SHOCK REPORT Exposes What Biden Admin Actually Knew About Kabul Terror Attack

Screenshot via MSNBC on YouTube

The Biden administration knew the likely time and place of the ISIS attack in Kabul that took the life of 13 service members.

Reports indicate that top officials sounded the alarm about “significant” intel indicating ISS was planning an attack at the airport that could result in mass casualties.

According to The Daily Wire:

Politico’s report, which was based on classified notes from meetings between top U.S. officials, said that commanders on the ground in Kabul warned that the Abbey Gate, where American citizens were instructed to go, was at the “highest risk” of being attacked and that the attack was likely to happen within the next 24-48 hours.

An ISIS terrorist detonated a suicide vest carrying approximately 25 pounds of explosives at the Abbey Gate the following day, killing more than 200 people, including 13 U.S. service members.

U.S. officials decided to keep the gate open to allow U.S. allies to continue evacuating people despite knowing the extreme risk to the Abbey Gate and despite a plan from commanders to close the gate that afternoon. The report said that the bombing happened as Austin and Milley were in the White House meeting with President Joe Biden.

Politico’s report also noted that U.S. officials had numerous issues with getting the Taliban to cooperate, which comes after The Washington Post reported last week that the U.S. effectively ceded control of Kabul to the Taliban because of Biden’s orders to withdraw U.S. forces.

Department of Defense Spokesman was confronted over the report.

Below is his response:

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    1. Did you notice joe Biden was not targated. I am so disgusted with joe for so many events. Good old joe is anything but good.

      1. All of his blunders are not coincidental, globalists and their puppet $oro$ have his blunders well planned .

    2. Do you really think that it was incompetence ?? Well you are wrong it was a plan to keep the news cycle full so you don’t hear about the ADUITS make no mistake they just do as they are told

    3. globalists are like the mafia, once you take their oath and accept their bribes and they use their voter fraud to appoint/reappoint you, you owe them for life .

  1. YES ! And they ALL HELPED plan IT ! PELOSKI , Up’em Chuck’em Schumer , Schiff No Brain , Hippo Nadler and Bass Mouth Water’s.

    1. Yes they all had their dirty hands in this and all Biden can do is blame Trump, this would have never happened if Trump was in office, they were afraid of him bc he wouldn’t hesitate to drop another bomb on them, which will never happen with terrorist loving Biden & the communist dems 🤬🤬

  2. Mr. John Kirby!
    How DARE you say 13 precious lives were lost! There were 200 PRECIOUS SOULS LOST!! And more added every day!!
    You’re sickening and despicable, just like the rest of the administration! May God forgive you all for your callousness toward human lives and cowardice for bowing down to the Taliban!

    1. I believe God will end this, nobody will probably like or live through it, If you ever read your history or bible, the lord had a flood to wash away the sins if the Romans & others. The Ark was built to save the good people, & animals to begin a new life. I don’t know when it will happen, or if we Americans can stand up for ourselves, it may be too late. There is so much hate in our world, viciousness, lying, killing. If this doesn’t stop, God will be the one to stop it, and won’t save the ones that pretend to be good.

      1. Dear jka!
        I do read and know a lot of the Bible! If you righty divide the Word of Truth, you will know that Christ will come back for His saints before the 1,000 years of worse wars, destruction and evilness! These will be the last years people can turn to and choose God Almighty! Then, Christ will come back WITH His saints to destroy the devil and all his demons and followers! I am not afraid because I believe in God! If I die before Christ comes back, then that is God’s time for me!
        God bless you!

    2. god is too busy blessing globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and demonrat criminal party and rino criminal party and pentagon CRIMINAL organisation and fbi CRIMINAL organisation and cia CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and altar boy raping priests .

      1. Accountability is held by those that create the crimes and offenses. Free will is what is happening and evil beings who don’t believe in anything. Pointing fingers at situations that are by choice and blaming God you really don’t understand our role in humanity.

      2. Vlad, you speak like the atheist chaff washed out from the godless Soviet Union; chaff which the wind driveth away.

  3. Since our ball-less leaders are all great internationalists, perhaps they should take a hint from the Japanese on the appropriate way to atone for their crimes. It’s called Seppukku, and involves using your sword to ritually disembowel yourself. Of course Biden doesn’t have a sword – he has carefully avoided any semblance mlitary service, but if he promised to use it on himself, I am sure one or more of the next of kin of the marines who died because of Sleazy Joe’s stupidity and incompetence would let Joe use their marine’s sword.

    1. The Japanese also called it hara-kiri! DC swamp is gutless and won’t dare to do it! They will be as corrupt as possible!

    2. They are gutless, so nothing there ,to disembowel. The same would apply for them trying to blow they’re brains out. With the use of hollowpoints for hollow skulls. A total waste of time and ammo.

      1. I firmly believe Joe Biden doesn’t have a soul.He’s been head of the Biden Crime Family for almost fifty years. He has robbed and cheated his way all through those years and made his family rich doing it. Some think he was bowing his head in contrition for the fallen thirteen. Not so, he was listening for instructions from his masters on his ear piece.


        1. The globalist puppet, usps can manage to lose 1.2 trillion dollars and make sure their employees take the Trump ballots home and throw them in their garbage and get promoted . The price of stamps went up today so that the globalist puppet, usps can steal more money . . . . .

          1. there is no such thing as rinos.they are demo running as republicans because they would not get in office as demo.

    1. They did not win by voter fraud. They stole the honor of serving the citizens from the Whitehouse by voter fraud. Unless of course you think stealing is an Honorable thing to do. This falls into one of America’s most awful crimes equal to the Murder of Ted Kennedy.

  5. This is treason, hidenbiden,generals,austin,milley,blinken,sullivan,mckenzie, and other other minions that allowed this to happen,need to be coutmartialed, and held accountable for useless deaths, and their idiotic actions leading up to the slaughter of our troops andallies. They all need to be arrested and charged with treson ans espionage.

    1. globalists and their puppet barry soetoro and his husband big MIKE appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

    2. Who would do it. Dummercrats. courts, rhinos, media and the military now run every thing thanks to uninformed voters. Way to go you dumb arses.

    3. And no one is mentioning the opium business the miltary was rumored to be engaged in. This used to be mentioned as one of the main reasons we stayed in Afghanistan. There needs to be an investigation into this issue which either proves or disproves the rumors.

      1. Even worse Obama released those five Taliban animals from Gitmo knowing they were extremely dangerous. Strange but Obama wrote in his book “Dreams of My Father” that if the winds change I will help the Muslims (not exact wording). The head of the new Taliban regime was one of those men. Thanks Biden for nothing.

      2. You are so correct. Obummer said he was going to bring the USA down to it’s knees and give it back to the rightful owners. Anyone that does not know the bummer is an illegal alien has had their head in the sand .The government will never admit they allowed a non citizen to be president.

    1. Since globalists and their demonrat criminal party are transporting all their taliban terrorists to other countries maybe those 800 Americans will be the only people remaining in afghanistan and be safe .

  6. Well this biden manufactured disaster ended even more disgracefully than thought possible. The last US plane has left Afghanistan with hundreds of US citizens and who knows how many Afghan SIVs left behind? And what makes this even worse than expected? It’s worse because we still have almost 24 hours on the clock before we reach the withdrawal deadline.
    That means that not only did biden tuck his tail and ran, he ran with almost a day left on the clock where he could have removed US citizens and SIV’s who have now been left behind.
    It would have been bad enough if we ran out of time, but no, biden deserted US citizens on purpose. We should have been there right up to the last minute protecting our citizens, but then biden wouldn’t have been able to brag about ending the war.
    Later tonight or tomorrow, biden will begin trying to spin this disaster into some sort of huge success, but no matter what he says, we all know it was one of the biggest mistakes ever by the US. It will serve as an embarrassment and a national tragedy for decades to come and it’s all 100% on that incompetent, senile old man in the WH.

    1. Your words are too kind. Biden is a POS committing TREASON, and should be hung in Times Square, along with Obama, Soros, Clintons,DNC,

      1. Start with $oro$ and if the puppets don’t receive bribes or voter fraud to reappoint them maybe some of their corruption would slow down .

    2. globalists and their puppet $oro$ have enough disasters planned for biden that he couldn’t fill them in 20 years .

    3. bush screwed up by sending troops in. biden screwed up by listening to the party is to blame, only the rats that the people votes in.

    1. Not fired with a drop in pension, All should be given a Courts Marshal with a DD and loss of pension plus jail.. The politicians who are not doing they’re job should be jailed with public forfeiture of all assets and loss of pension.

  7. Bob and Weave – all these evasive responses have brought forth a whole new art movement – Abstract Surrealism – which I fondly refer to as Contemporary Crap!!! Why bother saying anything if you’re saying nothing anyway???

  8. Everything negative about The Trumpster was illegally leaked and or made up out of whole cloth. Imagine The Trumpster saying such a pablum thing. The mad dog press would have screamed. The lap dog press licks the hand that slaps them in the face.

  9. There was time to set up that gate so that a bomb like that would do minimal damage. And when I was in the Army, we were taught to NEVER BUNCH UP that way. While I blame Biden and his people, that small unit commander on the ground was negligent.

  10. The real problem is what globalists and their puppets; demonrat criminal party and pentagon CRIMINAL organisation and cia CRIMNAL organisation advised their taliban terrorists about our troops and their location and their plans etc . . . . .

  11. hiden biden is at it again. strings being pull by obama and soros. here democRAT is your president. you all should be ashamed! you voted him in office with all the cheating! hope you are happy with your decision, I know America isn’t!

  12. And now North Korea is reactivating a nuclear plant off line since the Trump Administration!!!
    China and Russia must know that with progressives running the circus, NOW IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!

  13. The Democrat Crime Cartel intentionally ran this demented old pervert and stole an election to put him in office to bring this nation down. It appears they are succeeding.

    1. I believe ol joe is being blackmailed by the Communist Party and they’re the ones who took his pedophile son hunter laptop that has evidence of his son having sex with children and selling them for sex slaves for Profit but the whole biden administration including the So called Major
      Who is a Joke the whole pentagon is a complete disgrace how dare these creeps leave our Americans behind and give the their buddies the taliban their names and address so they can all be excuted and I want to know why is it they took the Afghans out first before getting all of the Americans out and now we have Terrorist here in our Country because they didn’t have any visas or any kind of paper work on them the entire Biden administration are crooks Thieves murders LIERS and Haters >>>>>

  14. The USA looks so weak and cowardly now I hear a small cartel of 25 members are ready to take on the USA with a sling shot and a pocket of rocks

  15. Biden has certainly shown the degree of his stupidity! One can only wonder what the AMERICANS WERE THINKING WHEN THEY GAVE Biden free range! They certainly weren’t thinking of what was good for the country!!

  16. John Kirby is just sucking up the dirt and hiding it from public view,Much like his namesake from years past. When Kirby’s were the best dirt suckers on the market. It appears they’re likeness has not changed over the past 6 decades.

  17. Do u think Biden and his Comrades will EVER pay for these MURDERS? Why are we allowing these MURDERS to remain in power? WHY, WHY, WHY

  18. Additionally anything Biden says from now on is likely even a bigger lie. They supposedly killed some leaders of ISIS in retaliation? Believe this and I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn CHEAP!


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