Texas and Stephen Miller Sue Biden

Texas and former Trump adviser Stephen Miller are suing Biden over his controversial “catch-and-release” immigration policy. In the lawsuit, they claim that Biden’s policy puts Americans at a higher risk of COVID-19.

Texas Attorney general Ken Paxton, the Immigrations Reform Law Institute along with Miller’s America First Legal filed the document in federal court.

According to The Washington Examiner:

“By allowing tens of thousands of people to flow across the border, the defendants have increased the public health and safety risk to Texas,” said the request for an injunction.

At issue is the Biden administration’s decision in February to suspend the Trump administration’s policy of returning illegal immigrants during the height of the coronavirus crisis. The Trump team, worried that illegal immigrants would spread the virus, used a provision, Title 42, to block their entry. Biden ended that and has instead released families and unaccompanied children into dozens of major cities.

Texas, IRLI, and America First Legal argued that the new policy will be expensive and would not cause any “harm” to the administration if stopped.

“In this case, the harm to Texas,” said the documents, “is both imminent and irreparable, and could be easily avoided by the defendants’ continuation of practices used prior to the February order. At stake for Texas is the health of the people of Texas. Conversely, there is no harm to the defendants from their resuming their operations as they were prior to the February order. Nor is there any legal harm to persons removed pursuant to those procedures, as such individuals are aliens who lack lawful status in the United States, and whose rights are not being violated.”


  1. The USA USE to REQUIRE that ALL immigrants process through Ellis Island in the New York Harbor and THAT INCLUDED examination for various illnesses and diseases. Be sick and you got sent BACK to your country. The process PROTECTED Americans from various illnesses.
    Send them ALL BACK NOW !!

  2. A law suit like this, could force them to admit that there never really was a COVID. That the scare tactic, (PLANdemic) was just renaming Flu, and other seasonal discomforts, to insure the out come they wanted, and sadly acquired.

    1. I have often wondered if that was the case and I am certain that a large percentage of Americans feel the same. In light of all I have seen in the last few decades, I would not trust our government as far as I could throw the Capital building.

  3. Finally-All states should pursue-Biden and his so called administration ARE NOT protecting the American citizens by allowing this to continue.

    1. Every smart governor should be suing this corrupt administration for everything they’re doing to our country. Especially the border states. I guess, while they’re worried about scaring us with Covid, not so much about what these ILLEGALS bring into the country.
      Now they’re scaring us with the variant. All designed to get us vaxed. I’m beyond sick of this garbage. Can’t wait till 2022, to kick this garbage to the gutter.

    2. Did you read where an illegal alien who decapitated a man and was using his head as a soccer ball? He had committed a ton of crimes. Sara Carter questioned another illegal and he was part of a group who believed in human sacrifice. The MS13s have murdered several people with a machete. Do you think these people care who they kill? Being an American citizen means nothing to them.

  4. The only concern the Democrats have for our country is that they have a safe place to conduct their criminal activities and grow their power. they care nothing for our people.

  5. The Democrats sued Trump for every fake reason they could dream up. The least that the conservatives can do is sue Biden for the REAL crimes that ARE being committed!

  6. Now, if we can find a judge who is NOT crooked and bought off by the Democrat Party, maybe justice will again be approached.

  7. Biden doesn’t represent the United States, he has sold the US out to the highest bidder which is China, who bought our debt, and made him rich.

  8. The #$%@$#%@# Democrats make me want to #%@$#$@ each and every one of their #%$@# and then do it again because I had so much fun the first time I did it to them!
    Good job TX and Miller sue their behinds like a filetailed rat after red rind hoop cheese!
    It is still hard to believe the Dems would still like to see America on a COVID-19 paralyzing “shutdown” but think illegal aliens leave their COVID-19 and other contagious diseases on the Mexico side of the border! WOW! Dem stupidity is hanging out there for all the world to see!

  9. You know Texas is a Republic, they have the right to stop this illegal immigration invasion since the government is negligent in doing their duty to protect the borders and the property of so many on the Texas Border with Mexico. Allen West sees a big flaw in the delay of getting more national guard and Ice to guard the border in Texas and so do the Sheriffs. There should have been emergency actions ordered by Governor Abbott, maybe he will start doing these things NOW.

  10. Biden has unsecured our borders! He isn’t even upholding his oath of office to preserve, protect and defend America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Why is he still in office????


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