Larry Elder Hit With Wild Accusation From Ex

Sgt. Jacob Harrer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

An ex of California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder is being hit with a powerful accusation.

The accusation from his ex comes amid his surge to the top of the field of possible replacements to current Governor Gavin Newsom.

According to Politico:

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. — Alexandra Datig, the former fiancee and longtime radio producer for California GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, says she broke off an 18-month engagement with the conservative talk show host in 2015 after he waved a gun at her while high on marijuana.

Datig’s claim, which she regards as the culmination of a series of humiliating disputes that made her fearful for her safety and her ability to maintain her sobriety, comes as Elder has gained momentum in the recall to replace Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, with many observers counting him as the likeliest GOP alternative should voters decide to replace the incumbent.

Elder’s attitude toward women has been a major issue in the campaign, with both Newsom and GOP rivals flagging a two-decade-old column in which he wrote, “Women know less than men about political issues, economics, and current events.”

Datig, 51, became well known in Los Angeles in the 1990s as a leading witness and informant in the prosecution of Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. Datig described being paid $10,000 per day and getting First Class air travel as one of the women who worked in Fleiss’s network. She has subsequently spoken out strongly against human trafficking.

It remains unknown if this is a wild accusation by a scorned lover or something with a lot of truth attached to it. Elder has not responded to requests for comment.

  1. De Muck Rats will find some floozie and bribe her to smear and attack any GOP candidate who is becoming a genuine threat. It is a standard feature in their playbook. It is standard operating procedure. We have seen it again and again. Is this one of those cases? I know not, but let’s keep our eyes open.

      1. Do you guys remember Dr. Ballsy Ford?
        Man, she sure disappeared very fast after lying to Congress. These people on the left are as bad as the Taliban in Afghanistan.

      2. Good luck with that! Fancy Nancy has her own troubles to deal with now that the FBI has finished their investigation of the DC Break In! Trump supporters didn’t do it, so who orchestrated the break in with Antifa and BLM members dressed like Trump Supporters? Who? Nancy Pelosi! Perhaps she is beginning to look like the prime suspect!

        What is the FBI going to do with her if they can prove she was behind the break in? Buy her a new broom and send her to Gitmo? And Newsom can join her at the Family Reunion! Sounds good to me!

        Believe me, Californians are just DONE with that Piece of Work Newsom! That state has never looked as bad as it does now and has never had the exodus of Cali citizens moving anywhere but California! Yes, the past Demonrat governors truly have destroyed that state and Newsom is just as clueless as the rest of them!

        If he is still in office after this election, that election needs to be investigated because some Demonrat fraud was used to keep Fancy Nancy’s nephew in office!

        Yes! THAT MANY CALIFORNIANS HATE OLE NEWSOM! Absolutely! Calif is my birth state and I watched it go down the drain with Demonrat governors until I just couldn’t stomach their clueless actions any more! We left…

          1. libby snow flake sheep, hess is in the house, let’s be nice and pretend he looks like a 1,000 different gender unicorn that globalists and globalist media orders it .

        1. All the correct criminals have been appointed to the correct positions to protect all the globalists and globalist puppets AND f you libby snow flake moderators .

      3. Let’s wait until globalist puppet $oro$ writes a letter for her to read and we learn about her unknown day and unknown time and unknown location and unknown what actually occurred . . . . .

    1. That’s a fact, but even in the remotest chance it’s true, Larry still isn’t anywhere as bad Haircut McGungrab!

      1. Look this up on line “Newsom’s office crafted law protecting PG&E after company’s crimes killed 84 people/ FIRE-POWER money investigation” Don’t know if is factual but Elder should investigate it.

        1. As bad as libby snow flake sheep eating tidepods and as bad as libby snow flake sheep snorting used condoms and as bad as libby snow flake sheep “imaging” they are 1,000 different genders and as bad as libby snow flake sheep “imagining” they are unicorns .

      2. The globalist media should be talking about globalist puppet hair gel and his boyfriends and really excite their libby snow flake male sheep .

    2. I was thinking about the same thing. Paid off the ex girlfriend and add everything in the pot they can put in it to smear Elder. It sure hasn’t hurt Hunter Biden.

        1. You backed a loser.
          Our proud patriotic men and women in uniform said so.
          In the end the President serves at the pleasure of the military, they have the guns, the really big guns.

          1. Your proud patriotic men that “imagine” they are female gender or your proud patriotic women that “imagine” they are male gender . . . .

    3. You’re right, there are probably hundreds of leftist tools lined up to make accusations against any designated conservative candidate. The leftists have learned that it works. Sure, believe the woman – but verify.

      1. libby snow flake male sheep are angry because healthy American males are interested in females instead of other males, like libby snow flake male sheep .

  2. How much did the Demoncrat Party pay this woman to say this? Knew they’d pull something like this. Now she’s mentioning this?; Don’t believe it.

    1. We will need to wait until globalist puppet $oro$ writes a letter for this globalist puppet to read and unknown date and unknown time and unknown location and unknown details . . . . .

  3. Larry Elder is a class act. Even if the accusations were true, and I personally don’t believe it, I believe he would make a great governor. Anything can happen on a single day or in a misunderstood moment but let’s look at the history of this man before and after the accusation. The truth about his character is not determined by a single event but rather the accumulation of his behavior over years. If I lived in California Larry Elder would get my vote. He’s brilliant in his approach to politics and problem solving. California needs him.

  4. If a sitting president isn’t required to answer questions, why should a gubernatorial candidate be required to explain. Waving a firearm is a bad idea but it’s very different from aiming one in anger. If she has no proof, she’s little different from all those who falsely accused Kavanaugh.

    1. aunt nancy put 2 holes in the recall envelopes to check who votes to recall globalist puppet hair gel and those ballots will get taken home by the post office employees and thrown in the garbage .

  5. I’m always suspicious of the timing of these ‘disclosures’. If it was of such a concern, why wasn’t a domestic violence call made at the time of the event so that there was an evidence trail. How much of her perception was influenced by drugs and alcohol. I seriously doubt her credibility; another one using this accusation as an opportunity for interviews and tell-all book deals? I abhor violence against women … I don’t tolerate it and I believe timely reporting is a critical piece of any allegation…this years-later stuff doesn’t cut it!

  6. Makes one wonder if the former WHORE ( SELF ADMITTED ) has been paid by the Dems. She has stated her daily price, so the difficulty that
    is usually involved in these sorts of discussions and transactions was simplified, and made far more easily accomplished than is ordinarily the case.

    1. globalist puppet hair gel isn’t worried, he has globalist puppet $oro$ voter fraud to keep him in power and continue to preach globalist agendas .

  7. Do I believe it? Yes, that he was accused. . It’s what democRATs do. Rent-A-Bimbo. It’s worked for years. Next, he will be accused of wanting to end social security. Just as night follows day.

  8. Ah, yet another noble whore coming forth to “lay” low a decent man she accuses of bad action. Never mind all whoring around she did when she was young, and now obviously she has just changed her whoring venue to politics.

    1. The globalist puppet must be so desperate that even the libby snow flake female sheep aren’t interested in sex with her .

  9. Tricks of the left.
    Don’t believe a word of it. What skeletons does the current terrorist governor have in his closet?
    Corruption, more of the same.
    He must be in real trouble to resort to these tactics. People go out and vote.

    1. Only the usual libby snow flake sheep fall for globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet demonrat criminal party and globalist media lies again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again etc .

  10. Let this be fair warning MEN, never date your h o o k e r for more than a one night stand. That is if you feel the need to date one in the first place.
    Barry Age 76
    Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

  11. Newsom must be shaking in his boots. Everything the Commie-Democrats have thrown at Elder hasn’t stuck. Nothing is too low for them to say or do when their power is threatened. First there was the attempt to get Elder off the ballot citing five years of back taxes owed, then the Pelosi/Newsom puppets took the Recall to court as unconstitutional where it’s still at, and now some woman surfaces claiming he waved a gun at her, etc. This spells complete desperation of Newsom-Nuisance to hold on to his job at any cost and that includes smearing the reputation of Larry Elder and denying residents their right to boot-him-out-office.

  12. Oh sure! Here they come with a shower of their usual drug up bull crap to smear their opponent! Not buying it pal, not this time!!

  13. That woman was paid $10,000/day and had luxury flights to who knows where while “WORKING” for Fleisse’s network??? Hmmmmm? Why did she quit? She was making more $$ being in that network.

    Should anyone believe her statement? Probably not. More than likely, she was just as high on Pot as Elder was…if any of it is true! Californians tend to “stretch the truth” a wee bit, so I don’t think it has much truth in it and she is an “Opportunist” ready to make a quick buck! Hey! She gave up a $10,000/day job — she’s got to make some money somehow! Maybe she thinks Elder will pay her off?? Maybe not!

    Either that or she has changed her Political stance from GOP to Demonrat! That would explain “everything”!

  14. Don’t you know the left has a whole host of plans to derail any conservative from being elected! They plot evil every minute of their lives.

  15. Don’t you think these liberal democrats would have learned something by now? After so many accusations of the same reason towards Republicans, America has already learned the democrats slyness, and evil ways. Republicans, conservatives should start sueing back for defamation and false accusations.

  16. How much is she being paid to say this? Also, the “quote” about women wasn’t Elder’s, he was commenting on that quote which came from another source!

    1. Americans need to wait for her to read globalist puppet $oro$ written letter about an unknown date and an unknown time and an unknown location and unknown events . . . . .

  17. Oh come on, the ex was paid off for a Nancy Pelosi “wrap up smear”. Newsom asked Aunt Nancy for help. Don’t believe any of this Democrat tactic Bull Sh*t to smear Larry Elder.


  19. So, out of the woodwork comes a former prostitute to make an accusation against a republican candidate. Where’s the police report? Why haven’t you mentioned this before? How high were you when this supposedly took place? This smells like typical democrat tactics to smear someone. It’s the second biggest tactic in their playbook right after calling you a racist!!!

  20. I heard last week he denied it and that she has been discredited. I’d believe him over her. It happened 6 years ago? A famous conservative talk show host, and she is just now thinking it’s important to bring it up? Yeah, how much was she paid to make this accusation?

  21. I don’t believe any of these women when they wait to speak up. Files police report when it happens or keep it to yourself. Some idiot it also suing Bob Dylan about something from 19 fricken 65 just ridiculous.

    1. I knew these few cops or whatever they are would be suing that’s all the Democrats know how to get even but come to think of it they really do a lot worst. When everybody like the Republicans are handling these situations, the Democrats (evil doers) are working in the background setting up more insane evil and I mean evil like the bombings over in Afghanistan. PLEASE Republican’s take notice what these evil doers are doing in the background probably setting up bombings with the Talibans and now all of the prisoners. The whole Democratic party are evil doers especially nutty Nancy pointing or fingers at everybody trying to impress whoever? I keep praying but God must have a plan and I wish party of it would be seen. Thank God for the members of Republicans that served in Afghanistan that are really speaking out telling it what it is really like with our of friends gone from 9/11. It is so sad.


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