Senators Demand Biden Halt All Iran Negotiations After Israel Attacks

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Republican senators have swiftly denounced the terrorist attacks against America’s strongest Middle East ally, Israel. Dozens of Republicans are now calling on President Biden to halt all negotiations with Iran, which has helped provide funds and weapons to the terrorist group Hamas which has been launching the attacks against Israel. Since becoming President, Biden has said he planned to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal.

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  1. No they haven’t except for a few hardcore conservatives they follow the pathetic White House comments saying that both sides need to end hostility. Palestinian terror group hamas started lobbing rockets at Israeli cities and Israel fought back. I wish Israel would wipe out all Palestinians but they would be deemed 100 times worse than the nazis notice other middle eastern Muslim countries are silent on the matter except Palestinian and Iranian authorities should show you even normal Muslims are probably in agreement with Israel

    1. Biden is funding Iranian backed terrorism. Lifting sanctions (funding) Iran knowing Iran funds Hamas and Hezbollah ( while US military men and women, Fifth Fleet… are in harms way in the ME) is aiding and abetting enemies of the US.

  2. Thank you to all the Republican Senators that are standing with Israel. Not a single DEMONKRAP.
    What’s wrong with the Jewish people in this country that still vote for the KKKRAKAS?

    1. That, Nine Island Girl, is a great question. Every time I try to figure out how a Democrat thinks, I end up coming to the realization that THEY DON’T THINK.

      P.S. I’m curious on how your handle (Nine Island Girl) came about?

    1. and a communist colluder-sympathizer, anti-USA fraud; should be arrested now with Obama/Rice and Harris the usurper not eligible for VP/Potus.

  3. Casey, I agree 100%. Having just discovered my Jewish roots recently, I can’t understand how any person w/Jewish lineage, OR any Christian, could vote DemoNRAT! My maternal g.mother (on the OTHER side) was KKK,and OF COURSE Staunch Dem. Thank the Lord my dad was the opposite. Thankful he brought me up right, even if he is the source of my Jewish blood!

  4. “We” all KNOW that Biden’s mind is “shot”.Israel is our ally. “When”? are the Dems gonna figure this out? MAYBE when Iran, N. Korea & China lob missiles @ the USA! With no border probably “most” of “them” are in the USA NOW. While Biden & the W.H. “dithers”, the American public is “STUCK” with a bunch of immigrants, gun runners, drug pushers, gangs, terrorists & God knows what. Is THIS the America that “we” know?JUST WHAT ARE “WE” GONNA DO ABOUT IT? “WE” should become more like ISRAEL & develop our OWN MILITIA!


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