Trump Set to Visit the Border Before Kamala

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump has announced that he will join Texas Governor Greg Abbott during a visit to the border. Trump, always one for gamesmanship, will make his visit to the border before Border Czar Vice-President Kamala Harris does so.

According to The Dallas News:

Donald Trump will tour the state’s border with Mexico later this month, after accepting an invitation from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to investigate what Trump termed an “unmitigated disaster zone.”

The trip, on June 30, is an apparent response to Vice President Kamala Harris not visiting the U.S.-Mexico border amid ongoing tensions over how to address an influx of migrants.

“What [President Joe Biden] and Harris have done, and are continuing to do on our border, is a grave and willful dereliction of duty,” Trump said in the statement from Save America, the PAC Trump created after leaving office. “My visit will hopefully shine a spotlight on these crimes against our Nation — and show the incredible people of ICE and Border Patrol that they have our unshakeable support.”

For months, Harris has been the focus of GOP criticism for not visiting the border, which Republicans have been quick to deem a crisis zone. Harris has responded to that criticism by saying the administration is trying to focus on migration’s root causes, rather than performing “grand gestures.”

Since taking office President Joe Biden has stopped much of the construction on the border wall and redirected funds to other projects he deems more important. Read more about Biden’s attack on the border wall here.

  1. KOOL BEANS , make her look REALLY REALLY BAD, like so bad there is NO RECOVERY, and he is still OUR and MINE POTUS.

    1. OMG! I haven’t heard the term “kool beans” in years! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. 8^)
      And yes, Mr. Trump is still the President of the United States of America!

      1. Trump was elected President in 2020 and so were other Republican senators who got cheated out of their office by voter fraud.

    1. How cute that we always get the TROLL who has absolutely NOTHING in common with the other posters. Hope it makes you feel better and not so triggered??? LMAF, TROLL.

      1. Its the lying trolls that want this marxist agenda, who will never tell the truth and think they are cool enough to fool everyone.

    2. What does that mean, chum? TDS has destroyed my family. I have decided that my younger brother just cannot THINK! It’s too hard for him!

    3. If anyone should visit the BIG HOUSE it’s people like you and all dishonest Democrats and left leaning idiots.

    4. President Trump should be reinstated as the rightful, duly elected President of the United States, with absolute proof, and the Senators who also won which would change the power of the Senate. Then what will you globalist-marxists do when your deceitful agenda is totally exposed and crushed?

  2. It’s time to arrest this administration, starting with hidenbiden and commie harris, for failing to carry out their duties they swore to protect, this country, There both unfit, and have been a total disaster.

  3. We want to see comprehensive video of every salient detail along the border, starting with Texas. Focus and closeup video should emphasize adult males traveling alone, coyotes (not likely), unaccompanied children, groups caught in the act on rafts or wading and those from other parts of the world, e.g., the Middle Eastern nationals. It needs to be stuck in the face of our coprolitic president, regardless of whether or not he understands it.

  4. Get some citizen ranchers on camera with Trump and Abbott. Talking about how their crops, land and animals are being destroyed.
    Along with their own lives in jeopardy.
    Not just a photo op… but live conversations that can be on the news. Send a reporter from Newsmax, Sara Carter and Judge Pirro for examples.

  5. Viva President Trump. Always doing his best for the American people and our Nation.
    Expose everything. Even if the MSM’s won’t show it, it will get around to plenty of people.
    Thank you President Trump.

  6. That woman, the laughing Vice President could care less about America’s borders, or the people that are being endangered by this illegal invasion.

    1. She is one of the dumbest people EVER to be elected to a high ranking office. Guess sleeping your way to the top really works..

  7. Way to go President Trump, go show the people of this country in Texas and all along the border who cares about their well being and who loves this country!

  8. Lyin Biden and Commie Kamala obviously couldn’t care less about our border and the American people; and shame on the morons who voted for them; not only do they go down, they bring the rest of us down with them, and that’s so unfortunate…

  9. “root causes” —— how disingenuous can a person be. There are of course reasons why people want the leave their home countries and immigrate to the USA but this has been the case for as long as we have been a nation —– and for that we have immigration laws and quotas. However, the reason for the surge is clear and simple —– Biden and the democrats extended them an invitation! Why? Not because they love humanity (no communists do) but they want their future votes so they can maintain power and continue to stuff their pockets with easy taxpayer money.

  10. Breaking News- “Heels Up “Harris passed away— it’s reported that she died from EXCESSIVE LAUGHTER when a reporter asked her if she was EVER going to eyewitness the border disaster the Da Boss Biden created 🤣🤣🤣😜

  11. She’s is NOT going. Don’t know why …seeing us believing unless you are a democrat .. they think you are to believe whatever they say … now who’s the dumb one??????can stand behind a burning building and riots and say there’s no rioting here just peaceful protest … they are the problem !!


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