MURDOCK: Democrat-Left’s Critical Race Theory Preaches Black Failure

NEW YORK — Critical Race Theory may be the Democrat-Left’s filthiest, ugliest Big Lie. It defines America as inherently and irredeemably bigoted, denounces all whites as racial oppressors, and diminishes all blacks as racially oppressed victims.

Lies, lies, lies.

The third lie is the worst.

Black Lives Matter, the “diversity” police, and other “systemic racism”-mongers relentlessly claim that white privilege and white supremacy blockade black success. Blacks think, “Yes, we can.” The Democrat-Left replies: “No, you can’t.”

Last June, Seattle staged Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness. This segregated brainwashing program for white municipal workers accused them of rendering people of color “unable to imagine a way forward that comes from a place of humanity and empowerment.”

So, blacks are paralyzed victims, as helpless as butterflies ensnared in a tarantula’s web of white racism.

This frightful fantasy is concocted to leave blacks cold and scared — all the better to swaddle them in the warm, loving arms of the Left. Ultimately, like every Democrat effort, this is about getting elected, retaining power, and controlling Americans as tightly as possible. If this cleaves America like an ax-split log, so be it. If whites must be vilified unfairly as bigots — to a man, woman, and child — who cares?

And if blacks feel not empowered but enfeebled within an alleged whirlpool of white hate, then too bad. The Democrat-Left’s insatiable thirst for political domination must be quenched, by all means necessary.

The Atlantic on April 3 covered Ndona Muboyayi, a mother who enrolled her son and daughter in Evanston, Illinois’s government schools in 2018. She recalls, “within the first year, my children were being taught about white supremacy and white privilege and that all white people were rich and racist.”

Since age 11, her son dreamed of becoming a lawyer. But, before long, he came home with abandoned aspirations. “Mommy,” he explained, “there are these systems put in place that prevent black people from accomplishing anything.”

“That’s what they’re teaching black kids,” Muboyayi said. “The narrative is, ‘You can’t get ahead.’”

The Democrat-Left deliberately preaches this gospel of black failure:

The Smithsonian Institution published a chart last July detailing “Aspects & Assumptions of Whiteness.” It listed “hard work,” “decision-making,” “intellect,” “The King’s English rules,” and “Be polite.” Ergo, the assumptions of blackness would include sloth, indecision, idiocy, illiteracy, and discourtesy. Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke could not have expected less of blacks.

“By saying that this is a standard English or even an English-only classroom, we are consenting to the, you know, the master narrative,” New York University education professor David Kirkland, chief architect of New York State’s “culturally responsive + sustaining education” standard, said in a March 2019 speech at U. Texas, Austin. “We are also reinforcing narratives of white supremacy, narratives of anti-black, anti-brown racism…And this leads to multiple forms of oppression.”

So, black kids, don’t “act white” by embracing correctly written and spoken English.

“Every lesson is an opportunity to talk about the legacy of systemic racism, not solely the wonder of individual stories,” Robert S. Harvey wrote last August 17 in Education Week. He trivialized black achievement even further: “And when we neglect to talk about how systemic racism is embedded within American structures — education, justice, employment, housing, and health care — we unintentionally teach students that ‘really good, really successful’ Black folks are exempt from racist structures.”

So, whitewash black excellence and obsess over the inescapable, racist “system.”

“In other words,” American Enterprise Institute scholar Frederick M. Hess wrote, rather than “suggest that individuals can shape the course of their lives, teachers should push students to view themselves as passive victims of circumstance. Harvey is literally instructing teachers to…dismiss individual accomplishment and personal agency.”

These “anti-racist” racists are serving social cancer from huge, boiling cauldrons. They are ladling defeatism into the bowls of black people and sickening the entire nation with their evil stew. They must be ridiculed, shunned, defunded, and dismantled.

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Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

  1. It seem to me that the whole issue of ” Black lives matter” is overrated and unnecessary! All lives matter and the blacks aren’t any different from all others who just want a rational life without others interfering with them! My sense is to just carry on, live and enjo your lives as you choose and that goes for all!

    1. Time for another history lesson. The ONLY time black lives matter is is when a black person dies at the action of a light skin person. That is the only time blacks get into an uproar. Plenty of times blacks kill blacks and no one complains. WHY?????
      Black-on-black crime is simply an expression of black culture. For centuries, in their native countries, blacks have been warring against other blacks, taking prisoners and turning them into slaves, and committing various violent and moral crimes. It was NOT whites who captured and sold blacks into slavery – it was other blacks doing that. Thus it is engrained as their history and culture. Black-on-black crime is much more common than even black-on-white crime. No too long ago, a report decreed that for every black assaulted-raped-killed by a light skin person 100 was committed by another black person.
      It is proven – by recent events – that publicly announcing that info became a catalyst for violent behavior of blm and antifa protesters.

  2. This is so true. The racist white Democrats want to encourage blacks to also be racist so that blacks will self-segregate. They want blacks to be ignorant, dependent on government benefits, and focused on killing each other. The Democrats are just doing what they have always done, separate the races, and hold blacks down. The Democrats are the part of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, and the KKK. Now, they try to put lipstick on a pig and act like they are all in support of blacks through their new version of the KKK, BLM, and their new version of segregation and Jim Crow laws, Critical Race Theory. Same agenda, different name and style. That’s all.

  3. What is wrong with the people of color? Are they really that dense that they don’t see that they’re being used? I know many have horrible family lives, but, don’t you want to better yourselves.
    Very soon this is all going to blow up!
    When it does, I’ll be eating popcorn and clapping.
    I’m soooooo sick of it! Really sick of it.

    1. AMEN SISTER! Successful blacks, provided they are fair minded and of sane mind, all say the same thing….the American dream is real and applies to all, you have to be willing to work for it and not settle for a low lifestyle or a welfare life….apply yourself and work, don’t expect it to be given to you…it won’t be!

      1. We can thank the Kennedy boys and especially LBJ for the current black attitude of deserving something for nothing.

  4. the democraps are the most racist group there is . if you don’t vote as democrat you are the ones that are racist . they said that black people don’t know how to use a computer and don’t know how to use voting machines . that a big ass lie lie lie lie

    1. Only a partial lie. Because of their culture and history, blacks are easily manipulated by democraps. So, what about people who happen to have been born with dark skin who abandoned that situation to be independently successful and publicly promote the idea that all blacks should do the same.? They successfully LEFT THE WHITE PLANTATION so demos and low class blacks condemn them as “Uncle Toms”.

  5. Other than the Dem politicians, the “media”, & “whacko”leftists groups, I honestly don’t “think” that most Americans of “color” feel this hatred. The reason “nobody” speaks up is because “we” have no law & order, no police & no way to get “our” message out. “IF” you speak out, you will be doxxed, fire bombed or your house egged. Mr. Murdock is probably on “their list” of “Black no goodniks” BECAUSE he tells it like it is! God bless him!

  6. The “lefties” try soooooo hard to get their message out there but, they always manage to step on their own message and squash it like “bull do”-do”…..which it is!

  7. Actually….
    It is pretty hilarious that a overwhelming majority of blacks still vote for the party that believes that they cannot make it on their own without being supported or propped up by the white man.

  8. The more I learn about CRT, the more it appears to come directly from the manual of the old Soviet psychological warfare indoctrination program. Is the American CIA really sure that the modern Democrat Party is not the old Soviet Communist cadre slipped into the US after the collapse of the Soviet Union? When they start checking on that, they should look carefully at the many possible name changes of individuals, who were NOT born in the US. Barack H. Obama is one who comes to mind.

  9. Thank you Mr. Murdock – It is American privilege that the world wants a part of and it is the old protestant work ethic which caused success. People have forgotten the origins of our work habits. The democrats are the true racists keeping people prisoners in the inner cities,making sure the young cannot read or write well, and then rioting to destroy what the people have struggled to build. The left has told lies since Hitler and others and encourage racism to gain power and control. It is their means which they think justifies their end goal. They are truly evil. Thank you again Mr. Murdock – brilliant essay!
    Thank you – Emer

  10. an example of what desire and studying can do for any black person is ben carson.this is a man that grew up with no father and living in poverty with his ,mom and brother.his mom made him read although she couldn’t
    i’ve read a few of his books and when you see success it’s him as he’s known around the world as a brilliant surgeon!seems many blacks are too lazy to apply themselves to achieve success!also look at tiger and what he’s accomplished!mainly because he had a father who supported him!

  11. You are so right, Mr. Murdock. May all Black people and the ‘woke’ Caucasians grow to recognize the load of nauseating tripe they are being fed with Critical Race Theory. This mad and vindictive theory is limiting and poisoning the success of Black people. And systemic racism is not holding Black people down.

  12. All this is done to keep blacks down on the their plantation of dependence. It has been this way since LBJ, arguably the worst president in US history. He and his democrat vote buyers killed the black family with their “Great Society” boondoggle. Democrats know they are losing much of the black vote and they are pulling out all stops.


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