GOP Representative Reemerges After Rescue Mission to Afghanistan

Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-02) testified in front of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measurers today during their hearing entitled “Examining the Impact of the Tax Code on Native American Tribes.”

Apparently, former MMA fighter and current GOP Representative Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.) has reemerged and it was because he was on a trip to rescue Americans from Afghanistan.

According to Fox News:

For a period of time Tuesday night, neither House Republican leadership nor Oklahoma‘s delegation had information about Mullin’s status, but he has since posted an update on Instagram explaining why he went off the grid.

“I am heading home,” Mullin said in a Wednesday morning post. “Have we been helping get Americans out of Afghanistan, yes. Is the mission continuing, yes. Am I missing, no. Did I go dark for a little, yes because it wasn’t safe to be communicating.”

According to a Washington Post report, Mullin had landed in Tajikistan en route to Afghanistan, and ran into trouble at the U.S. embassy there when trying to get a large sum of cash into Afghanistan. Mullin reportedly planned to hire a helicopter to enter Afghanistan and rescue five American citizens – a woman, and her four children, and he sought the ambassador’s help, the Washington Post reported. He reportedly sought the ambassador’s assistance in bypassing Tajikistan’s laws on cash limits, and allegedly threatened the ambassador and staff when they told him no.

It was the second time Mullin attempted to travel into Afghanistan, according to the newspaper. He traveled to Greece last week and asked permission to enter Afghanistan, but the Pentagon denied his request to visit Kabul, an administration official said.

Mullin’s communications director Meredith Blanford stated he was never in danger.

  1. A one man show to rescue people, and hidenbiden, and his incompetent, administration sockpuppet,joe, and his incompetent,minions left hundreds, maybe thousands behind enemy,terrorists being executed thanks to hidenbiden.

    1. “A one man show” you say? Just to whom are you referring? I applaud the Congressman for his valiant efforts to rescue people from Afghanistan after they had been put in peril by their own president !!!!! PLEASE…. we can’t afford anymore of Biden’s antics….. simply wanting to go down in history as the President who ended this country’s longest war. Indeed !! What next out of this bumbling ‘whatever’ of a President ?????

      1. I don’t look at him as just a “bumbling whatever”, but I also look at him as a BIG POS! I can smell him from here.

      2. He is NOT the president he is Resident Biden, just an occupant, do nothing, evil doer all his rotten existence!!!

  2. So glad to know Rep. Mullin is safe. He should be congratulated for his hard work but obviously with the Biden regime doesn’t give a rats behind about Americans still trapped in Afghanistan. As far as they’re concerned China and the Taliban have everything in order.

    1. Agree ..but bidam allows afghan to enter us with child brides i wonder if thats whom he had in those planes instead rescued americans…

    1. Is this the second time America has another president that could not care less about it’s citizens?? A disgrace to humanity and the human race.

  3. In the American Revolution those colonists who fought against Great Britain were called Patriots, those colonists who fought for GB were called Loyalists or Tories. In Afghanistan those who fought against the Taliban were called Patriots, those who supported the Taliban are called Democrats.

  4. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if more Republican congress people had the class and chutzpah that Congressman Mullin does, and cared enough to step up and take the risk, to help save the Americans still trapped over there? Thanks, of course, to the White House “squatter” and military cowards who instigated those actions!!! 🙁

  5. The Rt. Hon. Mr. Mullin has earned and confirmed the title. We need a hundred more like him. There are many others who have slimed and shamed that title. And most of them are the DemonCrats. They are perfectly content with the Taliban torturing and murdering Americans, executing our translators, keeping women behind burkhas, chopping off their hands and feet AND burning musical instruments, By the way, Martin Luther has oft been quoted as praising the Divine power of music, saying: ‘Music drives the Devil away.’

  6. Here we have a U.S. Representative, Mercury One, and Veterans running dark ops to rescue people from harms way while Biden and his incompetent cabal of idiots bail on them.

  7. The Republicans in Congress could censure Biden , but they don’t have the “bolas” for it . All talk & wining , with no follow-through action .

  8. God Bless Rep. Mullin for his efforts. I don’t believe only a ‘few’ people are remaining to be rescued, ‘who want to be’ – this administration has lied and misrepresented so much and so often, nothing they say is trustworthy. I pray that more brave souls like Rep. Mullin continue the rescue effort until EVERY American is evacuated and EVERY Afghani who wants to be rescued is provided with safe passage to their next destination.

    1. There are groups working “in the dark” to do just this. It’s every expensive, and many are funding it themselves!! Good to know wonderful people still exist. Now if someone could help out the poor military partners, the great dogs.

  9. It is time we all wake up. It has been clear to me something is very wrong with this two party system. It is no longer a two party system there are no checks and balances. One party has all the power and the conservative party has the virtue and good ideas. In 1962 John Kennedy allowed the Federal employees to Unionize. As a result fast forward to today. Every government agency and office are now Union members of which i have heard some 90% are Democrats. These employees Consider their loyalties to the Unions of the Democratic Party. Many of which will do anything to maintain their power. All the things we conservatives consider unfair, or wrong of course are used to raise contributions, but nothing to really solve the underlining problem. The Deep State is the Public Employee unions which have total control no matter which party is in office. Just look what they did to President Trump during his time in office. Look what they did during the November Elections. The Voter registrar, IRS, CIA, DOJ, Teachers, Hollywood, News Media ( which are part of Hollywood ), and all of the major trade unions all are against American citizens being free or to have the right to shear thoughts unless they agree with the left. The power is in their total control, and they are using it against common since. The unions put in governor Brown in California for two additional terms because they could control his every move, and give the government employees unions more power more Union jobs withe higher government paychecks, but less efficiency or responsibility. The same thing with President Biden. Most of the stimulus money went to government employees to do less or not work at all 
    ( PAYBACK ). If you notice no one seems to pay for Fast & Furious, Clinton Emails, Muller Fraud, Hunter Biden, and all other crimes that any one with a conservative point of view would immediately be prosecuted for. This is the Deep Union State/ Democratic’s control they will have total control until America is destroyed. Instead of beating around the bush with each symptom of the problem recognition of the problem is needed to find a solution. There will always be differences of opinion life’s circumstances adjust our points of view, but total controle of our government agencies are leading us to be a Communist country. The Unions helped Russia become a Communist country, and history is repeating itself. There may be a few ways to change back to a balanced system with all the complications with so many Americans owing their livelihoods to the government. I have only been able to come up with one. Every Conservative at the wright time, change their party designation to a D instead of an R, and take over the Democratic Party including party leaders Senate and Congress. Since this is what the Democrats seem to want. Except we would all be one party I think with more conservative view points. This may take away from the union controle, and allow better representation. I don’t relish the idea of a D by my registration, but I would like to get back to both parties doing what is best to represent American interests. My thoughts continue to find a good solution, someone else’s thoughts may come up with a better one. I listen to a lot of conservative talk shows, and hear what they are saying but never quite getting to the cause of the problem I think it is the dominance of the Public Employees Unions.

  10. Interesting to read in the story above that the Pentagon (Sec Austin, Gen Milley, and CIC Biden) wouldn’t let him go to Afghanistan last week. None of them had the balls to go there, and they surely didn’t want to be embarrassed by a “lowly” Congressman. It takes a true PATRIOT to do what Congressman Mullin did. Those other 3 clowns should thank him profusely right after they finish kissing him A_S!

  11. Screw this bastard! He’s a damn crook who is going to cheat with unsigned ballots! Watch out at 4am the fake ballots will be printing! There is no kaw or constitution! This Fking scumbag will be oppessing the people!


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