House Dems Block Bill to Declassify Intelligence on COVID-19 Origins

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

House Democrats shot down legislation that sought to declassify intelligence surrounding the origin of COVID-19 Tuesday evening. House Democrats defeated the Covid-19 Origin Act in a 216 to 207 vote.

The legislation was introduced to the Senate in May by Sens. Josh Hawley and Mike Braun, where it passed unanimously.

Townhall reports:

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) brought the COVID-19 Origin Act to the House floor for consideration with Reps. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) and Darin LaHood (R-IL) explaining its importance shortly before Democrats voted down the measure Tuesday night.

“The best disinfectant is sunlight and that’s what we can provide today,” Wenstrup explained of the COVID-19 Origin Act. “The bill first establishes that we must identify the precise origins of COVID-19 because it is critical for preventing a similar pandemic in the future.”

“I cannot stress enough that this bill is not controversial by any means,” Wenstrup continued. “In fact, it passed the Senate in May with unanimous consent — not one senator objected. Not Senators Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, not Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. If those four members can get on board with this bill, should not we be able to do the same?”

Rep. LaHood further explained the legislation’s purpose, saying it “would require the Biden administration Director of National Intelligence to declassify intelligence information related to any potential links between the Wuhan Institute of Virology — also known as the Wuhan lab — and the origins of COVID-19 in order to better prepare and avoid future pandemics.”

The vote came after Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci accused each other of lying about COVID-19.

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  1. Thats because i always believe the democrats were involue with the covid being made and the spread of it with that Dr. Faluci senter Paul is on the rigjt track

    1. Read Tom Clancy’s book, “Rainbow Six” which was authored around 1998 and you get a pretty good blue print of what the demonrats accomplished by the kung flu. America, our nation is being flooded with communist and socialist who are trained operatives. BLM (big lips matter) and anti fart. Back in the 60’s, during the course of the hippie revolution, there were many avowed communist such as jane “no shame” fonda, and her running buddies, including piglosi. There they stood at the fencing of Travis AFB yelling obscenities at returning GI’s and publicly pledging their allegiance to the communist party. The elitist have declared war on the working class to ensure their progeny. Create crisis to ensure control by the princes and princesses. We have allowed big tech to dictate how we think and how we react. God Bless the Republic

  2. sure dems shot it down because if they didn’t their chinese money flowing to them like a swollen river would stop an the dems wouldn’t get any richer

  3. We all know the reason why the corrupt DemonRats don’t want this information to come out. Now, the real question is, what will be done to hold the DemonRats responsible for all of their corrupt acts.

    1. Ginger, absolutely nothing. The gop sucks. They didn’t do anything when we had the house, senate and the presidency. They are worthless

  4. The China virus was an attack on the world. This is another test, like N1H1 in 2009. This test infected our military and citizens along with the world. China is getting more aggressive toward Taiwan and will eventually invade the island, most likely during Biden’s presidency. They are buying farmland in America, have access to our electric grid and many companies in the US. The virus was another chess move to destroy America as we know it.

    1. Remember, Today’s conspiracy is tomorrows fact. The Demon-rats are Chinese operatives, bought and paid well.

    2. China moves right into being the Super Power with America put of the way, aligning with Russia, and Islamic Nations. They are eager to invade Israel with 9 armies and God is going to wipe them off the face of the earth.

  5. Of course they don’t want to declassify it! Just as with the election fraud investigations they fight against, they know it will show their complicity with their China bed buddies — and mr Falsey’s name would be right at the top of the list! Along with mr Obama, among others of them. If they had nothing to hide, they wouldn’t try so hard to keep it hidden, now would they? A more devious and dishonest bunch of people you will never know. And the thing is, their dishonesty is so transparent! Unbelievable. Satan has loosed his demons among us and they are doing his work! 🙁

    1. Proof is proof they are all satans minions out too kill America and it’s ppl the only ones left will be slaves. They are out to get rid of 90% of the population and start over ruling like blood sucking sick demented devils… God always wins in the end ppl he is the only ruler here . Pray that is what he wants.

    1. Bingo, George! I read an awful profusion of woulda-coulda-shoulda. You chose the right auxiliary: MUST go to jail! Go directly to JAIL. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

  6. They do this because they are in it up to their eyeballs. They created it, they released it to win an election and for power. They could give a rat’s rip how many people they killed.

  7. Just more corrupted crap that’s all they do we all know it. We all know Trump won too just like everything they do is against us and for the elites. Less ppl in the world is what they are after you can the farm in it.

  8. Why certainly they did, they don’t want the American citizens to know they are the ones that developed and spread this virus with the aid of their chicom comrades!

  9. Dems love the Chinese! Dems do not want to expose themselves to scrutiny by the public. Instead they just want to continue to feed us manure in the dark like a bunch of mushrooms.

  10. Americans should ask, WHY!!! Why was the classification NOT deleted? What are the Democrats hiding; what schemes and criminal action is the Democrat Party hiding? There IS a very rational explanation to the whole Covid 19 debacle. To wit! The American economy was BOOMING under Trump, and there was NO way any possible Democrat was going to beat him in 2020. And, since the Chinese Communist Party wanted to get rid of Trump even more than the Democrats (and for the same reasons) the Covid 19 virus was specifically manufactured in the Chinese virology lab, to destroy the world economy, and the American economy in the process. This was a case of the CCP and the Democrat Party working hand-in-hand, and not caring one bit what horror and carnage the virus would do to the American economy or to Americans!

    Democrats (like their Chinese Communist pardners) wanted to gain power and eliminate Trump at ANY cost, and they did – although it would also take a stolen election to get it done.

  11. Democrats are sewer rats. They don’t want any light to shine on their nefarious activities. They hate America plain and simple.

  12. anything that has to do with China the Fckng Dems will shut it down, they are owned by China and they owe to China everything up to now, they will never want to be on the open and really give to WE THE PEOPLE the right to know the facts, Fauci is a double agent, he works for China and the WHO, but get paid by Dems big time. and again, the deplorable mentally incompetent president by fraud is destroying our Nation on purposes, what really did the USA gain from shutting down the Keystone Pine XL line??.. explain that Mr. Mentally incapacitate Biden, and the rest of clowns on the white house, and again why open the southern mexico border??.. for what reasons???.. how does it makes sense??.. explain that again, but this time Mr. Fraud President and CLOWNS HOW????

  13. They can block anything they want. BUT, we all know what the truth is and no one is going to change our minds.

  14. America’s media applauds this secrecy
    America’s teachers applaud this secrecy
    America’s colleges & universities applaud this secrecy
    America’s democrats applaud this secrecy
    America’s youth applaud this secrecy

  15. They put out the first virus plus it’s variant to keep you under control. Sick pos trying to play God. They are guilty of killing many life’s . Go to your father the devil you sick pos

  16. Looks like Empress Nancy got all of her trained lemmings in a row and they’ve collectively voted to jump off the cliff.

    Can’t happen too soon to suit me.


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