Unhinged BLM Protestors Burn Photo of Tucker Carlson Along With American Flag

Gage Skidmore Flickr

A small group of Black Lives Matter protestors stood outside of the Fox News headquarters in New York to burn an American flag alongside pictures of the hosts of the network. The small crowd also burned photos of the popular host, Tucker Carlson while screaming, “You’re full of lies, you’re all racist, you’re Nazis, you’re zionists, you’re KKK, Proud Boys!”

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According to Townhall:

Black people are dying,” someone also shouted.

On the pictures of the Fox News talent, protesters had written “Liar.”

In response to their actions, Carlson told Townhall, “I’m proud to be burned with the flag.”

Twitter users were quick to react that BLM’s latest stunt only further solidifies Tucker’s claims that the left is “unhinged.”

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    1. You are right on target, sir! Loss of relevance is a grievous blow to distended egos. Don’t forget Al Sharkton and Jesse Kackson! Oops, I mean Sharpton and Jackson! My bad!

  1. Sorry ass SOBs. They feel they have license to rag on our conservatives, but we don’t have the same right. Anyone as sick and tired of these anti Amreican pukes as I am? They want socialism, marxism, get the Hell our of our America and find it in some other country, why destroy ‘our’ Country?

    1. We do have the same rights – we have become scared and quiet and do nothing. Time to get our own peaceful rallies going across the US on the same day and invite every news channel local and national. I will help – anyone else?

      1. Problem is the infiltrators of the Soros Brownshits! The conservatives need to weed out the BLM ANTIFA monsters before the rally begins and throughout the rally. This is the same crowd who created 1-6-21. So rally away but get these infiltrators tagged and bagged through out the event. They will try to instigate violence.

  2. These people are unhinged, but never forget very dangerous! Just remember what happened to the couple in Saint Louis who were defending themselves and their home in a private gated community???? I’m aware the governor pardon them, but they still had to go to court.
    INSANE times in our country.

  3. The officials nee to get the radical BLM under control. They understand one thing – force and jail time. Fox News should not allow them to demonstrate in front of their building by calling the police needs to be there to stop them. These reprobates advocate violence against Tucker and others like him; they hate whites and all conservatives.As long as they get away with this they will continue and get worse.

    1. Our elected are not going to do anything – that is how we got where we are. We have to do it and demand that they do it in every vicinity across our country – too many whimps

  4. Burning the American flag should be grounds for imprisonment! This is well beyond the acceptable and should be treated as the disgusting behaviour that it is!

    1. Burning the U.S. Flag is legal as settled by the Supreme Court. However, those who do it can expect retaliation. In this case, public outrage was intended and should be manifested by militia, aka, citizens.

  5. B.L.M. and their B.F.F.s ANTIFA are all minions of the Democrat Marxist Crime Cartel {Formerly known as the D.N.C.}. They are the equivalent of Pol Pots Khmer Rouge or Uncle Ho’s Viet Cong. They are the actual national security threat Insurrectionists.

  6. When will we see law enforcement throw a net over these germs? They disturb the peace, create public hazards, block sidewalks, interrupt legal commerce, destroy private property and smell bad. If law enforcement cannot stop this nonsense, whether prohibited by government or staffing shortage, it’s up to the citizens (aka militia). Make them feel intense pain and they won’t return

  7. I cannot forget the great words of Ronaldus Magnus (Reagan, may he rest in the arms of the Lord), who said something like this: ‘Unfortunately our liberal friends believe a great many things that are just not so.’

  8. BLM and Antifa are the organized radical left groups that are putting pressure on anyone who tells the truth. Antifa just went after Mike Lindell too at the hotel he was staying at. People should be ready and expect confrontations from these crazies.

  9. Wonder when the IRS is going to investigate where all the millions given to terrorist BLM has gone? Has it been declared on their tax forms? How about its leaders spending millions on mansions (like “socialist” Bernie Sanders).

  10. BLM a “Patriotic” organization , “HORSE FEATHERS ”
    and KILLED 20 PEOPLE .


  11. Killing time between checking their mailboxes for their next bite-me bucks free money checks. Pathetic losers!

  12. The BLM jackasses are a terrorist organization along with antifa and they both should be treated the same way…….with deadly force. Of course the can still $999 worth of goods and walk away and VP harris will bail them out should they get incarcerated for a few hours. Talk about deranged people. All they want is power just like the lib party. They don’t give a damn about real Americans.


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