Second Democrat Gets Arrested

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Another Democrat representative was arrested by Capitol police after Rep. Joyce Beatty was arrested last week. Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson was arrested while protesting against “Senate inaction.”

Rep. Johnson tweeted, “@BlackCaucus I was arrested today protesting against Senate inaction on voting rights legislation & filibuster reform. In the spirit of my dear friend and mentor – the late Congressman John Lewis – I was getting in #goodtrouble.”

Fox News reports:

The 66-year-old Georgia congressman was surrounded by other protestors detained by Capitol police who chanted, “Whose street? Our street. Whose house? Our house.”

Capitol Police told Fox News they arrested 10 individuals for “unlawfully demonstrating outside of the Hart Senate Office Building.”

Johnson’s office said the congressman was arrested with a “group of Black male voting rights activists protesting against Senate inaction on voting rights legislation and filibuster reform.

“It was also in response to voter suppression bills and laws throughout the county, including Georgia, that target students, the elderly, and people of color,” his office told Fox News.

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    1. I would like to hear exactly how this ‘voter suppression’ works – having to have an ID is NOT suppression – by law, you are supposed to not go anywhere without ID in this country.

      1. I assume none of those who don’t have to show ID when voting don’t drive. That’s the first thing the cop check beside license and registration. If you go to the bank you need to show your ID, so that should be mandatory when going to the polls!

        1. do any of you remember you had to do that when you REGISTERED to vote I remember haver to prove who and where I was 3 different ways…. so all this is I the suppression you say it AIN’T

      2. suppression in big cities waiting half a DAY to vote by limiting the number of voting machines and even worse voting PLACES

      3. the right instead of running on IDEAS and policy is just attempting to CHEAT by keeping people FROM voting. purging is where the same NAME appears in 2 states and they say the voter voted TWICE…..what a SCAM to cheat an election how much VOTER FRAUD did trump find lololol ZERO in 66 cases in front of JUDGES TRUMP APPOINTED NO VOTER FRAUD

      1. No! they think you’re stupid for believing their B/Sh*t. They are the crackers from the old plantation days!

      2. Commies have biden on a leash with bo’s marxist shadow controlling his E.O.’s & treasonous U.S. law violations while defying U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights !

    1. Yes he was right !!! But no one thought the ones who started it . But they did. It’s a group of idikts of all things . A DAMN COMMUNIST group of DAMOCRAPS. That should all be in prison and waiting to take turns in front of a firing squad. These a. Holes should be publicly beaten before being put in prison and a-waiting the firing squad!!$

      1. real American wanting to be judge jury and KILLER…..and that is NOT America buddy the law is COLOR blind and judged on a jury of your peers…..

    2. whitey won’t fight….he flees confrontation….
      fighting, maiming, violence, assaulting, ambushing….. it’s all natural, but not for whitey…. whitey will have to appease….. as they are learning to do now….. lol

  1. This is the same idiot that thought Guam would capsize if there were any more military personnel and equipment brought in.
    Like Shiela Jackson Lee who thought we had already landed astronauts on Mars and planted a flag.
    You can’t fix stupid and the congressional black caucus’ cumulative IQ total is roughly on par with a cumquat.

  2. Can someone please tell me how on earth voting laws “target” anybody? Guarantee, those supposedly “targeted” people are able to do everything else they need/want to do, and have others in their lives who help them do it if needed! And they only need to do it every couple or few years! And anyone who is unable to get to the polls because of illness, frailty, and/or physical disabilities, or who is away from their residential State due to military assignments, can get approved for an absentee ballot. The only votes that wouldn’t count are those from illegals, the dead, and multiple votes from the same person, or discovered on the shelf after polls close! Ah — I think I just answered my own question. I just named the ones who would be “targeted” — all those who are not legally eligible to vote! 🙁

    1. sure ALL this was based on the claim of VOTER FRAUD which TRUMP himself DISPROVED 66 times in court in froont of judges … many people in big cities don’t have to OWN cars and therefore no drivers license , AND when you REGISTER to become a voter you are thoroughly vetted proving your ID at least 3 DIFFERENT WAYS . so to do this EVERY TIME you vote IS SUPRESSION. which by the way TRUMP disproved when he FAILED to win ANY of this 66 cases of voter fraud in front of JUDGES TRUMP INSTALLED

      1. Is it suppression to ask for ID when you board a plane, Richard? Suppression when asked for ID when you purchase alcohol and/or cigarettes? Suppression to ask for ID if stopped by law enforcement? Suppression to request ID when you pick up a prescription? Suppression to request student ID for certain student activities on campus? Suppression to request ID when people apply for jobs? Suppression to request ID at the doctor’s office or hospitals? I could go on and on and on, but I’m quite sure you get my drift. 🙂 And my comment was really related to being able to get to the polls to vote in person — people are able to get anywhere they need or want to go, so not sure why they claim it’s an imposition to need to go to the polls to vote in person. That’s all I have to say on the subject. So bye bye now! 🙂

  3. How are we supposed to take someone like Hank Johnson seriously on ANYTHING? This is the halfwit that asked if the island of Guam would tip over if it had more military bases added to it. He was elected to Congress for only one reason. He’s fooled black voters in Georgia into thinking he represents them.

  4. He should be required to present evidence to back up his claims. He can’t, of course. He is simply full of hot air…… as are so many ‘demonstrators’ these days. There seems to be an epidemic of that these days, plus an epidemic of twisting words and misleading the general public who are hard-working and don’t have time to research all those dubious claims.

    1. YES; the “epidemic” is the commie, marxist dem leaders trying to destroy U.S. Freedom and Rights so they can establish their bo dictator stench of sharia law from islamic hell !

  5. I bet you need to show an id to get food stamps. Rent a car. Cash a check. Use a credit card……….. So we all KNOW their real motivation is to CHEAT at the voting booth. The only ones supporting their agenda ARE cheaters and corrupt politicians

  6. They need a keep him in jail and throw away the key. This is the super bright idiot who thought Guam was going to tip over.
    Do you general public realize that it’s idiots like him making laws that we have to obey???

  7. Hank Johnson…the perfect Democrat politician. He is the idiot who was worried that Guam would tip over because too many people were going there.

    I often wonder how stupid does somebody needs to be to consider themselves a “Democrat”? Would some of you Democrats care to answer?

  8. Shouldn’t they all be arrested. None of the Democrats are acting in the best interest of
    WE THE PEOPLE. None of them are protecting the Constitution and they are deliberately attacking our rights. Isn’t this treason to their oath they took when they took office? The Election fraud was a whole lot bigger than the one or two arrests and I suspect we’ll see a whole lot more in the near future.


  10. Running away is NOT fighting for anything, it’s just running away. The cowardly Dems know they didn’t have the votes so they abandoned their posts in favor of a party plane to DC. They should all be docked pay for that stunt.

  11. None of these “demonstrators “ have NO minds of their own- it’s like one person telling people what they should think about anything – maybe they are just ignorant and follow blindly like a flock of sheep. No one with any thought process would see ANY FACTS in making sure voting is carried out LEGALLY – blacks- don’t make yourselves look like you have no brains don’t be regarded as sheeple !!!!

  12. Waters & all the other dems from months back are still free & a 2nd arrest is nil ! All dem leaders command indictment & prosecution for their vote fraud treason ! Will any Justice happen before these commie laden dem enemies destroy the U.S.A.internally ? Treason !

  13. He might as well be screaming that he thinks minorities, students and the elderly are stupid!! What an insult Johnson!! He just wants dishonest elections so dems can cheat more easily.

  14. Ask yourself if you would run for a political office. I’m sure there are better and smarter people out there that can do a good job. Make sure not to run as a democrat because they will become extinct sooner than you think.

  15. Just targeting people who are here illegally, dead, voting twice, live outside a particular district, etc. Nobody gives a crap how tall you are or the color of your skin or if your left-handed or gay. We just want legal citizens to put in 1 legal vote per person without intimidation or persuasion. We don’t want someone else filling out another’s ballot. Why aren’t you protesting licenses for guns or ID to board a plane or ID to get a bank loan (or income verification for that matter), or ID to buy cigarettes, or a passport to exit or enter the country? They are all doing the same thing – proving that you say who you are and you are doing something legal. BTW, Georgia and Texas EXPANDED the ability to vote but that doesn’t fit your narrative where every argument becomes about racism. Get a grip, Libs. Say a great meme of Rod Serling, “Imagine if you will, a world where every tweet and meme is fact checked but no one is fact checking ballots”. We aren’t free unless only legal votes are counted! If the Democrats had any good ideas, they’d run on them but they don’t so they lie, cheat and steal. If they had good ideas then what are they afraid of? It’s the Democratic Party that passed Jim Crow laws. It was the Dems that voted against the civil rights act by a higher percentage. It’s been the Dems who have dumbed down society and made Blacks dependent on government. Lincoln was a Republican! They can’t have their dirty secrets displayed or the minorities may see that they’ve been played by the Democratic Party and the stupidest ones are those that run for offices as a Democrat! Joe Biden and Bill Clinton and John Kerry stated that Democratic Senator Byrd was a greater and we need more people like him – he was a recruiter for the KKK! You people have been so played by the Democrats. I feel sorry for you and when the country is destroyed you want have to go far to see how it happened, just walk over to a mirror. Yes, you’re to blame. Voting for the same Democrats over and over again. Look at Biden’s complete racist past!

  16. Sounds like an insurrection to me! Are the Senators in fear for their lives or does the House of Representatives have all of the pussies?

  17. Democrat’s are stupid, there is NOTHING wrong with having to show a Voter ID!!!!!!!! You Democrat’s insult the intelligence of every American, WE know how to obtain an Indentification, AND in most State’s VOTER ID’S are FREE


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