Trump Booed at Alabama Rally for Encouraging This

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump held his latest rally in Alabama on Saturday and he was booed by the crowd.

The former president drew the jeers when he encouraged the crowd to get vaccinated.

According to CNBC:

Former President Donald Trump was booed at a rally on Saturday in Alabama after telling supporters they should get vaccinated.

“And you know what? I believe totally in your freedoms. I do. You’ve got to do what you have to do,” Trump said. “But, I recommend: take the vaccines. I did it. It’s good. Take the vaccines.”

Some boos rang out from the rally crowd, who were largely maskless.

“No, that’s okay. That’s all right. You got your freedoms,” Trump said, echoing rhetoric from opponents of mask and vaccine mandates. “But I happen to take the vaccine. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be the first to know. Okay? I’ll call up Alabama, I’ll say, hey, you know what? But [the vaccine] is working. But you do have your freedoms you have to keep. You have to maintain that.”

Out of all 50 states, Alabama ranks last in vaccination rate with just over 36% of the population fully vaccinated.

      1. We’ve had the first and second shots, and will get a booster if necessary. We also get Flu shots, MMR, Tetanus, etc. What’s the point of medical science if we don’t take advantage of it. Denying the advantages of medical science almost sounds like something the fundamentalist Taliban would do, or insist on.

        1. So many Trump Humpers deny science.

          They are the people responsible for the third wave.

          Religious fundamentalists do not believe in science, be they taken by Moses, Jesus or Mohammed, it’s a monothiesm thing.

          1. Bull$hit. The people responsible for the third wave are coming over our southern boarder in droves, and transported by your senile hero, in Washington DC, all over the country. No wonder we are having a third wave!!

          2. Amen, Papa Bear! Nobody will admit where the trouble with the increase in covid lies but it is as you say.

          3. The increase is coming in through the airports. Having people spend four plus hours in an aluminum tube petri dish is very effective. Of course Trump supporters want it to be coming in over the Southern border. Trump’s ugly little fence is his only legacy.

            Did you have any problem with Ted Cruz, family, and friends coming in from their fabulous vacation Mexico, unvaccinated and untested.

            Illegales don’t tend to do much in the way of socializing.

          4. They do however go shopping for food, looking for work, and all manner of things that bring them into contact with others.

          5. Albert Hess
            Few if any would go to Republican controlled states they head for places they will not be harassed or bothered, like Democrat controlled cities. Not in Red states and they know who and where before they get here.

          6. The globalists hope to replace the White Voters with every other color of races, because we know history, are independent, want to work and take care or ourselves, and won’t vote for their horrendous policies.

          7. People of color are not independent, want to work, or take care of themselves?
            On the surface that sounds so racist.
            Is skin color the major indicator of a person’s worth?

          8. You want to get rid of the people who are educated, smart, and know history. Thats why you want go bring in every race that is not schooled about ANYTHING, so you can control them as long as you take care of them. We know your game.

          9. What percentage of the cases in Florida had any contact with a anyone who had contact with someone who walked across our Southern border in the last eight months.

            Far and away more infected people come in through our airports than our land borders.

            We are having a third wave because so many people have stopped using masks, social distancing and the Delta Varient.

            Enough with your border BS.
            Have you had a chance to go see how ineffective Trump’s silly little fence really is, the sections that have blown down..

            728 miles of ugly fence in only four short years, from the world’s master builder.
            He should be down to the punch list by the end of his third term, in which case he should get a fourth…….

          10. That’s crap Al we are having another variation cuz it’s planned to work that way. We will have another one and another one prolly six months apart. They know when it will happen and they have names already for them. Mask do nothing it’s tiny molecules go right thru even a double mask. It’s all about control. Control you till your end. It’s all part of the plan. Ppl are dieing off everyday from the shots. Ppl with probably claim they can’t have the shot so wow they came up with a new shot that covers all that gee how astonishing and quite fast. And the stats you are blurting out are by the left media who is part of the plan. They say fla hospitals are crammed that’s also a big fat lie. Ppl it’s all a lie to see you die. Be smart their are slit more of us then of them. Time to stand up ppl

          11. Who planned the variations?
            Why do surgeon’s wear masks?
            What percent of of FL ICU beds are occupied?
            Believe me I know what it feels like when it turns out that a person that you so wanted to believe in turns out to be a loser.

            97% of the people admitted to hospitals for COVID-19 last week were unvaccinated.

            Trump lost the election.
            Trump has lost support since the election.
            Just about every day there is a newly minted major RINO, Liz Cheney being the prime example.

            If there were alot more of you than them Trump would not living at a second rate golf course in New Jersey.

          12. Hess why don’t you just shut up we don’t want to hear from you we know what’s going on if you like that pedofile joe that’s in the wh then go kiss his butt cause we don’t care what the Dems are doing to this country is a disgrace why don’t you go preach your love for Biden to those Americans that have been abandoned in Afghanistan

          13. We decided that we prefer Biden over over Trump.
            That does not mean that we want Biden to be President
            He was the best of two very bad choices

          14. Ppl most likely to become sick are the ones already vaccinated. Truth, fla hospitals are not at all over whelmed. Yes they have some cases but everyone does. It’s no where as bad as it was the first go around but this is not gonna stop till everyone says no more. Say no to everything. What will they do then I guess the same thing they are doing with the Taliban and that’s nothing. I don’t trust any of them when it comes down to it. No one except the Lord. If everyone cleans their hands is the biggest thing. Personal hygiene is the answer. Your gonna get turn coats and your also gonna get ppl that are threatened have see no other way. Media has even changed up some. But they will go back to be leftists all the way again. Media spokespersons; do you actually believe they are that far left. Not they say what they are told to say. It’s called acting… Trump has more support then ever , Al you even support him now. Cut the crap and go find that box of crayons and color and think happy things and quit trying to stir the pot. We know you don’t care how stupid you look. There are other ways of getting attention

          15. Paranoia strikes deep
            And into each heart it must.
            If truth be told Trump won 537 electoral college votes……

          16. You spew the dim wit liar crap like a champ. Soros has to fund someone like you. You represent the enemy within. Look that up whoever you are. Cicero spoke of those like you and dim wits when Rome fell and apparently reading your posts I have to agree history repeats itself.

            But then you are not even a citizen in this country. Just a paid instigator. And likely posted as one of the other older versions who finally got blocked and flagged by anyone who posts on these sights.

            Your stupidity in these posts following the same old arguments is disgusting. I am blocking you like I did the others. You like the older versions are a waste of time to respond to. And soon you will need another alias to get responded too.

            To everyone who finds old Albert Hess revolting, BLOCK HIM. He wants to draw your time and energy away from facts, real events and reality to his own sick agenda. Adios Albert or who ever you are.

          17. All eight of my great grandparents were born in the Great State of Ohio.
            Do you even know of all of them?

          18. That’s a negative dude! All eight of them huh well if they all lived to say 50 years old that would mean you knew whom your great great parents were 400 years ago. I guess you checked one of those ancestry skeems right Al??? We all know who you really are so unless you can be truthful shut up!!!

          19. You are ignorant of the comment board industry.
            It has nothing to do with politics.
            You make money with eyes on screens.
            To Trump Train News my eyes are worth just as much as yours.
            Are you and others going to quit because I am on TTN?
            Your long winded responses give TTN even more eyes on screen time, and more revenue.

            What advantage would TTN gain by blocking me, other than moral?
            Are you an adherent to the Cancel Cluture?

          20. You know absolutely nothing about Soros other than he is rich and does not like Trump.
            The two things that Soros does not like about Trump are that he is not rich and that he is a loud mouthed bore.

          21. Papa Bear
            No since Florida is the epicenter of the virus, and none of those crossing the Southern Border would go there they go to where they are not harassed, mainly Democratic Controlled cities and I do not see those cities as to where the virus is so bad.

          22. If you work in the hospital you will fine that the one who are vaccinated are the Covid positive, so modern a, Pfizer ,Johnson &Johnson does not work, if you listen carefully to trumps speech. He says to go back to last year when he actually got his treatment. What did he use..
            Hydroxychloroquine, and
            look into this. It’s not what you think. But I do believe in ur immune system response!

          23. Although illegals add to the Covid count, I believe that those who have been vaccinated are the culprit for Covid and the variants. No one knows exactly what is in that drug that people are injecting themselves with but it seems odd that those who have been vaccinated are the ones contracting Covid.

          24. Sorry but you are wrong — the vaxed are the ones getting sick and giving it to each other — it’s part of the spike protein’s job and it’s working — don’t blame the unvaxed — remember you can’t spread anything you don’t have!!

          25. Oh yes you can!
            You can have it and not know it.
            You can blow it off as a nasty case of the seasonal flu.
            You can be a super spreader.
            There were people with leprosy who showed no symptoms, mostly Black people.

          26. PLEASE, don’t state facts to the TOTALLY co-opted.simps. The ONLY time they will “wake up” to what has REALLY been done to them will be sometime after the 7th or more “booster” injections and they find they just continue to get sicker and sicker..most everyone ,has at some point in their lives been fooled. BUT, this con job has REAL serious consequences, primarily because of what it does TO the immune system .IF, (and that is a very BIG if) the (so called) “vaccine” actually was a “vaccine” and as such was effective, all those folks would likely NOT continue to contract the “virus”,and spread it !.It becomes ever more apparent that it does NOT work ! As will rogers ,(and others) have said, “it is much easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled” !

          27. The people who are dieing are the unvaccinated.
            It is fun watching them now urging vaccinations from their hospital beds, all those tubes….

          28. All of us on this thread sure hope you have had your shots. Hope you are signed up for all the coming boosters. Maybe you should get in line twice just to be on the “safe” side.

          29. Extra shots don’t hurt.
            I have now had the small pox shot twice and Yellow Fever three times.
            Have you had those shots?
            How about Polio?

          30. The unvaccinated are dieing.
            Just one of many species that will die out this year…..

          31. Everyone can spread it.
            The vaxed can get.
            Hospitalization is unusal.
            Deaths in the decimal point percent range.

            Last week, in Virginia, 2,836 unvaccinated got Covid, 227 vaccinated.
            .0018% of the vaccinated who have been hospitalized have died.
            Pay your money and take your pick.

          32. The vaxed are getting it again because their immune system is changed by the spike proteins and they are more susceptible to getting it after EACH SHOT.

          33. I guess you are an atheist and also a moron too as you just love to make comments to stir people up. You ought to crawl back under the rock you came from under. Biden is a total A$$hole and his whole family for letting him make a AS$$ of himself as a bumbling idiot who doesn’t know where he is at sometimes. In a way I feel sorry for him as his Family and his administration are putting him on display for the Cognitive problems he is going through. I believe Albert that you are in no way a God fearing man, so shut up and sit down.

          34. I am not an atheist..
            Some yet to be understood entity created matter.
            That a God created all of existence in six days, fully formed, with absolutely no evolution is pure horse pucky.

            COVID-19 will continue to evolve until enough people get vaccinated.
            That is how we beat Small Pox, the Spanish Flue, and Polio.

            Only weak people fear God.

          35. I believe Solomon the man that GOD gave wisdom to actually said to fear GOD is the beginning of wisdom I don’t think your last statement is true only smart people strong in faith fear GOD maybe you better read and study a little more whether I take the vac is my business not yours nobody cares whether you did or didn’t people that have been vac is also dying no guarantee either way

          36. If you wish to enter my business your vaccination status is my business.
            If you can not prove your vaccination status to my satisfaction you will be prohibited from entering my business, or home.

            In the end the vaccination rate will be driven by busisness owners.
            The unvaccinated do nothing to improve the bottom line.
            Unless you are in some kind of business that serves yahhooks.

          37. I’ve told you that one day you will be with Satan. Really your with him now you just don’t know it

          38. Weak minds believe in the concept of Satan.
            They are ruled by fear.
            They even fear God.
            And God loves them all.

            You can tell when you enter the afterlife.
            Nothing happens.

          39. Even Satan believes in Jesus Christ because he was defeated at the cross by the Blood of the Lamb who died to save people from sin and death.
            Psalm 111: 10. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. In Him belongs eternal praise. Thats why liars aren’t able to deceive those with true faith.

          40. 94% of last week’s Covid deaths were the unvaccinated. Those without significant underlying medical conditions got just what they deserved, they and their family members, friends and co-workers who discouraged them from taking the jab.
            May they carry their pain all the way to heaven.
            God Damn them.

          41. The plan is to overtax their immune system, the vaccine does not strengthen the immune system but makes it overreact to the spike proteins which keeps attacking what the body just made. What a sinister plot.

          42. I don’t deny science but it’s the way it’s being pushed to point of bribery.
            50% of those PHD holders haven’t had any vaccines! Then you have Nanc holding a get together of MANY people in CA wearing NO masks. However, the HELP have been mandated to wear them!
            Some people cannot take the vaccines for health reasons, SO respect that, YA??

          43. It’s claimed the 3rd shot is safe no matter what is wrong with you and by the way I was once in a live volcano and lived through it. And it cleared my covid

          44. Which PhDs?
            I know at least two dozen, all have had their jabs.
            At Democrat events some people do not wear masks but most are vacanated.
            At Republican events almost no people wear masks and few are vaccinated.
            Oh the hypocrisy of it all..

            CA has lots of Republicans, they don’t wear masks.

            Yeah I respect legtimate medical concerns, by legtimate I mean signed off by thrre practicing MDs one of which is board certified in the field of concern.

          45. The left makes everything political so they can demonize innocent people, Politics has no business in private life and interfering with people’s healthcare, religious beliefs, and making personal choices for people, especially forced vaccinations. The Biden administration is spreading Covid by open border policies, NOT the AMERICAN people.

          46. That’s a lie it was POS Harris who said she won’t take the vaccine at the debate. The democrats continued that BS all through the campaign last year including the idiot in the Whitehouse. So stop your damn lying.

          47. So there can be no way that the thousands of ILLEGALS your side lets in every day with no testing, back ground checks, or a way to support themselves can be bringing it in. Ok got it. Thanks for not thinking before you post.

          48. You are so ignorant yourself, I have 10 years of studying the human body and how The immune system works. Apparently you need to go back open a book and study the immune system.

          49. The people coming illegally through our borders are not being vaccinated or wearing masks, so stop the BS about the rest of us spreading covid.

        2. no thank you I prefer keeping my God-given immune system strong which has not failed me yet never had a flu shot, haven’t had the flu in over 30 yrs. You can have the subpar man made vaccine crap I’ll stick with what is from the creator it works when kept strong/healthy

          1. I’ve never had flu shots or flu!
            Something just isn’t right with this whole thing 😡

          2. God does not make two people alike.
            Some people will die of COVID-19.
            The people who think that God is a fairy tale.
            We have vengeful God.

        3. Mike, obviously you don’t know all the particulars either. The jabs are not totally safe — maybe your shots were a placebo (about 30% are)

          1. 93% of the Covid deaths last week were the unvaccinated.
            Hundereds of doctors are now refusing to treat COVID-19 patients that could have been vaccinated.
            They want to treat patients with a will to live

          2. Then why are the vaccinated getting it again so soon after being vaccinated….Because their immune systems are being undermined by the SPIKE PROTEINS IN THE VACCINE. The Vaccine must not be effective then….ANY RATIONAL PERSON CAN SEE THAT.

          3. Because like the seasonal flu Covid will continue to evolve.
            God did not create Covid, like human beings it continues to evolve.

          4. The proteins in the vaccine keep spreading it..thats why many who got the vaccine got it again. We know too many doctors that are telling exactly whats going on! THE LEFT DOESN’T WANT TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM, THEY WANT TO KEEP IT GOING.

          5. 92% of Covid deaths last week were the unvaccinated.
            78% of Covid deaths last week were Trump supporters.
            There are 3.2% fewer Trump supporters this week than last week.
            Even Covid has an up side.

          1. So now if you smear your fecal matter in the Capitol they believe you are a terriost.
            God Dam them.

        1. Twice, signing up for the third.
          93% of the Covid dead last week refused the Biden jab.
          All those dead Trump voters.
          It makes me so sad.

        1. What is Bill Gates solution for population control?
          Build walls?
          Keep those disgusting Brown people out?

          Why do Conservatives hate very successful entrepreneurs who came up from nothing?
          Why do they prefer inherited money?
          Why do they prefer Trump?

      2. The Biden administration is making it mandatory, not President Trump….You are the ones who are obsessed in jabbing people with a vaccine that has caused almost 2,000,000 deaths world wide, plus myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots, Guillian Barre Syndrome, miscarriages and perhaps infertility, and breakthrough with people who were vaccinated getting it again.

        1. Where do you get these numbers? There has been roughly 7000 reported possible case in the US. Anytime anyone dies within a required time period of getting the vaccine it must be reported. That does not mean the death was caused by the vaccine. Birth control and Afib have a higher chance of causing blood clots and GBS happens more frequently to those who have had recent infections over vaccinations. There is not enough documentation to make an assumption that it is causing miscarriages or infertility. 45 people an hour are dying from Covid in this country and over 90% of them are unvaccinated. This is not a political issue. It is a save people’s lives issue. Stop spreading unproven facts

          1. The numbers are being hid from the public. There are 2,000,000 people who died immediately after the first shot, and there have been over 1200 miscarriages, plus myocardial issues. The studies should be going on for years before the experiment was leashed on people. The bribery to take the vaccine didn’t work, propaganda, lockdowns, and mask mandates, have never helped the left make their case to force the vaccinations, plus the lack of long term testing. So, Pfizer finally approved it all the controversy, because not enough people are taking the vaccine due to specific maladies and injuries. How convenient for the government to give Pfizer immunity from being held responsible for deaths, and side effects from the vaccine. Its totally a political issue to give the government more power!

          2. How many people in the US died immediately after the first shot?
            America First!!!!
            I just don’t care how many Brown die.
            Do you?

            Trump approved the Trump vaccine for use.
            Trump encourages people to take the vaccine even when they boo him.
            Trump has strong moral fiber.
            He fears God.

        2. How many deaths have the vaccines caused in the US?
          How many deaths has Covid caused in the US?
          Specifically which vaccines caused how many deaths.
          No vaccine has 100% efficacy.
          No vaccine is 100% safe.
          No human being is 100% of any thing except dead.

      3. I want to add the Democrats always criticized hydroxychloroquine, which is proven and cheap, and other anti-virals, which are all that is needed in healthy people…NOT EVERYONE NEEDED A VACCINE. They didn’t want to SOLVE the PROBLEM, they wanted to keep the virus rampaging through the public, THATS WHY WE HAVE OPEN BORDERS WITH ILLEGALS FLOODING OUR COUNTRY WITH MORE VIRUS….. EVEN TODAY THE GOVERNMENT HAS (NO TREATMENT) FOR THIS VIRUS OTHER THAN THE VACCINE OR CHECK IN THE HOSPITAL SO THEY CAN MAKE ALOT OF MONEY OFF THIS VACCINE AS WELL AS THE PHARMACEUTICALS. THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION never had the SAFETY and LIVES of the people as THEIR first priority, its always about politics and inventing ways to GRAB POWER.

        1. More likely Trump is, his people are recent immigrants, he even married an immigrant, a former Communist.
          America First

    1. Surely T knows all the bad stuff about these jabs. If not, he needs to be informed –jabs are not safe but most don’t know all the particulars or where to look to find the particulars. Somebody tell T please.

      1. T is responsible for all the vaccines.
        With out T’s vaccines millions of Americans would be dead of Covid.

        Trump/Guliani 2024 Let It Bleed Victory Rally coming to a city near you.
        Tickets and merch on sale now.
        Be there or be square.

    2. The voters didn’t give us the donkey, it was the people who “counted” the votes, just like Stalin once said.

  1. Would someone (with credibility please) tell me why people won’t get vaccinated? I hate shots, always have. But this is really bad stuff, and we have a pandemic on our hands. So I did get the shot, and it truly was not bad. Needles these days are smaller, sharper, almost painless – and the shot didn’t hurt much. And I felt much better, safer, afterward.
    For your safety, for your family’s safety, for the safety of anyone you come in contact with or care about – please get vaccinated.

    1. It isn’t that people are afraid of the needle itself, Connie. They are afraid of what’s in the needle and how it might affect their health and lives — and there is defintely credible data indicating the awful responses some have had. Even though the numbers may be small, would you want to be one of the few it kills? Or cripples for life? And — I also believe people are questioning, why get a vaccine if it has been proven not to be all that effective, when the contagion can still get to them? And finally, I think we are hearing so much conflicting information daily from the medical and science community from which there has been so much one day it’s this and the next day it’s not this, it’s that, it’s hard to know who and what to trust. My take.

      1. The problem with the medical and science community is that they keep changing their minds based on the latest research.
        They should stop confusing people, stick with their first thinking.

        1. You and I don’t often agree, Albert, but on this we do! This is why all other vaccines have been through years of testing most of the time, prior to being approved for use — so they can test their theories before putting people at risk.

        1. If Trump had won he would be pushing the Trump vaccine.
          He would be demanding a Nobel prize for inventing it, singlehandedly, to go along with his richly deserved Nobel Peace Prize.

        2. O’Biden is pushing the Trump vaccine?
          Somehow that just does not seem to be fair.
          Will O’Biden give Trump credit for the Trump vaccine?
          Trump’s enduring legacy?

          President Trump
          Born November 6, 2016.
          Died November 3, 2020.
          Creameated January 6, 2021.
          Intered at Mar-A-Lago January 20, 2021.
          Rose from the dead and moved to New Jersey May 13, 2021.
          Shouts from the grave.
          Pray for Rudy.

    2. Hi, Connie, I think there are probably many reasons why many people don’t want to get vaccinated. Some have already had Covid and have been told they have natural immunity. Some have medical conditions that may cause adverse reactions to the vaccine. Some have religious objections. And, I suspect, many don’t trust a government that is attempting (sometimes with the help of private actors) to “mandate” vaccinations, without providing reasonable exceptions for those who can’t or don’t need to get the vaccine. Many are persuaded that the risks they face from Covid are minimal and its dangers are being exaggerated. Many simply object to the government (or anyone else, for that matter) telling them what they are required to do with their own bodies. None of these concerns is unreasonable. The resistance, I believe, is often due to the govenment’s failure to accommodate these concerns, or even recognize their legitimacy.

        1. It sure is.
          Trump has none.
          He doesn’t even have a vaccine in his name.
          Trump lost control.
          He is a loser.

          1. And it will.
            And we will develop a vaccine.
            And some people won’t take it.
            Because of politics.
            They will die.

      1. Speaking of being required to put things in your body did you know that the government is now trying tell people what they may take out of their bodies?

    3. The vaccine is killing people thousands of people. Go and GETTR and you can see information that other social media sites refuse to share about the vaccine. You can get it in the app store.

      1. There is no shortage of web sites that will tell you exactly what you want to hear.
        They make their money by telling people what they want to hear, the truth be damned.

    4. Maybe you need to do some research and find out the REAL reasons why. And if you don’t research it, then you really didn’t want to know.

      1. Kamicka, what has your research told you about the Trump Vaccine?
        Do you have a degree in the medical sciences to validate your research?

          1. How many people have died of the vaccine?
            Everything causes some harm to something.

    5. It’s not about the pain, it’s about the politics you ignorant slut.
      Trump, Speaker of House 2022-2024.
      Trump, President 2024-2028!!!!!!!!

    6. It’s the unknown side effects that is the issue! Totally unknown. What is know is the lab animals that the V/a/x killed them all- chimps( our closest relative) , dogs and guinea pigs- all died. That’s info from the CDC itself. This is an experiment and the results won’t be determined unto 2023- CDC info also.

      1. In whose lab did all the chimps die?
        How many died?
        Did they all have the vaccine.
        Was it the Trump vaccine?

    7. Because the globalists are deceiving people with this harmful vaccine so they can push their agenda and lockdown the economy again, collapsing the system.

      1. The globalists and government is not truthful, people got the vaccine and they still want their government mandate for masks, vaccines, and dividing people.

    8. If you’ve done your research, then you’re entitled to your opinion. If not, you’re speaking out of ignorance, except for getting jabbed yourself, of why some people refuse to get “vaccinated”. There is so much they don’t know about this “vax” because there is no long term results as they would do with the normal protocol of vaccine approval. It usually takes 6-7 years minimum to approve a vaccine and this was finished in nine months. How much long term results could they get in that amount of time? Almost none? Look up Professor Sir Andrew Pillard, M.D., of Oxford University. His team developed the Astrazeneca vaccine in England and he and 3-4 other colleagues recently testified in Parliament about his vaccine. I think he has some expertise so what he said was quite eye opening to the scientific world. If Covid-19 is so bad, why is this administration opening our borders and not testing those that come across and on top of that, flying or bussing them all over our country? Seems hypocritical to me that they tell us one thing and then do nothing in regard to those who aren’t American. Have you looked up VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) in relation to Covid-19 “vaccines”? There’s a whole lot of adverse effects that you’ll never hear from the MSM. With any other vaccine, they would shut that vaccine down due to these bad effects which include a lot of people dying. I’m just trying to give you some credible info. See what you think in regard to what I’ve pointed out and then post back and let us know if maybe your opinion has changed. God bless.

      1. We will not know the long term effects of the vaccine for a long time.
        We know the short term effects of not having a vaccine.
        650,000 and counting.
        We know the long term effects of not taking the vax, fewer Trump supporters.
        Told you so…….

    9. I’m happy to answer your question Connie. Frankly, this shot has been way too politicized. The government flip flops constantly on its Covid prevention stance. Fauci allies himself with an extremist side of one party and seems to enjoy the limelight more than his actual job. Vaccinated people are getting this at very significant rates. They are trying to get people to take booster shots – 3rd shot in a year. Moderna and Pfizer are making a killing. All of these elements create a very high level of doubt and suspicion. On the contrary, the flu shot is given once a year if you want it. It isn’t forced upon anyone and nobody is threatened if they don’t take it. It’s not political. Hope this clarifies the stance of a lot of people whether you agree with it or not.

      1. The government changes it’s stance on Covid as Covid evolves.
        Did God create Covid during Creation Week?
        Has Covid evolved since then?
        Has mankind?

    10. Connie, I have a heart condition where one of the risks is blood clots. I for sure am not going to take a shot with blood clots as a possible side effect. Also I got a flu shot last year, and had a very bad reaction to it. So, nope, no more vaccines for me.

      1. I’ve had several DVTs so NOT jumping into that. Been hearing too many side effects and people dying from friends.
        My daughter can’t get vaccines either due to DVTs and is now getting over a mild case of China virus 😕

    11. Connie — some people can’t take any vaccine because of severe allergy issues and their doctors advises them not to take the shot — so that’s why some people won’t get vaxed!!

      1. This vaccine actually weakens the immune system of those with auto-immune diseases, and can also cause anafalatic shock in some individuals, just like shellfish. It was never tested long term and even now the government doesn’t seem to care about the breakthrough cases, they ignore the truth.

        1. How many people have suffered from anafalatic shock from the vaccine?
          How many people have died?
          How many unvaccinated have died of Covid?

    12. So Connie how about “my body my choice ” after weighing the risks vs.reward Or does that only apply when libs are killing babies?

      1. Libs do not kill babies.
        Babies breath air.
        Libs allow we the people to decide what they can put into and remove from their bodies.

        You can choose to not put the vaccine in your body.
        I can choose to not allow unvaccinated bodies in my homes or places of business.
        In the end the vaccination rate will be driven by mandates, government and business.

  2. TRUMP the best POTUS EVER! donkeys are ENVIOUS bummy couldnt get anythng done inspite of 8 yrs of wasting taaxpayer’s $$$$$$

  3. How long do keep someone in office whom is destroying your country wait til all is destroyed or remove them before,is there any Republicans that have the guts

    1. Republicans have guts.
      They were on full display on Jan. 6.
      They have enough guts to roll over on their coconspirators.
      The last one’s standing are going to do some hard time like seventeen will get twenty Matt.
      Where we go one we go all.

      1. There was no “insurrection” on Jan 6th.
        FBI was behind the plots to make it look
        like it was Trump supporters. How you
        are so easily deceived by these donkey

        1. How about all the crimes like burning, looting, shooting, destroying private & public property, blocking main streets, etc….that antifa & blm committed?
          Don’t think that deserves hard time?
          They assaulted ppl not in agreement
          with them; it’s called discrimination.

          1. Blocking main streets.
            Oh my God no.
            The next thing they will do is smear their feces in the Capitol.

        2. Is that why the Trump’s Thugs are starting to roll over on each other?
          One of Guliani’s BBF’s rolled over on him today, stay tuned, more to follow.
          Such fun…….

        3. Is that why Trump lives in New Jersey?
          Because for he lacked the leadership skills to bring the FBI under his control?
          Trump is such a weakling, no guts.
          Rudy has more guts even though they leak.

        1. Yes the vast majority of Republicans are cowards.
          They just let people steal what is the theirs.
          They are so weak and pathetic

        1. That is why we have guns, to get rid of people.
          Those people,the people we don’t like (the people we hate?), The people who do not look like us.

  4. President Trump,

    You had covid-19 and you used hydroxychloroquine for treatment. That was used and worked for you, but did you take the jab as well?

    1. Beware any system of government that won’t let people use what works, especially an anti-viral, but pushes a vaccine on people which is against the law. Hydroxycholorquine, Regeneron, and Ivermectin should have been made readily available for people, especially young people, children and adults. This vaccine histeria is conjured up.

      1. What law does pushing a vaccine violate.
        Trump is pushing his vaccine.

        The three drugs you mention have been available for decades.
        Most large animal vetranarians take Hydroxy with them on calls.

        Smart people avoid the disease, dumb people wait until they get it to look for unproven cures.

        Have the drugs you mentioned been approved for use by children?

      2. People are not restricted in what they can use to treat Covid.
        They can even use drugs developed for horses.

        1. Liar, There was no treatment proposed for Covid. The Left didn’t want people to get any anti-viral meds because they wanted to push the vaccine as the ONLY REMEDY AND INJECT THEM TO BE ABLE TO TRACE THEM.

    2. Trump said he got the wuflu and came out just fine with all the treatments available (which is a fact the regime will not accept.) However, why then would Trump take the vaccine when he has natural immunity which is far superior to a vaccine. Hmmm just wondering
      why he would not make that point. Others are bought off but I pray not him!

      1. Trump got the vaccine because he is as dumb as Democrat.
        Democrat was his first party.
        Once a Democrat always dumb.

      1. President Trump only cut the red tape for vaccine production. AstraZeneca’s parent company is in Germany. There is no Trump Parmaceuticals. Back when he was in office he signed an executive order to reduce prescription prices. Which of course Biden disbanded it.

      2. What is this vaccine that Don Jr. keeps calling the Trump Vaccine. Trump does not actually make it? Like so many things with his name on it it is imported?

          1. How many Trump voters died of COVID-19 last week?
            Biden voters?

            If you want Trump back in the White House please do not get the vaccine.
            Please, please, please with sugar on top…….

      1. The damned fools are dieing of Covid at a rate that is two hundered times the vaccinated rate.
        The good news is that for evey Biden voter who dies of Covid two hundred TrumpHumpers get to removed from the voter roles.

        1. Who are you quoting with the big numbers …troll for the regime pushing to take away our rights. You are our enemy and doing the drone thinking. Had your shot yet? Trust them to do no harm….

    1. The government has no right to tell you what you must put in your body.

      The government has no right to tell you what you may not remove from your body.

      1. You have a God given right to destroy viruses, bacteria, testicles, ovaries, seminal fluid ducts, fallopian tubes, penises vaginas and fetuses in your body.

  5. Does Alabama know about HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE????? OR IVERMECTIN??? Not a “FIX” but; A “CURE”!!!! (no money to be made with those)

    1. Yes, they know. Look at the journalistic source- fake news! Trump Train News clearly is not run by the Trump Organization.

    2. Most people in Alabama are not stupid.
      Alabama has medical schools and everything

      What percentage of people that have taken Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin and got Covid and died?

      The only “cure” for polio, or Covid is a
      You don’t need a cure if you have a vaccine.
      Should we stop wasting money on polio shots and invest in a miracle drug to cure polio?

      A Covid shot costs about$25, a course of Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin cost over $250. A Conservative would go with the lower cost.

      What I don’t understand is why Trump got the jab after getting Covid, that is just so stupid.

    3. And don’t forget Regeneron? I heard Gov. DeSantis has set up infusion centers to keep treatment as an outpatient & prevent hospitalizations. We are AMERICANS & must face & fight COVID anyway we can so no one can take away the freedoms that we all enjoy & often take for granted❤America

      1. The way to face & fight Covid is to get vaccinated, wear masks, and socially distance.
        If 85% of Americans had complied from the get go we would have fewer than one hundered thousand dead, Covid would be essentially over.
        Covid cost Trump his second term.
        Whose fault is that?

  6. I have been vaccinated with both phizer shots, my son in law had not, we both got infected at the same time at the same birthday party.
    Since I was fully vaccinated my symptoms were not as severe although the variant is pretty nasty. unfortunately my son in law had a terrible time with the virus
    He was sick for almost two solid weeks and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. He’s on the road to recovery and the first thing he said to me was “ sorry Dad I should have listened to you and got the shot earlier.
    All of us have our freedoms and I appreciate anyone who feels the shot is poison. That’s your right to not want the shot, I can only share my story in the hopes that someone who’s on the fence may reconsider their decision.
    Stay safe

    1. The only reason that I refuse to get the jab is because that son of female dog Biden stole the election.
      When the Pillow Guy and General Flynn carry Trump back to his desk in his Oval office I will take the Trump vaccine.

    2. Well, it may seem to be the answer right now but it has a sinister time frame and that is what us hesitant ones are not willing to ignore. Do some will shock you.

  7. The bad news is that 28 vaccinated people died of Covid last week,
    The good news is 2,863 unvaccinated people died of Covid last week.
    Trump/Guilanni 2024!!!

  8. Trump makes Vaccines optional NOT forced. Do you think HE has any idea of the makeup of the Covid vaccine AND the true DIABOLICAL PLOT BEHIND IT? Give me a break. Matthew 24:24. For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you ahead of time. He trusted the pharmaceuticals to make a safe vaccine and they fooled him and many of the elect who are getting the virus again, their immune systems were not strengthened by the vaccine, it was weakened.,,.THATS WHY THEY GOT IT AGAIN. The elect are deceived into taking this vaccine. 2 Timothy 3:13. While evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. Christ is smarter than man!

    1. Is Trump a false Messiah?

      Only a fool would trust the pharmaceutical industry.
      Trump is a fool.

      People’s immune systems were not weakened.
      The vaccine causes the body to kill the virus.
      Given the fertile ground of the unvaccinated the virus has evolved to the point where the body no longer recognizes it and a new vaccine has to be developed.
      Like human beings viruses were not created but have evolved over time.
      They will continue to do so.
      God Damn It.

  9. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.
    When all you have is your freedom you have nothing.

      1. Who is Janis Joplin?
        That line is from Ted Nugent tune.
        A variation of freedom isn’t free.
        It’s about blood,sweat and tears.
        Ted can tell you all about his sacrifices for freedom.
        Not to mention all the animals freedoms.
        You can’t really be free until you have taken a baited bear and goat.
        Mount the heads and throw the rest in garbage.

    1. You make absolutely no sense. Are you just bored so now on a site with a serious discussion ? Freedom is everything ! So go do something where freedom is non existent and enjoy your time in chains.

      1. Janis Joplin and you differ.
        If you have your freedom there is no reason to fight, other than human nature.

        “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose” is worthy of deep philosophical discussion.
        Does philosophy bore you?
        It is the basis of politics, policy and policing.
        Support Our Police

      2. Serious discussion on here are a rareity
        Best to have a sense humor to deflate the gasbags.
        The election was stolen.
        The Biden vaccine is poison.
        It is laced with Bill Gates latest microprocessors.
        The P7 mind controller……..

  10. As according to CNBC fake news media. I watched the entire rally on OAN and I can assure you the crowd was not booing him. These libtard journalists have as much professional integrity as they do morality. They are all socialist extensions of the DNC! Piss off CNBC!


    1. The thought of not being in the racial majority is so scary.
      Do have any idea of how raciai minoritys are treated?

      I didn’t think do.

    1. I did.
      The government of Singapore debunked it months ago
      That crap story came out of India.
      The Indians have figured out how to monetize crap.

  12. Trump seems to be “caving” to the wacko commies..Too bad. feeling ever more like push is coming to shove. think your’e going to “stick” that gene altering trash in me !? BIG, surprise coming to whoever tries it ..

    1. Will it be a big suprise when you go on a ventilator, tough guy.
      More like a keyboard pounding piece of puke.

  13. Do you know that Pfizer isn’t responsible for any adverse side effects from the vaccine because its classified under emergency use. The FDA approving it just gave Pfizer the immunity to escape the wrath of the lawyers to pursue death and injury claims. There won’t be a study on the vaccine for pediatric use until 2023 and shouldn’t be used on children under 16. Where is the open discussion and advisory committee for public comments and open discussions?

    1. Pfizer was fully approved for adults this week.
      Because children are growing it takes at least twelve years to complete a study.

      There are literally thousands and thousands of discussion and advisory committees that are open to addressing Covid.

      Should Trump have kept Pfizer off the market until it was fully approved, even for kids?

      If Trump were still in the White House how much resistance to Trump’s vaccine would there be?
      Do you think that Democrats would refuse to take it because Trump was in charge?
      Just out of spite……

  14. Should doctors who refuse to treat unvaccinated COVID-19 patients be arrested and held without bail like so many of our Jan. 6 patriots?

  15. Mr. Trump is a businessman and a CEO. When he says JUMP he expects folks to jump. And they did: they cobbled together a vaccine in record time. But consider: hundreds of nurses who faithfully served us during the Great Pandemic are lining up in protest: they would rather lose their livelihood than receive a mandatory jab. One of these med personnel is in our family. We must ask ourselves: what do they know? What have they witnessed about the vaccine and its unpredictable side-effects AND adverse reactions?

  16. The good news is that the the third wave is knocking off Trump supporters ten times faster than Americans.

  17. The only thing keeping Trump from the White House is three hundered patriotic Americans with some real balls.
    I am not talking those weak pukes and their girly pepper spray that were such an embarrasment to real men at the Capitol.
    Those guys know how roll.
    Roll over on each other.
    Where we go one we go all.

  18. I get it. I trust that President Trump worked hard to get viable vaccines for the Wuhan virus available as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I also believe that hateful Progressives have been successful in having the vaccines manipulated to do more than just work against the Wuhan virus. With the way Progressives have Godless fascists to be able to control that only those deemed to be worthy will be able to procreate.

  19. Nazi namesake Albert Hess, has way too much exposure on these chats.

    Soros, Albi, was a turncoat 14 year old Capo in the concentration camps. He was promoted under the auspices of the Nazi war criminal Eichman, to work with the Nazi party looters who used this teenage Jewish traitor, to root out Jewish families with valuable art and Antiques, the families sent to the gas chambers, while Soros, helped despatch the stolen goods to the likes of Goering, Himmler and Hess ( your relative Albi?).

    Towards the end of WW2, Soros contributed to the Odessa escape route, facilitating the likes of Eichman, to escape to Argentina with ample funds.

    Soros disappears briefly, now aged 19, though his brother arrived in LONDON with money to live and get a University education, Soros turns up a few months later with ‘mysterious’ backers to fund his million dollar adventures in finance, immediately post war.

    George Soros is a despicable turn coat who created his vast wealth, off the ashes of THOUSANDS OF JEWISH FAMILIES, this vile piece of excrement, should be in jail, along side the Nazi filth that are his brothers.

    Albert Hess should be confined to two blogs per day, everything else he spouts, is missinformation, bought and paid for by his dubious supporters.

  20. Psalm 111:10. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To Him belongs eternal praise. True believers have the wisdom to see through lies because of the Holy Spirit who gives them discernment.


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