The Hill reports:

According to the conservative firebrand, the cut would be made until a new director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is “confirmed by the Senate.” However, the NIAID director’s appointment is not subject to Senate confirmation.

The “We Will Not Comply Act” would “ban” vaccine passports — documents that show that Americans have been vaccinated — by prohibiting businesses engaged in interstate commerce from using them to allow patrons to access their services.

Neither bill is expected to pass the Democratic-controlled House and Senate, but the legislation marks an escalation of Greene’s criticism of the federal guidance regarding the pandemic.

Greene, who has already faced backlash for a slew of controversial remarks and support for conspiracy theories, has garnered new pushback over her criticism of health guidelines, which detractors say could curtail Americans’ trust in public guidance on the virus.

Rep. Greene is only the latest lawmaker to voice her outrage over the proposed vaccine passports. Recently, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blasted the Biden administration for the idea and urged his state’s legislature to pass a law banning the passports.

      1. Fauci is worse than a phony….he is a diabolical power hungry *****. It is not only the way that he handled covid, (including promoting his drug remdesivir most likely for financial gain….or perhaps as part of a bigger scheme to cause chaos in America, these shutdowns, and get Biden elected through mail in ballots that have fraud written all over them) but also the way he handled the AIDS situation in the 1980’s, causing many AIDS patients to die from Pneumocystis pneumonia – preventing the physicians from treating their patients with the antibiotic Bactrim….because it hadn’t been specifically tested – his double blind study – for the pneumonia. Today, Bactrim is the drug of choice for that pneumonia. At the time in the 80’s Bactrim was an approved antibiotic (as it still is today). Physicians regularly, on a daily basis, prescribe approved medicines for situations that don’t always respond to other treatments, even though the medicine has not been approved for the specific situation….it is called ‘off label’ use.

      2. You know the government is just using Cov-19 and racism to cover up all the other crap that they are doing. Biden and Harris and Schummer are hell bent on destroying America and it’s freedom that so many men and women died for ! We as American have to find a way to stop them. They speak with a fork tongue and can’t be trusted !!!!

      3. He’s not just a phony, he is partially responsible for this covid virus anyway. He’s the one who sent the research to China because it was too risky to work on in the states. But he’s not being held responsible.

          1. You are correct. I watched a video telling the inside story of Fauci and his connection to this virus. And yes I truly believe it was done purposely to but Biden in office. A reason for people to vote the way they did, illegally.

  1. Will this have any traction at all? A hearing on his connections with the Chinese friends and connections with the Chinese on WHO may be of interest

  2. A bill to stop paying Fauci is stupid and violates the separation of powers concept. A bill to outlaw vaccine passports and prohibit their use by businesses engaged in interstate commerce is well worth considering. It would prevent unnecessary lawsuits to show that denying someone service because they do not have a vaccine passport is clearly unconstitutional.

    1. Hey comrade..Stalin, Hitler and Mao would love you…papers please….unless you’re an illegal…..stop drinking the Koolaid…check our Dr Ryan Cole….he’d be MUCH better in that role and not getting the kickbacks that fauci is….and he’s actually board certified as an infectious disease MD and immunologist!

    2. Lets discuss how the American people were manipulated, deceived, and denied their freedoms for over a year, including going to school, and not being able to go to work or open their restaurants.

      1. All of this is just the START of their control !!! Soon we will have no say in our life about anything ! They have NO right to control anyone. WE AMERICAN’S PAY THEIR SALARY …. WE SHOULD BE THE ONE’S TELLING THEM WHAT WE WANT !

    3. Hey MikeyW, separation of powers only applies to “Elected Officials” In those government branches. He or the new CDC Director are not appointed like Supreme Court justices or elected like politicians. They are nominated with no need for senate approval, so basically “hired” to accept the role and position. The CDC Director is NOT an elected official nor appointed. So, basically he or she can get fired at any time. On the Passports, 100% illegal!!! Just like the masks! ILLEGAL!! There is no LAW mandating citizens to wear masks, and it is unlawful to mandate the population to carry a passport to show you were given a vaccine so you can have access to even the basic essentials to live. That is the most discriminatory thing I’ve ever heard of!! You know when was the last time someone was mandated to carry something to prove or identify a particular attribute for someone? Nazi Germany!! So, if you think there is nothing wrong with needed a document to go and by bread, then you are more far gone than we all in this chain think!! So go ahead and put yourself into that category, be my guest!!! Don’t ask or try to shame the rest of us into complying to an illegal law just because you’re spineless!!!

      1. Your words need to be on page one of every newspaper and quoted by every TV and radio news worldwide. I salute you sir. Semper Fie.

  3. Good for Representative. Marjorie Taylor Greene. She has more brains and guts than all the other political hacks in Congress.

  4. Lets go ! We are frustrated to death by the useless RINOS . Get this passed or we are staying home in 22

    1. Talked about we don’t need that Marjorie Miller in there well let me tell you something we don’t need pedophile JoJo in there either or Harris so y’all better like open up your damn eyes because you guys are all expecting something that’s not going to happen okay they’re nothing but liars every single one of them Democrats Joe Biden shouldn’t even be in there the 2020 election ain’t nothing but a fraud ain’t nobody going to sit in their damn basement for 7 and 1/2 months and get 85 million votes ain’t no way in hell no way that election was rigged everybody knows it y’all are about this dr. Fucci if you hadn’t been listening to the news they’ve already pulled one of them vaccines because it causes strokes and I’m sorry but smart people aren’t going to get that damned if vaccination cuz I sure the hell ain’t you people need to really open up your damn eyes because it’s going to start getting really bad here soon

      1. Now the Government is talking about a 4th vaccine for the NEW variant of Cov-19. NO ONE SHOULD THAT THE 4th…they are just using all of this to control people. Who knows what will be added to that vaccine? I don’t trust any of them.

    2. Sorry, we need someone like her that stands up for us! Others are like dump sheep and follow without checking things out.

    3. Who the H311 are you!! She’s one of the best in our government. We need more like her to tell it like it really is.

  5. Great idea, however there is to much scum in congess for this to go anywhere. Just another reason for term limits.

  6. Watch the establishment not support this bill.
    Vaccine passports SHOULDN’T even be up for any consideration. My body, my decision to vaccinate or not. This is where we find ourselves today. Shameful!

  7. He should have been fired the first time the he said masks were not needed. However, firing him would have been one more reason the socialist communists Democrats would have used to impeach President Trump.


  8. I want you people to tell me right now why is it okay for Harris not only to be in the Senate but the VP she’s not supposed to be still on the Senate if she is the VP of the United States you can only hold 1 spot in the United States you’re either a senate or your vice president or president she cannot hold both

      1. From I’ve seen from afar, Newsom is the biggest Dumbass of them all. All those fires in Ca. have only one cause, Santa Anna winds.

    1. I agree, I found out last March what a crook he was, I even wrote Trump about it. He should of listened, I’m sure he knew something was wrong with him.

  9. Thank you, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. There are some of us that choose not to take the vaccine because of health problems which the companies of the vaccine suggested not to. I had a violent reaction to one vaccine that could have been deadly and then I have tried two different vaccines for other diseases with reaction and could not finish second shot for those so why would I try this vaccine that could cause much more violent reaction? Why are our rights being taken way by our leadership when they do not know medicine and reaction and health of people? On the one vaccine I took I was the first to react to it and now there has been another person. To pass a law of not allowed to travel overseas and I heard state to state is ridiculous. To make babies and children take it is to me another problem. They do not know side effects and what it can cause further down the line of a persons health. Our bodies build up immune systems when we don’t constantly take all these vaccines and shots. Is this a way to weed out older people and possibly those that have immune problems/heart problems already?

  10. If they allow all these people from all over the world (yes, the world) to come through our southern border without testing and then ship them all over this country and not have a problem with that in a so-called pandemic, then what does it matter that some of us decide not to get their experimental so-called vaccine? They aren’t really vaccines because of how they react in the human cell if you look up the definition of a vaccine and only God knows what the repercussions are long-term because they certainly don’t due to not being tested long enough to have any idea. The only way they can know is to guess or speculate which isn’t very scientific, is it? This whole scenario from the beginning of Covid-19 to the election to what Biden has done to this country since being inaugurated is so surreal that you can’t help but being very, very skeptical about everything this government does these days. It all started when Donald J. Trump walked down the escalator, the Left panicked and all hell broke loose because he wasn’t part of the “Club” and that upset the Dems and New World Order’s apple cart. They didn’t know what to do except unleash everything they had in their arsenal, but soon threw in the kitchen sink just in case. We are in a civil war whether we admit it or not. It’s just not the actual blood and guts one we fought 160 years ago due to the weapons that are available now versus then. I hope it doesn’t get to the “then” part, but only God knows the beginning from the end. God bless the United States of America that was founded with His providence and “we the people” pray for His guidance and strength through it all.

  11. Public trust???? Wtf . You wanna how to tell when they are lying? Their mouths are moving. The only public trusting them are the idiots who can’t think for themselves or are just too lazy to think.

  12. Fauci financially benefits from every vaccination done and the U.S. pays him over $450,000 a year for his services. He obviously has a conflict of interest and should be fired. He also is a satanist. He has no place in our government. He and Bill Gates have teamed up to de-populate the earth. That means that 13 our of every 14 people will be eliminated if not by the viruses, then by the gene therapy Fauci is passing off as a vaccine.

    1. Many women in Africa have gotten the vaccine and are now sterile and will never have babies because of the vaccine . Was something else put into those vaccines to cut the population there ? Who do these people think they are ? Only God should make that choice…not Bill G. or anyone else.

  13. MTG is not controversial. She is an outstanding legislator and shows courage that few can match. Very. Few.

    1. Go Marjorie, go! The majority of us MAGA people are with you! You and your fellow compatriots are in our prayers. Don’t get discouraged.

    1. After the”Retraining Camps”We will all be the proud owners of our very own Microchips, they will probably try to determine our sex, post-birth! I’ve really tried to be an optimist for the most part. I have a very strong feeling the Radical Liberal Left is in for a rude awakening sooner than later. I believe the Democrat Party will implode before the 22 Midterms

  14. Great idea margie. Only add language that stipulates that dumbocraps MUST wear clown suits.
    Just to make them appear friendly.

  15. I’m 100 percent supportive of congresswoman Green. She’s the best representative we have in Congress.

    1. Talk about open stupidity. Bet you think Gulags are Spas? Bernie Bros do. 18 million died in those Gulags. Woke? Prove that there is physically more than two genders? Racism? Isn’t calling whites racists racism? Isn’t allowing murderers loose dangerous? What in hell’s name are you empty brain stooges thinking? OOPS you don’t think do you?

  16. Kick this china,radical, phony, to the curb, and take away that outrageous salary he some how gets. He has caused more harm than he’s worth,see ya faux.

  17. But if you want to accomplish this effort you can’t do it with this woman after she has already been trashed as a kook and she apologized publicly for her “kookiness”. You can’t apologize and then expect to be taken seriously.

  18. You go Representative Greene! I know these bills will be defeated by the demoncrat party because they want to control /destroy America and Americans.

    But I sooooo respect your “Moxie” Rep Greene!! You just keep coming at those clueless demonic demoncrats no matter what they throw at you!! You go girl!! Show the dems that they are no match for a Conservative Lady much more intelligent and courageous than any detestable demoncrat!

  19. Good for her for taking a stand for truth and calling out those who have mislead. Dr. Fauci has totally led this country astray on his so called scientific facts that did not add up about the virus, the numbers, or the mask wearing.

  20. I agree Fauci should be fired or reassigned. The mask mandate, even after receiving the vaccine makes no sense when the vaccines are shown to be effective against other varieties of the virus. He was a failure in preparing the U.S. for the pandemic. He too readily accepted China’s and the WHO’S explanation of the origin of the virus, and the complete shutdown /partial shutdowns were unnecessary and unprecedented. Covid 19 passports smack of authoritarian and tyrannical governments. It would be as if we were required to show a certificate to insurance companies that we didn’t smoke in order to get life or medical insurance.

  21. What do you attempt to denigrate conservatives with remark that they ‘Support Conspiracy Theories” perhaps you are closet leftit or liberals?
    You have laws in Title 18 use to charge and imprison people for Conspiracy to commit crimes. Hundred perhaps thousand are convicted of Conspiracies every year. Each case in court starts with the DA explaining the “Conspiracy Theory” behind the prosecutions case.
    Then you use the term “Conpsiracy theory” as if the dont exist.
    What a naive journalist you are.

  22. Congress woman Greene is a true patriot and we need more people in government like her to combat the Communists that now invade the swamp. It’s time for the people to rise up and bombard their representatives with communications that they will not tolerate vaccine passports and other infringements on their personal liberties. This pandemic was politically motivated and the lock downs used as a means of control. If this pandemic were really based on science then none of these procedures initiated to halt the spread of the virus would have been necessary, since the virus has a 98% cure success rate without a vaccine.

  23. Betty agrees with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. He changes his mind on the virus situation more than I change my underwear, which is every day.

  24. Good luck getting that past Pelosi and Schumer. I fit does Joe will veto it and there isn’t enough to override. Just a big show.

  25. I applaud Representative Greene and it is a brave symbolic gesture. But unfortunately it will go no where in the democrat controlled Congress.

  26. There are folks who are best advised NOT to receive a vaccine, such as those severely allergic. What about ‘my body, my choice?’ Amanda the Hollywood Conservative said it best: ‘Why should I receive a vaccine which is 67% effective against a virus which is 99% recoverable?’ (or words to that effect) Also, I have reasons NOT to trust the brand spanking new mRNA ‘therapy’ hypothesis and I want to wait to observe its long-term effects.

  27. Fauci was a roomate of Gates at Cornell U. ,Fauci was a first CEO of Moderna decades ago, Moderna was owned by Soros – much more !!

  28. UN Agenda 21 – “Stop the crime ,net ” ,”Silent weapons for quiet wars” , “Taketheredpill .net ” also David Icke ,Dr. Robert Young , Tom Montalk – for refreshing goose bumps …


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