Trump Endorses Former Navy Seal to Succeed Rep. Ron Kind

Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Former President Trump has officially endorsed Derrick Van Orden to succeed Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Ron Kind. The Wisconsin representative announced last week that he will not be running for re-election.

Trump issued his endorsement Thursday afternoon through his Save America PAC:

“Derrick Van Orden is running for Congress in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District. Derrick is a former Navy SEAL Senior Chief who bravely served and defended our Country. He strongly supports our Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, and he will always fight for Secure Borders, the Second Amendment, and our incredible Farmers. Derrick has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” Trump said in his statement.

The Hill reports:

Van Orden previously challenged Kind in 2020, but ultimately lost to the longtime congressman by less than 3 percentage points. He quickly announced that he would run for the seat again in 2022 and racked up endorsements from prominent Republicans like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Wis.).

Kind, one of seven House Democrats to represent a district won by Trump last year, announced on Tuesday that he will not seek reelection in 2022, saying that he and his wife will be “finding new ways to give back and contribute” to their community.

His looming retirement is a major blow to Democrats, who are gearing up for a tough fight next year as they look to hold onto their narrow House majority. Even before announcing his retirement, House Republicans had indicated that they would target Wisconsin’s 3rd district aggressively in 2022.

Van Orden has faced scrutiny in recent months after it was revealed that he had been on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot by a mob of Trump supporters. He has acknowledged that he was in the crowd on the Capitol grounds, but left “when it became clear that a protest had become a mob.”


  1. Is there no one at all who can avoid calling Jan. 6th a “riot by a mob of Trump supporters”, when it’s obvious by anyone who has eyes, that antifa was the instigator of the damage done that day?

    1. Watch the recently released footage, the violence was initiated by the Capital Police using tasers, tear gas and batons.

    2. The LEFT has bastardized the English language. An “insurrection” with NO knives or guns present. A “riot” with no arson or vandalism (other than a couple of broken windows). WE need to take back the language and use words that actually maintain their TRUE meaning!!

      1. Funny isn’t it how a BLM or antifa mostly “peaceful protest often involves both items and activities that you mentioned.

      2. “Other than a few broken windows“ It’s amazing how weak the excuses are for the mob insurrection, treason , outrage of Jan 6 by some people

  2. Great news Mr, Trump but hold on, Where are the Biden’s? Hunter Biden, still smoking that parmesan cheese? The president of the free world needs you, his policy’s have failed, I think by design, drop your interest in art, no more graft, no more corruption, no more selling political favors, no more selling out our country, to the Chinese, Russians, wait a minute, hold on, what’s left? Never mind stay where you are, and keep making adult films. God save our Country from the Biden’s.

    1. no. too many rinos. keep a running list of who votes for what. take it to the polls when you vote. I will.

      1. Yes, too many RINOs. But ask yourself this: WHY does the GOP continue to support these RINOs as conservatives and help them be reelected? To gain power for the PARTY is why – NOT to fulfill any false promises to the people who support them. They SELL OUT the people KNOWINGLY. It’s all about personal power and money for THEM.

      2. Yeap, I was appalled that my state’s very long standing Republican senator voted to impeach Trump. I wrote a letter expressing my disagreement and received a ‘piss off’ response from his office. He’s not running for re-election thank God! Don’t assume that because someone has an (R) after their name that they have your values in mind. Romney’s niece even said that the GOP doesn’t vet Republican primary candidates. That’s why we’ve ended up with the RINOs. Trump and his team are the only ones vetting these people! Thank God for President Trump!

  3. 👍 👍 Van Orden is the right candidate, he ran against Kind last election, I have never voted for Kind and have wanted him gone for years, good riddance

    1. It dosen’t matter if they retire or not , they’re still going to be sucking America dry with all their benifits that they receive after they’re gone , Thst to me is senseless , they make enough money while in office to provide themselves with a very comfortable retirement , why donwe keep paying them when they’re gone , they didn’t do anything for America ,while they were in office why continue to pay them for nothing after they’re gone ?

  4. search “fbi Witmer”. It appears the fbi may have been responsible for planning, organizing and recruiting people to kidnap tjhe Michigan governor.

  5. I am so happy, every time, I hear one of our
    military veterans, especially a Republican, has decided to run for Congress.
    These men and women have more knowledge
    and experience in what it takes to keep
    our country safe than many of the ones
    who have served for years and years.

  6. Looks like even the Trump Train has been infested by the Anti First Amendment gang. They may be Trump supporters and were rioting, but the connotation that they were bonafide Trump supporters who had been at the rally and were invented by the president to rally hasn’t been proven.


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