These Companies Don’t Play Politics

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Studies show that a majority of Americans prefer when major businesses keep their noses out of politics. However, over the past year, it seems that more and more companies have chosen to blur the lines and make their political opinions known to consumers. There are still some companies that have chosen to take the high road and keep themselves out of politics and stick to what businesses are there for–to make money.

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  1. I believe Kroger did stop selling MY PILLOWs because Mike Lindell challenged the election. That seems pretty simple to me. There are others in your list that are questionable.

    1. I quit buying from Kroger 4 years ago. I refuse to buy from ANY business that backs the Democrats that wants to take away my constitutional rights. They are exposed all the time and one by one I drop them. Walmart is another BIG one I refuse to shop at. J.P. Morgan wants to take away your rights. We all know about Facebook and Twitter. Do some research and don’t give your hard earned money to these back stabbers that only care about your money and zero about you.

      1. Pardon me? I quote from above: ‘Walmart widely keeps its nose out of political elections.’ I dearly hope this is true, Please don’t boycott the good guys. Is there some other issue of which you are aware? Were you referring to the predominance of Chinese goods in Walmart? I’ve no idea whether Chinese products dominate Walmart, but last I shopped there, the school supplies I bought were largely ‘PROUDLY made in USA.’

  2. The more that I find out, the less that I know. As a consumer I WILL NOT support anyone that boycotts American products who submit to the Dems & their radical ways. I spend $$ & will NOT support any of these “nitwits. I’ll switch to Pepsi & any other airline besides Delta. I’ll not watch baseball or the NFL.. FOR “WHAT”? I’m SICK of POLITICS-PERIOD!

  3. Businesses that put the political views and objectives of their management personnel on display may gain support of some customers but will loose the business of others. This is not a good business or management strategy.

    1. They need to decide if they want to do business or make political commentary. They should not try to do both.

  4. The corporate boycott of patriot Mike Lindell and his fine and innovative products is shameful and highly infantile. We purchased My Pillow at Costco a couple years ago and these restful head supports have changed my slumber for the better. Now I hear that Costco has discontinued My Pillow. I also note that onecan no longer buy good old American canned soups at my local Costco, however you can buy any number of exotic Asian noodle soup mixes (et al.). It does rather incline one to think…and think hard.


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