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Fox News
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Juan Williams, co-host of Fox News’ The Five, announced he will be leaving the show.

Williams, one of the few liberal voices at the network, doesn’t seem to be leaving on his own accord.

The Daily Beast reported, “Multiple sources familiar with the matter” , say that one of his fellow co-hosts was gunning for him.

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  1. Juan Williams is not a political analyst, he’s a left wing political hack. Glad to see him off the Five.

    1. I agree!!! He always would disagree with the other 4 no matter what was said. The best one was when Jesse saw him make a comment on one of the other programs. When the subject came up on the 5 Jesse made the same comment and when Williams was asked by Jesse he said I totally disagree with that and said something else. Then Jesse said that’s what you said earlier and Greg said, gotcha!!!

      1. I think that Williams thought that it was his job to disagree. Years ago, he seemed like he was giving his own opinions, but for the last 5-6 years, he seemed to be faking it and it showed.

        1. Juan should join the Chinese Communist Network CNN, he is that toxic that he’ll fit with them very well. So happy he is not going to be with The Five!

    2. Recently i wondered if that was his job, i.e. be the yang in the ying-yang!
      It was becoming obvious that regardless of the subject, Juan always to an
      opposing view to the group. Maybe that is just the definition of “liberalism”.

    1. And Donna , their not just liberals their racist against every color skin but their own and it’s sickening and I couldn’t watch any more Fox period

          1. aka Donna the Racist and Cheater (remember she fed the questions to Hillary ahead of time in the debate!

          2. Barto, My Friend….. Brazile, as the DNC Boss, Then, knows the exact story as to how Mark Seth DIED….. It will come out soon…..

      1. Donna used to be pretty regular on this week with George stephanopoulos. Then I heard she went to FOX. I thought, good thing I don’t have cable. Would never watch her. She’s pure and simple “crazy” all the while always saying she’s Catholic. If I could go through my TV, it wouldn’t be pretty.

  2. Glad he is gone, pretty much stopped watching the Five because of him. We get enough of all the liberals on every major network, so will be going back to watch as long as they don’t put another liberal in his place.

    1. Juan’s long speeches when he had the mike were a pain in the neck to any listeners. When I would hear Juan’s pick up line–“Well, to my mind.” I knew I was in for a frustrating four or five min of Juan theory and pressed the mute.

      1. Yeah, his trademark (if you want to call it that) was “Well to my mind” which meant he was about to come up with a Protection for the Libturds AND in poker you would call this a sure fire “TELL” when he uttered those words, which was idiotic, since he clearly did not have much a MIND that contained usefull information!

  3. Juan is a POS. He doesn’t contribute anything of interest or value to any show. He has long outlived his time on the tube. Brit Hume hated the A hole years ago.

    1. You are so right on!! Weasel Wallace I think pretends to be a Conservative
      to placate his employers at Fox, but he’s a dyed-in-the-wool Leftie at heart.
      I’m sick and tired of his “gotcha” type questions to righties but much less
      direct to lefties.

  4. Loved watching The Five years ago. Quit watching when Juan came on. Might go back to watching it now that the knucklehead is gone.

    1. The only worse liberal on the 5 was sarcastic character assassinating Bob Beckel. I quit watching the 5 until he was gone. Beckel was worse than Juan and Geraldo combined!

  5. Mr. Williams (Alas!) is not a great loss. I fail to see why they included him and his brainless Demon-crat talking points in the first place.

  6. FAIR and BALANCED! Juan is a gentleman with different believes but always a gentleman. sorry to see him go but understand why. On the other hand Jeralodo is a brute but I do not think he should go. Fair and balanced that’s what Fox continues to say about it’s news telecast and unlike the other far Left stations they remain Fair and Balanced!

    1. Carol, for your kindness I gave you a thumbs up.
      Geraldo is just bonkers and a liar, as I’ve heard him say he’s a Republican????? Maybe a BIG RINO. That’s about the best I can do.

    2. Actually, I’m not interested in a program that’s Fair and Balanced!!!! I looking for programs that are truthful and based on actual facts…not some programs that have liberal commentators that lie and twist truths to follow democrat values…just give the the truth and facts and I’ll make up my own mind !!! I do not need Fair and Balanced, that’s total nonsense!!! I am glad Juan is gone all he ever did is make me mad!!! The same with Geraldo and Donna…. it’s time for him and her to part ways with FOX as well…That’s the Fair and Balanced I have NO use FOR!!! I come from at least 5-6 generations of Democrats, but have parts ways with the Democrat party better known as the Communist party…So Sad!!! TRUMP was the best President in my life time, I certainly didn’t care for personality at times…but he was alway a true American with America’s interest at heart and his policies were Dead ON!!!

      1. David, Thanks for your response it is dead on exactly how I feel and kept me from having to type with one finger for an hour to express my opinion.The likes of Juan Williams, Geraldo, Donna Brazil, AOC and several others I could name have just about driven me to Newsmax and OAN entirely. Even Hannity has gotten old with his constant recital of his lists of things every night and constant reminder that he had to wash dishes . I admit he has the best guests if only he would let them speak and quit cutting them off. As far as fair and balanced goes life is not F & B so why does the news have to be.

    3. Please issue your definition of a Gentleman as it certainly disagrees with mind in this instance…..He was a BULLY and BLOWHART, period!

  7. Juan’s religion is his skin color, period!
    How can a man his age not acknowledge reality?
    I’m sure he still thinks the clan is a Republican thing. Unfortunately, many of his color are equally asleep.


  9. This is great news. Thank you Greg Gutfield! I don’t care that Williams was a liberal hack but what I did not like was his out and out ridiculous positions on almost everything. He added absolutely nothing to the show “The Five”.

    Infact, they should have renamed the show, “The Four and an idiot named Juan.”

  10. thank you, thank you, thank you


    I have been messaging for 2 yrs to plead w Fox to dump this guy. Juan Williams is IMO a complete joke and not very bright… he evolved from the token Dem providing perspective to an outright jerk and utter moron with arcane Dem talking points and sheer absurdity….

    Thank you Fox….. dump this guy entirely, he is simply bad and offers very little that is worthy of being voiced.

  11. This is way overdue! I stopped watching the Five because of Juan Williams. Donna Brazille is the other one who needs to take a hike, followed by Chris Wall-ass. Jerry Rivers is also very hard to take.

  12. I enjoyed watching Juan to see how liberal-minded people “think” and then watching him squirm when he had to logically support his position – highly entertaining. I hope they find someone else that can equally represent the shallow, hypocritical “logic” of the left.

    1. I beg to disagree, we have too many like him in the so-called Main-Stream-Media and other venues, let us have a panel of FIVE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS/INDEPENDENTS, all the other NEWS and such SHOWS are already dominated by the LIBERALS…..as is the so-called SOCIAL MEDIA…..TOO MUCH OF ANTHING IS JUST PLAIN TOO MUCH!

    2. Lately, Juan just became too toxic, his racist attitude was just too negative and he became too belligerent and disrespectful towards his cohosts. It’s painful to watch his downward spiral so I stopped watching the show altogether.
      It’s great to see Juan go.

  13. Juan Williams is a Liberal Idiot. When ever I see him or Chris Wallace on FOX I change the channel or turn off the TV.

  14. Juan always made ridiculous statements even when the truth was right in front of him and proven. Jesse Waters and Greg Gutfield always out classed him with their knowledge and investigations. Theres a point when someone is ineffective at their jobs when they don’t face reality. Its disgusting when people cling to liberalism because they have always been liberals and refuse to face facts!

  15. Juan Williams opinions were so ill thought out and idiotic that his presence allowed FNC to expose the LEFT while still being, “Fair and Balanced”.

  16. I stopped watching Fox and The Five in part because of Juan Williams. It looks like Fox is finally trying to lure some of its viewers back. I’m not ready to return yet, but it’s a good start.

    1. I stopped after the audacity and disrespect of Wallace towards President Trump. No President should ever be disrespected that way ever! That teeny tiny man disrespecting the office of the president because he had a microphone.
      The media is the number one enemy of America. The media has no credibility what so ever.

  17. Sorry but if he never comes back it will be too soon. That man is an instigator and racist to the point of inciting too many young people into doing what they know is not allowed in any civilized society.

  18. Good riddance and pray he’s completely gone from FNC. Now if they could get rid of Chrissy Wallace, Donna Brazille and a few others, I might consider watching them a little more. As it stands, the only ones I watch are Tucker, Steve Hilton, Mark Levin and sometimes the judge. Usually I watch Newsmax and some OANN.

  19. Either he was playing a part as the show liberal, or the man is completely demented. Glad to see him go as bad as he was he will never be nearly as bad as that slimeball Chris Wallace. He needs to go as soon as possible. Then I might watch Fox again

  20. I will return to watching The Five again. I couldn’t stand Juan and stopped watching The Five because of that toxic man. Bravo for Juan leaving the show finally!

  21. Do You folks know, that Juan Williams, SON, is a Conservative?
    This liberal should realize….WHY SO?

  22. So you folks think Williams should be banned for his political views? You’re just as bad as the racists on CNN and MSNBC. You don’t have the right to silence dissent. Grow up. You’d as bad as the liberals!


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