Justice Amy Coney Barrett Sides With Obama

Staff Sgt. Laura Buchta, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett sided with Barack Obama about an issue concerning his presidential library.

Barrett denied a petition to stop the construction of the Obama Foundation library in Chicago.

According to Fox News:

“We greatly appreciate the continued support of our project and process by the courts, including now from the highest court in the land,” an Obama Foundation spokesperson told Fox News on Friday. “With their support, and the outpouring of support we’ve received from so many on the South Side and across the city of Chicago, we were so pleased to be able to kick off our construction this past week and get us one day closer to doors opening at the Obama Presidential Center.”

The advocacy group Protect Our Parks and other plaintiffs had tried to halt the construction of the Obama presidential library in Chicago’s Jackson Park this week, citing it would be harmful to the local environment.

“Today’s Supreme Court decision is disappointing, but not surprising. We still believe that preserving the status quo is fundamental to preventing irreparable harm in Jackson Park,” the petitioners’ co-counsel Michael Rachlis said in a statement, the Hill reported Friday.

“Nonetheless, our core arguments seek to protect the long-term environmental and historical resources in Jackson Park, and we look forward to presenting our evidence and these arguments in the appellate and district court in the coming weeks.”

Barrett is tasked with handling emergency matters from the state of Illinois. Barrett was also recently tasked with hearing a petition from Indiana where Indiana University student challenged a vaccine mandate by the University of Indiana. [READ NEXT: Barrett Sides With Government Over Students]

  1. Well guess that trump was ll0 per cent wrong when it came to this one. Just wonder if he was warned about her from friends or advisors, and if so was it one of those cases, he did not take their advise since he knew better….sorry to say but he does a lot of that sort of thing. I am sure he will remember these actions and when it is proper he will take action. What a let down, not only her but a few of the others.

    1. I believe the lawsuit was for several other reasons then environmental concerns. One, the group wanted to keep the status quo. Two, It objected to the Obama Foundation, a private group, for receiving government funds for part of the project. And third, I believe it was also a partisan attempt to stop Obama from constructing a presidential library, even if I doubt an anti-Constitution, anti-Christian,anti-Israel, antisemitic, racist, Muslim Mr. (intentional) Obama was a legitimate president.

      The group’s suit for injunctive relief was denied by a Chicago federal judge and Justice Barrett chose not to override that ruling because the group didn’t show cause for reason to fear harm to the environment. If that’s siding with Mr. (intentional) Obama, WELL…

    2. Will he have her removed from the Court?

      What a let down, not only her but so many, many, many others.

      It is soooo important where the Obama library is located.

      Where will the Trump library be located, in one of his many hotel rooms?

      1. We conservatives aren’t as benighted as you progressive want to portray us. Only Congress can remove a judge through the impeachment process.

        Where’s the let down? She followed the law.

        Yes, Obama’s library belongs in Mayor Daley’s Chicago Mob Socialist Democrat Party Political Machine Plantation city.

        Trump’s library might be located on several floors of the Trump Hotel or more likely at Mar Lago where security can better protect it against you progressive sorts who’d try to burn it down with the people in it.

        Any further inane interrogatories Herr Hess?

    3. On the Contrary! he knows exactly what he is doing. President Trump plays 5 D or even 7D Chess. He puts corrupt people in the public eye to expose them. Look at Fauci and Birx and Pence ! All 3 gone now, but first the Public were exposed to their corruption, Ive learnt what President Trumps “modus operandi” is. He and the White Hats were aware fo teh DemonicRATS cheating and skullduggery for the past 25 years. They have studied their behaviour and money trail. This isn’t just about an Election, but of removing evil from the planet and most important of all, saving the babies from abortion for profit and pedophilia which was rampant. Hopefully soon all the truth will come out and people will be shocked but its necessary

    1. What kind of a question is that? Who cares about this double face Barrett, or the state of the country, which is more important, or nothing matter to you?

        1. Then who will support what law? Obviously the politicians and parties are at war, with SCOTUS as their weapon of choice. Didn’t Diogenes try to find an honest man and fail? Labels don’t necessarily mean what they are being used for. Old computer software designers used to say, “Look beyond the problem…”

          1. The LAW I refer to is the the LAW of the LAND, the Constitution. Of course your implication that politicians don’t follow it is all too true. That’s why sometimes I wonder about Jefferson’s reference to the need to water the Tree of Liberty.

            By the way, the Framers didn’t design a system of governance based on honest politicians. They knew all too well the proclivity of such critters. So they designed a system of checks and balances. But it seems not to be very balanced nowadays.

          2. It is time for Amy Baby to visit the oath keepers at one of their training camps. They know where Obama’s library should be. The backstop for their gun range.

          3. Ain’t propaganda nice? Did you learn it from Joseph Goebbels? I suppose you can back up your slander.

          1. Well, that seems to be the case with progressive socialist Democrats. They espouse an eisegetically interpreted Constitution, or as they call it, “a living constitution”

            We conservative constitutionalists take a different tack Herr Hess.

      1. Did she follow the law?
        Should she have done everything in her power to demean Obama’s legacy?
        The law be darned?

      1. Not to worry. From what I’ve seen, it will be a multi-story entertainment center adorned with bright (neon?) lights. It will not house presidential artifacts, documents, books and other useless things. It will have computers, music and comfortable furniture. Andrew might have had an opinion if he were still living. My best friend in the Marine Corps was a life-long and well-known Chicago personality. I’m sure he’d have had an opinion. Stay tuned.

          1. Maybe it’s because they won’t stoop to course language, jokes, or submit to the casting couch, unnecessary nudity, and such.

            Of course we mustn’t talk about those who left NY to start Hollywood and their liberal and libertine inclinations.

        1. It’s 2021, artifacts, documents and books are on computers.
          Libraries should have comfortable furniture.
          No matter what Obama’s library is like the people who do not like Obama library.
          The same can be said of the Trump library, if any.

          1. Now I can agree with you. In addition to comfortable furniture, such a library should have some nice paintings, sculptures, and nice views. Nice grounds and perhaps a garden would also be quite appropriate. It’s interior should be soothing and appealing. All that will be expensive, but so be it.

            While I highly disagreed with Mr. Obama, and believe he violated the Constitution, he has a right to have a library. And if I were in the area, I’d visit it.

      2. Do you think that it will drive down property values? Is that what usually happens near Presidential libraries?

    1. Do you not understand the role of the SCOTUS? It’s not the job of a Justice to go along with the wishes of the people. It’s their job to rule ACCORDING to the law, which SHOULD BE according to the Constitution as exegetically interpreted.

      I find it quite distressing for the survival of the Republic considering the abject ineruditness, aliteracy, and mendacity shown by supposed conservatives pledged to support and defend the Constitution. This nation is in dire trouble.

  2. Few of us readers want to see an Obama Library anywhere. All politics aside. so much of this ‘environmental impact’ is but loony horsefeathers. In this case perhaps the Justice did the right thing. Drop politics and look at the legal tapestry, folks!

    1. Yep, any Justice that rules according to the law which helps Mr. (intentional) Obama is two faced.


      1. But most political assassinations or attempts in America since Honest Abe have been carried out by leftists, socialists, anarchists, and communists Herr Hess.

    1. What about if the seditionist Democrats say that because Trump was impeached TWICE he has no right to build a library? Do you believe in a double standard?

    2. We have HI to thank for all of this, since they claim he was born there despite not having provided a LEGITIMATE Birth Certificate. Let him ruin THEIR state with his monstrosity. When it’s proven that he wasn’t born in the US, and wasn’t eligible to be a US President, it’ll be too late, they’ll have already damaged the land!!

      1. Please keep in mind he got his start in law in Chicago, where he got his final college education, his church status, his wife, his job, and his political start in a Communist party with the help of Bill Ayers.

        His roots are in the Old Style Mayor Daley Chicago MOB Socialist Democrat Party Political Machine Plantation.

      2. You can not prove a negative.
        You have to prove where Obama was born.
        If you are into that States Rights thing the State of HI has stated that Obama was born in HI.

        1. The States Right “thing” doesn’t stop a State from lying. And when it comes to legal documentation, if a State cannot or will not provide proof of a document or act, while it may not be definite proof, it’s fair to question the documents or acts existence.

          Sadly, I assume you’re another progressive with disdain for the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights, Herr Hess.

      1. Yes, Mr. (intentional) Obama definitely won twice with the help of an adoring Pravda media. On the other hand, Trump was opposed bitterly by the liberal/leftist MSM even before he won and the seditionist socialist Democrats said their plan was to impeach him before he took office. Also, they wanted to impeach him even after he left office despite that inconvenient Constitution. As for massive voter fraud during the 2020 election, that’s fair game among honest people.

        As for being a loser, I’ll take a constitutionalist conservative loudmouthed bull-in-the-china-shop populist patriot every day over an anti-constitution, anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Semitic, Fabian Socialist, traitor, and wannabe autocrat. But at least we know what type of governance you prefer Herr Hess.

    1. Why would the Taliban want to blow up the library of the first American Muslim president, the one who said America was the largest Muslim nation in the world?

      1. Liebchen, the problem has been going on for more than four decades.The Middle East problem, especially with Islamism, wont be solved soon. It’s going to take and act of G*d.

        The issue NOW is our calamitous withdrawal and defeat, along with our abandoning of civilian Americans, many who worked for the US government, and the Afghans, who worked for the US, just like what happened in Saigon 1975.

        But I understand your Trump animus is such that you can’t discuss this subject eruditely or cogently.

      1. Ah, I see your progressive animus still has the better of you Herr Hess. Also, I take it from your fascination with certain parts of the anatomy that you’re a sexual pervert. Have you ever read the book, “The Pink Swastika”?

  3. Evidently she and her family have been threatened or bribed (or both), and is now afraid to do her duty that she took an oath to do. She should be kicked off the bench now.

    1. So she should be impeached for ruling according to the law because we don’t like who the building is for? But ah, there’s always a conspiracy theory to explain something unpopular, isn’t there?

  4. Legally she had a right! You must stick to the proper guidelines this what keeps America in tack and safe… fair and simple. No I don’t like the fake president even his 3rd term I can’t stand it… but law is law

    1. That’s what so many on both the Left and Right are unwilling to consider or permit. The law, especially the Bill of Rights, wasn’t meant to just protect the innocent, the good, the liked, and the beautiful, but also to insure Due Process for the guilty, the bad, the despised, and us ugly folks (including Deplorables).

      As you say, the law is the law. What we should be concerned about are two things. First, that the laws are constitutional. Second that the courts follow the Constitution in ruling on the laws.


  5. I just want Obama to go away permanently he is the only ex+ President to hang around DC and he just can’t let go it’s over Obama you are not President anymore so go the hell home we don’t like you anyway I guess you just can’t let go of all that ass kissing it’s your addiction isn’t it of course you have your other addiction women with penis’slol

    1. Trump is not President anymore, he is all over Washington.
      Obama spent very little time in DC during Trump’s term.

  6. Trump sure does know how to get RINOs on the bench.
    Just look at his string of election fraud case losses.

    1. So you prefer partisan judges on the bench. Why? Isn’t it important to have CONSTITUTIONALISTS who rule according to the LAW on the bench? That was the case here, but I do understand your partisanship dislike for Mr. (intentional) Obama.


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