Newsmax Host’s Sarcasm Creates Controversy

Screenshot via YouTube

Newsmax host Greg Kelly came under fire for a clear attempt to call out the hypocrisy of racism.

According to Mediaite:

Newsmax host Greg Kelly appears to have deleted a number of tweets that celebrated political figures because they are White, like him.

The now-deleted tweets praised former President Bill Clinton and Defense Secretaries William Cohen and Les Aspin — who Kelly served in the Marine Corps under — because they shared the same skin tone. Yes, he tweeted a number of “white, like me,” messages that many understood to be racist, or at least, irresponsibly racialized.

In a statement to Mediaite, Newsmax confirmed that the original tweets were an effort to call out racism. “We understand a series of tweets were posted by Mr. Kelly today that, in their totality, indicated his opposition to racism,” the conservative network stated. “We at Newsmax never countenance the posting of racist views or views that appeal to racists. We are currently reviewing the matter.”

Some crucial context is necessary for those unfamiliar with Kelly’s Twitter feed. The host of Newsmax’s top-rated 7 pm nightly show has become known for his Twitter messages, which are often designed to be comedic parodies designed to elicit a reaction from many who don’t quite get the joke.

Kelly uses his Twitter to call out the ridiculous examples of what the woke mob concerns themselves with. Below are some examples:

Kelly’s Twitter feed has efficacy. While he may not be “taken seriously” he highlights the lunacy in which the left concerns itself with.

  1. He’s right, I’m seeing more Backs and Mixed couples on Commercials. Not a big deal but still happening. I’ll believe BLM when they start helping the Chicago Community and The Black Congressional Caucaus starts showing they care about Back people. I don’t think they do.

    1. I refuse to buy anything touted any this racial crap. If God had intended one color He would have not created more than one race. I think bi-racial couplings are sick sick sick and I’m sick of seeing all these blacks in the commercials. I turn the channel. Are there more blacks in this country than whites. No! I saw an article about this right after Obama got elected. It said more blacks watch t.v. Than whites. News flash! Whites are working to pay their welfare bennies

    2. The best is the commercial showing a Muslim woman wearing a hard hat over her hijab and the two gay men ballroom dancing together touting an arthritis cream…trying to normalize the abnormal.

    3. One better – saw a commercial the other day with 2 white parents with 2 black kids – how does that happen?

  2. The whole country has gone mad !! 🤡👺👹… Clowns, fibbers, and Satan . They are in charge of the media. Wake up America!! Not Democrats or Republicans!! The rich nut cases running this awful government!

  3. Seems one cannot say what’s right anymore. Of course more blacks on commercials, just keep count for the non-believers. Sue me if I’m wrong.

  4. I loved his sarcasm. I personally don’t see where the controversy is. Just telling it like it is! Keep up the good word. Drives the lefties crazy!

  5. Greg Kelly is NOT a racist & neither is his father, who ran the NYPD when the “towers” collapsed. The left HATE Greg because he tells it “like it really is”. “They” got him off FOX saying he did not have consensual sex with some “lady”. That didn’t stick but he was off the air for quite a while.The Dems can “do no wrong”, but let’s start with Hunter Biden & his father. Hunter uses the “n” word & his father supported STROM Thurmond & Robert Byrd, two of the biggest segregationists in the Senate. BOTH these men were in the KKK! Now, is THAT calling the kettle black?

  6. Equal opportunity is the way it should be for everyone as long as it’s equal. Some products are marketed for certain needs and some are for anyone.

  7. The number of non-white actors in some Australian TV commercials seems high in a country of mostly white people. Wondered if the footage had been made in the US or if the advertisers were targeting the relatively few minority viewers.

  8. Yes, blacks are trending in commercials. I truly am happy for their success as individuals. I think many Conservative blacks in media and Government are also enjoying more success because of our current state of affairs (though Conservative blacks have to put up with a lot more crap than Leftist ones). Should any of this be disingenuous, it will help no one but the woke mob.

  9. I watched as a very fine little Caucasian lady married a black man. They had a child together but then he wound up beating her because she was white and he bore unreasoning baggage against whitey’s. Marry whom you will, but be advised that oft you are marrying not only a person, but you are marrying the whole PACKAGE. Marry a black person and you marry the entire cultural community. It can be worse when you marry a Muslim: you marry the whole package, the nationality, the religion that can turn intolerant and dictatorial overnight. Inter-cultural marriages can be highly rewarding, but also highly perilous.

  10. Obummer never was a legal sitting president.illegal immigrant homosexual muslim brotherhood imposter impersonating as president. With a transgender male accomplice as first lady. SEMPER FIDELIS

  11. Greg Kelly is awesome—very funny tweets–of course the left are so dull
    and stupid they can’t ever be funny—life is way too serious for these morons
    my goodness—how did we get here??

  12. Nice to listen to Greg, an honorable person with common sense and values, it makes it so much more rewarding listening to factual people too, than listening to liberals who are always trying to deceive people. Most of us have friends of other colors, and we are not at odds with each other. The radical left has nothing left to use to divide us but racism, and yet they are the ones who are the racists.


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