ISIS Returns Under Biden

President Biden home alone as he discusses his Afghan crisis in Camp David's situation room. Official White House photo.

President Trump promised to destroy ISIS and he effectively did, ahead of schedule. But it appears that the terror group has seen a rebirth under Biden and is surging in Afghanistan.

According to The Wall Street Journal:

WASHINGTON—The U.S. warned that Islamic State poses a threat to Americans in Afghanistan as the Biden administration seeks to evacuate thousands of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies.

“The threat is real. It is acute. It is persistent. And it is something we are focused on with every tool in our arsenal,” Jake Sullivan, President Biden’s national security adviser, told CNN on Sunday when asked whether crowds at the Kabul international airport are vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

President Biden, speaking from the White House, said: “We know that terrorists may seek to exploit the situation and target innocent Afghans or American troops. We’re maintaining constant vigilance to monitor and disrupt threats from any source.”

Islamic State is among several terrorist groups present in Afghanistan, each with a different relationship with the Taliban. The Taliban had harbored al Qaeda before that group’s terrorist attacks on the U.S. in 2001, and reports have surfaced that the Taliban have freed al Qaeda fighters from prisons as they gained control of the country this month.

The Biden administration continues to try and get allies and Americans out of Afghanistan going to the lengths of forcing commercial airlines to help and getting 12 countries on board to take refugees.

  1. Yeah with freely give weapons to the enemy this not mistake this was deliberate action by this Administration

    1. And there should be a LAW preventing those who want to destroy this country
      they really need to be deported OR sent to the firing squad for treason
      there may not be a breathing room either
      push the taxpayers in a corner is due for a very angry bear!!

      1. I’m with you on that one! Executed for treason, in a town aquare, in front of ALL! Lets not forget the oboomers, clintons, soros etc… But God WILL send them to their boss…satan! For eternity, THEY WILL BURN!!! 🙂

  2. What would happen IF the USA re-militarized Afghanistan such as the 82ND and possibly others with orders to re-take American weapons and equipment, save all Americans, then, those that helped us, finally removed the military.

  3. Hidenbiden, is a total embarrassment, he had no plan, and still doesn’t, and his generals, are to blame too.These incompetent,people have our people trapped behind enemy lines, by the taliban. Since these buffoons abandoned there main staging base, and left all weapons,choppers,vehicles,planes, for AlQueda, and Isis to come and hunt down Americans.What the hell are u doing,u have armed the terrorists, to take on any country, including the US. U have made them more dangerous now than 9/11, U pathetic incompetent, woke, losers have made these terrorists, more dangerous than ever,to come after America again.

  4. I’ve read on several articles that joe’s approval rating is tanking at anywhere from 46-49%.
    Who in hell is giving him this kind of approval given all that’s going on abroad and here in our home land???? We’re lucky if we don’t see another attack here on our soil.
    Anyone who voted for this disaster, needs to have a lobotomy and BE BANNED FROM VOTING ON THE NEXT ELECTION!

    1. You nailed it Nine Island Girl! It is embarrassing that ANY American citizen is supporting this fool – Dementia Joe Biden.

    2. You are so right, Nine Island Girl. 9/11 is less than three weeks away. And Hiden Biden has held the Border open to every Tom, Dick and Harry, Jose, Ricardo and Pedro, Mustafa, Ahmed and Abdullah. Some terrorist attacks are as good as programmed.

    3. …Mystifying. I was astonished that anybody voted for the S.O.B. In the first place.. but now?? After this ongoing catastrophe?? How the heck can somebody actually still justify supporting this Marxist regime with its clear, obvious and blatant intention of destroying our democracy and capitalist system?? Beats me. But they’re sick… BIGLY!

  5. This jackassin chief should be COURT MARTIAL, and hang on a tree! I am SICK, and FED UP of this corrupt pile of filthy, evil crap, destroying countries, and lives! He needs to be on DEATH ROW!

    1. Our southern border is wide open and they are still open. All the filth of the Muslim Brotherhood can come across our borders!! They are probably already here. If all of our fellow Americans who love our Country as I do will join together and fight maybe we can stop them. Please all of you lets stop this from overtaking our Country. Lets fight like no one has ever fought.GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! I am 81 and I still can fight please join me!

      1. No way they walked across the border. Some rich Democrat (aren’t they all?) flew them in on a private jet.

    2. Mark Levin had a retired UK colonel on last night that said the very same thing. China Joe should be court martialed. It can be done since he holds the title of commander in chief. Crooked SOB.

  6. The GD fools left all the weapons and equipment for the terrorists. The whole bunch of them should be tried and executed the same day.

  7. The Democrats sued Trump over everything he did or might have done, and it kept him busy when he could have been doing even more for the nation. Time to sue Obama and the Democrats for everything they are trying to do to destroy America. There is a better chance of something that is bad and unconstitutional to be halted by the courts. The judges may actually be waiting for a suit to be filed on the myriad of crap that the Democrats are now trying to get approved.


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