Pete Buttigieg Tried to Sell CNBC on Dem’s “Everything Is Infrastructure’ Plan, See How It Went

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Everything is infrastructure. Well, that’s what Democrats want Americans to believe so they’ll support the Biden administration’s massive multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tried to convince CNBC’s Joe Kernen as much and he practically laughed him off the interview.

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Townhall reports:

During a briefing at the White House yesterday, Buttigieg had a difficult time explaining how the Biden administration was handling the cyber attack against the Colonial Pipeline system, resulting in gas shortages in nearly two dozen states.

Meanwhile, President Biden hosted Democrat and Republican congressional leaders at the White House yesterday in an effort to sell his plan.

“What the President believes his role is — is to lead by example and to offer an alternative of leadership to the American people, which is reaching his hand across the aisle, offering to work with members of both parties on addressing issues the American people have concerns about,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.

Senate Republicans have offered a much smaller, $568 billion true infrastructure plan as an alternative.

    1. Peetie suffers from “lockstep” as all Dems do. What comes from the top echelon…… the entire Dem party falls in “lockstep” with and never questions it for one moment no matter how un-American, outrageous or criminal! There is one Dem brain, it is located in Pelosi’s rear end……signals are expelled by her and received by the party in their empty vacuum heads. SAD SITUATION!

  1. Pete Butt-gig is a typical Democrat – full of lies, more lies, and still more lies. Americans should realize by now the the Democrats and the entire Democrat Party is “no damn good”, and will continue to be “no damn good” as long as they continue to be the party of anti American liars. Time to deport all the Democrats – perhaps to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for an indefinite stay..

  2. So how fast was the Republicans’ much cheaper plan shot down? If it’s not trillions it ain’t got no PORK. That just goes against the grain for democrats. SPEND SPEND SPEND.

    1. Yes, it’s the only way they can get their “pork” pet projects, cronies, and socialist big government programs paid for!

    1. Pretty much describes every single one of his cabinet and administration members! The goal of his puppeteers was to check off “diversity” boxes — get one of each, regardless of lack of qualifications or experience in the subject matter as long as color, gender, LGBT were all represented!!! It’s part of their vacuous “equity” agenda — hire or allow entrance to someone whether they’re qualified or not, just to be politically correct and “woke!” Our country is lost. May God help us. 🙁

  3. It doesn’t take anyone else to embarrass Pete. His behavior (spitting in God’s face) is embarrassment enough!

  4. There’s no money for this, or that.
    Ole pete is creaming his jeans knowing he’s in charge of something that we don’t need.
    I identify this as the same as covid relief bill
    in which WHERES THE MONEY GOING!!!
    He’s at a mental disadvantage, and he needs treatment.

  5. Those lying leftist liberal socialist communist democrats have no idea that we know all we need to know about them. We don’t want the snow job they’re offering! The rest of the globe is waking up to their fake administration too. Just read the Australian news. They know how weak Biden is< that he is just a puppet!

  6. This guy doesn’t have a clue about anything. Didn’t he leave the city he was mayor of in shambles? Biden’s entire cabinet seems to be one big collection of incompetent prior has beens.

  7. Mr./Mrs. ?? LBGTQ left his low IQ at the last rainbow convention! What Peetie Poo has is a failure to communicate with his brain. He should research the definition of “infrastructure” (as it relates here) and inform HIMSELF of what it means, the rest of us know, well Republicans know. Come on Peetie Poo catch up!

  8. Pete Buttigieg……Perfect! One idiot serving another idiot They need to consult with Larry, Mo and Curly.

  9. Typical! A Cabinet member gets chosen by De Muck Rat Joe Blow based on membership in a cartel of ‘privileged’ Class Members in the Party and not for their brains or qualifications! Ain’t it the truth?

  10. What a gang of idiots we now have running the county, Pete Butt plugger who is brain dead, out of gas Granholm, Psaki the circle back dolly bird and of course the sleepy guy himself. After his stuttering statement yesterday on the Israeli/Gaza conflict the bearded mullahs in Tehran and the fat boy in North Korea must be licking their lips with delight at their chance now to take on the USA with a president who is not feared and respected on the world stage like President Trump was for the past four years.

  11. Remember watching Joe Kernan on the stock channel in the 80’s & 90’s. “THAT” was when “we” could believe “some” of what he said & we checked it out with Investors Business Daily.. “It” took a while to “figure out” what stocks that “they” were peddling. THAT was the Dot. Com era before the internet took off. IPO’s were rampant as were routers , chips, & basic dot. com. “structure”.I read a lot & did make some $$. Today, I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. Petey has NO CLUE, other than the fact that he’s gay. SO WHAT? Does “he” have any idea “what” his job is? I could care less about his “gender”. My concern is, “can he handle the job”? I ANY “idea” what the job entails?

  12. He has no transportation experience, he said hidin biben was leading by example, he must have meant leading us into a nice padded basement.


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