Republicans Sounding Alarm as Biden Admin Massively Increases Food Stamps

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

Joe Biden is massively increasing food stamps and the GOP is sounding the alarm.

According to Fox Business:

EXCLUSIVE: Republican lawmakers lambasted the Biden administration on Wednesday over its giant food-stamp expansion, accusing the White House of “abusing its authority” by unilaterally approving the largest permanent increase to benefits in the program’s history – a move that could cost taxpayers an additional $20 billion annually.

In a letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Reps. James Comer of Kentucky and Don Bacon of Nebraska questioned the administration’s “dramatic and indefinite” expansion of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which will be formally implemented in October.

“Taxpayer-funded SNAP assists low-income Americans in meeting their nutrition need,” the lawmakers wrote. “But based on recent actions, the Biden Administration is abusing its authority and expanding SNAP—without congressional authorization.”

Under the new rules, average benefits will rise more than 25% from pre-pandemic levels; the changes – which will be available to all 42 million SNAP beneficiaries – are intended to be permanent. The increase coincides with the end of a 15% boost to SNAP benefits installed by Congress last year as a pandemic relief measure.

Republicans have stated that the maximum SNAP benefit for a family of four will be about $10,020 per year or $835. That is leaps and bounds ahead of the $538 per month the average household spent in 2019. So much for that Fourth of July cookout savings.

        1. $2,000, $1,400 and $1,000.
          I did lie about voting for Trump.
          I don’t vote for suckerassholes.
          Just creepy demented perverts.

  1. SNAP benefits will rise more than 25% from pre-pandemic levels, Good now it’s time to give Social Security and the Retired Military the same 25% raise!

          1. I read an article that said it would be a 6.2% raise BUT the hard working suckers that paid most for Medicare will get their Medicare drastically raised. Remember millions received a $144 raise (I think) last year. That was what they were paying for Medicare. Guess they do not pay for Medicare now.

    1. Social security NEVER gets any such a raise! I guess senior citizens don’t get hungry according to the white house.

      1. It’s just that seniors usually vote Republican and they pay taxes for supporting all the welfare babies.I always tried to tell people that welfare is evil but no one listens. There are churches and charities to help the needy, it was never the job of the taxpayer to support other people but they will do a lot more of it now so democrats can buy votes.Dems know they are hurting after the Afghanistan disaster and they must buy votes to maintain control just like they have always done.

        1. if you ever received any food from a pantry and you only get it once a month and they give you 1 frozen chicken some stuff ASS bread that pull the dentures from my mom’s mouth trying to eat it . a bag of rice maybe a box of some of the worst cereal powdered milk that taste like catpiss smells. and try to make a bowl to eat you just damn near puke all over the table. they don’t give what you might think they do and in poorer areas it’s a lot less you get than what you would think . and over half of what they pass out you would throw away. you never get meat unless it’s a chicken . myself I hate chicken. I would rather shoot and eat your dog.

          1. I see……albert with the last name of that good nazi…..hess. is back with his/hers/it normal liberal type statements. But if he/she/it is getting paid by …..soros…….he sure is getting his money worth.

          2. So do a lot of other organizations I’ve volunteered with and sponsored drives for, Susanna. But you’ll never convince little Al of that.

          3. How much did you collect?
            How much were the Food Stamp costs in your area.
            Origanzations do a good job of providing for some of the needs for five percent of the needy.
            Did you tithe last year?

          4. Sure sounds like it — may even be part of the White House “squatter’s” scam “administration” — advisor maybe? What do you think? 🙂

          5. I have been a member of St. Vincent de Paul for over a decade.
            Last year we distributed almost $7,000 in free food in our city of 120,000.
            We could serve the truly needy Food Stamp recipients.
            We would need $864,000 a year.
            (1200 recipients x $60 a month)
            It won’t be coming from our parishioners.
            We just had another priest indicted, for doing the full little boy front to back crotch suck.

          6. I believe you’re talking about Food Banks. Try Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul society for free food. They’re much better than the regular ones.

          7. Not sure where you get your information — recipient perhaps? Have you ever worked or volunteered for one of the organizations who help those in need? Because I have, and can assure you that while they may not be your preferred items, or suit your tastebuds, they keep people from starving to death. Isn’t that the point really? These organizations aren’t trying to be McDonald’s or Red Lobster or Pizza Hut — they are meeting a need for food — not for a dinner party!!! And if you or someone else would rather throw the food away and starve to death, then that’s your choice. Or — those who are able (and most of the recipients are) can always go get a job and earn money to make their preferred purchases.

          8. I must have missed something in your post. I thought the hair sniffer raised food stamps… which you go out and get food (and who knows what else.) Nothing said about food pantry being raised?

          9. If I recall correctly, there are borders to other nations to our south and to our north. You may want to check up on their social offerings and see how great their manna from heaven amounts to. If central Americans out of el salvador, nicaragua and guatemala can trek on foot with soros funds maybe you can apply for that freebie.

          1. There are few warm embraces in liquor stores.
            They banned all high population density venues.
            COVID-19 is spread by close human contact.
            Even copulation.
            A minister can easily spread it to an alter girl.

          2. Have you been in a true old school Christian church in the last thirty years?
            Not some storefront Johnny come lately Bible thumping, total immersion Evangelical travesty.
            Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord..

            Girls serving at the alter, oh no, she will give the Priests cooties, and that’s all.
            They will have to see the alter boys or the Nuns to get into the lubricious fun.

          3. Is the spelling important?
            Have you seen Trump’s spelling?
            It use make Twitter gag.
            But not anymore.

          4. This is America, liquor is more important than church.
            You don’t get into a girl’s pants by going to church.
            Unless she is wearing White.

          1. All eight of my Great Grandparents were born in the Great State of Ohio.
            We are not Johnny come latelys like the Drumph family.
            We were not embarrassed by our family name, we did not Americanize it.
            How many of Trump’s Great Grandparent’s spat served Hitler?
            I am not really much of a grave visitor but I have visited my Grandpa’s in Normandy.
            I seriously doubt that there is any of my Grandpa umder the Cross.
            Have you had reason to visit Normandy?
            Any military cemetery?

        1. Mine went up $18.00 per month. Not much considering cost of groceries. Couldn’t live on My SS. I run a small ebay store.

        1. You’re giving away your age. Can’t get food stamps because I’m self employed and the jerks who run it won’t look at my tax statement but rather my gross and only allow fifty percent for expenses which is preposterous. They couldn’t do taxes for a small business owner if their lives depended on it. My net from business is about 24% of Gross.

          1. You are self employed and could qualify for Food Stamps, that’s so sad, stuck in a minimum wage job.

            Food Stamps looks at income, they really do not care how you spend it.
            Bibles, weed, it don’t matter.
            Except for housing, medical and child care expenses

            Food Stamps does not do taxes, try H and R Block.
            If your busisness expenses are 76% of your gross then you are a damn fool for not incorporating and paying yourself minimum wage.

            What direction do you think Food Stamps should take:
            1 Elimination.
            2. Modified to give self-employed entrapanures the amount of free food they think they deserve.

      2. As by design we get a COLA each and every year based upon the economy. We received hardly anything under Obama and decent size COLA’s under Trump according to the laws as written.

    2. Older people usually vote Republican so no massive increases for them-you know-like the pandemic that was worse for older people? ( think putting old folk in nursing homes with covid) Dems don’t care much for older folks, just the ones that have been raised in the indoctrinated public schools and are parents now( of lots of kids the taxpayers are feeding, housing, educating, providing medical care, daycare, etc.)

      1. and not to mention DAMOCRAPS don’t care about older people prime example I have only received 1 stimulus I’m 60 years old and now live in a metal shed with no insulation. no running water a extension cord for a light. trust me a lightbulb don’t give you enough heat in the winter to get warm. and sure as hell don’t help cool you off at night when you try to sleep and your sheet you have to cover with or get your butt ate off by mosquitos. And the sheet sticks to you like glue when it’s 80 % humidity and higher. I wonder how well that old hag PEEELOUSI would sleep . and if they didn’t keep making it harder and harder every year I would have been on disability at least . and be able to live in something other than a shed . in total I have had about 30 $ in the last year and a half. until I got 1 of the stimulus checks. and that now has been almost 3 months ago. I don’t even need to tell you what I have to ware or how they are washed . Have you ever heard of wash and ware ??? try for a month see what you think about it.

          1. BS! Jesus said:. “The poor you shall always have with you.”. To “feed the hungry” is a corporal work of Mercy. When you’re in the streets remember what you just said to an unfortunate person.

          2. Do you think Biden should increase Food Stamps?
            Feed the poor?
            Is that what Jesus would do.

          3. Hey Hess… that’s a d@mn heartless thing to say. That man could be Needing disability and isn’t getting it. Perhaps you’re in good health but not everyone else is healthy. Typical Democrat.

          4. Typical Democrats are so good at handing out free money to the “disabled”.
            Physically, mentally and morally.

          5. Got a question for you. Do you get more money for a up vote or a down vote. I really do not know….BUT you seem to write things that get you a down vote. But do not worry my down vote finger (middle) is ready to go on your posts.

          6. This is Trump Trains News.
            If you disparage Trump in any way you get a barrage of down votes, as it should be,
            I do get a fair amount up votes from Trump Cult members who are too God Damn dumb to recognize simple sarcasm.

          7. Yes.
            They are a drag on the economy.
            Those People Are Keeping America From Being Great Again (it has a nice ring to it but it is a crappy acronym, nothing nothing like MAGAot).
            I know it sounds harsh but when we take out as many poor as COVID-19 has Trump will be back in the White House

        1. You should have received three TrumpBucksForVotes checks.
          I scored $3,400.
          And didn’t vote for him.
          I still haven’t seen any BidenBucks.
          If I dont get any I won’t vote for him either.

          1. A.H,your reply to B.D.
            you voted for DJT
            see above!!!!
            And didn’t vote for him. dont know what you did?

          2. I see you missed the sarcasm.
            No one who would call them TrumpBucks for votes would vote for Trump.
            You need to get the vaccine.
            The Sarcasm Vaccine.

        2. Are you homeless and unemployed? Please go to Catholic Charities and tell them about your plight, or Salvation Army. The state doesn’t give a darn.

      2. If Trump had raised Social Security by 25% he would be President today.
        Seniors vote their pocketbooks.
        Policy be damned

      3. Older people don’t necessarily vote Republican. That’s absolutely not true. I live in a Democrat state and most vote Democrat. The bottom line is Government doesn’t give a dang about seniors. They’d rather hasten our deaths than give us a little extra to live on. Remember we paid taxes our whole life long and now Biden wants to cut into inheritance savings from whatever we’d leave to children when we die

          1. No you haven’t.
            It has negative cash flow.
            84 % of it’s dead recipients took out more than they put in.

        1. Boy you sure don’t know anything about Social Security. It is something we paid into all our working life,it is not goverment funded,infack the goverment as taken millions from it and never paid it back. If there is anything Comunism about it it is the goverment thinks they have a right to take money we have worked for and refuse to return it

          1. I know how SS works.
            I know that it can not continue to pay out more than it takes in.
            Government funds come from the people.
            Government funds go to the people.
            It is all government funds, it’s all accounted for.
            At the moment the SS fund has a positive balance and a negative cash flow.
            If SS were to be disolved today you be lucky to get back half of what you put in.
            The same as most private retirement plans.
            SS is pure Comunism.
            The government tells that you must participate.
            How much you will pay.
            How much you will get.
            Marx and Engels are proud of SS.

            Take the amount you paid into SS to a private retirement account and see how much a month they will pay you for the rest of your life, including inflation.
            You will not like the number.

        1. somebody has to pay for the cheaters and criminal illegales.
          Let’s not forget the crooked JoeBamas etc.
          as biden said,I do not have a savings Acc. but a good PENSION!!
          where is your’s??

    3. really a lot of people will get to eat more than once a day. food stamps were very behind on the cost of food . I noticed when I took a friend to the store . And bacon was 7.$ for 12 ounces hell I would out than much on one cheese burger. for years my mom used to complain about the amount was so little when I came to her house and opened the refrigerator and all I seen was was a half dozen eggs and a cold lonely light bulb. and was still 18 days away from receiving more food stamps . Truth be known if us tax payers would not be robbed so deeply by politicians the food stamps would be a drop in the bucket . Tax payers pay for EVERTHING those politicians do . have parties , give those friends of theirs that contribute to their campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars we pay for their transportation they but exspensive gifts for friends and family piss money away on enlarging government we damn sure don’t need . so before people complain about food stamps the should look a lot harder at those politicians.

      1. Food Stamp recipients are 98.6% American citizens.
        They are something.
        Our government is doing something for those American citizens.
        And you don’t like it.
        You backed The Biggest Loser.

      1. To all of your post (most of you) they are disgusting, just an example of dem/socialist vicious, & ignorant, just like those running our country. GOD HELP US

  2. Creepy Joe O’Biden Our First Fraudulent and Criminal President and his Evil Regime are doing everything and Anything to Bring Down and Destroy Our Rule Of Law, Our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights, Our Economy, Our National and Personal Security and Our True American Values !!!!
    Wake Up America, We Are In Very, Very Serious and Dire Danger “From Within” and From China, O’Biden’s Ally !!!!!!

    1. Welfare recipients won’t care a bit about the country, they will vote to keep all thier free money coming in.Democrats know this. Welfare is evil and is used to control people in the country. There are churches and charities to help the needy, it was never the job of the taxpayers to support other people.

      1. Think of the old adage concerning repeating history. Then do research concerning what happened in Germany when Hitler gained power. Only a fool steeped in ignorance cannot SEE the comparison.

        1. There are so many parallels between Trump and Hitler.
          Their ability to focus fear of those people.
          They are both Ayrans.
          Their adoring fans are willing to die for them.
          They both love the military.
          They both have to wear Depends to contain all the ejaculate.

          1. You Albert Hess would know about Hitler as your initials are the same as his, just like your human nature.

          2. How did they ever let you get into this country?
            No Hess,Hitler closed Peoples EYES.
            DJTrump opened Peoples EYES.
            But you are a Agitator.

    2. Creepy Joe BiteMe is not the first, he learned from Hussein O’Bungler who usurped the oval orifice with Creepy Joe BiteMe in tow.
      Barry Age 76
      PO1 USN RET
      Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

  3. Well, the Republicans should sue Biden for every darn thing just as they did with Trump. Do something Republicans! You were elected not to sit there and watch our country get destroyed by politicians.

    1. They are to busy sending you email asking for money to bail them out of all the big messes they just sat on there ass and created they are way over paid and spoiled. They all let Trump down my grandfather told me in his day a man was voited in to office on his job performance not how much we give them. How many of you truly belive it take 50 or a 100 million to get elected there is something wrong with this picture . We are all neing duped by both partys

      1. How is it that these politicians claim they are worth around $150,000.00 when they take office but within a year they are worth millions? How does that work?

      2. I get over a hundred emails a day from Republicans begging me for money.
        It’s all my fault.
        I keep pranking them because the credit card I use is set up to accept no charges, I use it just for ATM cash.
        The charge is kicked back the next busisness day.
        Sticking it to the man.
        Such fun.

    2. The Republicans did do something.
      They lost the Presidency, the Senate and the House
      The Democrats won the Afgan War.
      Our troops came home.

      1. If all legitimate votes were only counted then yes, the Repubs did win, and with your Dems, not all the troops came home alive.

      2. What???? They didn’t do the pullout properly and left thousands to die at the hands of the Taliban. You’re living in lala Land.

      1. Yet another God Damn Latino bastardizing the English language.
        Speak the King’s English or go back to your filthy country.


  5. Biden has to do something because his actions have increased the costs of food and the lower income people would not be able to eat as they could under Trump.
    He’s looking out for himself… the scumbag.

        1. The price of gas went up by $1.23 under Trump.
          $.66 under Biden.
          The price of gas is driven the Globalists.
          By how much they choose to produce.
          Supply and demand.

        2. Little Al likely won’t have a response to a common sense, rational thinking comment like yours, Cici. Like most Democrats, he is “willfully blind” — has no interested in seeing the truth. Pathetic!

      1. The rising cost of gasoline increases cost of food because transportation costs have increased significantly. Also, unemployed Americans who are getting big unemployment checks won’t return to work, this causing a labor shortage, goods shortage, and trickle down economics is the culprit. D@mned Democrats are putting in policy to take meat off the shelves. You won’t get much bacon in California. Water shortages due to improperly conserving available rain water. Democrats only know how to rob frythe rich and mostly the middle class.

  6. This is that idiots way of subsidizing the lazy percentage of society that now has to pay for housing! Socialism! C’mon conservatives sue the bastard. Take it to the Supreme Court so he’ll get his ass handed to him again!

    1. The Conservative’s performance in courts is dismal.
      The Supreme Court has handed Trump his ass.
      He keeps it in New Jersey.

        1. Who is they?
          What laws did they pass.
          By how many votes in the House?
          In the Senate?
          Did Joe sign them?
          Did he think they were Executive Orders?

          1. Who knows? They (Obama, et al) just shove things in his face and tell him to sign them. Not even, I’m sure they have a stamp with his signature by now. Biden’s only a puppet. Obama’s third term, backed by George Soros.

  7. Raise S.S. and Military pentions the same 25%, AND DECREASE POLITICIANS ANNUAL SALARY TO 25% OF PRESENT AMOUNTS, now that would be a good start.

    1. As a School Committe Member I earn $100 a year, is that too much?
      We have 2 students, siblings.
      Our Selectman get $250.

  8. So let’s see…I know a family with seven children…gets $2000 per month child tax credit and $2041 food stamps. Free medical for all, subsidized housing, free school breakfast and lunch, free child care. No; we are not building dependency.

  9. joe biden has sold our Country down the drain,Biden has sold our Country down the drain, Where does their loyalty end, Bidens, foreign interest? it’s more then obivious joe biden is making decisions against our Anerican people, this is what happens, when money is exhanged for loyality, the bidens have accepted enormous amounts of money from Russia China as he held the VP office, What did they do, promise to get that money? We are at a point it’s time, for the Biden’s to explain their actions and motives. He will be impeached for his actions an forced to explain his role in aiding China and Russia, the decisions he makes on their behalf. Biden’s Plans are National Security risk, under the left’s thinking in our Country, it should not seem unreasonable to exchange, joe biden for any hostages left behind, all things considered, it should be OK, we left fellow Americans our allies behind, in a war zone right? on a battlefield, that was OK . We left 80 billion dollars plus of hard earned tax payor equipment behind, for no good reason, guess what, that was OK too. The only problem is that the Taliban probably wants him less then we do, there happy exactly where biden is at, as you can easily see their was no justification to why biden, his generals or his cabinet heads, to make the unAmerican decisions they did leave Allies, Americans, Equiptment to the established declared enemy’s of the United States.

  10. Overreach defines the democrat party. Using executive orders and other flimflams, they hope to create such a poor economy that asset forfeiture and seizures will be necessary to “save” the nation. Only government officials know what’s best for individual citizens. Private enterprise is anathema to the dictatorial system desired by the democrat party.

  11. This really irks me, I go to the food store, the folks in front of me checking out no speaka z English. They have rib-eyes t-bones and NY stakes, there cart is over flowing with groceries and the both of them are over weight. They pay for it with their snap card. I cant remember the last time I ate any dead cow. I check out and the bill is over $100 and the cart was only 1/2 full.
    Fed up Veteran AUS 1972-1974

  12. Let’s all apply for food stamps. With the inflation and new tax laws coming down the line we will all be impoverished. There will not be enough money left in the working person’s pay check to support the government drones.

      1. OBiden definitely is a loser that plays a puppet that certain other Dems boss around and tell him what to sign and tell him his beliefs.

    1. What percentage of Trump voters have collected Food Stamps?
      Trailer trash ghettos are crawling Trunp 2020 signs, still.

  13. I’ve gotten letters from Ohio, Kentucky, & Louisiana telling me my unemployment compensation for the pandemic will cease Sept. 4-2021 . I haven’t gotten or attempted to get any. Evidently they can pick someone’s name & address & receive these checks in my name in liberal governors states without any vetting process. 

    My question is if now they choose to notify me of the cancellation, why wasn’t I notified of the beginning. Another fine mess from Biden & his handouts to these border crossing bums ! I’m sure they’re not going to send me no 1099’s come tax time !

    1. It is called SCAM. The method is known as PHISHING (pronounced “fishing”} in order to harvest names with personal info that can be used for illegal purposes.

    2. Those letters were not about your case.
      They went to everyone in their system to inform them of benefits available due to the pandemic.
      Do you have a history of collecting unemployment benefits?
      In three states?

  14. There you go. Like Joe Biden said, they will have you all back in chains. You do know how they were going to do this right? Throwing money at you, more food stamps, you name it. But I guess all your lives nor matter your color does not matter to you, nor do your children. Evilness knows how and what to do to get followers.

  15. What goes up must come down. Tell the illegals to enjoy it why you can. Also, tell them if they illegally vote they will be prosecuted and deported.

  16. Where the hell are Republican legislators who gave the President the power to unilaterally do such things? Over the years have we repeatedly elected these feckless Republican buffoons to sit by while we the people get screwed by the “Washington Insiders’ Club” they have joined? All of you who want to blame all of this on Democrats are the useful idiots these politicians have used to take power away from you! You’ve elected the Republicans who have done this to you. Learn to live with it!

  17. Without directing this comment to any specific food stamp recipient, I would like to see the past thirty year history of the recipient, that I am sure would reveal the reason they are in the position they find themselves. There is a reason the signs in National Parks all over America say “Don’t Feed The Animals”. God knew when you purposely make the animals lazy, they will not provide for themselves. If government left taken care of the poor to religious organizations on the local level, they could determine the real needy from the “Lazy Slackers”. If government didn’t “Piss Away” all our tax dollars and stop taxing we workers, we would not have this deplorable situation.

    1. We feed animals continuously.
      Then murder and eat them.
      We should murder and eat the Food Stamp animals
      Quadruple the payment the last two months.
      Make them fat and juicy.

    2. You think that the burden of the poor should come from the collection plate?
      Should the slugs be required to accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour before they get the bread.
      Will wine be served?
      What if it is one of those churches that only believes in the Prosperity Gospel.
      They know that poor people smell bad they can tell them a mile away.

  18. When will this ever end? When will these free-loaders be required to get a job and take care of themselves like most of us do? Yes, I know there are some who are not able to work for physical reasons and need help, and we should help. But they are a minority number among the millions who get these handouts for doing absolutely nothing but sitting home, playing games on their government issued phones, shopping for clothes and shoes and beer and drugs and other unnecessary items with all their extra money, etc., etc., etc. The requirements for receiving benefits we pay for need to be revisited and made stricter, and we should have a say in it. But most importantly is that we rid ourselves of the current socialist/communist government we now have — some way, some how!!!! 🙁 May God help us find a way!

  19. What is wrong with this dam ass. People go to work. There are jobs. Get one. So tired of this “ give me “ movement. Hard work. With all the extra money from unemployment Shouldn’t even need food stamps for many. This country is so deep in debt.

  20. The new Food Stamp rate comes out to_ $1.72 per meal.
    Is that too high?
    Where I volunteer for Meals On Wheels the fully burdened cost is $5.83 per meal.
    Over half our labor content is volunteer.
    It looks like the Food Stamp people are only going to get one meal a day.

  21. When you are in charge (the Trifecta) you get to set the rates for Food Stamps.
    And everything else.
    Elections have consequences.
    (That was to just to rub it in.)

  22. Trump must realize that the Deep State swamp is much deeper than he could have imagined before. Now it is going to be necessary to remove large numbers of appointees and a huge proportion of flag officers who have thrown in with the Austins and Milleys instead of resigning when ordered to do and say what they should have refused to do. Lt. Col. Lohmeier, of the Space Force, is a proven patriot, based on his recent book, which got him removed from the service.

  23. Just waiting for ol’ Biden to repeat his boss, Obama’s, favorite phrase regarding going through Congress….. “I have a phone and a pen!”


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