Federal Charges Against Steve Bannon Dismissed

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Steve Bannon) via Wikimedia Commons

Following former President Trump’s pardon of Steve Bannon, a federal judge has now officially dismissed the case against him. Bannon pled “not guilty” after being charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to engage in money laundering.

Fox News reports:

“For the reasons stated above, Bannon’s motion is GRANTED and the Indictment is DISMISSED as to him, pursuant to paragraph one of the Pardon,” Judge Analisa Torres declared in a filing.

“If there be no guilt, there is no ground for forgiveness,” she wrote. “It is an appeal to executive clemency. It is asked as a matter of favor to the guilty. It is granted not of right but of grace. A party is acquitted on the ground of innocence; he is pardoned through favor.”

Bannon and three other defendants were indicted about a year ago as federal prosecutors accused them of defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors in a $25 million “We Build the Wall” crowdfunding campaign. The Department of Justice said they were using the false pretense that all the money would be spent on the construction of the border wall between Mexico and the U.S.

The indictment had not been formally dismissed until now and, while Bannon had asked the court to dismiss it, prosecutors had wanted it to be administratively closed. Some legal experts have said that there is a loophole because the pardon only concerns the current indictment, meaning that he could still be prosecuted on other charges.

The government’s case will continue for the other three defendants: Brian Kolfage, Andrew Badolato, and Timothy Shea.

  1. Another witch hunt is concluded after it has done the intended damage, and it finally faces truth.

    1. Witch hunt is right! They saw Bannon assisting Trump election efforts and BOOM – all of a sudden he’s hit with all these trumped up charges. They do it every time! How I hate the Democratic Party…

      1. Pardon me for pointing this out, but Biden is the lead brainless ghoul appointee, not the appointER.

  2. This is where it would be nice if the party that filed the suit pays all legal fees if the court discovers their claims were unfounded. TORT REFORM!

    1. I like that idea… it would sure stop the political hack jobs .. look at what they did to Palin…. think like I think or we will hurt you….

  3. “If there be no guilt, there is no ground for forgiveness,” she wrote. “It is an appeal to executive clemency. It is asked as a matter of favor to the guilty. It is granted not of right but of grace. A party is acquitted on the ground of innocence; he is pardoned through favor.”
    I think she really wanted to see him go to full trial, but had to let him off because of the presidents pardon. Her statement, “as a matter of favor to the guilty” shows she believed he was guilty without due process. She should be removed from the bench for such a bias statement!

    1. The federal judiciary is mostly corrupt. It started before Obama (with Clinton), but accelerated greatly under Obama’s crooked guidance. Americans have to face it. The Democrat Party is “no damn good”!

    2. If only I could like these comments a 1,000,000 times!!! Sir, you could not be more correct!! This judge is not only a farce to the legal system, but an insult to our judicial system. These charges should never have made it past a Grand Jury! That they did, is in itself a disgrace to the legal process, and speaks volumes about those selected for this very serious job. I can only imagine what a jury would have looked like for him, and fear for those who will face a “Jury of their Peers.” Evidence will be generated, and supported to determine a verdict, not evidence to prove innocence or guilt. This is indeed a sad state for OUR country, and precisely what we fled in the 1600’s.

  4. Democrats never are right including the Democrats FBI sickening! Why aren’t they being brought to justices like COMEY, Brennan, Clapper, Wray? They have slandered many and we should look the other way. NO JUSTICES FOR THE EVIL DEMOCRATS WHO ARE WORKING FOR THE DEVIL,

  5. Somehow, sometime the Democrat politicians (and their running dogs) should be held accountable for the financial and personal damage they cause political actors whose opinions they don’t respect. The Democrat Party, which is driving the continuous “witch hunts” against conservatives should be made to pay by the courts, if there is a federal court in the United States that is still honest.

    1. Should have happened a long time ago, Henry. But I’m not holding my breath given the double standard justice we have in this country right now! God help us.

    2. Can you say “Qualified Immunity?” The prosecutors, investigators, nor the judge can be held accountable unless you can PROVE some manner of Judicial misconduct, or malicious prosecution. The first is almost impossible, the second while possible, is still a tough road. Then if you can prove it, these men have to receive a favorable decision (not guilty) and only then can they pursue this avenue. Steve can do this now if he can prove any of the above, and this would bode well for the other men if he should prevail.

  6. Unlike the case against O’bidet where the FBI & the DOJ will sit on Hunter’s lap-top and “doctor or curate, the evidence” what a bunch of losers?

    1. Hunter’s laptop has been copied numerous times I have seen a bit of it and what I did see (about 2 minutes) would be listed as porno. I didn’t expect it and was actually shocked so I shut my laptop OFF. Very disgusting. That man is sick pedophile.

    2. Almost accurate Ben. The gentleman who did the repairs to the laptop, made an image (copy) of the hard drive. That is how all the information is coming to light now, not by the DOJ, so there is still hope that someone will do the right thing. I have some good friends on the lower end of the FBI, as well as other Federal investigative agencies, and they are ALL pissed off!!! Some so much so that some are retiring, or otherwise leaving the FBI.

  7. See? They weren’t going after Bannon at all, at all! They were going, by proxy, after Orange Man Bad! The miserable swine!

  8. Now lets see what the other defendants who did not get a pardon have to say when they have their day in court. I can completely understand why the charges were dropped why spend money on a prosecution that the person can not be convicted of because of the pardon.

  9. Maybe the judge should also mention that politics play into this charge. Being guilty could also mean he is a supporter of Trump and he should be punished. All the pardon did was prevent a drawn out court case ending up proving they can’t produce enough evidence to convict him. Sorry judge, you are part of the group pulling up the blind fold so much needed in our DOJ.


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