Raphael Warnock Gets Fact-Checked Over Claims He Never Opposed Voter ID Laws

Raphael Warnock, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Radical Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock was hit with a fact-check after claiming he never opposed voter identification laws. Warnock has been extremely outspoken against voter ID laws, especially a recently passed voter integrity law in his home state. Not only has Warnock repeatedly bashed voter ID laws but he’s also gone so far as to liken them to Jim Crow laws.

According to Townhall:

“I have never been opposed to voter ID,” Warnock told NBC News. “And in fact, I don’t know anybody who is — who believes people shouldn’t have to prove that they are who they say they are. But what has happened over the years is people have played with common sense identification and put into place restrictive measures intended not to preserve the integrity of the outcome, but to select, certain group.”

Warnock likened “unjustifiable” voter identification laws to “Jim Crow” during a 2012 speech.

In his first days in the Senate, he also doubled down on his opposition to voter ID mandates.

“We are witnessing right now a massive and unabashed assault on voting rights unlike anything we have seen since the Jim Crow era,” he said on the floor, referencing voting reforms. “This is Jim Crow in new clothes.”

Watch Sen. Warnock slam voter ID laws HERE.

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  1. This man is not good for this country. He lies and lies and lies. He pretends to be a minister but is for everything that the bible says is ungodly. How people voted him in is a mystery to me. They had two good conservative candidates and yet voted in (unless it was as they say “rigged) radical anti-American candidates. They deserve what they get.

      1. That’s exactly what Stacy Abrimes has been up to since she lost the Governor’s race. Then she didn’t have all the bases covered, but by 2020 she was on top of the fraud agenda and the Democrats took GEORGIA.

      2. and it would not surprise me if they find out Warnock and Adams are shackin up, living in sin .

      1. Don, so so right. Heard many persons of color very disappointed with this “garbage” person. His former wife/maybe current claims it beat her. Also what about the “fun and games” he played with children at his summer camp in Maryland? He did interfere with an investigation into…

    1. Susan, Getting harder and harder to claim Georgia my Heart and Home. Same corruption/machines that “gave” Georgia to Demon Rats gave this antichrist his seat along with osskovski. Can only hope and pray that questionable rassenberger investigation will reveal the truth. Fulton County destroyed democracy. Buckhead must separate from crooked Fulton/Atlanta as we in LEE County must separate from Georgia. Only 100 miles from Land of the free Florida…..

      1. DEMOCRATS wanna control every aspect of our lives.
        Don’t let them do it !!
        VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2022 & 2024 !!
        PAY-BACK TIME !!!

    2. You are a Christian like many Americans? We Christians are being tested because we now have evil in many forms on our earth. This Warnock guy seems to be one. But there are many people portraying themselves to be “good” people when they are really very evil people! Fauci is one too. I’d say Biden is one but I truly think he is in that position because he is feeble minded and easily lead astray…someone evil is telling biddyboy what to do and how to do it.
      America is in big trouble, but because we moral, God loving Christians know what we are now fighting (the horned one and his minions), we WILL WIN THIS BATTLE AND THEN THE WAR.
      Just think of Warnock with horns and a tail — that’s his REAL personality!

  2. I’m more surprised when the democrats tell the truth you have to wait a long time for that if it ever happens


  3. The Reverand. Is he an example for the reason that less people than ever attend the church, temple, synagogue, mosque, etc. of their choice.

  4. With DaNang Dick Blumenthal and Lyawathia thus barely qualifies, but lying to voters is typical of lackluster democrat excuses for public servants.

  5. Raphael warnock ? the worst candidates since Stacy Abrams, and Kommissar joe biden, who is Arguably the the Biggest Ignoramus the DemokkkRATs EVER Nominated

  6. Georgia, we’re depending on you to retire this COMMUNIST back next November. And the other turd warnoff as well. Let’s rightfully replace them with Conservative Republicans.

  7. All of the followers of Lenin/Alinsky lie and would do anything to ruin election integrity. Warnock knows the handbook.

  8. Lying, hyper-partisan, evil, narcissistic hack! Do they really think the America public is going to believe this? They are now all saying they have never opposed voter ID laws, when that’s all everyone has heard for the past 50 years! HOW INCREDIBLY INSULTING! Typical Democrat behavior!

  9. Typical piece of work democrat. Lie like carp and wait it out and rely on the morons who support you ((ie media and voters) to forget and believe you once again

  10. Time to rid Georgia of that POS Warnock and his mentor big ass Stacy plus all the Rinos that handed the 2020 election to those evil democrats and bring back Trump and the real conservative Republicans.

  11. Is this Warnock guy related to Fauci? They use the same tongue speak of flip flopping back and forth on subjects that not only are critical to our existence, but can destroy lives! Yeah. I’d trust Warnock as far as I would trust a 2 headed 🐍 pit viper! That goes for Fauci too!

  12. Jim Crow was a election rigging scam invented by Democrats to cheat and block African American Republicans from voting. The Dems still love to rig elections. Opposing voting safeguards allows the Dems to steal future elections .

  13. Wow! Everyone knows what this jerk is, said, and how his fraud via the dim wit vote counters and the roulette voting machines of Venezuela origins got him in the seat he fills. Like all dim wits, they lie, cheat, and steal without a single thought of fear of being challenged. If the lie gets them the win, it was good according to their old dim wit leader, Harry Reid!

  14. Witch Abrams said the same lie. Problem is the TRUE media has her on tape opposing ID. DIMMs are SO racist that they think blacks cannot figure out how to get a photo ID!!!


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