Liberal Hotbed Sees Increase in Democrats Switching Over to GOP

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After New York City was decimated by COVID-19 and the oppressive job-killing policies pushed by its Democrat leaders the party is bleeding members. According to reports, NYC Democrats are leaving the Democrat Party behind in favor of joining the Republican Party.

Fox News reports:

According to a Fox News analysis of AP election results, President Trump gained nearly 200,000 votes from New York City residents in 2020 compared to 2016: a 4.6% boost. Democrats lost 3% of voters for Biden compared to Clinton’s count in 2016. The biggest shifts came from the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn, which were the hardest hit by COVID.

Dalton Blaine, who was interviewed by Fox News, said though he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 he switched his vote to Trump in 2020 after seeing how NYC responded to COID-19 and due to growing concerns of socialism within the Democrat Party.

“A big issue for me has been the Democratic Socialists of America,” said Blaine. “They’ve been getting stronger and stronger for the past few years and I don’t really feel like moderates are standing up to them.”

Another longtime Democrat, who spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of being ‘canceled’, said his final straw was the rise in violence and chaotic protests that spread throughout the city last summer while Democrats stood by and watched.

“I remember seeing these self-righteous politicians going on TV, talking about how they want to defund the cops and, like, I can’t even take the train. I couldn’t let my girlfriend take the train,” he said. “What happened last year made me look under the hood. I looked at all the achievements of the President. Of Trump… I was shocked. It wasn’t as bad as what they said it was.”

These disillusioned former Democrats aren’t the only ones leaving the party over the concerning popularity of socialism within the party. Recently, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee spoke on why he joined the Republican Party after being a registered Democrat for 25 years. [READ NEXT: ‘The Party of Card-Carrying Socialists’ Dem Mayor Explains His Switch to GOP]

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    1. Yep..your right..lies & more lies..Biden & PELOSI tell us anything they think we want to hear..and do whatever they please..and its very much for sure they are NOT..working to improve things in the United States.. Just keeping thier own Greedy asses in Power !

  1. Ah Gee, Golly! I wonder why? N.O.T.! Dim wits talk the talk with their lying, moving lips but they always D.O. N.O.T. WALK the WALK. In short they lie to voters then do whatever they planned to do before they lied to the voters who really thought the dim wit politicians would do what they said. HINT! Dim wits like old Joe and Nanc never ever tell voters the truth but promise them whatever they want then ignore them afterwards and do whatever the hell they want. Rinos are the same but Trump and conservatives battle the who cadre of bad political actors to keep their promises.

    Stick to the state levels and demand changes for the voter fraud. I contacted everyone in my state representing me and demanded they make the changes. And as we know the fixers for Hag Hillary are coming to AZ to stop a vote audit in a very dim wit enclave in this state. NOW WHY IS THE DNC INTERFERING IN A STATE ACTION? And will they succeed. This is AZ we do not like dim wit election fraud at all. The fight for free and safe voting is commencing here as it did in Georgia. Liars, cheats, stealers are NOT welcome.

    And it is time to dump a lot of dim wit reps at the county, state and federal level in AZ. Especially on the Mexican border as there is one who needs to be removed, Raul Grijalva is the really oldest, sneaky one who has benefitted greatly with the dim wits. Any challengers in that area? He is one of the amnestied bunch from decades ago with Reagan is my guess. A true stab you in the back dim wit politician and time to end his reign. AZ 3rd district needs to end this guy who owns nearly the whole Mexican/AZ border territory. Be willing to bet old Raul knows the cartel real well.

  2. Sure hope this is true. Sure would be nice to know there are still some intelligent people on the other side who have seen the painting on the wall. Come on over as long as your intentions are sincere

  3. Praise God! All these people who are waking up and realizing the dangers that this corrupt administration bring to our lives and country, they need to help us retake the house and the Senate.

    1. A lot of those people are the ones hit hard by Biden’s EO job ending like the Keystone. The job losses are shocking and Biden just keeps lying. The latest joke “infrastructure” is said to create 19 million jobs but those in the know say less than 3 million.

  4. Age usually triggers this kind of change. The notion that democrats might compare accomplishments is truly great news. The more they compare, the greater the number who change parties.

  5. Possibly RINO’s in the making. I won’t believe any of these so called Dems changing sides because they suddenly developed a conscience. Just keep both eyes open and watch these so called defectors!!!

  6. Donald Trump was the Best, Best, BEST President of my lifetime. Joe Biden is a career politician with 48 years of mediocrity and corruption to show for it. That’s exactly what the Deep State wanted. A big empty White House.

  7. None of them can get any backing from me or anyone I know. They are trying to infiltrate the GOP, once they are dirtied up by the Communist Dem Party I want nothing to d with them.

  8. And who is surprised about intelligent democrats jumping the fence for sanity? I’m certainly not! I did that exact thing when obamalama was running for President and saw how blatantly STUPID the democrats were for supporting a NO nothing, slacker congressman who was absent most of his term. After doing a “deep dive” into his background finding his white mother and Muslim father, I also found out that when a son is born to a Muslim father, that son is automatically Muslim. Hmmmmm. How many Americans knew that about obamalama BEFORE he got elected and how many would have voted for him knowing he had close Muslim ties. Did you see obamalama’s face when our Seals took out bin Laden? He was in anguish, not satisfied about removing a known Muslim killer of Americans, but acted more like bin laden was a relative. I was appalled when I saw his reaction.

    Right then and there, I knew my leaving the democrat party was the smartest thing I could have done! And I have never regretted that move at all. That Party became infused with demon blood when obamalama became President because it was no longer being run by Americans but other individuals that have used the dumb democrats to do their dirty work. And after researching deeply about ties to the demoncrats, one name stands out like a throbbing red thumb: George Soros. He was behind the curtains manipulating Obama to do destructive infrastructure moves to destabilize our Country, but America was stronger than Soros thought. When Trump won the next election, Soros tried to destroy Trump’s reputation, but the American people LOVED P.T. Soros couldn’t do anything so he pushed Impeachment via Pelosi. Soros had to make sure P.T. lost re-election so Soros paid off numerous voting officials to fraudulently steal the election from P.T.


    If you know of anyone who is sitting on the fence about political parties, talk to them. They need to know that the democrat party is not what it used to be. It has become 100% Anti-American and destructive to the American people. It is a party of lazy extremists who refuse to research their actions BEFORE they do them…and hurt our people and Country, i.e. biden and the disaster of humanity at our southern borders, etc.

    My eyes were opened during obamalama’s campaign in 2007. The “stealing” of our Presidential Election in 2020 should rub anyone who has morals and make them question “who” and “what” the democrats are doing! Convince fence sitters to jump on over to the Conservative side where TRUE AMERICANS CARE ABOUT OUR NATION — Not the anti-American democrats who prefer to destroy our Nation not protect it!

  9. They are all just trying to play the Mitch Mcconnel card says he’s republican but has always been a true Demo RAT at heart! The Demo RATS know that they will be voted out on the next election and they are trying anything that they can to stay in office to steal all that they can steal as always!!!!!

  10. I’ve barely seen republicans switch over to the dem side. But for the most part the dem that switch to republican tend to be more active for the good of the people in politics. Case in point Vernon Jones in GA. He was the first black democrat politician to endorse Trump for 2020. Then eventually he switched to republican after much chagrin with the dem party. Now jones is going for governor of Georgia. More power to him

  11. Liberals are too stupid to jump to the Republican Political Party. I wouldn’t trust them even if they did join the GOP. Stupid people tend to stay stupid. They are not “uninformed”. They are stupid.

  12. Yes! That’s right. Realize you’ve been screwed by the democrats. Look at Trumps record and see the quality of life he proposed and compare it to the Bidenians! They came to hurt you and your family. They came to destroy our nation. Fight back and kick them forever out of office. AND to prevent Republicans from getting too cocky after they win back controol, we all must demand term limits!! These politicians have to know in no uncertain terms the THEY WORK FOR US!

  13. Democraps should switch to the Republican Party to realize that their Freedom’s are being chipped away and Dem’s do nothing but stifle growth and hold people down making people believe that they need the government for help.

  14. Hallelujah. Now let’s round up the moderate Democrats and urge them to join GOP and Flip the House and Senate.


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