See How This GOP Rep Called Attention to the Border Crisis During Biden’s Speech While He Ignored It

U.S. Customs and Border Protection [Public Domain]

President Biden never mentioned the current border crisis while addressing a Joint Session of Congress Wednesday night so Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert took the meter into her own hands. While President Biden delivered his speech promising radical change to the country Rep. Boebert unfolded a Mylar blanket, much like the ones given to immigrants once they enter the often overcrowded migrant facilities at the border.

Rep. Boebert tweeted in reference to the blanket, “Biden refused to bring attention to the crisis he created at the southern border. So I did.”

According to Fox News:

Later, a Boebert spokesperson confirmed the use of the blanket was intentional.

“President Biden did not address or bring attention to the crisis at our southern border. So Rep. Boebert did,” the spokesperson told The Hill.

The Colorado Republican fired off multiple tweets throughout the night criticizing Biden’s speech that many say missed the mark.

  1. If by “ignoring it” you mean talked about it, you’re right!

    And here’s what else we can do. Immigration has always been essential to America. Let’s end our exhausting war over immigration. For more than 30 years, politicians have talked about immigration reform and we’ve done nothing about it. It’s time to fix it. On Day 1 of my presidency, I kept my commitment and sent a comprehensive immigration bill to the United States Congress.

    If you believe we need a secure border, pass it, because it has a lot of money for high-tech border security. If you believe in a pathway to citizenship, pass it. There’s over 11 million undocumented folks, the vast majority here overstayed visas. Pass it. We can actually — if you actually want to solve the problem, I have sent a bill to you, take a close look at it.

    We also have to get at the root of the problem of why people are fleeing particularly to our southern border from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador. The violence. The corruption. The gangs. The political instability. Hunger. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Natural disasters.

    When I was president, my president — when I was vice president, the president asked me to focus on providing help needed to address the root causes of migration. And it helped keep people in their own countries instead of being forced to leave. And the plan was working, but the last administration decided it was not worth it. I’m restoring the program and asked Vice President Harris to lead our diplomatic effort to take care of this. I have absolute confidence she will get the job done.

    1. The first falsehood out of your words was that immigration inessential to America (meaning the USA). No immigration is a democrat political tool for power.

      1. You are half right. Immigration has been a great part of making America great. It is the illegal immigration that is harming America today. The democrats leave off the word “Illegal” when they talk about immigration and how good it was for America..

    2. ‘Oh Her Back Harris’ hasn’t done a damn thing for over 30 days with the border crisis. Why should hard working American Citizens have to support 11 million illegals who suddenly gain US Citizenship and end up on the welfare rolls ‘officially’ because now they have that citizenship.

      The violence, corruption, gangs, political instability, hunger, hurricanes, earthquakes, natural disasters in Central American ARE NOT THE US’s PROBLEM !!! It is the government of those countries to address and handle those issues. When did those Central American governments give the US billions and billions of dollars when we have had disasters, and hunger, and hurricanes, and instability (Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, etc), violence, earthquakes (California), gangs (MS-13) ?????

      Also, NOTHING Biden has done has stopped the flow of tens of thousands of illegals into our country. They come in, he turns them loose – some without even so much as a “pretty please show up for court … sometime …”.

      All you bleeding heart Liberals, Socialists can go to HE** !!

    3. That’s BS. Illegal migrants were still sneaking in in 2017. That’s why Trump started building the WALL and initiated the Stay out till we figure YOU out policy.

    4. Do the countries the people are fleeing have any responsibility to their people? When other countries send money to Central American countries after hurricanes, as happened after the two that hit Honduras last summer does any of it ever get past the government “leaders” to those who actually need help? Do we ever get a report of what was done to repair the country with the money. If they rebuilt a bridge is there a picture? Was the water supply in some town rebuilt? Were people who were left with nothing given a small check to buy food and clothes. Did they build shelters? Countries that try to help need to know the who, what, where and when we got for what we sent for the people.
      Some journalist could check out Honduras and find out why the people coming here say they got nothing after all they had was destroyed.

    5. We have more people here than we need Now! We have more Recipients here now, than we can support. The first place these Immigrants go when they get in, is the WELFARE OFFICE! Stop paying them to Breathe and Breed, and they’ll stop coming here!!

      1. That’s exactly right. They don’t even care about the people, other than using them for Democratic Votes. And talk about JOBS ? They’re taking American Jobs.

    6. Just exterminate all ILLEGALS crossing the border. PROBLEM SOLVED. They multiply like cockroaches thE screw our country. It’s to the point that it doesn’t matter race, age or country of origin.

    7. Bullish— everything you do is for everyone except the American people you swore to protect.

    8. LEGAL IMMIGRATION has always been important and advantageous to America. The exhausting war by Democrats against a secure Southern border has encouraged illegal immigrants from countries as far away as Syria to flaunt our immigration laws. High Tech security methods only tell us when persons ARE breaching the border, they do not slow them down or stop them. America sends millions upon millions of dollars to the Southern triangle to assist during national disasters. It is up to those nations to solve their issues of gangs, violence and hunger, it is not up to us to be the world’s police force. The last administration had agreements with the nations of the Southern triangle and Mexico that reduced the number of illegals crossing our border, the Biden administration negated them all resulting in the largest surge in fifteen years. Vice President Harris has not had the courage to go, in person, to the Southern border. She as well as you-Mr. President-have refused to even acknowledge the inhumane conditions your administration has created for illegal aliens, children and adults, in your chosen containment facilities.

    9. You like Biden, are not up tp date. He speaks of giving 11 million illegal aliens citizenship. According to a Yale/MTI report there were 22 – 33 MILLION illegals already in America. It has probably hit a higher number already. Blacks represent about 14% or 46 million Americans. What happens when illegals overtake that? Since blacks are getting better educated are the DEMs trying to replace them with less educated persons? I do not put any dirty trick in the books past Dems.

  2. This colossal mess now is moving to commercial airliners, along with covid and all the trappings, where it will be plopped down in cities all over the nation. Those not taken in by foster homes will be “placed” in hotels. All of it naturally will be funded by taxpayers. The mess of course is blamed on Trump. Democrat arrogance is wearing thin and may trigger violent revenge. I’m convinced that’s part of the result they seek.

  3. LISTEN UP….LAUREN BOEBERT’S Remarks are Absolutely HILARIOUS. Made Me LAUGH. SHE Deserves BE …SPEAKER of the HOUSE Not PELOSI. SHE has a SENSE of HUMOR. AMERICANS Need a GOOD LAUGH Especially With All the HELL They Have Been Thru. The Political CARTOONISTS get a LAUGH Out of Me TOO. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  4. Bden doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He is in his own little dillusional world. Doing as he is told.

  5. OMG. Is there any democrat in D.C. that has any idea of how to end that disaster at the border? NO, NONE OF THE DEMOCRATS HAVE A CLUE HOW TO FIX OUR BROKEN BORDERS. But the Governors in our Border states have now sent their National Guards to protect our State lands.

    Come on now. Do you actually think any ignorant dem gives a crap about those children under mylar blankets? Typical democrats. Make a mess of things and then a Republican President steps in and fixes the mess. Isn’t that what President Trump did with bho? Except now the disaster at our borders are full of innocent children that the idiot dems just ignore like the trash on their desks.

    It’s A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY TO IGNORE THOSE CHILDREN. And neither harris nor biden will go see the mess they created. Why? That would go down in our History books as the worst administration to ever be in the W.H. Actually, it WILL still go down as #1 Worst Disaster ever. But dems really don’t care, just like they keep using Blacks to push Racism, promising Blacks things and then forgetting what they promised after they were elected. Same O Same O…never going to change.

    If someone fooled biden into going to the border and seeing what he did, he probably would have a heart attack. Hey! It just might be worth the effort. Get Harris to go too. She wouldn’t stroke out, but the embarassment might do her in. So that leaves Pelosi. Just lock her up inside with the illegal kids for their entertainment. She wouldn’t survive the night.
    Mission accomplished. New Adminustration needed.

  6. I don’t see why that this abuse of immigrants being taken to unknown places by American Airlines is not subject to impeachment. What is the secret concerning these events. The people cannot speak English, so how can they work and who for others? Is the fear of a Democratic Congress votes the reason, and that in the Senate Harris breaks the tie? Surly most American people including Democrats are sick of this stupidity by Biden. Also, he campaigned on the promise that he would not pack the Supreme Court and that he would honor the Constitution.

  7. I would like to know who the hell it is voting thumbs up or down for me on this site as this is only the fifth time I have been here but every time I try to vote up or down the site says I have already voted.

    1. 11 million people tuned into Biden (I made it to 20 minutes before I thought I was goin to barf). Trump’s 2020 State speech got 37 million watch it to the end persons.

  8. Reform-reform-reform you Democrats need a rhinoplasty.No one can see the rules anymore with your big nose in the way. What we need is our government acting like our government. Not some JR High School squad telling the rest of us how to live. We own this forking country and we own the politicians. I want to see a pamphlet Obama was dropping on the people in Guatemala. Has anyone seen, Kamala Harris, fairytale book she gave to the illegal Mexicans. Bidens T-Shirts? This was planned a long time ago. We have immigration laws that work. What we dont have are the people to enforce these laws. This is outright treason and I personally think it calls for the death penalty now. Less than the 100 days it took us to push our country into socialism.

  9. WOW!! That CO rep is on fire – en fuego!! She might have the chops to be a good stand-up comedian!! She’d be GREAT as an MC at a GOP event!! Bring it on, Lauren!!

  10. The other night at 2 AM video was shown from a Texas citizen’s home of over 40 illegals jumping his fence and comming into the country…Suppose those were drug cartel people and they took over that house….How would any one in authority know that ….How scared would you be for your family ??? It’s totally out of hand according to every law man and government official along the entire border…Enough…Biden is endangering the United States and it’s citizens…Wake up…


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