All the Reasons Sen. Manchin Should Join the GOP

Joe Manchin Speaks at Governor Hogan's Press Conference about infrastructure by Steve Kwak via Wikimedia Commons

For years rumors have swirled across the Senate floor that moderate Democrat Joe Manchin could eventually make the leap across the aisle and join the Republican Party. While the West Virginia senator has denied the claims he could be making a change the factors pushing him away from his Democrat colleagues continue to grow.

This is why it’s time for Sen. Manchin to join the GOP:

  1. Manchin will not join the GOP. He is to much of a headline whore, wanting to keep his name in the news headlines and his face on TV.
    He is building name recognition for his future, perhaps even to run for POTUS one day. That is the reason for all his noise.
    But at the end of the day, he will give up his West Virginia vote to New York and vote the way Schumer orders him to vote.

  2. This man is a democrat but realizes that this party is off the rails.He should be commended for standing up for his “rights”. “They” are now beginning to devour their own who disagree with the party line. At least this man has the courage of his convictions. God bless Mr. Manchin!

    1. I wrote an email to Senator Manchin thanking him for standing up to save our Constitutional Republic!! I told him I and many really appreciate this courage in the face
      of such leftist-Marxist pressure!!

  3. The Democrats have now gone Socialist and have left Mr. Manchin; now Manchin needs to leave them and join the Republicans…

  4. Ok folks, let’s not go off the rails with excitement. He most likely won’t leave to join us. But, he should definitely be ashamed of himself for being from such a bright red state, and being in cahoots with a party that’s gone completely unamerican.
    Actually, on the verge of turning our country into a COMMUNIST COUNTRY!
    Please call his office and E-mail him.

  5. I think Manchin is more moderate and has more sense than the rest of his party. I surely hope so. I am sure West Virginia is really talking to him about their future and why he needs to hold the line for their state and our country. If JFK were alive today he would have been a Republican by policies.

  6. For years I have said Joe should leave the Dems. The Dems actually left Joe behind when they went Marxist. The Dems will wreck his career if he remains.

  7. senator Joe, has figured out that nasty nutty nancy and chuck the schmuck are communists, and while he may not agree with the republican party plans, he cannot and will not support the communists…. Nothing at all wrong with that, we call it, “Having principles”…. and he could teach a whole class of demoKKKRATs that lesson…. there are a few things that I despise about some Republicans…. For Instance I voted Trump but I wish he had that twit device jammed up his Arse, as it stirred its own troubles, and really we do not need our president on faceplant, twatter, or any other anti-social media….

  8. you CAN “love the man and hate the presidency” as in Joe Bidenskiyy, or you can “hate the man and love his presidency” as in Trumpster who blew his own horn full time but did one hell of a job for America and Americans, personally I would love to grab Trump by that neck tie and poke him in the mush, But he did so well for the people…. Even with all the Obstruction the communists and the DemoKKKRAT Klansmen could muster…. That I would then have to Offer Trump a handkerchief for the blood, I think he would understand, Basically…. the Sentiment ” shut-up and get back to work ” and in point of fact , all of these so called “Representatives” And Even the president, are simply Dog catchers and Garbage men, whom at this point aren’t even worth the price of a decent meal let alone that Exorbitant Salary, For the fact that they no longer do the American peoples bidding, they have an “Agenda” ( always bad) and a plan of their own and wish to jam it up our asses

  9. It’s the very odd man of principle that demonstrates the rare commodity of moral courage. Such people are becoming unheard of among the Democrats, who rush madly en masse like lemmings over the cliff onto the rocks of socialism. But Sen. Manchin flies in the face of mob rule, seeking to do what he thinks is right for his constituents and for the Republic. I am likewise developing respect for Sens. Sinema and Gabbard, who buck the Demoncrat Mob more and more. God protect them and shield them from the Mob. Perhaps they both should join the GOP.

  10. i believe he should stay lib/dem so it actually weakens the dem voting power just as the rino’s do to the rep party.

  11. Not only should Sellout Manchin not be allowed in to join the GOP, they need to boot a whole lot of RINO senators and congress critters as well.

  12. Joe Manchin is a democrat through and through!! He’ll say one thing out of one side of his mouth but will eventually kowtow to Shumer. I don’t trust him as far as I could through him. And that ain’t far!!


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