Newt Gingrich Obliterates Harris for Being a ‘Dead Loser’ Regarding Voting Rights Argument

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Kamala Harris claims that rural Americans can’t be trusted to have legitimate photo identification to vote, or at least this is her argument for eliminating voter ID requirements and open elections up to fraud. However, any common-sense American knows that her argument is paper-thin. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich slammed the Vice President for claiming some rural Americans wouldn’t be able to prove their identities.

According to Fox News:

NEW GINGRICH: Part of what has come out of this, which is fascinating, is a whole range of African-American leaders who have said publicly they are insulted that people like Harris think they are too dumb to be able to get an I.D. And they think they are too dumb to know how to go vote accurately and legally. Remember, this is a period where the city of New York cast 135,000 blank ballots.

The average American, including, by the way almost all Democrats, about 85% of the country, believe you should have to have a photo I.D. You should be able to identify who you are. You know, most Americans are for everybody who is legal voting. They are for everybody who is legal being counted. … So, I think this is a dead loser for the Democrats. I think they are trapped into it. I have noticed a lot of other Democrats other than the president and vice president have been getting away from the issue. 

Harris looks like a fool more than a vice president about half the time and I can’t wait for her comments on Cuba, if she knows where the island even is. … You know and I know, she hasn’t been in an office supply store in her life. She has staff. So she wouldn’t have any idea where office supply stores are. And I would love to know the last time she xeroxed something personally or if she even knows what a Xerox machine is. 

Watch Gingrich slam Kamala Harris’ latest failure HERE:

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  1. Sounds “racist” to me. Does she even understand that we have government institutions, hospitals, paved roads and DMV’s where we can get ID’s? We even have Democrats who will pick you up and carry you to the polls to vote! Don’t they take you to get your voter ID?

  2. Maybe the smartest people in government are not so smart? Otherwise, why the nervous laugh and never answers a question ? Asking for a friend

  3. Kamala is not acting dumb. She was picked so her moronic actions would make Joe look smart. So far, she is looking like a moron and Joe is not looking very smart.

  4. This ignorant, woman is as bad, an embarrassment, as dementia,joe, the puppet. And your going to tell me these two bumbling,blithering, nincompoops, got more votes than anyone in history, u have to be crazy to believe these two were voted in, FRAUD.

  5. Kamala, the ??race talking BARBIE DOLL? That woman belongs in a child’s Doll House NOT the White House!

    Anything, and I mean anything, coming out of her mouth is meaningless tripe! She has no idea of what she says nor does but has that gaping hole constantly flapping. About what, no one knows. But her mouth has condemned her brain to hide in the corner of her right nostril. One day she’ll blow her nose and that will be the end of Kamala the ??race Barbie Doll that became a noisy Magpie!
    Yes, it’s a new Reader for Middle School entitled “The Magpie Barbie Doll V.P. Blows Hot Air” now available for purchase!

  6. I have a question for everyone:

    How does “any” Democrat look at biddyboy and kamalalala and think they are helping our Nation? Is there a deficiency in the Democrat party’s brains whereby the dems no longer are smart people but simple minded so much that they do not see the damage their (NOT MINE FOR SURE) leaders are doing to our Country?

    If this is truly the case, America has a much bigger issue than a befuddled dementia riddened old man and a Chatty Kathy talking doll V.P. AMERICA HAS A LARGE SECTION OF ITS PUBLIC MENTALLY CHALLENGED AND THE DEMS ARE HERDING THEM LIKE CATTLE! How do we fix that? By VOTING OUT EVERY DELUDED DEMOCRAT ACROSS THE U.S. — essentially erasing the Demonrat party from existence!

    If you do NOT want any deluded demonrats in our Federsl Govt any more, start now by SUPPORTING ALL GOP CANDIDATES RUNNING OPPOSITE THOSE DEMS in the 2022 Elections! If you can support those GOP candidates in other states besides your own, PLEASE DO SO!


  7. FYI: THE DEMOCRAT PARTY HAS SLWAYS INFERRED THAT BLACKS WERE NOT SMART PEOPLE. They did this by using the Black Race as a tool to disrupt our nation and cause chaos.

    Kamala and democrats: it’s time you opened your eyes and saw who you are always putting down and their accomplishments to our Nation! Do NOT PUT DOWN ANY BLACK BUT SUPPORT THEM! They can obviously do things much better than you Ksmalalsla!

  8. If thr camel wasn’t a halfbreed female she wouldn’t be in office. Those are her only
    qualifications. Freedom is doomed.

  9. She is not only a fool but she is truly disingenuous which falls in line with typical Democrat politician traits Like a lying cheating and stealing.

  10. It turns my stomach every time I see Harris or Biden. They are the two biggest idiots I’ve ever seen and they have no business being in the White House. Why did anyone even
    vote for these two jerks? I just don’t understand it. She is an ass and Biden is a senile,
    old man that doesn’t know his own name! God help us these two are replaced and soon!

  11. LISTEN UP…..NOONE Should Have TROUBLE Getting an ID CARD unless Their an ALIEN from OUTER SPACE. GOD told Me….THERE are OTHER LIFE FORCES and the Other PLANETS in the SOLAR SYSTEM are DECOY PLANETS. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  12. Everything this administration does is undermining our freedoms. They don’t want sane policies that assure honesty in our voting system, then they can’t cheat and grab power.

  13. This women is too stupid and arrogant to be allowed in public without a keeper. Our founding fathers must be turning over in their graves to think that our great country would elect an such an amoral individual to be the Vice President.

  14. This article’s headline is totally false. She is Not a joke. She is a total disgrace to our country and the human race!!! There is a BIG difference.

  15. Avi on the street, a YouTuber did a man on the street in Harlem a year or so ago. He asked many black New Yorkers if they had an ID, if they knew where to get one, and if they had internet access and how to use it. Everyone of them were able to do so. They were insulted that liberals thought they didn’t know any of the basic things like that. Didn’t the Obama administration spend a lot of money on getting computers for poor areas? Internet access and such? Every American knows you need an ID to get into a lot of places, to open a bank account, rent a car, get on an airplane. Hell, people needed photo IDs to get into the DNC convention. 

  16. It is all a GAME for these politicians.
    They are laughing at ALL the American people, while stealing taxpayers money and getting richer & richer.
    They don’t care about NO ONE but themselves.

  17. Only the way Newt Gingrich can honestly describe the leadership (thats the wrong word because they are not leaders) in the Whitehouse!


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