Trump Gets Bad News in Initial 2024 Poll

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Trump got some bad news after some early pollsters revealed that President Biden holds a distinct lead over the former President. According to a new Yahoo! News/YouGov poll respondents gave Biden a 12-point lead over Trump in an early look into the 2024 election.

According to Mediaite:

When respondents to the poll were asked “If the 2024 election were held today, who would you vote for?”, 48 percent said they’d vote for Biden, while 36 percent responded Trump, and another 10 percent said they were “not sure.”

The poll also showed that 12 percent of Trump 2020 voters would either flip to Biden or are now “not sure,” twice as many as the 6 percent who would potentially flip from Biden to Trump.

Respondents were also asked “Should President Trump run for president again in 2024?”, and a clear 57 percent majority said he should not, versus just 31 percent who said he should. That includes 18 percent of Trump 2020 voters who now say he should not run again, and another 12 percent who are “not sure” he should run again. Among Republicans, those numbers are slightly higher at 22 percent “no” and 10 percent “not sure.”

Trump more than tripled his nearest competitor with 48 percent to former Vice President Mike Pence’s 13 percent, while Pence nearly doubled third-place finisher Donald Trump Jr.’s 7 percent. No other candidate rose above 4 percent.

Trump has strongly hinted at launching a third presidential campaign but has yet to officially make the announcement.

    1. I wonder what the ratio of Democrats voting versus Republicans was. We all know it was biased in the Dems favor. That is why this is Bullshit.💯

    2. I totally agree with Matt L. those polls were obviously taken by the fake news media or the same folks who counted the votes in the 2020 Presidential Election. Total BS

      1. It’s a Yahoo poll. Might as well be a CNN poll. If you ever read any of Yahoo’s “news” stories, you know whoever wrote the story for both outlets.

    3. The three (3) people that attend a Biden gathering versus a Trump rally are just figments of imagination. However, these people are real and polls are just marks by pencil.

  1. Nobody believes this BS!! Biden is a loser with a nasty old w hore for a VP. Yahoo is nothing but pathetic with garbage.

  2. As much as I liked President Trump and what he did for the Country, I believe that any credible Republican candidate EXCEPT President Trump will win in 2024. I believe Trump has just too many headwinds against him and that too many uninformed voters will believe what the media says about him. His time unfortunately has passed. He should not run and should let someone else have the opportunity.

    1. Richard, in a conventional world, say, 20 years ago, you might be right. At present, 86% of Repubs and 31% of Dems say Trump won, election was stolen (Rasmussen). Trump approval rating among Repubs is still between 81% and 88% (depending on which poll you read). 74% of Repubs say if he runs, they will absolutely vote for him (Fox). Trump has endorsed 128 candidates since 2019. He’s 125-3 (RNC). Say what you want, but he is still the leader of the GOP with his “America First” agenda, and is in position to be the 2nd POTUS in US History to win non-consecutive terms. As for the press, same old, same old. If you are old enough to remember, in 1980, 2 days before the election, Carter had a 6-point lead on Reagan. Reagan took 489 electoral votes.

  3. Okay apparently this site is another one that wants to delete comments, seriously pathetic. I have unsubscribed to your emails hundreds of times yet they are still in my in box. I believe if you unsubscribe you’re breaking the law in not following thru on that. So here you can delete it again– Nobody voted for this demented old fool and his nasty filthy VP since I can’t call the old pig what she is in 2020. Since he didn’t actually win in 2020 and he’s destroying this country unbelievable low approval how could he ever honestly ever beat Trump!

  4. That poll is BS.. everyday this country gets worse and no one would flip to Biden. They know he will win that’s why they continue to go after him

  5. I bet it was 60% Democrats 20% Republicans and 20% independants. Anyone still claiming to vote for Biden must be one of those collecting the $300 a week bonus money while also getting their unemployment checks. Also consider that Biden wants to give parents with children $3000 per child per month which could mean a family with 2 children would get $6000 a month or $72,k more just for 2 children and $108K if they have 3 children. Plus food stamps and other welfare benefits. Heck I’d vote for him too if I had 3 kids. LOL!

  6. Its the hidden voter that Biden keeps getting. 80 Million that voted from their basement and stuffed the ballot boxes. Biden couldn’t draw 100 to a rally while Trumps drawing tens of thousands. Who’s kidding who. I bet the same poll would say they would vote for Cheney.

  7. Yeah — I remember a bunch of poles last year that were so far off that they must have been published in Mars. These Pole “sifters” can get whatever answer they want by controlling the question/s and/or the audience participation. Just follow the “unbiased” news (internet only) and make up your own mind !!!

  8. This is a very poorly written piece of trash. Did Sally Kent actually write this? Sounds like something written for CNN.

  9. This is likely a YAHOO Spin Poll Story After all, Who in their Right Mind Would Vote For O’Biden ?!?!?! That is, after Four (4) years of this Evil Regime There May Not Be an Election !!!! We May Have Our First Dictator !!!!!

  10. When were these pollsters ever wrong ? Oh yeah….2016 and again in 2020….Biden needed massive cheating to beat Trump……an illegitimate president !

  11. Totally agree. Matt. many polls, once analyzed, show as much as 66% Dems in the polling. Ideal polling is 40% GOP, 40% Dem, 20% Indep. Last CNN poll on Biden approval (at 48%) was analyzed as 64% Dem, 33% GOP, 3% Indep (I’ve seen the actual polling docs). When you consider in ACTUAL polling that Indep. presently tend to lean GOP by about 34% (according to Zogby, Pew, and Rasmussen), basically Dems are typically over-sampled by about 75%. In short, based on 100 people, polling leans to Dems about 84% – even with THAT, Biden approval at 48%?

  12. And we trust Yahoo HOW? OMFG! Are you kidding me? A Yahoo poll? REALLY? How about polling REAL Americans, and not certified LEFTARDS?

  13. So 48% of those polled like paying $3 a gallon for gasoline? I’d say the poll was 100% registered Democrats.

  14. This is absolutely a total fake BS report. The only thing you could assume would be that you polled leftist socialist liberal democrats.

  15. Bovine feces comes in many nauseating flavors: this kind of poll is the most repulsive. Whom did they poll, blue metropolis cities, BLM and Hamas? Cemeteries?

  16. Really?? Paleez!! Besides one of the worst and unsafe browsers to navigate on, same goes for Yahoo’s biased and fake news…and polls!

  17. I’d like to know who participated in this poll. All democrats? In that case, pretty good percentages!


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