Stacey Abrams Group Lashes Out Against WaPo Fact Check After Making Misleading Claims

Office of U.S. House Speaker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Stacey Abrams voting rights organization, Fair Fight, lashed out at The Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler after being awarded two “Pinocchios” after Abrams made misleading claims over a new voting bill. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Abrams claimed the new law “eliminates hours of voting” which is untrue. The new law requires polling places at least operate from 9 am to 5 pm for early voting, eliminating the chance for them to have half days. Polling places may still open for extended hours.

Fox News reports:

“Yes, it codifies that you can vote between 9 to 5 as business hours, but for 78 percent of Georgians, prior to this bill, the hours for voting during early voting was 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.,”  Abrams told Sen. John Kennedy, R-La. “So this actually eliminates hours of voting and mandates only a shortened period of time.”

The Washington Post, therefore, concluded that Abrams’ language was “misleading” because she implied that voting is now restricted to the 8-hour work-day period.

“This is not accurate,” Fair Fight said on Twitter Wednesday. “Glenn Kessler continues to misstate provisions of SB202 and misinterpret its impact,” the group added, referencing the author of the Post’s report.

“Anyone familiar with the recent history of GA voter access issues knows these concerns are warranted,” the group wrote Wednesday, issuing more than 10 tweets contesting the report. “Many increasingly competitive counties that maintain GOP election boards consistently try to limit voter access, resulting in measurable and significant impact.”

Democrats have attempted to peddle misinformation and half-truths regarding recently passed voting integrity laws. President Biden was also fact-checked by the liberal Washington Post after making similar false claims to Stacey Abrams. Biden also called the newly passed voter I.D. law in Georgia “Jim Crow 2.0.”

      1. She is evil. Never heard of her until she ran for Governor. She lost so she is spreading lies to the American people. She is a poor loser so this is the results we see. She can run her mouth but we consider the source.

        1. She claims she lost because so many voters were removed from the rolls. This supposedly educated dunce is not aware of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) which requires ALL counties to remove deceased persons, persons who have moved and persons who have not voted in two elections from their rolls. LA county was found to have 1.6 million questionable voters. Judicial Watch sued them in court and forced them to comply. California has 10 (total of 11) more counties with similar problems.

        2. She still hasn’t Conceited to her Loss in the 2018 Election…lol And she was calling for an Audit of the Votes, Yes the same Ignorant woman who said Voter Fraud didn’t Exist in the Nov 2020 Presidential Elections…Seriously the Democrats are in the Palm of Satan, And we all know where they’re headed in the Long run!

        1. You are probably right about the spineless and rino republicans hiding in there but I sure would never to do a check or maybe it’s from all of their kissing it.

  1. Stacey Abrams/Nancy pig are wasting our natural resources, they should go to dark hell…..!
    Maxine waters is a human beings’ waste.

  2. When has anyone on the left ever told the truth?

    All elected will lie to the people to get voted in and then lie to stay in and the he!! with the people and country.

        1. Hi, Linda! Still trying to figure out how mister Biden and his unadministration could do so much damage to our country and we, the people, in so few days! Makes me dizzy, though, so I have to take frequent breaks from it!! But hope springs eternal! 🙂 How about you — hanging in there? 🙂

    1. Truth would never sink that low, think of it can you imagine any thing that would enter that bed with her.

  3. I hate to say it but this story was sort of a waste of time. Of course Stacey Abrams is largely responsible for the fraudulent voting in Georgia, so of course she would try to say something negative about the recent voter integrity laws passed in Georgia. I would rather see her called out on how her organization is a total fraud and remains under investigation for fraudulent acts. When is Stacey Abrams going to be charged with a crime? Likely never with our corrupt criminal justice system, including the fools at the FBI.


  4. Who would crawl into bed with the pig Abrams? Probably not even another pig or maybe piglosi.

  5. People of Georgia and yes, even African Americans need to call this women’s lies out. And better yet, walk away from her corruption.
    So what are we supposed to provide people that are voting? 365, 24/7 voting opportunities?
    This is crazy!

  6. Look at this pic for this article,,2 of the most vile,,dishonest satanic females on this planet!!!

  7. I didn’t know a water buffalo could speak. How many Buffet’s has this freeloader caused to go bankrupt? Another typical demoshit thief

  8. To be Jim Crow 2.0 it would have to have been passed by Democrats and actually have restricted voter rights.

  9. What you fail to mention is shorter hours to vote for the Democrats also means shorter hours for the Republicans.

    1. It is not making those times mandatory!! It is only stating that NOBODY can close the voting BEFORE that time, but it CAN stay open later

  10. The real problem here is we must approach this with equilibrium we keep fighting each other for the same results
    Could there be a common ground?
    OK the dems believe we could be a socialist country
    we think it shouldn’t but is there a way to please both sides?
    The bickering and the lies are what pissis me off
    I’m so tired of of it

  11. Seems that Many Corporations Are appeasing the left why is that ?
    They are cowering down to the leftist so they can still line their pockets and claim immunity form being the capitalist they truly are anyway,,
    Talk about Hypocrisy!

    1. I printed a picture of these companies logo and taped it to my refrig to remind me NOT to purchase their products. Hurt them in the pocket book. Coca Cola products are a start!

  12. Stacy is nothing but a deplorable obese black lying mf stinking big mouth communist democrat

  13. Wow who cares, the elections are all Corrupt and ran by foreign country’s now and the spineless Republicans are ok with it now so RIP America

  14. So called president
    not my president
    Covid president by default….
    That senile asshole better watch his back
    and keep his security guards busy
    Not that I plan to kill him..
    But I would love to slap him in the face!
    Hes an idiot a toy being used by the progressive’s army of socialist to destroy America and somebody’s got to stop him.. or we are all doomed!!!!!

  15. Abrams is mollycoddled because she’s a Black nut. If she was a white nut, she’d already be consumed by a political firestorm and never heard from again. By the way, has she paid her past due bills yet?

    1. Right! If she was a person from the right the media would have crucified her already. I really don’t know what people see in that type of a specimen…

  16. Her only claim to fame was Oprah backed her but she lost because she is all mouth and no smarts.

  17. What makes me mad…. is… nobody is paying attention we just keep living our lives while the left is slowly taking it away the things we love the life we love
    well ….they always said you never know what hit you until your dead
    the message I’m trying to put out there will never be heard
    as long as you say it he knows you believe in him no matter how you express it
    even the disbeliever if he mentions God in any form he’s in denial…..

    1. They have such a dictatorial regime the likes of that in Venezuela and people are all kind of a dumb asleep mass incapable of a reaction

  18. Abrams IGNORED the fact that the nine to five hours are the MINIMUM number of hours allowed for early voting, local election officials can EXTEND those hours but may not reduce them.

  19. I’m not a Church going man..
    I went , when I was very young
    My grandma took me, I played Piano (saving grace) and the likes..
    But I am going back ,,
    Just need to find the right one before I die
    Got 3 bibles but don’t judge me on that hypocrites!

  20. Yes Stacy Abrams is a problem, but she has a loud voice in Georgia
    I don’t like her, neither do you, but she’s something we have to contend with now
    it shows that a large community of people in this state ,especially in Fulton, Dekalb and others are going along with these freaks
    so just get used to it… the war has begun in this formally red state ,,,fellow Republicans!
    Se La Vie….EMORY SUKS

  21. what we need in this great nation is “constructive Reps.” but

    Stacey Abrams , Nancy pig, Maxine waters are wasting our resources..!

  22. I am amazed by the people who should be used as the poster child for STUPID. By calling this law JIM CROW 2.0 it shows us how uneducated and these people are and how we shouldn’t believe a word that leaves their mouth. Jim Crow law was an effort to take the lack of good education for blacks by not allowing them to vote if they couldn’t pass tests and such. This law is in place to make sure that people voting are truly exercising their right to vote. Voting should be as easy as it can so that it is secure. Freedom is not free and liberty requires you to pay for it by doing service to this country. The only thing that Democrats want is voting as unsecured as possible. Sending absentee ballots to every address when not requested causes the problems we faced after this past election. Not requiring voter ID leaves us as a nation open to voter fraud. Placing big vote collecting boxes on streets unsupervised leaves us open to wonder if someone dropped more than their vote by multiples amounts. While they pray that we are stupid enough to believe their fight against these types of laws are over stopping the limiting of minority voters from exercising their rights. They should know that we fight using common sense something none of them possess least of all Stacey Abrams!!!!!!!

  23. Stacey Abrams is a no one so stop acting like she is important. She is a race card abuser. She thinks an uneducated pos like her should be elected just for being black.Enough of her b.s.

  24. The Blob is the most well known bigot in all of politics. The wanna-be anything is the color black’s worst enemy. She wants the black people to remain in public housing and dependent on the the democratic goverment’s ways of living. How else can the she and the Left remain in business?

  25. This poor woman is a bona fide narcissist: it’s all about HER. She thinks she is God’s gift to the planet, the solar system and the Universe…except I doubt that she believes in God.

  26. If America is a systemic racist nation requiring those that participated in the past need to own up to their contribution to this systemic racism, then Biden needs to admit that he has been a major part of this racist system. He may have contributed to systemic racism to a greater extent than almost anyone else over the past 5 decades. No greater optic exists then his friendship and admiration for a KKK leader. Give me a break!!!! AZ

  27. I met Stacey in down town Atlanta traffic at a light. She asked me how to get to 285. I told her to cut out the carbs and get in a treadmill.

  28. Figures that she’s a crazy liberal Berkeley Grad. THAT explains a lot. She’s too big for her own britches & “thinks” she’s a prima donna, like Pelosi.She may hold “skewed” elections, but the people of Georgia are FINALLY waking up! It’s REALLY time to get rid of her, since she “thinks” she owns your vote, because she’s gonna make sure that YOUR vote is gonna be cast for a Dem, even if you voted otherwise.WHY? is it that the Dems count all the votes, allow no one else in the room, & can cover the windows, shut down doors, throw everyone out but the Dems &STILL go on “counting” “votes”.? Easy! “They” are part of THE DEEP SWAMP in YOUR STATE!


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