GOP Reps Demand Nancy Pelosi Pay Metal Detector Fines, Comply with Rules She Implemented

AFGE / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

House Republicans are demanding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi play by her own rules. The Democrat demanded that fines be implemented on members who refuse to pass under the newly installed metal detectors yet her office has confirmed she hadn’t used them to access the floor in February. House Administration Committee Reps. Rodney Davis, Barry Loudermilk, and Bryan Steil sent a letter to the current House Sergeant-At-Arms requesting Pelosi be held to the same standard as all other House members and be issued the fines.

Fox News reports:

“I saw the video of Speaker Pelosi avoiding her own security screening procedures from Feb 4. I personally witnessed her doing so that morning. The video proves what our letter said back in February,” the House Administration Committee ranking member said. “It’s disappointing she has failed to hold herself to the same standards as others.”

“This type of behavior puts our brave men and women of the Capitol Police under even further stress,” he continued. “Speaker Pelosi continues to remind the American people that the rules are for everyone else but her, including members like Whip Clyburn, Hal Rogers, Louie Gohmert, and Andrew Clyde who have been fined at least $5,000 each.”

Loudermilk laid into Pelosi in a statement to Fox News on Monday, saying the GOP was done with the speaker’s “double standards” and calling on Pelosi to “pay the fine.”

“Me and my Republican colleagues on the Committee on House Administration, which oversees the Capitol Complex and Capitol Police, have been trying to shed light and hold Speaker Nancy Pelosi accountable for breaking the very rules she’s imposed on every other House member,” he said. “This video provides the American people a glimpse into Nancy Pelosi’s ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mantra. Republicans have had enough of Speaker Pelosi’s double standards, lack of accountability, and complete disregard for the rules of this institution. She needs to admit she broke her own the rules, and pay the fine.”

Recently House Majority Whip Rep. Clyburn was fined $5,000 for not using the metal detector when returning to the House chamber from the restroom, according to Politico.

Will Pelosi be forced to pay up or will she get a free pass? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

        1. Did you Know that old hag Nazzie PoopOloozie Gave her husband $.1.MILLION in stimulus that he invested in Tesla,?? Insider Trading all over again, One of her expertise, Using Your Tax money to get rich.??

    1. Better to jail to cop a few days to get the real picture of what slammer life is
      scare her straight!!!

    2. AMEN! 😄😂🤣 GOOD ONE! I wonder how many people would drop out of AA if Pelosi started going……I know I would get up gagging and run out of the room the first time she made one of her angry faces with teeth clenched and lips pulled tightly back exposing her teeth with her arms held high with hands in tight fists making those little short back and forth motions……..would gag a maggot! I have to go now, I am getting nauseous just thinking about what she looks like doing that! YUK YUK YUK, GAG GAG GAG…..gotta go now, I mean now!

      1. You mentioned her teeth and fist but you failed to mention her breast implants and her spike heels she can’t walk in.

        1. I’d be OK with waiving the fine, but insisting she board and hurriedly descend Air Force One in those spike heels. It would be nice to see her do a Joe Biden stumble.

    1. I am NOT a Nancy or Hillary fan, but I have to give credit where credit is due. They have come up with a brilliant plan to raise money for their political futures. Ticket prices for the event go from $25 up to $100,000. What are they going to do? On Oct. 31st they are going to attempt to jump the Grand Canyon on their brooms. The event will take place near Flagstaff, AZ.
      Take away her broom!

  1. She will never pay the fine. The dems get away with everything. No accountability at all. They are doing what they want and they don’t care what anyone thinks or says about it. We need some strong Republicans to do something before its too late. Let’s goooooo!!

    1. There seems to be NO END to liberal democrat hypocrisy. How long are “we, the people” going to tolerate this??

    2. You are so very right the Republicans need to aggresively do something and should had her out of office a long time ago. I would have kicked her out right after she tore up President Trumps speech. They did have and impeachment signed by alot of people and a resolution signed also. What has happened to these two papers. They had plenty of signatures on them to do something about her. What is this stalling on the Republicans part. They need to get in gear and once and for all do something about her like get rid of her. She is doing damage to our country.

  2. No, she shouldn’t pay the fine. Neither should the others have paid the fine and their money should be returned. She instituted that process for show to further hurt Trump. Her avoiding it proves that she was insincere. The metal detectors should be removed.

    1. It already is a Capitol offense since they are in the nation’s capitol. 😉

      Seriously, I agree with you! To be frank, her continuous refusal to pass through the metal detectors should escalate the issue to include not only the fines but also permanent removal from committee assignments and permanent banning from being in a position of authority such as Speaker of the House while her termination from her position of Representative is processed. Please note that I said processed, not discussed and decided. The decision has already been made by her actions, so now she faces the consequences. Once she is processed out, she is forever banned from being in any political office at any level ever again.

      This is something that I find that all too many people need to learn nowadays: yes, everyone has freedom of choice but with every choice, there are consequences and one must live with those consequences, whether good or bad, like it or not. It is logical to those of us who have good heads on our shoulders, of course, but I run into so many folks in today’s world who don’t seem to understand this simplistic concept. It seems that our dear ol’ crone Nancy is in that psychologically-infantile crowd.

    2. as a citizen I bet it is a felony. should be for them too. that is why they passed the fine….so that it is not a felony for them.

  3. If Pelosi is EVER held accountable for any violations she has committed or will commit in the future, it would be justifiable grounds for a National Public Holiday.

  4. Oh please…nothing will happen to her. She is the MOST corrupt politician in Washington and her STUPID constituents keep voting for her worthless a s s . When will these ignorant liberals wake the h e l l up?

  5. Pelosi needs to be fined just like she is having everyone else fined if they don’t pass through the medal detectors. Pelosi is not better than anyone else. If Clyburn has been fined for not passing through the medal-detectors, then Pelosi should be fined just as everybody else is being fined for not passing through those STUPID DAMN medal-detectors that Pelosi had installed. Pelosi and those corrupt and crooked Democrats are afraid of their own shadows, COME TO THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pelosi should not be treated any different than all of the Republicans and some of her colleagues. If Pelosi is having her colleagues fined for not passing through those medal-detectors, then she should be fined just as well PERIOD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP TREATING PELOSI WITH the WHITE GLOVES NOW PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is just as corrupt and crooked as the rest of her colleagues, Biden and Harris are included in this also PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. She won’t be fined. “These rules that she made up are forTHEE & not for me because I’m above the law! I make the rules & can do whatever I want to! As for you PEONS, just pay the fine , since I’m the Queen & don’t have to answer to any of my subjects”!

  7. Hold her accountable in the same way everyone else is accountable. For some reason Nancy thinks that she is above the laws and rules that everyone else has to live by. She needs to know that she is not

    1. Sure she will… Just like the hair appointment, or the taxpayers being on the hook for a bigger plane for her cuz she thought the one provided was beneath her.. We will moan for 2 weeks and that will be the end of it, and she knows it..

  8. Pelosi obviously thinks she has more authority and power than the Lord! God will remove that thinking one day when she is judged! Her lord and master is satan and she is going to be shocked to find she and satan are going to spend eternity in eternal pain when God casts them both into hell!

  9. Nancy Pelosi thinks she’s the MOST important person in Politics! She does exactly anything she wants to do, yet she doesn’t hesitate to call out any and all Republicans, on matters of little or no importance! She has been the most corrupt “Speaker of the House” we have ever had!

    1. Let’s have every Repub representative say that Pathetic Pelosi must pay the fine, and keep saying it everytime that the House meets, until the wicked witch of the west pays it. She is not above any laws! She’s a loser….

  10. She better pay up! How dare she, she doesn’t scare me, I know how to fight too! She claims she is a street fighter, well let her prove it!

  11. Nancy Piglosi 🐷 is the poster child for term limits! She is as crooked as they come and rotten to the core! She is the enemy within ! God save America from the liberal traitors amongst us!🇺🇸🙏

  12. She is a American CHEATER criminal Democrat Party Mob “royalty where she does not have to abide by our laws while we get our asses fined and possibly sent to jail”!!!! She is classic example of their “Superior royalty mangement attitude and must kiss her butt as we are her serfs and slaves, bound to revolt with a Second Civil War soon”!!!! We are the free American people and we are going to stay that way, period!!!! Hear that Nancy??????????????????????? American Justice and law and order belongs to we, the American people not a “petty tryrant like you,Nancy”, period!!!!!….

    1. She was pulling this same BS in 2006 when DEMs took the House and Senate. Bush was president and reined them in. They won the same plus Obama in 2008. In the 2010 elections they lost both the Housr and Senate to the Republicans. That is probably why Obama didn’t destroy America then.

  13. Definitely FINE PELOSI for “every” time she did not adhere to her own demands of using the metal detectors. Let her fine be not one lump sum for her many times she did not go through the detectors, but make her pay a fine for each infringement she sneakily did. It should be a “compounded” fine, for all instances she disobeyed her own demands.

    Pelosi wants everyone to pay for infringing on the metal detectors. That also means her too! Sock it to her BIG TIME!

  14. Throw her out for being a lying hypocrite, She is an abuser of the power given her and disrespects members of the opposition party and disrespected the former President of the United States, Donald J Trump. She lied about the “Affordable Care Act”, which was so affordable, people needed subsidies to afford it, and her comment “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it” is an affront to every American and taxpayer, but ALL THE DEMOCRATS IN THE HOUSE VOTED TO APPROVE IT. SORRY, BUT SHE IS N F G!
    I’ll leave you to figure out what that means

  15. I think her fined should be doubled after all she is the one that installed them. That would only be fair double the fine for Pelosi and make her pay up.

  16. The entire congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, are crooked. But there are MORE crooked Democrats than Republicans. It is likely that the crooked Democrat speaker, Pelosi, will NOT be held accountable. Why? Because the Republicans (except for a precious few) are gutless wonders and are as crooked as the Democrats.

    1. No , Send her to treatment in a hospital , then A halfway house for six months and then a group home for a full year . That is how an addict and alcoholic is treated . Then also show her the one way exit of congress or if she does leave kick her out by a Man 6 and a half foot tall or bigger with size 12 shoes as hard as He can .

  17. If she can’t pay the fines, everyone else should start walking around the metal detectors and refuse to pay. She has set the example.

  18. If she refuses to pay then throw her brainless spineless bitch ass in jail for a month. She’ll change her attitude real fast

  19. Polecat lives in her own world; one where his is a Goddess. Making sure everyone saw her two 12000.00 refrigerators filled with expensive ice cream and her visit to get her hair done while her state was locked down. Those who can’t find the wrong in her actions are not bright enough to vote. She is an enemy of the state and needs to be run out of Washington on a rail. There are reasons why Washington DC is not a state, because the capital can’t get better treatment than other states. If someone chooses to live there they do so understanding that it isn’t a state. STUPID WITCH!!!!!!

  20. Pelosi NEEDS to be fined just like everyone else that she has ordered to do so. Rules are NOT just for others they are for HER also. If she doesn’t want to be included then she shouldn’t implement the rules that she will not follow

  21. The old bat will get away with it! She’s above the rules or so she thinks! Wake up California! Look at who you voted for!

  22. Take it out of her check !!! ROFLMBO hahahha not much she could do after the fact. Everyone else is gonna pay but Nannnnnnnnnnnnn Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee No way !! she is liable for her errors as much as anyone else, NO PASS on this !!!! I can’t stop laughing to see the look on her face if the in fact did that !!!!

  23. That old bitty needs to pay up or get out. It’s better she gets out. Permanently! We need a House Speaker that lives by do as I do. Not setting rules and limitations on others but not thy self. America is and has been fed up with Nasty Nancy long ago. She needs to be put out to pasture till her death. I am sure once the old bag is gone no one will miss that evil witch. She has brainwashed every Democrat in the Whitehouse and they are her puppets exactly like Biden is O’Bama’s puppet. People know old man Biden is not capable of running the United States. And I bet theres more than a phone cord between Biden and O’Bama. If you look close enough O’Bsma is sitting under Bidens desk pulling Bidens strings. Its pathetic to think that Americans have not figured out what’s truly going on in the Whitehouse.

  24. In her mind Crazy Eyes Pelosi can make the rules and she can break the rules. In other words Rules for thee, but not for me. She’s probably strutting around the podium in the House with that big hammer shouting “It’s good to be the Queen!!!”.

  25. She’s a human being just like the rest of us so she has to pay the fine!! She did not say the rules are for everybody else except for her!!
    She is not the queen like Queen Elizabeth she is the house speaker that’s it.

  26. She should be and she should continue the boarder wall due to the fact she said America doesn’t need walls ! But they put up a wall around the capital building to make it look like a prison with razor wire .

  27. Why does the old goat think that she is above everyone else She knows better but she had been treated like a spoiled brat for so long she thinks she can do anything she wants. She is not God. Stay on her, make her pay every time she doesn’t do right and if she doesn’t put her pathic old ass in jail
    But she’d found someway to get out of it. Remove het she too old to be in. Charge of such an important task.

  28. She should not only be fined but kicked out of office for alot of other things. What happens to all the other things she did. She ripped the President speech. She is awful. They keep bringing up things she has done wrong and will not get rid of her.

  29. Hypocrisy thy name is Nancy Pelosi She is horrendous. She and other of her ilk always set up rules that they don’t have to comply with. Just like California governor which is also her home state

  30. Pelosi should be impeached as she is a disgrace to this country and has broken all the laws of personal responsibilities in that office. Start with her double standards “do as I say, not as I do”. Check her financial dealings (of her and her husband) as they have apparently made millions using advanced information to make investments based on inside known Government plans.

  31. If she’s going to make stupid rules then she has to abide by them also. She needs to be an adult and pay her fine of $5000!

  32. Pelosi just needs to be removed from Congress completely. She is a traitor to this country and a drunk. She is not fit to be Speaker of the House nor is she fit to be a Representative of the district she represents. Impeach the MFer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. She won’t be forced to pay on her own rules and edicts, so stop trying and wasting our money on some phony investigation. She’s Queen Nancy and she seriously believes she’s running this Country. Biden certainly isn’t and Nancy could be part of the deep state (definitely a member of the swamp in good standing) or at least a confrere or partner with the deep state. Have you completely forgotten she and her cohorts and compadres have their liberal privileges? Liberal privilege means never having to say or hear, “not guilty.” Laws that apply to everyone else do not apply to them. Laws protecting public and private property may be suspended in order to allow leftists room to ventilate their feelings and emotions. Laws protecting classified information or forbidding the abuse of governmental positions to harass opponents does not apply to them or their allies. That’s the truth (blowing a raspberry)!!!

  34. Nasty Nancy should be fined. If she protests then she should be removed fron congress never to return.

  35. I’d like to know what she is doing with the money? Probably just another Democrat slush fund. They should donate it. Maybe to the NRA or GOA!!

  36. Oligarchy-government by the few, especially despotic power exercised by a small and privileged group for corrupt or selfish purposes.
    Oligarch-the people who hold the power in an oligarchy.
    Pelosi’s exception to the rules is classic of the “rules are for thee but not for me” attitude of an oligarch.


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